Brooklyn rapper Papoose may have called out fellow emcee Big Sean briefly on his Kendrick Lamar-centered “Control” response, but on the newly-released “First Chain (Remix)” he takes heavy aim at the G.O.O.D. Music spitter.

On “First Chain (Remix),” Papoose immediately makes his intentions know as he proclaims “Big Sean album is trash” at the start of the four-minute long, diss track. From there The Nacirema Dream creator rattles down a laundry list of gripes he has with the “Control” rapper.

Papoose seemed less than pleased with Big Sean’s numerous mentions of the late Notorious B.I.G. on “Control” and made that much clear on “First Chain (Remix)” as he rapped, “Using Biggie name, who gave you permission/You look like Ralph Tresvant from New Edition.” The Bed-Stuy emcee then went on to state, “Every time they play ‘Control’ they skip yo verse/Little bitch, how much change you got in yo purse?”

Although Big Sean is clearly the intended target on “First Chain (Remix),” Papoose does go on to mention a handful of other artists as he questions why Big Sean’s album was released before Pusha T’s and comments on Pusha possibly selling the Hall Of Fame rapper crack.

“How the fuck they put ya album out before Pusha T/I figured out why you so skinny then I got over it/Pusha must be selling the crack and you smoking it,” Papoose spits.

Papoose later questions why Big Sean would have the “audacity” to say he’s better than Drake and also comment on out rapping Jay Z. He later reveals that his popular single, “Dance (A$$),” was only hot thanks to an appearance from Young Money rapstress Nicki Minaj.

“Got the audacity to say you better than Drake and out rap Jay Z/What a level of hate/Those artists made you hot go ahead and give grace/Worst ‘Clique’ verse they should spit that in ya face/Ya biggest record was called ‘A-S-S,’ Nicki Minaj made it hot,” Papoose raps. “I heard you ‘Ye yes man who get paid less checks.”

The release of “First Chain (Remix)” comes just weeks after Papoose released his “Control” response, a lyrical retort Kendrick Lamar found “comical.”

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