Wu-Tang Clan, Black Hippy Crack Green-Label's "10 Best Rap Crews" List

Green-Label lists Hip Hop's most outstanding Rap teams.

Green-Label.com released its list of “The 10 Best Hip-Hop Crews” today (September 9). Some of Hip Hop’s most renowned rap teams are highlighted, including the legendary Wu-Tang Clan.

“Both in terms of verbal skill and collective power, the nine swordsmen that comprise the core of the Wu—RZA, GZA, Ghostface Killah, Method Man, Raekwon, Inspectah Deck, U-God, Masta Killa, and the late [Ol' Dirty Bastard]—went unmatched for years,” said Green-Label about Wu-Tang Clan. “Though core members have had their beef over the years, they always represent the Wu on every solo project, knowing that the symbol of their crew is bigger than they are alone.” 

California’s Black Hippy—which includes Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, ScHoolboy Q and Jay Rock—collective and Harlem, New York’s The Diplomats also cracked Green-Label’s list of “The 10 Best Hip-Hop Crews.”  

To view the full list, please visit Green-Label.com.

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  • Anonymous

    WU TANG over all of them... fuck outta here

  • Anonymous

    Def/Hit Squad, DITC, Pro Era, Juice Crew, D Block, Justus League, even A$ap Mob are better examples of crews than to have record labels on the list.

  • jaya Rider

    My top 5 1. Bone thugs n harmony 2. Dugeon family 3. Nwa 4. Wu tang 5. Run dmc

  • Anonymous

    "I respect wu tang but they aint went gold or platinum since 2000. Bone thugs had a gold album with a platinum single in 2007" ^ I fvcks with BTNH but c'mon, that 2007 album ain't enough weight to tilt the scales just because it's 6 years ago. Let's break out what both teams have done solo and as a team, it ain't even close.

    • Anonymous

      Yea true but krayzie also won a grammy with chamillionaire in 2006, no wu member did that in the 2000s. I think that gold album and platinum single does tilt the scale also bone has sold more records than wu, bone has more platinum and gold singles. Btnh beat out wu, pdiddy, in 98 for best rap artist of the year. I gotta give it to btnh over wu

  • commical

    in later news find out why rappers such as ice cube wu tang and some movies make fun or even try to get at red bone girls by calling them devil and pretending their talking about white ppl.movies like american pie. the chef that cuts the reds little to hard and others.other news later

  • Anonymous

    waiting for oxymoron hope he got some conscious shit on it

  • Anonymous

    the rap game is crazy fucked up

  • lowprofile

    so its black hippy before slaughterhouse just because of kendrick alone even though black hippy doesnt have a clloctive album..... u also have bad boy above death never minding the number of successful artists that came out of death row just to correct u also jay z is bigger than russel and diddy (diddy may be richer but jay is bigger), everyone knows jay

  • Anonymous

    what the fuck is green label and why does hhdx keep linking to their website with some bullshit lists?

  • Rap crews not labels

    How da fuck u have a best rap group list without The LOX? where was NWA? and Slaughterhouse shits on black hippy lyrically not many can fuck wit them

  • uuuu

    theirs been singers and rappers acting like their cool even acting like people from other colars to spy on ppl and get them in trouble. where watching you

  • Anonymous

    WTF is wrong with these idiots who made this list?! Dipset?!?! WTF, UMMM NO! They cant hold The Likwit Crews nuts! Deathrow was a record label not a CREW! Hieroglypics, not bad but there are other crews better than them....I'd replace them with Justus League (9th, Phonte, Pooh, L.E.G.A.C.Y., Chaundon, Khrysis etc.) Black Hippy....Umm Not yet! D.I.T.C would rip them to shreds. Shit, O.C. would go Nas on'em and kill that squad for dolo. Where is THE JUICE CREW, SOUL ASSASSINS, LIKWIT CREW, D.I.T.C, GANGSTAR FOUNDATION, BOOGIE DOWN PRODUCTIONS etc....This nigga didoesnt know shit about hip hop....im surprised he didnt list ASAP MOB

    • Anonymous

      Dungeon Family is in the article at #3. It's just a list, sponsored by the interests and promotions of TDE. I've been listening for over 20 years, some of them names y'all are listing don't need to be on it. Co-sign OC though.


      me three yo. no living legends,freestyle fellowship,visionaries,dirty science crew,def or hit squaud,flipmode,outsidaz,dirty district,low budget crew,lench mob,i can go forever and you are so right about the o.c. thing too. when you do a list like this your supposed put everything on the table a real hip hop head would of love to have fun with the top ten crews cuz you can really battle yourself knowledge of hip hop and its obvious they dont have any

    • DJBVAX

      I was thinking the VERY same thing. I was like NO DITC??? WTF?? Juice Crew?? Dungeon Family?? What a wack list.

  • Anonymous

    How the fuck is that black happy bullshit in the top 10???????????????? Some white teenager who just started listening to hiphop probably made this shit up.

  • Anonymous

    Dipset higher than Black Hippy?, Bad Boy Higher than Deathrow?, should have included BTNH and D-12 as well

  • Beverly D. Buckley

    as Gary said I'm stunned that a student can profit $7476 in four weeks on the internet. pop over to these guys... www.Cafe44.com You talk like Gucci is some cold blooded murderer but the truth is he only killed in self defense and ever since then he been fucked in the head. I mean really an Ice Cream Cone tattoo? How can you justify that shit?

  • Anonymous

    I went in thinking "best groups." I can't front, Native Tongues were truly the original Black Hippy LOL!

  • shawn

    I was at rtb seen both bone thugs n harmony and wu tang perform. The crowd was hyped for bone and they put on a amazing show, wu was lacking chemistry and crowd wasn't feeling them to much. The virtual performace were both dope tho imo

  • Anonymous

    Whoever made this list must didnt go to rock the bells wu tang flat out sucked


    This list is a joke if dipset made it then g-unit should have made it. They put some awkard groups on this list and left out Run dmc-PE-bone thugs-epmd-the roc

  • 504 boi

    No cash money no nwa, no bone,

  • Anonymous

    I guess they didn't consider outkast, bone thugs crews to me they come before everybody on this list

  • Anonymous

    Wu-Tang #1!! no competition but black hippie should of been higher also bad boys and death row are labels not groups. And WTF no slaughterhouse, D12, the lox or NWA but they put dipset and the boot camp clik!!! this list is garbage at least they got #1 right

    • Anonymous

      I respect wu tang but they aint went gold or platinum since 2000. Bone thugs had a gold album with a platinum single in 2007

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