Eminem Partners With GameStop & "Call Of Duty" For "The Marshall Mathers LP 2" Bonus Edition

Fans who purchase "Call of Duty: Ghosts" at GameStop will be able to download a special edition of Eminem's "The Marshall Mathers LP 2."

In August, Eminem debuted a new song, "Survival," in a trailer for the video game Call of Duty: Ghosts. Now, it has been announced that purchases of Call of Duty: Ghosts made at GameStop on November 5, when the game is released, will come with a code that allows fans to download a special edition of Eminem's new album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2, also set to be released on November 5.

The special edition of the project will include "Survival." Eminem spoke about the importance of the song to the video game. 

"The energy and intensity of 'Survival' really matches 'Call of Duty: Ghosts'," Eminem said in a press release, as per Billboard. "I'm excited to continue to be a part of the franchise."

Tim Ellis, CMO of Activision Publishing, Inc., spoke about the partnership. 

"'Call of Duty' is the ultimate adrenaline rush," said Ellis in a press release. "It’s the intensity and heart-pounding excitement you feel as the action unfolds. And Eminem embodies this same spirit and captures this in his music. The breadth of this program takes our partnership to a new level and will continue to unfold in the months to come. It’s going to be a massive day in entertainment with the launch of Call of Duty: Ghosts and [TheMarshall Mathers LP 2 both hitting on November 5th."

The video for Eminem's "Bererk" can be seen below.

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  • JarradHurley

    Gotta love all the whinging I am reading on here. Eminems now a 'sell out' and all this kind of woft. Because no one on here likes money and they would rather be rapping with friends in a basement then selling platinum records like Eminem does, and will continue to do.. while your best efforts don't even nearly reach the credibility of Eminem's worst songs. Basically, no matter what Eminem does right now people will complain. Partner with Call of Duty? people complain... Dont partner with anyone? people will say Eminem hasn't found a way to connect to new fans and stay relevent... Release MMLP2, people complain that he seems to be making a contrived effort to relive his youth... Release Recovery, people complain that he is strayed too far from what got him here in the first place. Basically, this is the old thing... it happened to Michael Jackson, and it is happening now to Eminem.. had 2 pac lived a bit longer, it would have happened to him too... where everyone, fans, the media.. builds them up... and then at some point they revel in the fall from grace. Michael Jackson could never release anything that eclipsed Thriller (although he released many classics)... Eminem could never eclipse the original MMLP... and 2 pac, had he lived to now (43 years of age).. I HIGHLY DOUBT would have continued to make good records well into his late 30's and 40's. Rappers have an originality use by date I believe.. and I think GENERALLY it lasts 3-4 albums before they can only rehash what they have already said and they can no longer surprise you. It has happened with Eminem.. and for the 2pac dickriders.. it would have happened to him too! So basically, what do you really want of Eminem? You want him to retire just so your own jealousy issues are rewarded and so you can tell everyone "I told you so?"... Or do you want him to continue so every step of the way you can badger on about how far eminem has apparently fallen? Bezerk is no classic track... But it is no better or worse then Just lose it, Real Slim SHady, Hi my name is.. or any of the less then serious songs he usually leads with. Eminem is in a no win situation when it comes to public opinion, but if he wants to keep doing it... FINE BY ME... and if theres only a couple of good new tracks on the next album, its a couple of tracks that I didnt have before.

    • derek smith

      yes dude i feel you. BRAVO

    • ETK

      co-sign x100 on this post, yo. real talk and anon is a fool. shut the fuck up with your "sheep" bullshit. you're exactly the kind of bitchnigga OP talks about. you're allowed to not like the song but putting yourself above others cause you don't like a song is some bitch-ass bullshit

    • JarradHurley

      Encore was alright... Relapse, indeed was pitiful however. and yes I have heard it, and if you read what I actually said you would see that

    • Anonymous

      Have you sheep heard the song? Or just in love with his name. Smh, bet you loved encore too.

    • wow dude

      couldnt have said it better myself..ppl hate him so much because he is the highest selling rapper of all time and how far and ridiculous he has come as the white boy underdog PLAIN AND SIMPLE

  • DBF

    jay z album is gonna get fuckin raped by this shit cant wait

  • Anonymous

    he's such a fuckin sell out , I bet even justin bieber's gonna be on his album , the only reason this still works is cuz these stans will take about anything like "berserk" a song with as much substance as a miley cyrus track , its insane

  • Anonymous

    shoulda teamed up with GTA V then he could go plat like jay before the album comes out!

  • Gucci The Realest

    The truth about Eminem: He hates gay people but did a song with Elton John He hates pop music and dissed Britney Spears and Nysync but did songs with pop artists Rihanna and Pink! The whole slim shady image was created to sell records. Ask Interscope records. To HHDX dont delete my post! This are facts!

    • Ja Rule Army [Trolling is my hobby]

      The fact that ya debating with a troll is awesome


      1. Eminem and Elton are good friends. Elton helped Em get sober. Also Em gave Elton so type of dildo for his wedding gift. 2. P!nk isn't pop. P!nk is dope man. i don't get the hate for her. She is to pop what Em is to hip-hop. Point for RIhanna. 3. Wrong again.

    • Spliffst4rr

      You realize that Em and Elton John are like really good friends right? Elton was one of the people who helped Eminem through his drug addiction.

    • Chris Etrata

      truth about gucci 4. hes burning bridges with whatever friends he has left.

    • Anonymous

      the truth about gucci mane 1. he cant sell records or make a hit to save his life 2. he punches women in the face on stage and throws them out of his moving car 3. hes high on lean everyday killing the few braincells he has left

    • Josh

      1. He did that so gay activist would stop bitching 2.He did that because people said he was too old to do dark music 3.He created that persona long before his first album.

  • Kizman

    To the Eminem fans who say niggas is scared to feature him on songs. Bad vs Evil Royce was pretty much bodying Em on every song. Keep it real you have to be a big fan to not realize how much this dude fell off. And if this next album sounds like the crap he has been producing himself its gonna be straight trash.

  • Rozay

    This white boy used to be good, now all this nigga release is pop shit. Another album with Bruno Mars, Pink and Rihannas comin and of course all you white boys will snatch it up and say its the best thing ever cuz we all know only white boys buy his albums. Bawse!!!!!!!!

    • JarradHurley

      Little newsflash for you mate. White people are the biggest buyers of hip hop of any demographic.. and have been ever since the early 90's. So to say "white boys will buy this shit".. is true... but they are also the ones buying everything else.

    • Anonymous

      who the fuck you think buys rick ross albums? not a million people thats for sure

  • Anonymous

    Em give it up. Your new music is okay but you just an average mc. You aint no Pac, Nas, Big L, Dmx or Big Boi.

  • David Bunz

    Smart business move, major record labels are dying and artists got to stay making money any way possible. That being said, it shouldn't effect the music. But for me as a fan, his music has definitely been less refined since 2010, pretty hit and miss. Still anxious to hear it though

  • d

    Can Em's selling out become anymore evident? Jeez making music for the cod crowd, sure to be great.

  • YOU@h0R_

    If kendrick lamar dropped his 2nd lp and partnered with battlefield 4 that would shit on all of eminems carrer and his partnership with activision/treyarch. I wonder if any or atleast one of eminems long time fans accepted the fact that he's fallen off, just cause he's em don't mean you gotta ride on his dick...

    • Nick

      YEBO speaks the truth. Underground > HHDX

    • YEBO


    • Anonymous

      ^ That's a joke, right?

    • GOD

      Oh, speaking of Kendrick, isn't he partnering with Kanye so he can actually do a big Show? Lol he's going place, can't even sell out a small Venue but hey, you're right he'll shit all over Eminem and his deal.

    • jick

      That would not happen, Kendrick is signed to Aftermath.

  • Anonymous

    eminem's gonna get major bank off of this.. not only will mmlp2 sell millions, but the new c.o.d will more than likely be sold out in game stores nationwide, just basing that off how the previous c.o.d's did.. smart move, em..

  • Landon1688

    Im sure he feels the pressure for this album to set sales records since the first mmlp was so huge. Its a good idea in some ways but not that creative. Just go do interviews on the late night shows since he never goes on anymore and that would be a good enough buzz for him.

  • Anonymous

    Why the fuck? FUCK call of duty, it's the same regurgitated bullshit year in, year out, for 12 year olds who've never played an interesting game in their lives. And why link up an eminem album with this shit in the first place? Just release the album, no fuckin gimmick needed. Plenty of people will buy this anyway.

    • JarradHurley

      Who cares if he uses a gimmick? what skin is it off of your balls?

    • Anonymous

      Hardly a gimmick, more of a smart business move. I feel the same way about Call of Duty being a regurgitated pile of crap, but if you were a rapper who could make a few hundred dollars just from having a partnership and by doing one song for them, you would. Not to mention this is an extreme case of two birds with one stone as far as promo goes. Just imagine how many people love Eminem and Call Of Duty, COMBINED.

  • Dennis

    For all you idiots saying Eminem is making all of these business decisions.. Jay's idea was to ship all of his albums to one source, thus making the album platinum. em's RECORD LABEL(interscope.. not shady or aftermath.. fucking morons) is just trying to boost his sales with special access to his bonus material... I swear eminem haters are so much worse then his fans.

  • Anonymous

    Em and Jay are changing the game. Pretty soon no one is gonna be putting out any albums without a big company partner

    • ^

      Eminem himself would tell all you faggots in these comments that Pac was the greatest. This dude idolized Pac. Even if you want to go strictly by flow and vocabulary, Big Pun would fucking murder Eminem. Eminem is nowhere near the greatest.

    • Anonymous

      Call it corny, hate on it. You wouldn't say the same shit if it was YOU with a deal like that in front of you and the possibility to own the kinda money that the bank can't hold. Get the fuck outta here withy your jealousy, envy and general hate for a smart business man and entertainer doing his job, making good moves and getting paid to do it. You aint gonna see Eminem's Infinite money, let alone the kind of money this shit is about to make him.

    • Anonymous

      damn that wasnt even funny at all

    • Anonymous

      50 Cent is teaming up with Home Depot in hopes of increasing awareness of his upcoming album Street King Immortal. Every customer who buys a bag of fertilizer automatically gets a copy of the album. They also get a $50.00 store credit if they open the bag in store and pour it all over the CD. Shit attracts shit.

    • Anonymous

      Atleast Jay did phones this game shit is just corny

  • Anonymous

    Eminem is in full blown I want to milk this shit for everything I can mode.

    • DA HOOD

      Good Point...he should just give his album out for free instead. lol How u gonna listen to songs about "Making it Rain" or whatever and make a comment like this..lol dumb. www.eminemalbum2014.com

  • Big Dan

    Eminem is a great rapper, but damn, he has gotten away with a lot, to have achieved this level of success. This song is a perfect example. It sucks!!!!!!!!!!! With Rick Rubin in the video, I assume he produced. Why go to someone else to give you a crappy track, when you can do much better yourself. You might get extra write ups, but you don't get sales because Rubin produced your song. This is garbage and it better not start running up the charts.

    • Nick T

      DMX trod the whole battle scene in NY, undefeated, really ran them streets with hip hop in his blood from a young age and showed people that he has a love for this art and is not with all the bullshit singles and radio shit people be putting out. In a Battle Dmx>>>>> Eminem Albums Flesh of my flesh is his 2nd best album>>>>>>>>>>> any em album Energy on the mic DMX>>>>>>. EM Countless cla##ic verses, 4,3,2,1 and 24 hours to live, niccaz done started something, ruff ryders anthem >>>> any Eminem verse DMXs single >>>>>> ems singles Dmx impact on the game >>>>>>> Eminem impact(Just made kids think cross dressing is cool) X took the game out of the shiny era dolo and made ruff ryders that label.. Will continue to do better than em on Sony records.

    • Anonymous

      I've heard better em tracks that actually sound like em not a random beat

    • Your Opinion Means Nothing...

      Too late. It debuted on Billboard's Hot 100 at number 3 behind Robin Thicke (number 2) and Katy Perry (number 1).

    • Anonymous

      Whatever dude.



    • DA HOOD

      lol your dead wrong. Eminem can do whatever he wants at the label. How else would anyone allow Eminem to release such terrible albums like Relapse and Encore...he sells no matter what so Jimmy don't stop him from doing anything. www.eminemalbum2014.com

  • Pat

    As sad as this is this deal will probably push me over the edge to buying ghosts.

  • r

    So in the song Mosh He talks about being against the troops being out in in wars but then endorses call of duty ?? Ok

  • Ja Rule Army

    fuck that Ja Rule Renaissance Project gon be coming straight to mom n pop video game stores. Ja is all about supporting small businesses in this time of a stagnant economy. Fuck them corporations.

    • Cam'ron

      Ayo B Ja! don't get in the liquor game. That's Dipset B Sizzurp! That's my shit just to let you know.

    • Ja Rule

      Thank you for recognizing my efforts. You are right. That is my next step, young follower of the Rule. I also intend to partner with liquor stores to sell a brand of my Ja Rule cologne. $5 a pop.

  • Legends

    Really... He going to do the same thing like jay z did with samsung to get extra album sales. These dudes are being really greedy now. Neither of these dudes have to do this type of shit because there die hard fans are going to buy the music anyway. Regardless of what people say about kanye album, I really respect kanye for dropping his cd with no radio play, little to no promo and not using any tricks that record labels/corporations use to force music onto people. I really respect that even if his album didn't live up to people's expectations

  • hds00

    rappers and rockers are homos

  • M

    Doesn't this just get him a lot of leech sales from the game? Its like a free pass to platinum status, which to be fair the album (and many others) would probably get if torrents didn't exist.

    • Don't forget..

      Don't forget what Jay-Z did, THAT'S the real free pass to platinum. I think Em would reach Platinum without this anyway, though.

  • Not Impressed

    I remember there was an old special on TV about rappers and money. On it, Eminems manager was saying they would never sell any products or partner with corporations because that would mean they were "selling out" and it would hurt his brand. Now look at him doing deals with video game companies, watch makers, car companies, liquor, etc Ever since his last album he's been aggressively doing this stuff. Eminem from 2002 would have never done half of the things he's doing now. From selling random products to doing songs with pop singers to appearing on a bunch of random tv shows... I guess he feels he has to do this because he doesn't want the other rappers to sell more then him....(Remember he was jealous of lil wayne) It's sad he's so insecure. I'm not impressed.

    • Dennis

      Don't make a lengthy "I'm so smart" comment about something you know nothing about. Record labels aloud Eminem to avoid doing business with outside enterprises because of the state of the music business. Eminem could of farted on wax and sold four million in two months because of how much money was being made by the big heads. Em has no choice in the matter really.

    • jus10

      People change. If Eminem is willing to change his eye color to sell records, why not partner with a video game? Better than doing more song with Rhiana and crap.

  • CeeJay

    Wow...So Eminem, Gamestop, and Call of Duty are going to do the same thing Jay-Z did with Samsung. WHEEEEWWWWW...Talk about sales...Call Of Duty games always sells out in the millions within the first week. This is in addition to the albums sold in stores or online. O_o

    • CeeJay

      ^^^^^ "purchases of Call of Duty: Ghosts made at GameStop on November 5, when the game is released, will come with a code that allows fans to download a special edition of Eminem's new album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2, also set to be released on November 5." So whomever buys COD:Ghosts at GS will be able to download the S.E. of MM LP 2 which the RIAA said that this type of project setup will be included in album sales or counts... which at the end of the day is all that matters. To dumb it down for you zxrkoxz: Moral of the story is to add album sales or counts to those sold in stores such as Best Buy or Target or online at such online vendors such as itunes or rhapsody. I sincerely hope that this clears up any confusion you may have had with the point I was making by comparing this venture Eminem (Aftermath/Shady/Interscope) will make with Gamestop & Call of Duty (Activision/Infinity Ward) with the one that was made by Jay-Z and Samsung. Thanks in advance. Mgmt.

    • zxrkoxz

      You are a fucking idiot. Two totally different things. Jay's idea was to ship all of his albums to one source, thus making the album platinum. em's RECORD LABEL(interscope.. not shady or aftermath.. fucking morons) is just trying to boost his sales with special access to his bonus material... I swear eminem haters are so much worse then his fans.

  • Anonymous

    Eminem Partners With GameStop & "Call Of Duty" For "The Marshall Mathers LP 2" Bonus Edition or we can just download it off kickasstorrents when it comes out lol

  • Anonymous

    What upsets me the most, is Ghost aka PPP, aka fuckin bitch from hell is getting all this credit and is allowed to be a psychotic cunt while any other writer that he has let's say "Borrowed" from gets out of line and she or he is booted like a person can't get their foot up their ass fast enough. The unfairness really pisses me off.

  • Dead.

    "The energy and intensity of 'Survival' really matches 'Call of Duty: Ghosts'," Eminem said in a press release, as per Billboard. "I'm excited to continue to be a part of the franchise." How much money was he given to say this? This is getting embarrassing...

    • Call of Duty

      We paid him a lot of money to say that. He declined. We then paid him a lot of money to let us say that he said it. That seemed to work.

    • chris

      a lot. he was retired anyway. why not just come back and rape the game before you jet? he's in a good position that not everyone gets. he wants to one up jay so that no one can deny him. musta got a lot in the contract cause you're not gonna censor em.

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