Planet Asia f. Killa Kali & Killer Ben – “The Gods Speak”

We learn a few things on this track. There are five stages to the mind: 1. The Conscious Mind 2. The Sub-Conscious Mind 3. The Super Sub-Conscious Mind 4. The Magnetic Mind, and 5. The Infinite Mind. The song sounds like it could easily slide into a Wu-Tang compilation, as Planet Asia, Killa Kali, and Killer Ben toss super-lyrical bars around about the mind and how it functions. It’s definitely “The Gods Speak” going on to the tune of soulful production. It strikes a cool little balance, considering nowadays we have artists utilizing proper production to basically floss and avoid the idea of message music. Here they take a hot beat and deliver tenfold with proper bars. Very lessondary. – Kathy Iandoli (@kath3000)

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King Chip f. Scarface & MJG – “If I Die Today”

King Chip teams with two of the better artists in rap history on this interesting meditation on death. Scarface kicks the song off with a verse that reflects the confrontational tone that has been one of the hallmarks of his remarkable career. King Chip pays homage to his son multiple times during his mic time, while MJG details what he’d like to be buried with and drops a batch of comedic lines that belie that serious nature of the topic. Accented by high-pitched keyboards and an occasional piano passage, the cut’s slow-tempo beat gives each rapper plenty of sonic space to bring their respective personalities and perspectives to this standout selection from King Chip’s 44108 mixtape. – Soren Baker (@SorenBaker)

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Loaded Lux f. Fat Trel – “K.I.L.L.A.S.” 

‘K.I.L.L.A.S.’ is an acronym for knowledge illuminates life, love and success,” Lux said in a recent exclusive statement to HipHopDX. It is this angle that allows the song to stand out. “When you look at the word ‘killas,’ you think about it in a derogatory sense, maybe,” Lux said. “This is why we sprinkled this acronym over it. I just want people to know what we’re killing. What we’re killing is ignorance.” The song is off of Loaded Lux’s You Gon Get This Work: Reloaded mixtape, which premiered on HipHopDX Saturday, September 7. “K.I.L.L.A.S.” further shows that Loaded Lux is a capable emcee on or off that Battle Rap stage. – Andres Tardio (@AndresWrites)

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