Lil Wayne To Address Dropping Out Of High School & Prison Treatment On Katie Couric Talkshow

Lil Wayne gets personal on Katie Couric's eponymous talk show.

Lil Wayne has never been reserved about revealing aspects of his personal live, whether through music of in interviews.

On the Season 2 Premier of Katie Couric's "Katie" talk show, which airs Monday (September 9), Weezy joins Katie to discuss several topics, including whether he regrets dropping out of high school.

"Not at all. I mean, kids, finish high school...And all my kids, you are finishing high school," explained a serious Wayne.

Lil Wayne revealed that it was actually his mother who told him to drop out, out of concern for the then-budding star's safety. "But my mom. It was my mom's idea. I had an album out. I was platinum already, thank God. I was still trying to go to regular public school, and she saw me getting ready for school one day, and she was walking past the room, and...she was talking on the phone with someone, just talkin' loud, and she saw me putting my gun in my backpack. And she said, 'You gotta bring that to school with you?' And I remember asking, 'You don't want me to bring it?' And she thought about it, she said, 'I do.' So I put it back in my bag, and she said, 'You're right. Bring it.' Because she bought it for me for protection. She was like, 'You do need it.' She was still on the phone, it wasn't two minutes later, she walked back to my room, she said, 'You don't go to school no more. You gettin' a GED,' and I was like, 'Okay.'"

"She was like, 'If that's the way you gotta go to school, you on TV right now, tell Baby and them, get you your GED.' So I went and got a GED, and I went to college," he added.

Wayne also spoke about how he was treated during his one-year prison sentence for gun and drug charges.

Weezy explained that, while the other inmates treated him well, they weren't starstruck for long. "It's jail. So for the first twenty seconds, thirty seconds, they're like, 'Oh my God, it's really him.' Then it's back to jail, quick. The reality of where you're at clicks right back in, so you're like, 'Yeah, okay.'"

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  • TMZ

    Kendrick Lamar Diss back to meek mill !

  • Anonymous

    so his mom bought him a gun and the nigga went and shot himself? LMAO right then and their he shoulda been put in a foster home or some shit! she basically pimped her son out to a creepy pedophile for a bit of cash money


    The jist of it all is to think. Stop telling your business to people who don't care about you or your kind. They will only use that info against you in some way.


    It's unfortunate that Black people still don't realize their own oppressive state of being. They didn't put Lil Wayne because they're interested in him as a man. Her target audience is not sympathizing or empathizing with the guest Lil Wayne when he talks of carrying a gun to school to protect himself or that he stopped drinking codine. This is nothing but first person confirmation of what they already think about him. Lil Wayne doesn't understand that he's being smoothly interrogated (or maybe he does). His responses only add fuel to the fire of the criminalization of Blacks which impact directly on the Blacks who aren't celebrities. They want you to perceive this as intimate bonding session between Katie and Wayne or both brands trying to reach out to each others respected audiences for you "open minded" people. They would do just fine without each other. Lil wayne fans wouldn't watch this shit if he wan't on it. This interview is not making white people less confused or relate more to Blacks. This is about quenching Blacks thirst for White validation and maintaing their system.


    This nigga is a fraud a fake blood. He knows if he ever went at big guwop he would get bodied. GUCCI MANE is the realest rapper and heres why. 1) all other rappers rap about being gangster shooting and killing but they havent done it. 2) Eminem raps about killing he hasnt. 3)Jay z raps in open letter about sending shots he hasnt. 4)Nas raps about how he is a queens thug but he wasn't. 5)Most of the rappers rap about stuff they havent done yet you all support them and say its real rap. 6)When rick ross does it you all claim he is fake and say its fake rap. This shows that hiphop fans are hypocritical and all these real hiphop fan wanna be's are just some unjustified haters whose opinions are just as irrelevent as the swag fag rapper fans. GUCCI MANE KILLED A MAN HE WAS A DRUG DEALER BEFORE RAPPER HE HAS STREET CREDENTIALS HE IS THE ONLY RAPPER THAT RAPS ABOUT FACTS THERE FORE BIG GUWOP IS THE REALEST RAPPER IN THE RAP GAME AND THATS A FACT!

  • chillymilly

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  • J dirty

    Nothin says street like goin on the katie couric talk show

  • Fannie T. Schmidt

    what Peter answered I am amazed that any one can get paid $9466 in four weeks on the computer. you could look here... Meek Mill is signed to and co-signed by the correctional officer lying fraud William Roberts who has had 1 album go platinum once in his career. Brought us albums such as The Gifted and Dreams and Nightmares.

  • Anonymous

    Check out thegrandreport, they got some good videos on there

  • Anonymous

    My mama would have beat the black off my ass if caught me putting a gun in my backpack.

    • Anonymous

      You didnt grow up where he grew up though probably. Regardless of how most feel about wayne, he grew up in the LEGITIMATE Murder capital of the US at the time. And think about it, if his own mother felt the need to buy him a gun for his protection then it mustve been really bad

  • Anonymous

    sounds like a great mother! no wonder he turned out to be such a great man. LMAO

    • Anonymous

      a grown man riding a skateboard wearing pink t-shirts and furry green moon boots getting kissed on the lips by 40 year old men and having seizures from taking too much syrup! yeah he sure is a winner alright! im sure his kids are very proud of their fake blood gang member father and their creepy uncle birdman

    • I Agree

      yeah a rich multi-platinum grammy winning artist. he turned out pretty awesome actually.

  • Anonymous

    One time I witnessed an inmate who worked as a pantry worker in 2 & 3 Upper throw a loaf of bread through a food port in the day room at Lil Wayne and yell at him Welcome to my hood BITCH! Wheres your Cash Money now MOTHER FUCKER!. Lil Wayne glanced back at the rather large inmate and proceeded to try and ignore him while watching TV.

  • Anonymous

    Contrary to what was written in most newspapers Dwayne Lil Wayne Carter was housed in Protective Custody Cells. This is where the jail would house some Snitches, Homosexuals, Child Molesters, Incarcerated Cops, former Correctional Officers, and occasionally High-Profile Cases. Basically anyone who would or have had a problem in general population.

    • Anonymous

      this nigga aint neva been tp jail. if you are a famous person or if you are a high profile case yo go to pc untill your case dies out or more cases come in then you go to gp

    • Anonymous

      This has never been a hidden matter. It was actually stated before he even went in that he wouldnt be in gen pop. Its common sense that he woulnt be with gen pop. Btw very rarely do they seperate homosexuals in prison. They do it with child molesters though.

  • Anonymous

    Yo it's weird, I'm not gay at all

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