Kendrick Lamar Says Rappers Need Better "Control" Responses

Kendrick Lamar says rappers "gotta try harder" when responding to his "Control" verse. He also comments on Diddy's Instagram response to "Control."

Kendrick Lamar recently spoke about the various responses to his oft-discussed verse on Big Sean's "Control."

"They gotta try harder," Lamar said to TMZ when asked about the responses to "Control."

Several rappers have made responses to Lamar's verse on "Control." Cassidy, Papoose and Meek Mill have been among those who have responded to Lamar's verse on the song, which featured Kendrick mentioning the names of several rappers in his verse. 

"I'm usually homeboys with the same niggas I'm rhymin' with," Kendrick Lamar says on the song. "But this is Hip Hop and them niggas should know what time it is. That goes for Jermaine ColeBig K.R.I.T.WalePusha T, Meek MillA$AP RockyDrake, Big Sean, Jay Electron[ica], Tyler[, the Creator]Mac Miller. I got love for you all but I'm tryin' to murder you niggas. Trying to make sure your core fans never heard of you niggas [and that] they don't want to hear not one more noun or verb from you niggas. What is competition? I'm trying to raise the bar high." 

Lamar's TMZ video can be seen below.  

This is not the first time that Lamar has spoken about these responses. In August, Kendrick Lamar addressed the matter by naming the rapper who he felt had the best response.

“I liked the [King] Los verse,” Kendrick Lamar said. “Joe Budden did this thing, Joell [Ortiz], a lot of people with different approaches…Joey had the facts in his verse, a few things that he felt. Papoose had the comical joint. Los was flipping his words and putting that spunk on it. I think he had the killer thing though. Yeah, Los killed it out of everybody.”

Diddy made a post on Instagram regarding the statement about King Los, who is a member of his Bad Boy imprint. 

Kendrick Lamar Addresses Diddy's Image About "Control"

Lamar was also asked about Diddy, who posted a response in a picture following Kendrick Lamar's "Control" verse being leaked. In his image, Diddy appears to make a comical jab about Lamar's "King of New York" claims.

Diddy's caption to the image was as follows:

Kendrick got y'all niggas takin y'all time now! This is good ! What y'all gonna do now? Haaaaa lol lets go!

When asked about this image, Lamar addressed Diddy. 

"He's the big homie," Lamar said. "Everybody else gotta try harder, though." 

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  • Husam

    I think Joel Ortiz shits on kendrick. "why should i recycle bars when my mind is a flight to mars and the force that i come across is like rhyming inside a star with the universe on my back your human verses is whack i grab my extraterrestrial testicles when i rap and tell the earth suck it", etc. This track puts kendrick's control verse 6 feet deep. Oh and the erykah badu shot must've hurt like fuck!! The track is fire!!

  • dan

    random guy: what do you think of meek mills ooh kill em kendrick: (no comment) lmao

  • Sherane

    I need to tell all of you something. Im actually a guy instead of a female like Kendrick claims. I was gay for Kendrick but then he left me in favor of black hippy. Then he wants to use my name and make bullshit about me. Kendrick is actually gay. I went to ymcmb for gay sex with wayne but since wayne is straight, he had my ass thrown out. Nicki did try to make an advance on me but since Im gay, i turned her down.

  • GG

    Why do rappers talkin lise such idiots? "He's the big homie." Shut up Kendrick!

  • kdot

    This response right here is ridiculous!!!

  • adidaskidd414

    Kendrick Lamar needs to take a few steps back and watch things on the sidelines. Some people keep giving him all this unearned praise, while most are noticing he's not living up to his expectations

  • Detroit isn't Dead

    I Like my dude Kendrick Lamar but how was this a weak response? Tell Kendrick and TDE they need to lay off of the PCP," Papoose says. "Far from the king, this is the city of BDP / Youll never be a real West Coast artist like Eazy-E / You a fucking joke. We laughing at you like he-he-he / Yall probably stick dildos in each other like Stevie G / I mean Stevie J, on that sex tape with E-V-E / Little Sean, Big Sean, let me see I.D. / Before you rap why you always say B.I.G.? / You ain't Biggie. You can D.I.E."?

    • chris

      haaaaaa thatd be hot in 2006 when the touch it remix came out. basic bars. this man said stevie g i mean stevie j like wayne used to do, then hit the acronyms we've all heard before. big sean has said those before. tde and pcp? see i d? he used letters. recite the alphabet. half of them rhyme. youre funny.

  • sxxx9

  • sxxx9

  • colemaid

    kendrick shits on everybody right now and I'm not even big on him like that

  • intelligent warrior

    will probably buy gkmc, best album I heard in 6 years it's a shame that it took control for me to check his album... but I'm glad I heard it, never heard an album more complete, complex and cohesive than that !

  • gghenry

    we need more rappers like him, he reminds me of pac and nas

  • rene2812

    he is slowly making it into my top 10 of all time

  • jturner

    dude is head and shoudlers above the rest right now BEst album of 2012/2013, best rapper, best lyricist, it's crazy, I need to jump on the bandwagon

  • arion

    kendrick lamar, king of hip hop it tok me a while to understand it but I now understand the hype, dude is the best right now, the BEST

  • zeerax444

    dyhe is bringing real hip hop back, nobody can touch him, its crazy

  • friberg

    he gave me faith in hip hop again I don't evne like him but I have to admit that gkmc is a calssic, so big props to him

  • vrr

    dude is a genius; heard gkmc this morning and it blew my mind, can't hate anymore

  • kniferpro

    hes starting to become the best rapper I have heard in my life

  • sxxx9

  • xx004

  • xx004

  • fuccya

    not a fan of 50 or wayne but damn, both sound better to me i doubt even lameass weezy thinks of himself that much, but thats what you get for your hype, a nigga from compton who calls himself a king of east, drops a million names, puts himself in the line even with Andre and jay-z, but with Nas and Em? disses and calls niggas irrelevant and new... what a respect for the game "king of new york, muslim on pork"... sixthgrader-rhymes ive heard one thousand times, what is this but some scandalous crap? attention whore

  • Anonymous

    kendrick should calm the fuck down, before he starts burning bridges a la 50 cent. he should be more worried about the sophomore album jinx, because if the next album is no good, well then it is back to square one!!!!

    • Anonymous

      GKMC is his second album, dumbass. He avoided the sophmore slump.

    • Anonymous

      fuck a bridge he dont need these niggas they the ones calling him for features! he got his own crew he dont really need no verses from anyone else especilly meek mill big sean wale etc....

  • BOY

    HAHA! KenDICK LAME-ar is a bitch-ass, pinhead-lookin nigga. Lil Wayne was completely unphased by his petty verse. Lil Wayne is and forever will be KIGN of HIP HOP! YMCMB!


    GRODT IS OVERRATED AND HERES WHY After the meaningless, obligatory "Intro which", as you may have guessed, holds no purpose but as space filler to the album, we kick off proceedings with the awful titled "What Up Gangsta." Before we begin, I have one thing to say about this track; 50 Cent has supposedly been living in Brooklyn most of his life, with that said, why on God's green Earth does he repeat the phrase "cuh" over and over again. It's a known fact that this word originated in the South, so 50, also known as Curtis Jackson, is contradicting himself. "What Up Gangsta" is absolutely horrible. The production, which consists of an annoying bass line, attempts at loud, hard-hitting drum loops, and a mainstream clap create what has to be one of the most annoying beats I've heard in quite a while. I've never liked Dr. Dre, so this gives me more initiative not to. 50 Cent has never been known for his lyrical prowess, so it should be said this won't prove he's the next Canibus or Ras Kass. His simplistic, utterly mystifyingly stupid lyricism is peppered with phrases he considers clever, but are plainly stupid. I immediately picture that kid High School who thought he was hilarious and was as close to being humanly retarded as it comes. 50's attempts at humor (which are un-listenable, to say the least) intermingle with his elementary rhymes, commercialized subject matter, and apparent lack of vocabulary. His absolute ignorance is astounding as he spits tired clich after another with absolutely abysmal, unimaginative lyricism and subject matter. He takes a more topical stance with the slight improvement "Many Men (Wish Death)." The piano-influenced Eminem production fits well with 50's more subject matter-oriented lyricism. Although the drum loop is more than annoying, the piano sample is decent enough. 50's rhymes are still elementary and in need of quite a bit of fine-tuning, but with a comparison of his past work and even the aforementioned track, it's a bit of an improvement. His simplistic rhymes grate quite a bit as his lack of vocabulary and an even more apparent lack of a solid flow mars more poetic subject matter. His reflective, deeper, yet still simple topic matter is a vast improvement over his non-stop thug rants and cartoon-ish violence, which brings a bit of variety to an unoriginal, tired album. While his subject matter may feature an assortment of street poetics and his ignorant views (which are kept to a minimum), his lyricism is just too simple and elementary to be labeled anything average or above. Even with that said, his abysmal rhyme scheme is dull and repetitive, marring a more listenable track with a lack of actual rhyming ability. 50 Cent also feels it's necessary to waste time describing his love of weed with "High All The Time." It seems as though the plant may have damaged his brain due to the fact that he decides to sing the hook. His off-key, unbearable tone-deafness only adds to the fact that his feeble attempts at rhyming are awful at best. 50 Cent once again displays his unbelievable ignorance. Any lyrical ability that may be known to man, he doesn't possess. His astoundingly bad, dull, repetitive, unoriginal rhymes are mind-bogglingly simple. His repeating of the same word as an ending rhyme and the absence of anything remotely clever makes this an absolutely awful track. To make matters worse, his subject matter is typical commercial Hip-Hop, describing his love of weed and what in particular he smokes. 50 has absolutely no lyrical skills and this becomes more apparent with each commercialized, simplistic, gratingly elementary rhyme he spits. 50 Cent was always known for "How To Rob An Industry *****" which featured punch line after punch line coupled with wit and charisma. He attempts to recapture those days with "Back Dow"n, one of many of his disses to Ja Rule. The dark, atmospheric production fits well with the sparse drum loop and sound effects which sound like they were from a Horror movie. This works well as 50 digs deep into Ja Rule, actually letting us hear some decent lyricism. His punch lines are humorous, as he actually displays some comedy and also more focused rhymes. Even though that's not saying much considering the fact that 50 Cent is unbelievably weak rhyme-wise; his similes and punch lines shift the focus, however. His mixture of truths and humor combine well, as if gives him a chance to have his extremely below average less focused on as he creates chuckles. While the combination of the cutting lyricism and improved production is definitely a step in the right direction, his weak, simple, anemic rhymes can no longer be overlooked. ("This Rap **** is all ****** up now//What are we gonna do now?// How we gonna eat man? 50 back around//That's Ja's little punk *** thinkin' out loud//Southside, Tah died, that's just how I get down//I'm back in the game shorty, to "Rule" and conquer //You sing for hoes and sound like the Cookie Monster") Misogynistic territory is stepped into with "P.I.M.P." as I'm guessing he's trying to be funny, but only ends up digging himself an even bigger hole with the commercialized production, appallingly bad lyrics, thoughtless rhymes, and subject matter that anybody with a sex life could come up with. "Poor Lil' Rich" is absolute trash. A club-influenced, almost Cash Money-sounding piece of production is put behind his commercialized, mainstream, materialistic lyrics. It goes without saying that his rhymes are awful, but for 50 to do something this awful completely blows me away. "21 Questions" has him asking if women would still love him if he had nothing at all. His subject matter is laughable, as is the production. The guitar-influenced track was made for radio play, as if that wasn't apparent by the nauseating subject matter. Even with Eminem's appearance on "Don't Push Me", it's still everything we've heard thus far put into another commercialized instrumental. Lloyd Banks, who is also a member of 50 Cent's G-Unit crew, possesses the same amount of skill as the proverbial leader of this whack crew. This is getting ridiculous; it was almost as if this album was designed to test the listeners patience due to the fact that lyrics always remain abysmal and never got close to the mediocre line. Never does 50 say anything interesting or complex, never does he spit anything intricate, and never does the production become listenable. This also holds true for this particular track which only features one decent verse which is Eminem's. 50 also feels as if it's necessary to include three bonus tracks. "Wanksta" is the one I'm sure you're familiar with. The other two, "U Not Like Me" and "Life's On The Line", which are exactly like the rest of the album, minus the commercial aspects, isn't saying much as he's as lyrical as he has been throughout the duration of the album. For the latter track he brings on-board his G-Unit crew, consisting of Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, and himself. None of them are any good as they possess the same amount of skill as 50, which should be enough explanation to truly understand how terrible they are. This is an awful, awful album. 50 possesses no lyrical talent, and the production is of the same caliber. Some may wonder how I gave this album just one star and a majority of the tracks the same rating, but 50 is so bad that I couldnt give nearly any of the tracks or the album itself any higher of a rating. The filler tracks coupled with the commercialism and the fact that 50 Cent has no talent were big factors as to why this album didnt even get two stars. This LP isnt a disappointment to me as Ive always thought this of 50, and if he should ever start doing commercial Hip-Hop, it would only make me dislike him more. This all leads up to the reason I consider this an absolutely terrible album. BTW DONT BOTHER RESPONDING WITH TLDR COMMENTS

    • Lil Roc

      Jadakiss and Styles P: Get Rich or Die Trying was a Classic/ Now u Rich and u trying to die your a dumb bastard. Need i say the way the essay you posted has absolutely nothing to do with the article. Maybe u should post this on the GRODT album review. Just a thought :P

    • Anonymous

      This no-life having nigga wrote an entire essay full of illogical hate.


    I'LL TELL U Y FIDDY SNITCH - DR GAY - FEMINEM ARE SLUTS and there Little teenager fans are more lame than Justin Beiber. If You Tell them This : Interviewer : Rick Ross Just Dissed you Em what are you goin 2 do about it?! feminem : I will HIT THE STUDIO & MAKE A SONG ABOUT Mariah Carey.But wont fight cuz I'm gettin fucked by Dre... Interviewer : FIDDY! Game dissed you...What are you goin to do about it? 50 Snitch : I will expose them on This Is 50 & Talk about his RECORD

  • Anonymous

    Everybody slurping on Kendrick's dick

  • Sureno

    kendrick is the biggest phony in the rap game fuck kendrick he aint bout that life he a bitch ill piss in his grave while his bitch ass mom gives me brain SUR 13

    • SMH

      Lol fake rappers is a whole other can of worms

    • Anonymous

      Biggest phony in the game? Sorry but that title belongs to and will always belong to Officer Rick Ross unless we get a real cop rapper.

    • SMH

      You have not heard anything from KDot if you think he is a hood rapper...His album is even called GOOD KID MAAD CITY...he is only after the hip hop throne. Not the most stripes in the hood or body count. So you are right he is NOT hood. But he also never claims to be...unlike fake ass drake lol HATE ON DRAKE IF YOU WANNA HATE ON FAKES

    • Sureno

      fuck yu dawg this is SUR SIDE gang to the fullest kendrick a bitch he aint real at all just another fake mr criminal mr capone-e and them hi power gangster those are real dudes SUR x3

    • Anonymous

      Wrong, bitch.

  • shadow8123

    Why are any rappers responding to this guy at all? Keep feeding me more reponses he says. Haven't any of these rapper learned from history. Jay-Z eventually stopped responding to the Nas beef, and then that's when he became the biggest rapper in the world. 50 Cent essentially ended his career by focusing all of his energy and time on beefing with other rappers like Ja Rule, Fat Joe, Cam'Ron, etc. Beef is lame. And it by creating that negative energy it sucks the life out of your career. Make good music that's enjoyable for everyone to listen to and leave the bullshit for the birds.

    • SMH

      This was not a beef invitation. Hip Hop is (well WAS) competitive and started off as competitive. JAY vs NAS, EAST vs WEST, LL COOL J vs. KOOL MOE DEE and the list goes on and on. Do you think MJ and Larry Bird were saying lets be friends on the hardwood? NO. But they were friends off the court. Why is this so? COMPETITION. MJ and Bird wanted to be THE BEST! This is KDOT's goal with this verse. HIP HOP has become this "everybody be on everybody's songs and we will all be happy and shit dollar bills" BS. The reason why the 90s was the "GOLDEN" era was because EVERYBODY WANTED TO BE THE BEST. Yes rappers made friends. AWESOME. Nothing wrong with friends. BUT THEY WERE STILL IN COMPETITION! Notice the lack of BEEF in this explanation. When you play Super Smash Bros or COD do you go in with everybody else thinking "Gosh lets all just have fun!!! Everybody is a winner!!! YAY!!!"? F*** That!!! I'm TRYING TO WIN!!!

  • Eye Control

    So the descendants of the great deceiver are telling the descendants of slaves and the oppressed that they are racist. loL. Show us where we go to white websites and act white to say racist things. Show us where we hack white websites because we think we need to show "cave dwellers" our supremacy. Show us the "minority" version of the klan. Show us our police forces that racially profile whites. Show us our suburban areas or states that purposely forbid whites to dwell there. Show us our NFL owners. Show us our comments on sport sites that target white athletes because of skin color and tattoos. Show us where we called any previous first ladies an ugly monkey. Show us where we purposely circumvent the rules to oppress whites. Show us where we had signs saying whites aren't allowed. Montell Williams admitting to smoking weed because he has Multiple Sclerosis-canceled show with zero support for new one Charlie Sheen admitting he's a coke head and adulterer/john-is fired, receives multi-million dollar severance, gets new job and his own show Don't believe the descendants of the great deceiver, empower yourself with information brothers and sisters. They have been saying for years that slavery was the past, forget about it, but at ANY given moment they will remind YOU that you are a descendant of a slave.

  • Naseir

    Stop dicksucking kendrick. He ain't the king of shit

  • Anonymous

    B.I.G still the king of New York!!! Kendrick did his thing on Control

  • qrrra

    starting to like him more and more every day, I'll check his album this week

  • drake55

    hes right, all the rappers who tried to diss him came very weak and I'm not even a fan of kednrick dude is shitting on the rap game right now

  • Slim

    100% agree, they need to step their game up, especially lupe who can't even flow on a track

  • Justin Case

    Kendrick is just getting annoying now with his swole head. So lyrically Diddy is the "big homie", but the rest have to step up?? LOL, since when?? Everyone that responded to Kendrick is twice the MC or rapper Diddy is. Diddy never penned a song in his life. He has no problem publically calling out trash like Meek, but the guys that can actually rap like Budden, Lupe, Ortiz, he wants no part of. FOH K-Duck.

  • zigui

    he needs to stop working with everybody doe, he is the best doing it right now, he has the best album of the last 3 years under his belt... he needs to stay humble !

  • korchids

    The only rapper who deserved to blow up, big props to him

  • xzitern

    ddude killed the game with a classic album, he can do whatever he wants, I'll support him. an artist who drops the best album in an era deserves the praise.

  • xzif0rest

    he'll be remembered, I'm not a fan but I can see it, quality albums and quality verses = legend

  • bhh

    he released the best album in minimum 5 years, so he is right

  • Anonymous

    kendrick fucked up the rap game his album is crap

  • Anonymous

    you know how the third verse is supposed be the best verse in a song rappers need to start in third verse and end in the 6th

  • mchoy

    he is right, I haven't heard a single good response yet. dude is head and shoulders above the rest and I'm not even a fan

  • gghenry

    kendrick aka the only rapper who can murder a track in the 2010's

  • rrrz

    Big props kendrick, he knows he is still the king when nobody could top his album

  • wxxx

    listening to gkmc right now can't lie, it's a masterpiece so far, I understand the hype tbh

  • Anonymous

    Chris Rivers? Joel Ortiz? Lupes reply was fire....

  • jimmy72jay

    Kendrick, the only rapper who can rap in this era. budden, lupe and papoose embarassed themselves with these wack verses

  • auyr

    I can only support that, will probably buy his album tomorrow. dude is AMAZING, great behavirour, incredible album maker, dude is here to stay, I now understand why his album is called a classic

  • YEBO


  • auyr

    he reminds me of Tupac a lot

  • beee

    as a rapper myself, I can confirm that kdot is probably the most complex lyricist right now

  • jerome.wauters

    I feel like I'm becoming a fan... Thought he was overrated but I heard gkmc this morning and HOLLY SHIIIIT, best album I have heard in the last 6 years :O WHERE DOES this nigga come from ? his flow is so amazing, his imagery is so complex..

  • je5

    haven't heard a better rapper in years, it's crazy, thank you kendrick

  • Nick T

    This is the problem with Kendrick fans; when a lesser known but lyrically dope rapper makes a Control Response, they wave the relevancy card. But when Kendrick gets compared with the more popular rappers who have bigger pay cheques than him, they all fall on the yeah but technically Kendrick is the better rapper because he is more lyrical argument. Like woah! hold on, wait a minuteyou wasnt using that argument when so and so dropped a lyrical ether on Kendricks ass. Like what, all of a sudden Drake or Lil Wayne are bad rappers because we are judging rappers on lyrics now!? Negro please its as simple as this. If youre going to take a huge shit on your living room floor, and it stinks up the placedont buy another house. Stick to the one you already got. Thank You

  • kniferpro

    Agree gkmc fucked up the rap game, this is now a kendrick era. all his peers released TRASH albums

  • ye

    hmmm, kdot is slowly making it into my top 5 of all time

  • gghenry

    not a big fan of hip hop nowadays, but kendrick is definitely the best rapper right now.

  • Anonymous

    Drake will Murder K.Dot!!!

  • zeerax444

    nobody can touch him right now, dude could murk tupac at this point

  • Anonymous

    Screw Kendrick Lamar!!!

  • the-shadi

    if they want to top kendrick, they need to release a better album, point blank.

  • Menzo

    I heard all the disses and only los had a great response budden was ok, lupe was trash, papoose was terrible.. I lsot faith in hip hop, thx god we have rappers with ful package like kdot

    • Chi Town Bound

      Agree to disagree. Los was great, no doubt, but Lupe's was faaaaaaaar from trash! Papoose's was decent, Budden's was very decent, Ortiz was spectacular, and Cass' was great as well. I don't listen to K-Dot like that, but I can definitely tell he's a really great MC. But compared to most MCs that responded, K-Dot can't even compete. It would've been over if Slaughterhouse whole had a response to him

  • tvOnne

    I agree, gkmc is the best album of the 2010's and I'm not even a fan I would consider myself as a king if I was in his position

  • friberg

    Kendrick Lamar, bringing real hip hop back !

  • oh

    I ain't even big on kendrick but nobody can touch him right now

  • genoO

    this generation is garbage, kendrick and lupe are really the only 2 amazing rappers in the 2010's

  • vggg

    kendrick best lyricist in the game right now, he is right to diss them

  • colemaid

    this nigga gave me faith in hip hop again, thanks kednrick

  • gekafkeyf

    decided to buy gkmc, only album worth my money

  • colemaidzt

    Kendrick invited everybody to step his game up and we still have garbage album we need more rappers like kednrick

  • Kizman

    Drake a better music maker/entertainer Kendrick is the better rapper When its all said and done Todays society logic is Better music=Better rapper So with that said Drake will continue to push the 600-900K every album because he makes better music and more appealing to more fans. Thats why drake says hes better in no way can you tell a guy who will outsell you anyday to step his game up. Drake will have more appeal because of the fan base hes already garnered and Kendrick wont be able to match it due to Drakes larger target audience so in his statement he is correct Kendrick cant hang with him on the platform in making better music and selling records.

  • sxxx4

  • Sadam Husseim

    Joe Budden is the best rapper alive

  • mARIO

    yall nickas is goofies..first of all kendrick told the truth//TRY HARDER....look its about more then responding tone fuggin verse what about your actual lie and tell me wsho dropped back to back projects better than section 80 and good kid and also overly dedicated...thats relevant.....ummmmmm noone lol..kendrick run the new school far as nickas that dont sing and trap....get used to it....noone really stepped up and showed they can really do shit and trust me his next cd and shit coming for Dr dre detox will have this dudes name up there wayyyy above everyone else...Dr Dre would not of allowed him to pop off unless there was a bigger plan lets not forget his mentor dre been thru every era of hip hop every fad since the damn 80's///......only dude making music outside of black hippy that can hold a candle to kendrick in the new school is big krit...and he disappointed me with semi wack major label release..mixtapes great tho

  • sxxx9

  • Anonymous

    No one should even recognize that simple ass overrated nonsense

  • druscot

    yo everybody stop hatin on kendrick for real! he aint the best rapper in the game but he's one of the best new rappers there is! cassidy & papoose both suck and if they were even good kendrick woulda mentioned them but he didnt their responses were ass... meek on the other hand is dope and his response at least was good, kendrick mentioned meek cuz he good. kendrick & meek= dopee; papoose & cassidy= wackk

  • JoJo

    Cmon now. Joell Ortiz and Joe Budden would eat this nigga alive. I like Kendrick but cmon



  • Anonymous

    Ok! Enough already! Ya'll stretching it too much now! Shit is starting to get boring now!

  • Anonymous

    shut up about this song shit aint that serious.

  • Anonymous

    Cassady bodied this clown period! smh this dude wack!

  • xx004

  • foreal

    i think Diddy had the best response with that picture.

  • Tha don

    Drake a king. Lmfao f that. O4L

  • 614grind

    Kendrick is feelin himself.

    • flo

      don't ask him questions then. he only saying this shit cause they askin. he can back it up too, so whats the problem?

    • Anonymous

      When I saw the article thought exact same phrase. Dude is feeling himself way too much. Be careful what you are looking for your gonna get it. It would be a shame because he is a great mc in an era where all these fuckers suck.

  • Mary T. Chance

    as Jeremy implied I am stunned that a stay at home mom can get paid $6642 in one month on the internet. look at here now... This just in: Kendrick ate a burrito and had to shit. HHDX sources may believe this could be a "diss shit" at other rappers. We will keep you posted after he wipes since we have no other stories at this time.

  • dentaldamboy

    Why would anyone take Kendrick seriously? He's part of the new wave of gimmick rappers which includes Lil B, Mackelmore and Trinidad James. Kendrick would be nothing if he did't name drop.

  • Jud Sentoaur

    I'm a better artist than Kendrick Lamar

  • Check The Technique

    Listining to Gang Starr Step in The Arena while I read this and Guru has a verse as good as Kendrick's Control joint on literally every song. Everybody, including Kendrick, need to get off this dude's nuts. His verse should be the standard not the exception. But I can see why people who have only been listening to hip hop for the last 5 years would think that shit is the greatest of all time. Shit Black Thoughts verse on Birds Eye View is as good as the Control verse. So is Jay Elect's on the same damn track for that matter

  • Anonymous

    fuck diddy. kendrick shouldve spat on him. i dont know what diddys connections are, but i do know that signing up with him will fuck your life up, have you running on some religious path (the lox are the exception, but even after the fact they still worked and are looking to work with diddy???). I wish diddy wouldve tried pouring a drink on me. I wouldve dusted my hands with teh pool stick chalk and slapped the earth wind and fire out of dude.

  • G tay

    Kendrick really thinks he's the King,lol, he really thinks he's Drake,lol. Drake and Nicki are the only Kings of this rap ish in 2days hiphop aka hippop.

  • Anonymous

    we need rappers in beast mode

  • Anonymous

    more songs like hiipower maddcity was whack oxymoron probly gon be whack fuck the industry

  • Anonymous

    nah we need more songs like run rabbit run just straight rap

  • Real Hip Hop

    Kendrick got bodied by Papoose! Lyrics win a battle and Papooses lyrics murdered Kendricks whole style. It's not who's hot right now that determines a winner but lyrics.

  • Real Hip Hop

    Plus how can you trust a man who wears tight jeans?

  • dentaldamboy

    As a recording artist for YMCMB, I confirm I am Detail the producer/performer. I got sexy and twerking on lil wayne when was skateboarding naked

  • M

    What was so good about the verse? Read the verse, it was average, it was only what he was saying. If we judge things like that then Papoose had the better verse. I don't know why it caused so much controversy. Lupe spat some next level shit compared to what Kendrick said.

    • M

      @DUMB AZZ - The wordplay was trash in Kendricks verse which was my point. It only had a little shock value and it hasn't deserved any of the attention it has gotten. Kendrick as a whole tho, is his album still considered a classic? I don't see people talking about it but they are talking about Kendrick. If anything rap is being played by the executives right now, building his image to generate buzz. He isn't worth all the hype he is getting, he is decent with 1 decent album - not that big of a deal.

    • Anonymous

      Pap destroyed this clown and any wack fuck that thinks otherwise is smokin crack and needs a re-education on real hip hop

    • DUMB AZZ



    I see what Kendrick is trying to do here. I feel hip hop's heartbeat coming on stronger and stronger. He's gonna make everyone step their game up.

  • Sneak

    LOL @ that TMZ video. Kendrick only come up to that bodyguards chest.. Plus, it looks like they pass by a Rick Ross look alike standing outside the airport.

  • Anonymous

    This just in: Kendrick ate a burrito and had to shit. HHDX sources may believe this could be a "diss shit" at other rappers. We will keep you posted after he wipes since we have no other stories at this time.

  • Anonymous

    how bout you try making a classic album first kendrick. cuz none of them were gems.

    • Anonymous

      how the fuck would you know what everyone in every hood in america plays? and fuck the hood them niggas dont buy albums!!!!

    • Anonymous

      dont no one play kendrick albums in the hood. so how are they classics ?

    • Anonymous

      says you. but according to most people that album was a classic and its critically acclaimed. meek will, papoose, joe budden, king los will never be able to say that.

  • jus10

    Honestly, it's not like Kendrick's verse was anything special. He challenged other rappers by claiming to be the king over EVERYEHERE, but it's not like Kendrick dropped reality-shattering knowledge or the worlds greatest punchline or something. Half the responses (mainly Slaughterhouse) were tighter than anything Kendrick has EVER spit. I'm not saying Kenny is whack, but he ain't no rap god. sheesh.

  • Anonymous

    thought he was referring to Jay-Z when he said "he's the big homie"

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