Big Sean Says He Doesn't Know Why People Don't Consider Him A Top Rapper

Big Sean says "Hall Of Fame" will give him more leverage in the debate of who's the best rapper.

Detroit's Big Sean has been outspoken recently regarding the quality of his rapping. Sitting down with DJ Whoo Kid, Sean further defended his music and says that he's one of the best out.

"I feel like I deserve that," Big Sean said when asked about being a top rapper. "My album could have been way better and I was still finding myself as an artist. So what I'm saying is I don't know why people don't consider Big Sean as one of the best rappers when I'll hop on a song with anybody and I'll kill it and have a stand out verse."

The G.O.O.D. Music artist also compared himself to some of the biggest names in Hip Hop and says he can hold his own against any of them.

"I would consider Kanye and Jay Z the best, you consider Drake the best, you consider J. Cole the best when I can hop on a song with him and have a stand out verse and arguably a better verse than them," he said. "That's the point of Hall Of Fame, I wanted to make an album that gives me more leverage."

When asked about why his label boss Kanye West wasn't included as a guest on his second studio album, Sean replied that he shouldn't have to have 'Ye featured on his album for people to be a fan of his music.

"There was a song that me and Kanye had but it really just didn't fit the album necessarily," He said in describing their recent work. "I did five goddam five songs with Kanye man like ya'll want another? Niggas shouldn't fuck with me 'cause I got a song with Kanye... I want people to fuck with me for me man."

Big Sean also recently addressed his disagreements with Kanye, saying they're always going to have disagreements but 'Ye "definitely respects that and supports me and I support him.”

Watch the full interview with Whoo Kid below:

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  • stephen

    fuck outta hear i bet all ya niggas who tryna shit on big sean dont even listen to all his music my son got bars actually listen to what the man is saying an yall will get his bars...this nigga actually speaks about positivity in his mix tapes/albums and can spit a different message that other rappers cant.. the man stream rappers yall like just rap about the hood life and get money and bitches

  • #ComeOnBigSean

    Big Sean should really improve on his content. The guy has flows and is at time an above average story-teller (comparing to rappers of nowadays). I really had hopes for Big Sean when he first came out. I think he can still pull it if chooses to re consider some CRUCIAL points. You will never be a TOP rapper overnight or riding on easy choices!

  • TeamPrius

    I was cool with Big Sean, Until he said that line about driving a Prius. I love my Prius....Punk Ass!

  • Eat a dick biatch!

    Top 5 stupid rappers ever... 1. Birdman (worst rapper ever) 2. 2 Chainz (retarded rapper) 3. Soulja boy tel'em how much u suck 4. Big Sean (ignorance n childish) 5. Combination of MMG, YOUNG MONEY FOOLS, Background niggas at GOOD Music...

  • killah_casp

    why the fuck do i come on this sight...... this dude is fuckin wack he has always been wack and saying he hops on a song wid anybody and have the stand out verse? kid kendrick killed u on ur own track so please shut the fuck up ur music is trash be happy ur making money and sit the fuck down your not evan on anyones top 200 list let alone being in a top 10 the only reason ur selling is through guest feutures no body would of evan checked control if and jay electronica werent on it so sit the fuck down and shut up.

  • king P

    Look Big Sean was lucky kanye even signed him, this has nothing to do with him as a person and every rapper in the game is gonna tell you he's the best. but honestly its just an opinion. A lot of these new niggas think they the best because real competition doesn't really exist in hip hop no more. did you notice that the best MC's didnt exknowledge him or Kendrick Lamar. Hell Big Sean wasn't even and honorable mention on his own joint.Big Sean is alright, even good enough to be in the game. But lets be real if it wasn't for Kanye putting him on, he wouldn't be on at all. The best put themselves on they dont get put on.

  • jjjj

    The only ill new rapper in the game is Kendrick. J. Cole's first was good, but Born Sinner was garbage. Big Sean is baby shit. Drake is baby shit. 2 Chains is shit, period. Underground hip hop still has some good ones, but 99% of the shit on the charts is fucking garbage, period.

  • Anonymous

    if you knew why, you would be. answer your own questions, that is how growing works. maybe next time.

  • Anonymous

    top rappers don't wonder this. and you aint holding a candle to anyone on your list but fake drake. hint it's your content and lameness i bought the first album listened to it once now it's a dusty coaster never felt like breaking it out again. Gave you a shot u blew it. won't do it again. too commercial and no flavor. there are only a few commercial rapper worth a crap. hova, j. cole, lamar, and wale are good examples. Take notes they are original and provoke thought of quality. your mindless wannabe nonsense aint up there, boiiiii. more like drake and waka and weezy

  • sidjnb

    Because you suck thats why....Hes on the same level as 2 chainz

  • drizzy!

    Damn right I consider Drake to be the best!

  • People

    Yo sean we dont consider u a top rapper because youre not, u suck at rap, annoying ass voice, and youll always be known for letting kendrick body u on ur own song

  • Anonymous

    He just doesn't have the needed skills for that.

  • People

    "Big Sean Says He Doesn't Know Why People Don't Consider Him A Top Rapper." Its because your content and flows are weak, derivative, and common. You never discuss anything but yourself, your money, your style, and your girls. There are ten thousand other rappers exactly like you. That is why you are not considered a top rapper. - People.

  • zone one

    Big Sean is an average mc. His glaring flaws are his weak voice, and lack of substance (he has nothing much outside the cliche topics to say), his raps have no soul try bumping makaveli or still matic and tell me if u think he can make music on that levl.

  • BigSean

    I respect yalls opinion. I been trying my best. Sometimes you gotta bend over and take it. I know that. I'm pretty good at that as well. I hope someday you will like me for me. Peace and love.

  • Anonymous

    simple: because you make songs like 'ass' etc- even if you got skill when you put out mainstream formulaic garbage just to move units, no one gonna respect you

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I feel bad for this guy just reading the comments I'm like aw sucks bro. Nat saying I disagree with the comments Sean garb, but man sucks to be hated on this much.

  • Anonymous

    because he sucks, its clear he is not a lyricist. Nor does he even know how to put out a good track that can be considered and classic hip-hop rap track. Put in work for another 10 years and rhyme dont talk you retarded shit.

  • hiphop

    big sean.. it makes me sick how delusional he is. he wants this top rapper status, how about putting in the work for it?? you made a wak album the first time. just released your 2nd. you are not good enough to have the clout already.. drake does kendrick does. many others do too just not big sean. practice and work for the title you want. this is hiphop stop being a crybaby bitch and get to work, step your bars up and get better.

  • Anonymous

    Lil Seanita. Bitch Pleaze. You can't rap.

  • Anonymous

    how u let Kendrick lamar gain more buzz from your song than u did? and why the fuck didn't u put that on your album after the buzz it got?...hall of lame.

  • Jay

    as long as you love me...enough said lmao

  • RapFan

    I think he has a style that is just really hit or miss... you really can't knock the quality of metaphors and similies he uses a lot of the time even though it does become redundant at times... heres my debut tape if you guys have time- thank you

  • Anonymous

    Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, how bout this big sean, MAKE A CLASSIC ALBUM!!!!!! ummmmmmmmm, STOP MAKIN BULLSHIT COMMERCIAL SONGS!!!! ummmmmmmm, STEP YO BARS UP!!!!! jus for starters...

  • Lamar

    people consider him a top rapper? damn this societys gone retarded

  • Full Retard

    "Swear my flow special like an infant's first steps" you mean special like simple jack

  • imho

    bec nas and kendrick bodied you on your own tracks

  • Anonymous

    i literally burst out laughing in my living room when I read this headline lol

  • Anonymous

    dude hella corny and I'm from the D, fa real

  • Anonymous

    ghost told the truth bwt this pussy! only person that thinks sean is the best is sean n anit nowt B.I.G bwt him! his raps his style just his bullshit ego...get bk too the D if u even from there

  • RGeezy

    The only person who thinks Big Sean is one of the best is Big Sean. He is cool on a feature and lays a nice 16, but his albums suck in my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    big sean less talented

  • Anonymous

    because he sounds tooooo cocky

  • Anonymous

    yup they all sound the same zzzzzzzzzz

  • Anonymous

    seriously????? I wouldn't call any post 2008 rapper te shit, lest of all you 2 chainz pusha t big sean wokca flocca bitch gucci mane lil wayne rick ross meek mill wale all wack as bollox now wonder snoop doin reggae 2013 rap sucks big monkey dick

  • p

    how are you gonna talk about your verse standing out in other people's tracks right after the whole control song with kendrick... people almost forgot that it was even big sean's song! Just because you keep saying you're a top rapper and compare yourself to legends and keep saying "B I G" in your songs it doesn't automatically make you great

  • lesa

    its becouse he's wack and sucks balls

  • Beat Broker

    Buy hot rap beats 2 for $20. We have worked with Field Mob, Bobby Valentino, Little Brother and more..

  • dentaldamboy

    He's not considered a top rapper because he's not signed to ymcmb or mmg. He would be given a lot more respect if he signed to one of these labels instead of Kayne Bitch's label.

  • Anonymous

    Ghostface Killah about Big Sean: "Ayo n then we got this nigga Big Sean namsayin. Ayo once again it aint like the god feel like he need to smack this nigga or nothin but the nigga whole aura jus moist son. The nigga look like a victim n shit. This niggas more Sean than Big if yall hear what a nigga sayin here. Word to Puff son. Ayo the nigga be spittin ey now n then n he gotta a couple gems n shit but that super duper shit was played the fuck out 5 minutes after this nigga birthed it g. Ayo thanks for that shit nigga. I buy a lot a music son so it aint unusual for Tone to end up coppin shit n then givin it away or throwin it out the window while Im drivin n shit namsayin. I try to give niggas a chance. I even held this niggas cd in my hand n looked at it like I dont kno.... should I drop 8 bucks on this shit n give son a clean slate? I ended up puttin it down n coppin the Curren$y joint after I came back to my senses n shit tho. But I ended up hearin it anyway namsayin. To be honest wit yalls...I was kinda feelin most those beats. But I cant get past this niggas rhymin yo. What really had me shakin my head n questionin the niggas sanity was son had the nerve to call those bars he spit on the BET awards wit them other g.o.o.d. music niggas the "verse of the year". Like forreal forreal....this nigga is outta his fuckin mind son. Nigga said in plain english "tell me that wasnt verse of the year" on his So Much More joint. That shit wasnt even the verse of that cipher son....nevermind year! Its possible that the only nigga that didnt spit nicer bars was Kanye. But I think that nigga Ye actually went off the head wit summa that shit. To make shit even worse tho the nigga Kanye recently said "What Beyonce is to R&B...Big Sean can be to rap." That is a quote son. In reality this nigga aint got a original bone in his body so he aint gon ever be the Beyonce of rap....but how his own boss comparin him to broads yo? Yeah yeah I kno niggas heard sons supa dupa shit n ran wit it...................... baton. But other niggas was doin that shit when Medium Sean was still a fetus anyways yo. Go ask Sean Price. Either way aint like I hate this nigga. But he need to stop the diva shit n all the talk bout wantin to be famous n jus make some decent music or some shit nahmean. This nigga is a diva son. All this nigga dreams bout is bein famous n havin shiny shit to wear. Thats basically all the nigga talks bout in his songs too. Son that shit is tired yo.......wheels. You been slippin b....eels. I said you slippin b....peels. You sound like a bitch....squeals. Grow up nigga....heels. Niggas dont got time for all that basic ass shit you doin son. You jussa half trick pony yo. Fuckouttahere..........Foxy Brown career.

  • Acen Seizor

    Big Sean not that good.

  • Anonymous

    this guy gotta stop whining smhh

  • Shyne's Pe'ots

    this nigga is trash. everybody trying to be like Jay when it comes to dumbing down but none of them has a reasonable doubt to fall back on to say they have or had skill. that's the only reason he's able to get away with the shit. all these other niggas are pure garbage

  • TASH

    Somebody please tell me who Big Sean is?? I was thinking it was Sean Kingston

  • SDK

    I'm 'bout my business on business I drink liquor on liquor I had women on women Yeah that's bunk bed bitches I've done lived more than an eighty year old man still kickin' Cause they live for some moments, and I live for a livin' But this for the girls that barely let me get to first base On some ground ball shit Cause now I run my city on some town hall shit They prayin' on my motherfuckin' downfall bitch like a drought but You gon' get this rain like it's May weather G.O.O.D. Music, Ye weather Champagne just tastes better They told me I never boy, never say never Swear my flow special like an infant's first steps I got paid to reverse debts Then I finally found a girl that reverse stress So now I'm talkin' to the reaper to reverse death So I can kick it with my grandad, take him for a ride Show him I made somethin' out myself and not just tried Show him the house I bought the fam, let him tour inside Don't matter how far ahead I get, I always feel behind In my mind, but fuck tryin' and not doin' Cause not doin' is somethin' a nigga's not doin' I said fuck tryin' and not doin' Cause not doin' is somethin' a nigga's not doin' I grew up to Em, B.I.G., and Pac bitch, and got ruined So until I got the same crib B.I.G. had in that Juicy vid I can't motherfuckin' stop movin' Go against me, you won't stop losin' From the city where every month is May- Day at home, spray your dome Niggas get sprayed up like cologne for a paycheck or loan Yeah I know that shit ain't fair They say that Detroit ain't got a chance, we ain't even got a mayor You write your name with a Sharpie, I write mine in stone I knew that the world was for the taking and it wouldn't take long We on, tryna be better than everybody that's better than everybody Rep Detroit, everybody, Detroit wrecks everybody I'm so first class I could spit up on every pilot The city's my Metropolis, feel it It's metabolic And I'm over niggas sayin' they're the hottest shit Then run to the hottest niggas just to stay hot I'm one of the hottest because I flame drop Drop fire, and not because I'm name droppin' Hall of Fame droppin' And I ain't takin' shit from nobody unless they're OG's Cause that ain't the way of an OG So my GO collect more G's, every dollar Never changed though, I'm just the new version of old me Forever hot headed but never got cold feet Got up in the game won't look back at my old seats Clique so deep we take up the whole street I need a bitch so bad that she take up my whole week, Sean Don

  • oskamadison

    If you have to TELL prople you're hot, then you ain't hot. That's all...

  • Anonymous

    LMAO!!! Dude is so full of himself

  • sxxx9

  • Bulletproof Wallets

    Dude you said you needed a spa day

  • Anonymous

    LMFAO this dude is so weak. There's nithing special about this copycat who sounds like drake.

  • akay

    Stand out versus on other MC's tracks don't equate to a stand out album.

  • K-NOS

    I don't know what's funnier: The fact that he honestly wants to be seen as a serious MC, or how he doesn't seem to realize why we aren't going to be giving the lyrical genius behind A$$ any props anytime soon.

  • Anonymous

    He's not doing anything different than any of the rest of them. If he's boring, they're all boring. Unpopular opinion maybe but it's true. We're the ones putting up what they rap about, they give us what we want to hear from them.

  • Anonymous

    Nigga is fantastic at making no argument for himself.

  • Anonymous

    Big Sean should've dropped his album last year when he had tons of buzz, and kanye shouldn't have stolen his Clique song

  • Humz

    His flow is not unique or anything special. He isn't super technical. He has no energy. His voice sounds dorky. He raps about boring topics. These are the reasons.

  • Anonymous

    Took him serious til he considered Kanye the best rapper alive ... u for real?!


    Big Sean has some slick metaphorical rhymes at times but overall I think this is a culture thing. The current culture in Hip Hop now is very self-centered which makes the fans not connect viscerally. It's only through fantasy because most people don't live what these rappers talk about now and days. Big Sean is good but he's admired differently because of this. Kendrick is standout because he doesn't rhyme out of arrogance (most of the time) it's a genuine retrospect he brings to Hip Hop. Other rappers just wanna sell records off of people's wants or fantasies. Pretty sick.

  • COCA



    He needs to stop with this "best verse on the songs he collabs with people in". first chain, control, 100, 24 karats are my fav songs of his but its because of the guest verses not him. he has undoubtedly improved from his first album but he is not a top rapper

  • Anonymous

    because his a lil geeky kid from the burbs who makes bubblegum music for high school kids

  • JAM

    Big Sean its because you flat out are not good at rapping compared to K.R.I.T. Cole, And Kendrick. I Could go all Day about the top rappers right now and big sean is NOT on the list. His voice is annoying as F***

  • Anonymous

    Big Sean has potential, he just wrecks himself by not bringing his bars in his music, he has hot lines and a few good bars here and there but he never seems to deliver on his own shit. He brings fairly dope verses to cyphers and features but everything I've heard that's his own song is pretty terrible. It's like he dumbs his own shit down for sales but then goes harder on features so he actually gets the verse out and money for it.

  • fuck big sean

    these "rappers" today are TALENTLESS BITCHES with an unjustified sense of entitlement. these fuckin faggots need to do the world a favor and just die, that way they'd be doing the world a favor.

  • Anonymous

    lol I can't even listen to a Big Sean verse, dude is so whack.

  • @djdirekk

    @BigSean --> What they are sayin is true, but the way sayin it? That's cruel. So specifically, on #Control u said "Champagne just taste better..." and that's cool? Plus every time U go out, ur passport be gettin "tatoooooooooooooooooooo'd"!?! Sometimes U sound like a damn fool...

  • Anonymous

    Because hip-hop fans today are cornballs that don't understand hip-hop music to save their lives. The judge everything off of imagery.

  • Prevster

    Because being funny does not equal being great. Get some substance, some character, go beyond being 'suav'.

  • Ja Rule


  • 3rdeyeUnderGroundSon

    hmu, we can take u where u need to be. this is ur one chance dont be stuck regretting mistakes.

  • kenajj

    cuz your a faggoty rapper whose new album sounds like you put more effort into making the skits than the actual music. And "Fire" didn't even deserve the shitty music video it was somehow granted in the first place.

  • UaintFuckinWithHOVson

    kendrick and j coles work SHOWS that they have studied this shit for ~10 years, the rhyme schemes, and flows of the 'greats' shows in their work, Ur elementary rhymes have flows used by internet rappers. (note how j cole disses them in his song 'villuminati') Give urself bout 5 more years of studying this shit... no wait u wont be relevent then. nigga #underground on the rise.

  • detroit niggroe

    cause you a weak ass studio radio rapper. Ferndale ass nigga

  • kendrickPutinWorkSon:

    Cause u AINT , stop being corny and a try-hard. u trying way too hard to 'act' like a 'top' rapper. STFU and put in the work to actually study the art, work u havent put in. If you had put in the work, IT WOULD SHOW. Hall of HAME didnt show shit. ..even the title of ur album is corny as shit... nigga u aint in the 'hall of fame' category of rappers. u think u like biggie, pac, bigl, and em ? fuck outta here lame ass try-hard ass nigga

  • Anonymous

    I like Big Sean, but he's far far from any top rapper list. Hall of Fame is pretty terrible, he should go back to Finally Famous Vol. 3 type shit.

  • AON_HipHop

    3 words, because you suck


    Big Sean you are not considered a top rapper because you speak from a constant fantasy life, your song "Memories" was one of your realist songs...u have others but I think that stands out the most that and ass

  • Come On

    Why you ask?? it's simple , cause your not.

  • dadukestin

    Your good man but you never had the classic mixtapes cole and drake had thats why your not top rapper and to catch up jay n kanye thats gonna take a few haha

  • sxxx9

  • sxxx9

  • sxxx9

  • Anonymous

    "I'll hop on a song with anybody and I'll kill it and have a stand out verse" so why did Kendrick kill you on your own shit?

    • Anonymous

      Jay Electronica out rapped him too

    • Jermaine

      kill you on your own shit is played out!!! Only fans take that shit over board. When artists collab they don't really be taking it that serious. Control is just a good song to me period!! I don't be getting into all that who had the best verse shit. That shit is so lame!!! That's why i refuse to listen to any rappers respond to Kendrick verse. I watch battle rap for the competition. Kids!

  • J Dirty

    Against garbage like Jay Z and Kanye,and Drake.Sean might be the best.But any REAL rapper would murk his ass on a beat....Tech N9ne,Brotha Lynch,Vinny Paz,Eminem,Ect...can all rap circles around this fucking guy.

    • Anonymous

      tech is worse than this guy. tech n9ne is top 5 wackest rappers of all time

    • Anonymous

      People hate giving Jay Z and Kanye their credit but atleast for sure with Jay Z he lines that he has said and is STILL saying make people have to go back and enjoy it again

  • tha OG

    Big sean=garbage music!!!

  • Carl

    Sean isn't a bad rapper but he needs to be realistic-I understand confidence in yourself is important but you gotta back it up too. Sean is decent, thats it.

  • Not Impressed

    He's not considered a top rapper because of what HE did to HIMSELF. He's the "boi" who decided to make up a bunch of goofy adlibs, he decided to make ASS ASS ASS a single, he came out talking about snapbacks and skinny jeans. No one told him to do that shit. I actually like Big Sean, but he ruined his own damn image and made people see him as a cartoon character and a gimmick. What Big Sean is going through is the same thing rappers like Ludacris, Nelly or Busta Rhymes went through...They're all technically good, unique, innovative, dudes. But they fucked up by turning their styles in novelty rap and pop songs. Sure they have hits that they will always be able to perform, but does anyone really think of them as "great"? Do they have any true fans? Does anyone care about them or take them serious? The answer is NO, and it's entirely their own fault. I applaud Big Sean for trying to change himself, though. Sadly, most people aren't as forgiving as me, and will never like Big Sean....But hey, you live and you learn. I'm not impressed

  • Anonymous

    lol jay-z, kanye, drake, and J.cole, do these people recognize that the underground wrecks them all?

  • Anonymous

    this motherfucker just beyond delusional

    • Jermaine

      He's not delusional because he is the artist not a fan like you. You have to have confidence in yourself. He didn't say he was the best rapper in the game. He just saying he considers himself one of the top rappers. I understand him because he been on some of the hottest songs(Clique,Mercy(his verse is hard),Show out, and he just spit on Drake new single. Plus his album is dope and he talk about shit other than Cars, bitches, how many people he shot, Molly's, etc. He talking about shit relevant, like the economic state of Detroit.

  • Anonymous

    Yo this the most simple answer to a question ever!!! nothing to discuss. Its because you not a top rapper.

  • Anonymous

    whoever compared him to a gay male hairdresser was dead fucking on as far as the voice and speech goes

  • Anonymous

    "My album could have been way better " thats great nicca so why wasn't it?

  • wilderalt

    Because you're not that good at rapping that's why? LOL this guy just needs to cut it out his album is sub par at best sorry.

  • Mike

    STOP COMPLAINING...maybe you werent meant to become a rapper just a celebrity.

  • You don't know?

    "He Doesn't Know Why People Don't Consider Him A Top Rapper" It's probably because he's lame as fuck and could be out rhymed by a kid with downs syndrome.

  • frank

    Because top rappers have put out classic albums.

  • Mono

    Big Sean Says He Doesn't Know Why People Don't Consider Him A Top Rapper. Its because your wack buddy.

  • Anonymous

    this dude is a fruitcake

  • big sean the don

    fuck haters big seans the best

  • Anonymous

    cause you're a soft rapper you rhyme like a fuckin peach

  • Anonymous

    Cause he's not a rapper. He's a hairdresser who raps.

  • Money First

    I hope he was just joking.....Dog you are OK like a lot of these cats just OK! Some good radio songs thats about it!

  • Anonymous

    cause you've got one album and you're signed to a nigga signed to another nigga, and you ain't Biggie. I like Sean more than most radio rappers but he's trippin.

  • Anonymous

    Dude you suck.. your verse on Show Out for example was laughably bad when you started making up words to rhyme with other made up words..

  • XG

    He's acting just like Kanye, i'm not surprised, douchebag... *smh*

  • sxxx9

  • sxxx9

  • sxxx9

  • plain and simple

    cuz you suck

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