Papoose Says "Joke's On You" To Kendrick Lamar

After Kendrick Lamar calls Papoose's "Control" response "comical," Pap says, "Joke's on you."

Today (August 29), when Kendrick Lamar discussed the many responses to his "Control" verse, he called Papoose's diss track "comical." 

“I liked the [King] Los verse,” Kendrick Lamar said in an interview with New York radio station Hot 97. “Joe Budden did this thing, Joell; a lot of people with different approaches…Joey had the facts in his verse, a few things that he felt. Papoose had the comical joint. Los was flipping his words and putting that spunk on it. I think he had the killer thing though. Yeah, Los killed it out of everybody.”

After the interview was aired, Papoose took to Twitter with an update about Lamar. 

The tweet contains lyrics from Papoose's "Control" response

“Tell Kendrick and TDE they need to lay off of the PCP," Papoose says on the song. "Far from the king, this is the city of BDP / You’ll never be a real West Coast artist like Eazy-E / You a fucking joke. We laughing at you like he-he-he."

Pap also disses Kendrick Lamar's good kid, m.A.A.d. city on the song.

"You know nothing 'bout the trap," Papoose says on the selection. "On your album cover you sat on another man's lap / They looked like The Supremes. You was Diana Ross /  Only person in the flick with no shirt. Damn it, boss / Hope they didn't molest you. Did you have your pamper off?"

Pap's "Control" response can be heard below.

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  • cmon now

    "We laugh at you like hehehe" Kill yourself nigga...

  • jimjim

    you lost pap fall allthe way back

  • Real Spill

    I'll say this. I'm a NY'er. Bklyn born n raised all day. With Pap,at one time he was the hottest on the streets of NY and around the tri state area real talk. BUT...he had that chance when his buzz was crazy and did not capitalize on it like he should've. Whether thats the labels fault or his own backing is their business. terms of Kendrick,Pap you sound bitter a little Kens king of ny line wasnt that serious and most headz in bk and the city know,Ken did show you love by letting u perform at summer jam and plus you knew Ken before mostly everyone else did. You out of everyone are taking this wayyy too personal so personally you're doing some ho shit.

  • Anonymous

    New York doesn't love u papoose. U flopped harder than French Montana

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule for life bitches!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Papoose is the GOAT

  • clos

    who the f is papoose and what the fuck did he put out there wasent he a back up dancer for ja-rule

  • Anonymous

    Lol, Who the fuck listens to Papoose music. I dont even click his on his shit bcuz of his interviews. Hes so angry that he never made it. Papoose should talk about music so people will become curious. Hell every Youtube interview is him being mad, lol.

  • Anonymous

    Papoose is irrelevant, right? Then why do YOU spend so much time clicking on every article with his name attached to it? THOUSANDS of comments. THOUSANDS. YOU'RE making him relevant idiots.

    • Anonymous

      how many of these commenters do you think even heard 3 papoose songs in they life and are gonna go buy his album after reading this

    • Anonymous

      clicked on the article cause of kendrick's name, not papoose's. never listen to any papoose songs. the nigga is irrelevant

    • Anonymous

      Mad? LOL you actually replied that when 2 above comments shat on your very existence.

    • Exactly.

      Co-fucking-signed. I swear most people commenting on this site are legitimately fucking retarded kids and so-called "adults". Just look at the stupidity in the majority of the comments here. SMFH.

  • mad4areason

    papoose stop being a hater bro its not a good look, this the same person that gave u a spot on his set

  • Anonymous

    ja rule will murk any of these wack nigguz

  • Sara H. Austin

    my roomate's sister makes $79 an hour on the laptop. She has been fired for 5 months but last month her income was $16165 just working on the laptop for a few hours. look at here... how can u put MMLP before encore and you havnt even heard it yet? but i mean encore was so shitty that it wont take mucht o beat that so i guess so

  • Zee

    Wow... Papoose is really affected by Kendrick's Success Kendrick > Papoose.. Jokes on Papoose

  • Papoose

    Check my new mixtape : Starvation: need to get paid ASAP

  • Eric

    This nigga Papoose is nice but he is real bitter. Kendrick is an all around artist. Papoose is just a spitter. No structure.

  • Math

    T.I.>Eazy-E 50 Cent>Eazy-E Game>>Eazy-E Ludacris>Eazy-E Lil Wayne>>>>Eazy-E Wale>>Eazy-E J Cole>>>>>>>>>>>Eazy-E Kendrick Lamar>>>>>>>>>>>>Eazy-E

  • area code 510

    Yeah Kendrick does appear to be a lil cotton ball sweetie. We dont really kno K-dot may be sweet. But...PAPOOSE! This nigga is str8 gay. He married a BULLDAGGIT. Yep, Remy Ma shoulda been call Remy Pa! His wife looks like Ru Paul twin. Paps wife packing the 9, and I dont mean a pistol He-He-He!!!

  • Dexter

    so being real means you kill people and have criminal past? no wonder we has black are not going any where fast but down.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Papoose shit feels too ancient. Nobody buyin a CD about "wisdom, knowledge, and power". That shit played out with Wu in 1998/99. Pap style is boring and out of touch. His own city BK dont buy his music. If 50% BK bougHt his shit he might sell 120k to 150k. Pap shit sold 7k to 8k first week, thats prob 4 0r 5 blocks in BK. Ol bitter ass wanna-be...thats Pap!

  • Anonymous

    lol look at these kdot riders. look at them. i like good kid maad city over nacierma dream so far, but nd still pretty good. and you're all still dickriders.

  • Looking At My Gucci Its About That Time....

    Gucci Mane is the realest rapper outthere: - this nigga throws bitches out his car - shoot niggas dead - beat niggas up. Gucci aint no fantasy nigga like: - mobb deep were 12/14 years old when they met at the school of arts, - nas escobar lol nigga only had a ticket for parking his car wrong - 2pac never gangbanged - rick ross is a legend but not a streetlegend but a foodlegend - ice cube was bullied at school and this guy calls himself a G? - Eminem says he hate gay people but did a song with Elton John??? Gucci aint nothing to fuck with

    • Anonymous

      Damn dawg, you that thirsty, howling at the moon for attention? Ya post this every single day. Here you go, a reply. Is your pitiful life validated now that someone actually talked to you?





  • Anonymous

    smack! who is this nigga!

  • Dorothy R. Orozco

    My Uncle Easton recently got a year 2013 MINI Cooper Countryman Wagon by work part-time using a laptop. take a look at the site here... Recovery - he been sober, this album chronicles is struggle and fight with is demons, this showed is struggle to rap again, the will and fire to rap was lit once again, this album showed is insecurities as a rapper.

  • mad rapper

    Papoose = The New Deric Angeletti

  • LV

    Nas officialy gave his crown for most L's to Asspoose.

  • Snoogans

    This could be the modern day Tupac vs Biggie. Wait nvm, they were both relevant back then. The only fucking time people ever said anything about Papoose is that Busta Rhymes remix where he had a verse. That's literally about the only time I've ever seen anybody care about the guy.

  • thatruth2u

    Kendrick is hungry and you can hear it in his verses. If you don't believe me name one song that he was on with someone and he didn't have the best lyrical verse? Jay Z no, Tech N9NE no, surely not Big Sean (not even close). I like Papoose as an artist but his response was a little over the top. If Papoose wanted to respond, which he did, he definitely shouldn't have said anything about K-Dot's album cover with his people on it. That's straight hate, and he sounded real emotional. My guess is that K-Dot responding with a that was comical remark means that he doesn't take Papoose's response seriously, because he senses and felt some hate in the verse. I'm interested to see if anymore shots are fired.

  • jayanderson06

    Papoose just need to continue to be a LAB. He trying to get some shine he didnt get when he had the chance but was too wack of an artist to make good music. U just a mixtape dude. Cool it.

  • Wow

    I'm not a fan of either of these two. Papoose is the "angry rapper who never made it" and his time has pathetically passed. He has pretty good delivery and charisma, but he needs to work on his lyricism a lot more and stop with the whining, attention seeking, and bitchmade emotional antics if he wants to be taken seriously as an artist. And although I like Kendrick more and is talented and true at what he does, he has a lot of people and stans on his dick. His "Control" verse, while good, wasn't exactly original and bit off an older Kurupt song. Also, if he didn't name drop the way he did and claim the throne of NY (which again, Kurupt already, but no one cared/knew because he's also considered "irrelevant" nowadays), it wouldn't have sparked any controversy whatsoever. Of course, most of us should know this shit already. And by the looks of it all, this comment section is just as, if more pathetic than Papoose is. Okay, his response was immature, and his ego and ineptness cost his future career. However, why is so much venom, clowning, and hating being thrown toward Pap? Last week there was a little more support for the dude. Many of the K.Dot stans and rap listeners are angrier and annoyed now it seems. Fickle much? And why are album sales are important all of the sudden? Bieber, MC Hammer, and Vanilla Ice were successful too. Why does everyone have to shit on a rapper because he isn't huge like Kendrick and Drake are? Hypocrisy. So much ignorance and elementary by little dumb kids and grown ass adults on this site it's appalling. TL;DR - Papoose has some game, but his lyricism needs work. Kendrick is a respectable artist, but you people need to stop riding him so hard. The lines of his "Control" verse bit off an old Kurupt song ffs, yet he's considered "GOAT"? This comment section is just as broke and much of a joke as Papoose is.

    • Anonymous

      Desperate lack of success does not equate real Hip Hop.

    • DaMamba

      Ayo you make a lot of good points, but you generalizin' bout the reaction to Kendrick's verse. I got love for K.Dot's dedication to hip-hop and all but that Control verse was more about just having somethin to spark the game up rather than being an outrageously dope verse. Son's put out one official album...ain't nobody claiming he G.O.A.T...and if so, they needa stop that shit. As for the new king of L's, Papoose...its not just about sales bruh. Its also bout the fact that son couldn't get on Summer Jam without Kendrick, son's album competed with Saigon's for "the longest delayed album ever made", and overall he's one of those wack dudes who will always push 8k but you'll get the fans that crawl outta bed in the morning waitin to talk on how Papoose is "real hip-hop". Ayo fans are trash when they can't have a broader view of the world.

  • Anonymous

    kendrick took a week to respond and when he finally does this nigga responds on twitter almost instantly you can tell he aint got nothing goin on in his life he sitting around waiting for remy to come home so he can stop masturbating to his own freestyles


    fuck both these pussy ass niggas. If they had the nerve to go at gucci gucci will knock them out. Both these niggas know not to fuck with the blueprint of a real nigga gucci mane. Guci Mane realest rapper outthere: - this nigga throws bitches out his car - shoot niggas dead - beat niggas up. Gucci aint no fantasy nigga like: - mobb deep, - nas escobar lol nigga only had a ticket for parking his car wrong - 2pac never gangbanged - rick ross

  • i don't get it

    What's wrong with a baby Kendrick Lamar sitting on his dad's lap?

  • Anonymous

    You people don't understand the value of time... If Papoose dropped in 2006 he would have gone platinum. He dropped 7 years late, and with no major label backing or promo. The exact same thing would happen to Kendrick Lamar if he was dropped, and Good Kid Mad City came out in 2020. Oh yeah, and damamba is a faggot.

    • DaMamba

      Oh word? How you figure?

    • Anonymous

      lol, DaMamba must be a youngin.

    • DaMamba

      Ayo I see that you just had to repost ya wack shit from nearly a day ago. You think Papoose would've gone platinum? Word? Off what hype son? And even if we move past the fact that you wild ignorant for thinkin' that shit, you still gotta realize that Papoose was never gone blow up in any form. You can be a fan of his music and whatever...but face facts. Talkin' in hypotheticals doesn't do shit.

    • Anonymous

      naw you trippin maybe pap should hop in a time machine and go back to 2006 then and get it poppin

  • 2pacfan

    In the words of Big Sean.. "Who's Papoose?"

  • you serious?

    Pap thinks the jokes on Kendrick but hes had more success in his short time in the game then pap ever will, put out a better album then pap ever will, sold more units than pap ever will, and making more money than pap ever will. I always had respect for papoose till now. The dude has turned into Hopsin.

  • Anonymous

    pap is taking this thing too seriously..his response was too personal..

  • Anonymous

    pap is sitting on * million dollars Networth, where is he starving...his just no longer relevant cos his not mainstream

  • smh

    this makes him look bad....smh @ papusa

  • JRich

    There's no possible reason that Papoose could be laughing at Kendrick. Lmao

  • Anonymous

    Lol at this alien lookin nicca

  • Anonymous

    Na Pap the jokes on you whilst Kdot is making a name for himself in the industry, selling out arenas you'll be known as the guy who could have had success but didn't

  • Anonymous

    Keep starvin' nigga you drag your own career down.


    He thinks this diss record can save him from his unemployment LOL

  • GoReadABook

    haha Pap all butthurt that his publicity grab didn't work and he still burned bridges with TDE. Haha he fucked his career

  • LeviticusW

    Pap is a joke. Corny freestyle over fucking garbage beats!!! NOT music, BEATS! Jesus fucking Christ it gets old!!!

  • Taliban

    Pap spit some venom at dude with those lines. Kendrick is a weirdo.

  • Anonymous

    Why is it that wack ass rappers like Papoose feel the need to response when they got less to claim than a dude from Compton?

  • Anonymous

    What happened to all of the fuckboys that were on Pap's dick when he released his wack "Control" response. I bet most of them are here talking shit about him.

  • deez

    Papoose= the maad rapper w/o john blaze shiiit

  • real kendrick

    I'm still laughing at papoose's name

  • Anonymous

    Lol@ butthurt kendrick fans. This is competition you bitch niggas

  • Scratch

    Papoose (aka everyone's favorite gecko)....I feel your pain...just let go and let God!!!

  • Anonymous

    #NEW HIP-HOP LOCKOUT 3 (#HHLO3) Featuring 25+ artist from the 201 and across the country!!!!

  • tdub2222

    pap is right kendrick is dope and doing his thing but he cant spit better than most NY cat. commerical success does not equal skills

    • MC

      Preach it brother people don't understand that. Most people think the person who sold the most records is the best artist, but that's surely not the case. These dudes are brain washed by what they see on mtv and bet.

    • Anonymous

      LOL name one he can spit better than all of the new ones now and pappoose's one-dimensional old bitter ass

  • Deez

    Hey Papoose, Kendrick laughing allll the way to the bank, while you go back to baggin groceries at the bodega Kendrick probably in a Mini Mansion, while you ina Apt on 25th st. Kendrick got tracks with Drake, Hov, Papoose cant even afford studio time. Take your Career back to the grave Popoose

  • RIAA

    K Dot is real rapper not studio gangsta. He's real and he get paid.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck this gawddamn idiot. What the fuck has he accomplished beyond releasing one mediocre album over 10 year span?

  • chillthrillz

    when its all said and done none off,,,,, yall nigga wil not forget that pap stood up and represented what he felt,,,,for his home town,,,he went hard on youngin,,,if it was comical cool ,,,thats entertainment,,,did he drop a gem in his bars about the state of hip-hop YES!,,,,did he have the passion to rep,,,,YEP,,,,,,,so the same niggas thats sayin new york aint this and new york aint that then why kendrick feel the need to be king,,,because ny cosigned him,,,,,his first sold out show yall young out of town niggas will never have that feeling of getting authentic love from NY,,, new york might not be the same,,,,but your favorite rapper can get shot and loved in new york at the same damn time and you aint even know it,,,,lol,,,,,

    • J3G

      You sound emotionally distraught behind Papoose being laughed at. Like you said "New York" ain't what it used to be"...Let it go. "Your favorite rapper can get shot and loved in New York"...Really? That was a real basic comment...LOL...If you haven't noticed Pimpin', you can get shot and loved ANYWHERE. Face it, Papoose didn't stand up for anything but trying to get his name relevant.

  • West Coast

    Naw Papoose your the fucking joke lmao.

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick did this nigga a favor by making his irrelevant ass news worthy for a couple of days before hes completely forgotten about again he should send the lil nigga a gift

  • Smelly Socks

    Papoose....Jokes on you man, you just don't get it...Eazy E? I mean no disrespect but, really?...Pretty sure K dots exceeded what Eazy accomplished as far being an "Artist". All these rappers gettin all emotional. shits pathetic. Go back to the lab and come with some deeper concepts...Kendrick did.

  • o0nedflanders0o

    Damn I lost respect for Pap... Feels like Remy made him do this

  • tennesee like memphis

    papoose's career has been a can u claim to be the king of ny when you cant even sell 5,000 copies of an album that was supposed to come out in 2005? this is perfect for him tho he needed people to start talking about him again after his bullshit at summer jam faded away

  • blkmoves

    Maybe pap is trying to make a new career out of dissing Kindrick because he last career didn't work out so well. Let it go, and just in case this doesn't work either the shelter serves dinner at six.

  • Deez

    Papoose looks like a joke, ol hat too big lil bean Kendrick platinum, Dre cosign him (Legend), Toured with Jayz (legend) gotta good album.. What the F has Papoose done?????? What the F is a Papoose anyway??? Only dudes from his hood cosign that clown. Kendrick King of NY

    • Anonymous

      where is papoose from anyway? he cant make up his mind ive heard him say hes from bed-stuy brownsville and bushwick in different interviews

    • Anonymous

      i bet theres a lot of niccas from paps hood who dont even hold him down or co-sign him

  • Anonymous

    Papoose one of the funniest caricatures ever.

  • GBtha G

    Papoose better than dat boy lamar.Im down with the West but dat boy aint no G.Yeah he a fuckin joke 4 real.

    • macman2oo3

      Kendrick never said he was gangsta. And Papoose how many ppl really listen to him you and 20 other ppl. Fuck papoose he just made because he is getting no money.

  • Come On

    The only thing that's a joke is papoose's career, his name wasn't even mentioned and he seems to be taking the most offense to this, even tho it was just a "Sparring Verse" never meant to be disrespectful, Nobody cares about you Papoose, you talked alot of Game over the years and never came close to backing it up R.I.P Papoose's career.

  • Anonymous

    How can anyone who literally tries to use a baby/child sitting on his father/uncles lap with no shirt and then talk about molestation seriously? Even if it happened to be true is that something you rap about in a supposedly competitive battle? So this nigga came out the womb kicking that 5 procenter, dirt weed and mad bitche shit? He was a child sitting on a family members lap with no shirt and that's strange and homo? Some of you niggas mayne. Even if that happened why would i rap about how some other dude got molested like the battle even is that serious or as if thats something to joke about. Dudes a clown attention whoring.

  • imho

    pap is usually decent but his diss to klamar was so wack- to many yes men tellin him that shit was hot when a real friend woulda been like nah bro start over. i mean that sittin on a guys lap line was just icing on the cake..dudes a baby im sure pap had sat on some guys lap who held him as a baby to smfh

    • ur daddy

      eat a dick its competition he said what he said go back to putn kendric dick in your mouth And PAP HAS MORE MONEY THAN ANY FAGGOT WHINING ABOUT WHAT HE SAID I MEAN REALLY

  • New "Lyrical" Slave

    Now there's one thing i can't understand reports say Diddy's got butthurt at the VMA after party and wanted to pour a drink on homie(Bitch Move),(then Jermaine Cole defended K. Dot)... Why is Kendrick watering the story down..., Q Does Diddy hold that much industry power? My Comments Diddy can't Rap and must stay out of it... Props to J.Cole on the keeping it Real... KEEP IT HIPHOP

  • Anonymous

    Dude's just fucking MAD that Kendrick didn't mention him. Get over it, you fucking loser.

  • juzdan

    Off cuz Pap got him d hardest , with those brutal original words , he mentioned his name , big sean name So its a counter attack if Kendrick says he got the most comical becuz its a battle already !!

    • tennessee like memphis

      why battle with someone who had 1/4 of kendricks buzz back in 2004? he shouldnt have even mentioned papoose's monotone lame ass

  • fuccya

    Kendrick kills nothin, too overhyped for just another one of the million niggas whose rhymes end with "bitch/shit". Plus his goblin' voice. Im not hatin but i cant even see what the crowd found in this niggga here. But they do like lil wayne and danny brown too, so im not surprised. Guess they got nothin else left to revive Compton wit lol

  • CollegeDropout

    A grown man like Papoose saying He He He on a record? How is that NOT comical? Smh Papoose is too bitter

  • COCA


  • yeh

    papoose needs to calm the fuck down!

  • Doublespeak

    I'm just waiting for ODB's response.

  • Art Brooks

    Don't do this nigga no favors


    One album in 12 years, while Kendrick put in work lol Pap got the message...step your game up...and now he means bussines lol He just shitted himself

  • tri-boro

    Pap just wants some shine, because even Remy doesnt wanna hear his bullshit songs. dude is so emotional over the control track, maybe someone should by this dude a skirt or a beautifull dress. Fuck em

  • DAMO

    Killed it! Bars for days like Big L and Canibus in their prime. Aint nobody fucking with this boy on this track. He educated the listener about the nefarious state of HIPhOP nad the sick hidden agenda, all the while displaying lyrical wordplay. Those in the East and West respect that shit! The ones who don't appreciate this probably believe Ryan Lewis and McClemore are real HipHop worthy of Tupac and Biggie status.

    • Anonymous

      Actually ppl who don't like this knows its trash, From someone who is way too emotional over a song that he wasn't even mentioned on. Kind of like his career is never mentioned either, just cause we don't like Papoose or his crappy disses doesn't mean we like wack hip hop, We don't have to like it cause you say so.

  • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

    For those who do'nt know...Papoose is that dude who got knocked the fuck out by Fat Joe in a hotel a few years ago...dude had a buzz and some nice lyrics back in 2003. Since that buzz he was trying to put his Nacirema Dream album out...ten years later it came dissed by Erykah Badu for using her voice aganst her will....and now he's a attention seeker HA!

  • DAMO

    Papoose killed it! Some of his comments were much too cerebral for the idiots who are responding negatively though. He spoke of the true state of HipHop and the modern emasculation of the black men in rap who are slaves to todays gave record execs. Since when has wearing a dress on stage and repping Jeremy Scott fashions qualified as HipHop. With the feminization of the black males and co-signing lyrics endorsing todays mixed up DL Sistas,its organized chaos being packaged as normalcy. Babylon 2013.. Keep truth telling,Pap. To the idiots that equate record sales with impact and true relevance in the game,you are sheep! Who do you think determines the direction of HipHop. Gay white men in boardrooms like David Geffen,Jimmy Iovine and the owner of J Records. This is why Kanye and ASAP Rocky wear skirts on stage and Nikki Minaj tried to sell lesbianism to teenaged girls even though she was actually in a hetero relationship.

    • Fry

      Are you the real Damo?! I think you're a dope rapper. I love hearing the Australian accent with good represented on the Lyrical Law bonus disc from Canibus

    • DaMamba

      Ayo I felt you on the point about how Papoose actually spoke about that whole industry slaves shit on the track, but the whole point is that son's lines about Kendrick and only Kendrick were wild trash. "Two first names" is a good diss to this dude.

    • Anonymous

      Papoose killed it? Papoose is a weak faggot who has this kind of delusion where he thinks it's still 2004 and he's the KONY.

  • Anonymous

    whaaaaaat? were the fuck is all this hate comming from? fucking asslickers papoose just fucking whoped KLs ass

    • what?

      Papoose Killed Kendrick?? that's hilarious Papoose is one of the most useless rappers in hip hop, You noticed I called him a rapper not an artist right?? He's done nothing to earn the respect of being called an artist. Kendrick should just give him the Jay-z treatment and say nothing, and let his career finish dying since its barley on life support already.

    • Anonymous

      Kendrick's skill eclipses that of Papoose by far. Kendrick is an all around great artist while Papoose can only drop forced punchlines on the level of Wayne in the same tiring ass flow that he's been using since he first came out.

    • KENDRIck

      yeah right :D :D Papoose is wack .... and he never will be somebody like KENDRICK

  • Anonymous

    I fuck wit Papoose and Kendrick Lamar, but this nigga Papoose is taking shit a little bit too personally. The young nigga is just trying to shake things up, yall old heads should respond in kind but cmon my nigga no need to take it as far as speaking on another mans manhood

  • jkirk

    how is he a fucking joke his shit just went plat and your shit still hasn't scratched the surface. always the people that don't make sales talking about sales ain't shit. sorry cause the talent there, he just let it carry him to a fucked up place.

  • David

    I'm from Cali and I love my West Coast hip hop, but I'm sorry but Papoose won this..Kendrick's verse was good not great, more just controversial than anything, and Papoose took it back to real rap....I'm sorry but ya'll wanted rappers to step there game up after Control came out well that's what he did he reminded us of what real rap sposed to sound like...Kendrick's response just shows he wasn't ready for somebody to really get back at him like that and he's tryina downplay it kinda immture if you ask me and this kid still has a long way to go to be on an MC like Papoose's level.

    • Eat a dick biatch!

      This is not even a battle, K Dot just dropped a random verse to shake up the HipHop world. To my surprise weak niggas are really hurt over that, and their are not even Kings of NY. Funny that alot of irrelevent niggas are the ones responding n taking shit personally. Pap word of advice enough with yo punchlines make a decent song, this is 2013...And dissing him family portrait in a childish manner wow, Pap that was really weak.

    • DaMamba

      Ayo. You think "laughing at you like HE-HE-HE" is real rap? You think reachin for disses, talkin bout how Kendrick got put on his uncle's lap when he was still in diapers, is real rap? Nah. If Kendrick wanted to lower hisself to Pap's level then he'd just have to abandon all his future aspirations and never strive for any kind of success in life. Pap 35 years old and son hasn't left a damn fingerprint on the game.

    • DaMamba

      Ay bruh, you definitely a fan of Papoose, considering how emotional you're gettin over some talk about hip-hop. And that whole list you mentioned is full of dudes who have seen some form of commercial success, and I listen to all of em, but I ain't gonna lame out and mention all the albums I got or some wack shit like that. Kendrick's a talented rapper/hip-hop artist/however the fuck you gone classify a dude who fuckin raps. Hip-hop is usually described as the culture, rap is part of the music...and last time I checked, every single one of those dudes who you mentioned rap. So yeah bruh, I like rap. I love the culture of hip-hop in general, but I hate ignorant ass fans who swear off any artist who gets a breakthrough.

    • ETK

      this hipster "I like hip-hop not rap cause I listen to real stuff" bullshit is old. Papoose was respected. now, go ask 50 niggas in new york who the king of NY is between Kendrick and Pap. bet you a house most of them will say Kendrick even tho he ain't from the fuckin hood. Kendrick is makin waves and niggas just hatin cause they hear his name everywhere now. grouping Kendrick with the rest of that fake shit that constitues as rap just cause you listenin to some old timers is straight ign'ant

    • MC

      DaMamba I can obviously tell that your a big rap fan get off that fake shit and go listen to some hip hop like AZ, Krs One, Rakim, Talib Kweli, Mos Def. I credit you for listing biggie and Wu Tang since there dope hip hop artist.

    • MC

      You are a fucking dumb ass you obviously cant read. I said rap sucks. Wu Tang, and Biggie don't fall under the rap category because there hip hop artist. I support HIP HOP NOT RAP. And I have no fucking idea what the fuck talking about some section 80 shit I fucking hate kendrick.

    • MC

      You are a fucking dumb ass you obviously cant read. I said rap sucks. Wu Tang, and Biggie don't fall under the rap category because there hip hop artist. I support HIP HOP NOT RA. And I have no fucking idea what the fuck talking about some section 80 shit I fucking hate kendrick.

    • DaMamba

      "Well respected hip hop artist in new york" bruh? "Rap sucks unless its battle rap", word? Everybody loved Biggie....guess he really ain't shit in hindsight according to you. Most people love Wu-Tang...but they ain't battle rap so they must be trash right? You was probably ridin' all over Kendrick's jock when he had Section 80 and less than 100,000 albums sold tho. Fuck outta here.

    • MC

      Papoose is well respected hip hop artist in new york. Stop dick riding the big names in rap, and have your own opinion. Instead of following all these main stream rappers, and by the way rap sucks unless its battle rap. Its all about the hip hop which is the real shit.

  • Anonymous

    SMH! Why is he reaching for? Bad look for the city. Papussy needs to shut the fuck up already!

  • james

    I predict Papoose wont be safe on the west coast...he dont even know he is fuckin up his bread..he went too far...

  • DaMamba

    Ayo Papoose just took another massive L in his life from this. Not only did Kendrick's verse fly over son's head, but he's taking the shit to an emotional level now. This dude forget already who put him on at Summer Jam in "his" city? He should stop with the alphabet slaughters cause Papoose really only know L's.

    • Brotha Uwais

      Peace Brotha.....I'mfrom South Central and let me tell you...Kendrick Lamar is the TRUTH. Pap is washed up and mad that he's not industry savvy enough to establish a real career. No one besides Kay Slay fck with dude..he's a loser. The nigga need to re listen to his old tracks Like chess and get his life right


    Papoose is lost, he didnt even get the song and he is no competition...his records are not even on the same level as kendrick or noone kendrick named..Papoose can spit but has a dated has no style or or soul...that control response was a sign of desperation ...he talked about the mans family and stupid shhh showed very little skills...washed up..Papoose most famous shh is some alphabet shhh...instead of dissing , nicka make a great album, make some real hip hop nickas can bump for years....

  • sirj

    what kendrick said was real, nigga like me love pap but stop tryna be a battler, you not that that aint ya lane, bet he wont diss kendrick in LA them gangstaz a be at his head.....kendrick come to NYc the be bobbin they head.....big difference

  • Royal

    Man, Pap taking things way too seriously. He sounds mad butt hurt. And Kendrick will never be a real West Coast artist?? Pap just proved that he knows nothing about Cali. Kendrick not only is a real West Coast artist, but he was passed the torch by the West Coast hip-hop OG's. Yeah, y'all laughing at him...right before you go and hide his CD because you don't want everyone to know that, secretly, you are a fan and purchased GKMC

  • Riz

    Pap is nice lyrically but I think he went a lil to hard.wasn't even real beef.

  • annon

    who da fuck dus this guy think he is, k dot shits on him in every way pap has never had a chance in this game

  • Anonymous

    don't hate on pap.... we all know KL doesn't compare....

  • Anonymous

    Papoose's career is comical.

  • deez

    papoose begging every rapper to get on stage. he he he? little kid man, grow up and make good records papuuusy

  • Anonymous

    How many albums or singles has Papusssy sold again?

  • Anonymous

    Papoose >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Kendrick Lamar

  • Anonymous

    ...Papoose is the worst. Lump him in with Tyga and Wayne.

  • ju beatz

    I don't understand how fake dudes run the industry kendrick drake kanye big sean j cole wiz n his leggens wow pap real recognize real stand your ground pac n big would definitely b on your side BI#CH NIGGA$ GET AT ME everybody in compton knows lamar ain't hood talkin reckless like that

  • are you crazy

    I bet if this happened 2 years ago nobody would be wit Kendrick all yall bandwagon yall go where ever the wind blow

  • Anonymous

    Laughing @ you like he- he- he-.... "Comical" is hip hop nice for GARBAGE!!!

  • anonymous

    papoose has like 30 mixtapes and an album that sounds like it was made 10 years earlier. dude is literally the embodiment of of being irrelevant there's probably only 50 people in nyc that actually supports this clown. papoose is the walking joke of east coast rap and eazy e's mother has more of a claim to being the king of nyc than he does shame because he was actually good at one point

  • Anonymous

    Papsmear you're a gay ass nig-nog Kill your self faggot

  • lmao at the mad rapper

    Papoose shit feels too ancient. Nobody buying a CD about "wisdom, knowledge, and power". That shit played out with Wu in 1998/99. Pap style is boring and out of touch. His own city BK dont buy his music. If 50% BK bougHt his shit he might sell 120k to 150k. Pap shit sold 7k to 8k first week, thats prob 4 0r 5 blocks in BK. Ol bitter ass wanna-be...thats Pap!

  • Anonymous

    Papoose becoming a bigger bitch one day at a time

  • Anonymous

    lol, papoose is so dumb he cant help it

  • 101

    Who the fuck is this nobody. Papoose a bitch ass mf

  • Anonymous

    papoose=papapa pussyyyy!!!lmao

  • Anonymous

    Hip hop dx why are you gassing this irrelevant nogga.

  • tru story

    You people don't understand the value of time... If Papoose dropped in 2006 he would have gone platinum. He dropped 7 years late, and with no major label backing or promo. The exact same thing would happen to Kendrick Lamar if he was dropped, and Good Kid Mad City came out in 2020.

  • Anonymous

    LOL at this douchebag Papoose trying to gain some relevance. Ain't nobody checking for this turd.

  • Anonymous

    lol,this nigga still mad about it

  • Anonymous

    See what happens when you throw a lame a life preserver?

  • HipHop Forever man this shit is dope

  • fgh

    papoose is the soulja boy of this generation

  • zeerax444

    papoose, can you release a good album for once in your life ? instead of talking about artists who earned their spot.

  • abc

    fuck you hip hop dx..don't know what bitch reports me but theres no way I ever posted anything offensive..who got the hurt feelings?

  • Junior Cooper

    I'm not surprised why Papoose is still an unknown to most after being around for the last 5 to 6 years. Grow up!!!!

  • Anonymous

    both these niccas look like geckos/aliens

  • tdot

    I thought the pap response was was definitely the most diss everybody else made the song but still praised Kendrick so I don't get the point..why respond then and not answer the nigga that dissed you..the only line I didn't like in Paps verse was the 2 first names that was wack but aside from that I think he had the best direct response..joe attacks meek and jay but backs down from Kendrick..all you Kendrick dick riders take offense but the dude cant claim his own coast..

  • a

    This is what happens when you hit middle age and realize shit didn't turn out how it was suppose to.

  • Free

    Tell Papoose to let us know when The Nacirema Dream reaches 50,ooo units sold. I'll listen to what he has to say then. Until that time, you're comments are irrelevant.

  • the-shadi

    please papoose, release something great and then we can talk

  • A-Game

    Papoose is starting to act like a little hoe right now.. dude just let it go

  • Anonymous

    and you wonder why this dude never got a real break in the industry in the first place like many new-york niggaz, he is nothin but a hater when it comes to competition kendrick's verse was meant to challenge his fellow partners, not to throw some hate in their face. fuck papoose with his E.T. look a like. go suck remy ma's dick cause we all know you married a tranny

  • Pap stfu

    pap stfu you lost nigga. GAME OVER

  • T

    Dayummmm. Papoose is cold blooded man. lol Kendrick didn't mean the song was funny because it is wack, he meant that the disses towards him were actually really clever and hilarious. He had no hard feelings about it at all and even said he would have done the same thing. I can't believe Papoose is still mad after that, maybe he just read the misleading blog headlines instead of listening to the interview for himself.

  • Anonymous

    rip to eazy e . and respect to him and the dead .. but hhhhmmmmm

  • Anonymous

    "Joke's on you"......says the person who can only create a buzz for himself by coming at other people. Do us all a favor Pap, take your dumb wifey boo and go jump off a cliff. #MakeAGoodAlbum

  • Anonymous

    I don't like Kendrick's music, but Papoose is really making an ass out of himself. His last album went 4x wood. He has a horrible track record in the industry, and is mostly known for his wife getting locked up. Kendrick was being cocky when he spit that verse, but it is what it is.

    • Men lie, women lie, numbers don't


    • Anonymous

      ^^ dickheads he said the album sold 4x wood. GTFO fuckboys

    • S

      Once again, your logic is stating that people sing just to sing. If that is the case, then why don't they just give their shit away for free? The fact of the matter is simply that every musician has their target demographic. If Macklemore, as you state, is hitting his demographic with an album they like then good on him. If the Roots are not then I'm pretty sure they will try to improve on that in order to please their fans and increase their record sales. That's how the industry works: If people don't like your shit, they won't buy it. P.S. Papoose is definitely not hitting his demographic with a notable album.

    • Travis Casablanca

      Are you serious??? ^^^??? Record sales dont matter???? TF YOU TALKING BOUT?? Last time I checked sales are the only thing that should matter... you just a broke dude talking bout that weak life

    • Anonymous

      Yet according to your logic, The Roots ain't sh*t either, their last album was a flop according to you nerds. YOU'LL SUPPORT MACKLEMORE BUT IGNORE THE ROOTS. WHY SHOULD WE BELIEVE YOU NOW? YA. BUNCH. OF. HYPOCRITES. STFU

    • Anonymous

      Sales do mean shit! You think people rap just to rap. That's like saying you work at your job just to work at your job!

    • Anonymous

      sales don't mean shit

  • Anonymous

    And here we go again lol. Checkout thegrandreport, they got some good hip hop videos on there too

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