AZ "Last Of A Dying Breed II" Cover Art, Tracklisting, Download & Mixtape Stream

AZ releases the second installment of his "Last Of A Dying Breed" mixtape series.

AZ has released Last Of A Dying Breed II, three months after his last mixtape, which introduced the series. The 25-track piece is hosted by DJ Mr. FX (Sam Rostein) of The Untouchables and features collaborations with Nas, Farrah Burns and Kool G Rap. Production was handled by Statik Selektah, Salaam Remi, Trackmasters and DJ LES, among others. The mixtape also includes AZ's ‘90s hit "Hey AZ."

The "Life's A Bitch" emcee is prepping for the long-awaited Do or Die 2, the sequel to his debut album, which was released in 1995. The first single of the forthcoming album, "We Movin,'" was released May 21, the birthday of fellow Brooklyn, New York rapper The Notorious B.I.G.

Last Of A Dying Breed II is available for download on

The Last Of A Dying Breed II cover art, tracklisting and stream are as follows.

1. "L.O.D.B.2 Intro" (produced by Baby Paul/BPZY & Big Rock/ED-APE)

2. "Animal" (produced by Statik Selektah)

3. "Oil Money” Freestyle

4. "I ExCel - Preview" (produced by Cooking Soul)

5. "The Calm" (produced by Statik Selektah)

6. "Serious" f. Nas (produced by Salaam Remi)

7. "Jodeci Back” Freestyle f. Farrah Burns

8. "So Sincere" (produced by Heatmakerz)

9. "Games" f. Chucki Booker (produced by AZ)

10. "Give Me Yours 2010" (produced by Statik Selektah)

11. "Do Me This Way" (produced by Dave Moss)

12. "Fan Mail" (produced by Miller Time)

13. "12 Jewels" (produced by DJ Absolut & Frado)

14. "Game Ain’t Changed" (produced by Dave Moss)

15. "The Game Don't Stop" (produced by Fizzy Womack)

16. "Murda On The Daily" f. Cormega

17. "Mental Exclusive" f. Kool G Rap

18. "Conspiracy" (produced by DJ Absolut & Frado)

19. "Wanna Be There" (produced by Chop D.I.E.S.E.L.)

20. "Sugar Hill" (produced by DJ LES)

21. "Hey AZ" f. SWV (produced by Trackmasters)

22. "A Game" f. Amil (produced by Fizzy Womack & Baby Paul/BPZY)

23. "Feel My Pain" (produced by Frank Dukes)

24. "The Reverend" (produced by The Batcave)

25. "This Is What I Do" (produced by J. Cardim)

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  • Shakar Edwards

    As a fan of AZ im disapionted. Most of theses tracks are just re-used from 2009 mixtapes G.O.D and Legendary, Tracks from Format and Doe or Die that AZ fans heard years ago. This music prolly new to all you people born too late. But as a fan I was hoping for some "ACTUAL" new material. Az needs to hurry up and drop DODII and tell his people to stop re-releasing old music.

  • Detroit Isn't Dead

    Im excited for this one! The first "Last Of A Dying Breed" Mixtape was dope as hell..AZ is a kick ass emcee! No Question!

  • Mary T. Chance

    as Jeremy implied I am stunned that a stay at home mom can get paid $6642 in one month on the internet. look at here now... This just in: Kendrick ate a burrito and had to shit. HHDX sources may believe this could be a "diss shit" at other rappers. We will keep you posted after he wipes since we have no other stories at this time.

  • jimjim

    hes got some flow he should be up there better yet pass the masses

  • jimjim

    this dude got flow whats holding him back somebody tell me

  • kb

    Huge AZ fan here...have the whole collection..but why does AZ do this? Why doesn't he just drop a new tape with whole new material? I understand trying to introduce the old classic tracks to a new audience, but Why have half the track with songs we've already got?

  • Anonymous

    this nigga had amil on his album.

  • Anonymous

    AZ has had his moments but this sure ain't one of 'em; fucking pathetic is what it is... Last Of A Dying Breed II... Two?! Really?! Is that like naming your boat Indestructible II?!

  • Anonymous

    Queens is in the HOUSE!

  • Anonymous

    That's why I fvcks with you JRA, you trolling to waste time but you still build. Them other clowns trolling 'cause they desperate for attention. Respect.

  • Ja Rule Army

    yet this won't hit '100 comments' since AZ don't rap about swag and all that poppy shit. Guaranteed someone will comment with that 'old washed up should hang it up' All trolling aside one of the best to do it sucks he don't get the recognition

    • Anonymous

      Ignore what the poster above wrote, AZ has had the most consistent flow throughout his career and throughout his tracks and i always find his tracks enjoyable definitely up there as one of the best.

    • Bumping heads

      No it wont hit 100 comments because his lyrichs suck and hes just one more rapper who's got nothing from different to offer. There are still those who don't rap bout swag but get respect because they have actual spitting skills and sick rhymes

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