Playdough Signs To Man Bites Dog Records

Playdough signs with Man Bites Dog Records, joining Harry Fraud, Roc Marciano and Killah Priest on the imprint's roster.

Man Bites Dog Records has signed emcee Playdough to the label. Hailing from Dallas, Texas, the former battle rapper joins a roster that also includes Harry Fraud, Roc Marciano, Killah Priest, Bronze Nazareth, Copywrite, Esoteric and Vast Aire, among others, according to its website.

"I wanted to work with Man Bites Dog Records because they've grown to be a label on everyone's radar," Playdough says in a press release. "They're not a machine that spits out albums. They get behind their artists and surround each release with something unique for that project. I like that."

Playdough’s first Man Bites Dog release is slated to be Gold Tips, his fourth studio album. He is working on the project with frequent collaborator, friend and DJ, DJ Sean P. Confirmed guests on Gold Tips include Oh No, Koncept, Promise and Copywrite.

"The thing that sticks to my ribs about Playdough's music is the positive energy it creates," says Man Bites Dog's founder, R.M.L. "We finally have an album that doesn't need a clean version. It adds a balance to the label and brings a new audience into the MBDR family."

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  • jasonnns

  • Kathleen T. Kenny

    my roomate's sister-in-law makes $60 every hour on the laptop. She has been laid off for 6 months but last month her pay was $15613 just working on the laptop for a few hours. why not find out more... Its, rather, about the content of his lyrics. But of course this could be an invitation for arguments. So let's just say its a personal opinion.

  • sdccc

    eaither myers or jasons peeking by tress.take u threw the bitch

  • Come On

    Who?? and What record label again??

  • Robert Thompson

    You have to love the names that these rappers come up with.

    • Anonymous

      I think Playdough is a dope name, suggests he's versatile and can make almost anything. Think about it, also the term "dough" is slang for money, his name is technically play money... I doubt the name is actually that well thought out, probably a dumb name he came up with while doing meth but you know.

  • Archimedes II

    Gold Tips Tracklist: 1. Kisses On My Bottom 2. Strange Emotions 3. Supple Man Ass(ft. Tyga) 4. Mr. Bitch Tits (ft. Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne) 5. Cheeky Shit 6. Suspect Behavior 7. Jew Jitsu 8. Bend Over(Just Take It) 9. Throwing The Soap (On The Floor) 10. Under The Covers Lover (ft. Shaggy) 11. Prune Juice (ft. Gorgin) 12. Too Much Gayness 13. Pound Ass (ft. Joe Camel)

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