Layzie Bone Announces Departure From Bone thugs-n-harmony

Layzie Bone says he will be leaving Bone thugs-n-harmony after fulfilling obligations.

Layzie Bone has announced that he will no longer work with Bone thugs-n-harmony after fulfilling his upcoming obligations. Layzie provided this statement in a letter to fans released through social media

"What up my fan family," Layzie said in his letter. "I just want to take this time to let you know that I'm not part of any of the 'Everything 100' shows that are scheduled. I know everyone is asking, 'Where you been Layzie?'" 

Layzie stressed that he is working on his own solo effort. 

"Well I'm letting y'all know that I've been working on my brand new album, Perfect Timing, and building my brand, Harmony Howse Entertainment. I'm doing what makes sense right now for my family and myself which is building my own brand." 

While he is focusing on his solo work, he still has obligations to fulfill as part of Bone thugs-n-harmony. 

"I will be performing with Bone thugs-n-harmony at the Rock the Bells dates and for a TV appearance with them, but after that, I am not obligated to do anything else with Bone thugs-n-harmony," Layzie said. "Let the record show that I'm part of one deal with Bone thugs-n-harmony which is only the single for 'Everything 100,' which is all I'm obligated for."

Layzie Bone's tweet can be found below. 

In 2011, Layzie spoke about the group as it relates to his solo work.

"Me personally, I’m just making the push for the team," Layzie said. "Like, it was never really my thing to go solo. I’m a group orientated person. I love collaborating and kickin’ it with my family." 

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  • Ryan

    yaw bone is about family the family that the great 2pac love and u are leaving sad........

  • Logan

    Why didn't Flesh go on blast and tell Layzie how if he leaves bone thugs he is disrespecting Eazy-E's Legacy. I guess that doesn't mean shit to Layzie if he leaves the group. I just don't get why they keep saying they are going to leave and blah blah blah when they all know they aren't anything without each other. How the whole fan base came to know them....AS A GROUP!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr Ouija

    well its about time layzie left, in about 6 more months he'll be back when his solo album flops and then all we have now is wish bone to say hes leaving in order to make his own solo album. im getting tired of hearing this and even more tired of bones solo projects. the majority of us bone fans liked there first 2-3 albums and then have been waiting 20 years for them to make a album that sounds the same as it but they never do. they keep making this sell out pop shit. i dont think any real thugs want to hear bone singing like juicy j's new material. we want the old shit back. i kinda realize now that bone has no clue what good music is, they got lucky that they had eazy e and dj uneek to make there first albums good and there whole career after that has been plauged with whack production by family members. no one wants to hear your whack ass broke cousins on the songs and production. spend some money and get some real production and go back to the old stuff beat wise. thats the only way you guys are going to make a comeback. look this formula you guys have now of trying to keep up with the times simply aint working, you tried it the past 10 years its whack the new generation hates you. all you have left is old fans waiting to re hear the old stuff

  • Jonathan

    Layzie sound better with BONE handsdown. Why do it on your own whereas people love Bone thugs together as 5 man not as solo artists?

  • Anonymous

    I think the group will be ok without him

  • brad

    Ironic Layzie living up to his name. This nigga is a flat out thief. He sold thousands of fans a CD called "Lost Archives," years ago and STILL has not delivered it. He's been stringing along people for years, making dozens of promises to finally send what people have paid their hard earned money for. He even released a video a month ago taunting all the people he scammed showing a copy of the CD, and promising to send it again after all these years! When people ask on his site about why they still haven't got their CD years later, he personally bans them from the site so they have zero communication options for their money. When they ask on his Facebook page, he blocks them. Real dishonest nigga. Don't give this money eater any cash.

  • Fuck Cleveland

    List of people who have left Bone Thugs n Harmony: Krayzie Bone Bizzy Bone Wish Bone Layzie Bone Flesh n Bone Eminem Ice Cube Michael Jackson Justin Bieber Lamar Odom Paris Hilton Mahatma Gandhi

  • the_urban_prince

    first of all saying layzie is unprofessional is unfair. it was HIM that held the group together...well tried to any way. now that he's gone the group will probably implode! they also been together for 18 YEARS!!! so they were bound to get tired of each other. hopefully Layzie will comeback into the fold. but according to the bizzy article he stated that they all do business differently. so in that regard i'm not surprised someone left before a record deal. and it also seems to be about people not wanting to do certain things they don't want to, whatever that may be for each member.

  • Anonymous

    i heard asap mob got a spot for him if he wants to pull a juicy j

  • Anonymous

    He will be back hopefully they drop a new album soon

  • Anonymous

    Cant wait to see the respnse from the group

  • Houston Playaa

    why would you say you not obligated to do anything but you gonna do a couple more shows, that makes no sense unless you were contracted

  • Anonymous

    Hard to build a brand and be a ceo boss if all you want to do is get drunk and high all the time

  • Anonymous

    Krayzie bone needs to drop Ctd and stop talking about it

  • Anonymous

    Bone thugs n harmony and wu tang are the only hiphop groups that are capable of dropping another classic these new groups are horrible

  • OG

    Best way for him to build his brand is through the group not solo

  • Anonymous

    the only members people care about on a solo level is krayzie and bizzy

  • Anonymous


  • really ThO

    layzie is making a huge mistake. He is going to miss out on a lot of money bone thugs has been constantly touring for like 2 years. They have a good fanbase which allows them to stay doing shows, layzie is not going be able to consistently book shows by himself

  • Mr Mad

    For the guy saying wish has always been wack you must have never heard creeping on tha come up and E99 wish brought it on those cds

  • Mr Mad

    Bone needs to drop some heat as a unit. They went off on asap fergs album their verses were fire especially Krayzie

  • Anonymous

    Lendedary group they have survived this industry for 20 years They are class a legends same as biggie and pac

  • Anonymous

    Bone thugs is the greatest rap group ever

  • Edna N. Guy

    my buddy's ex-wife makes $77/hour on the laptop. She has been fired for six months but last month her pay check was $21524 just working on the laptop for a few hours. see this... Shut up @huh? Lupe's response was creative and most diverse. And he wasn't even trying! Lupe is still dope have you heard F&LII? Production was crappy but still Lu always delivers lyrically.

  • @SmeezeF

    It might be too late to just start building your own brand my dude. But better late than never. Good Luck

  • Lorraine N. Smith

    my neighbor's aunt makes $77/hr on the computer. She has been without a job for nine months but last month her pay check was $17822 just working on the computer for a few hours. go to website... Not to mention, Ross is from Carol City, the meanest part of Miami. He ran with the Boobie Boys (the gang that ran Miamis drug scene) and Ross was KENNETH BOOBIE WILLIAMS' FUCKING PROTEGE for godsakes

  • Bobyahed2dis

    Damn I didnt even know this wack ass group even had fans. They havent even dropped anything dope since the 90's and their last hit was only big because of Akon. And why is this nigga tryin to look like Nelly, I get Nelly is dope but there should be no need to dickride a nigga.

  • wack

    The only one worth listening to is Krayzie Bone anyway. All the others fell off years ago

  • detroit niggroe

    These niggas aint dropped no classic shit since that E1999. Everything since group wise n solo wise is garbage. They pick the worst beats ever. Fuck em

  • s

    this is crap. they keep pushing a reunion and get their core fans excited about a comeback and he pulls this. makes me regret buying anything bone. fans don't want solo, they want a great group comeback album. not that uni-five ish

  • R.Pgh

    Lazy was always my favorite as a kid, but honestly I haven't checked or a new BTNH album since Resurrection. I'll still throw in some old shit every now and then cause when these dudes were on top, they had some ill shit. I just think the time has passed at this point.

  • Anonymous

    bone thugs just needa stop all together. u cant take away what they did in the 90s but they haven't put out a good album since Thug World Order

  • Anonymous

    He'll be back like Bizzy has a hundred times

  • Anonymous

    Layzie Bone looks like Nelly in that picture. I wish him the best of luck.

  • C'Mon SON!

    he knows he will be back with bone

  • 1

    Layzie had the best flow and lyrics by far on Everything 100. But besides that one song he been slippin for a while now. Bizzy fell off awhile ago. Never felt Flesh. Wish has always been wack as fuck. So it's just Kray. He always been on point (his flow in particular).

  • Yo!

    Damn! These guys can't keep it together for 5 minutes!! Sad way to go out with all these makeups and breakups. Oh well. There will always be the classics. -_-

  • Money First

    As a group they might as well forget about it because they just can't do right by each other or their fans!! Bad business man...bad business!!

  • brad

    This nigga is a flat out thief. He sold thousands of fans a CD called "Lost Archives," years ago and STILL has not delivered it. He's been stringing along people for years, making dozens of promises to finally send what people have paid their hard earned money for. When people ask on his site about why they still haven't got their CD years later, he personally bans them. When they ask on his Facebook page, he blocks them. Real dishonest nigga. Don't give this money eater any cash.

  • 504 boi

    They just sign a deal with E1, thought it was all 5 guess not. why did he feel the need to make this public only makes him look bad. you have had 20 years to build a brand my nigga if you aint done it by now sad to say i dont see it happening. The only member whos brand is doing well is krayzies bone The Life Apparel

  • El B


  • Trippy Trel

    4get the drama just drop some new heat

  • Anonymous

    Didnt they just sign a deal with EOne

  • Anonymous

    Why would he say this while they are still doing shows together he still got stuff left to do with them.

  • 7 Cities SLymm

    *BIZZY is the member that had the issues...he was abducted as a child (the case was on America's Most Wanted) those experiences had an adverse effect on his mental and emotional health... Layzie usually went with flow

  • Anonymous

    Layzie not capable of building his brand, hate to say that but its true look what happen to mo thugs. I think hes trying to do what krazyie bone has done with the life.

  • Anonymous

    Layzie Bone is still a part of the group he's just spending more time on his Brand.


    Bad time for him to leave horrible timing

  • Dub

    Bizzy all that matters straight up. He followed Biggie on Notorious Thugs and made that shit work, Biggie's best verse ever or at least top 5. Who else could do that shit? We ain't marchin' we shootin'.

  • Anonymous

    Bone has been having problems with eachother since they were teens they always find a way to come back together lazy bone wont be gone too long

  • Anonymous

    bone thugs legendary

  • Anonymous

    As long as it aint flesh or krayzie im cool keep it moving

    • twoholla

      I second that...but also Layzie is too one-dimensional as a solo artist. I own EVERY LAyzie solo lp from L Burna to Cleveland....& I SWEAR...all of his albums & his verses on Bone Thugs will always leave you asking, "Didn't he say that already?" or "Is it me or does of all of his verses sound like he's saying the same exact thing over & over?' REAL TALK!!!

  • shawn

    I think he was force to leave the group over unknown reasons. Hes own brother flesh n bone tried to support him as did the entire group but it got to the point were he was putting their carrers in jeopardy over being uprofessional and supposly he has a drinking issue, so the entire group including his brother flesh wants him to get help and come back strong

  • Anonymous

    Sad should have stayed with his boys

  • Anonymous

    Everytime bone is about to do a major deal there is always one member that messes it up for no apparent reason. Bone had to leave interscope when flesh got out of jail because interscope didnt want to deal with flesh because he has a history of beating up people in the studio carry and getting caught with guns. In the mid 2000s after they left ruthless dre wanted to sign them as a group but bizzy pulled out at the last minute.

  • Anonymous

    I feel bad for layzie for years hes tried to keep the group together not that they r all on the same page he leaves

  • Anonymous

    That nigga the juwan howard of bone krayzie is lebron, bizzy is d wade, flesh is bosh and wish is ray allen enuff said

  • Booby

    Naw im just joking dude is cool but when hes solo he be putting out some whack stuff. I think hes always been jealous because people always say krayzie n bizzy are the best in btnh

  • Booby

    Yall being hard on my boy layzie he can make it on his own IF BIZZY OR KRAYZIE write his raps for him

  • Anonymous

    Hardcore Bone fans not riding with you l burna that should tell you something grow up my dude, seek some serious advice

  • Anonymous

    wtf wrong with this nigga I love Bone thugs but I wouldnt ever support this nigga shit the harmony house bs is bootleg

  • Anonymous

    Damn, they fuckn up the money smh. Checkout thegrandreport,they got some good hip hop videos on there

  • Anonymous

    layzie bone just killed his own vibe

  • Al dozer

    He claims he wants to build his brand, why not do it thru the group during group shows group albums etc. Krayzie bone has been doing his thing with the group and has built his brand The Life Entertainment and The Life Apparel

  • J rock

    Real bone fans know the truth. He aint walking away he got put out for doing some snake shit. He has being doing some uproffessional things on top of it he struggles with drugs and alchol. Real bone fans know the truth get it together lay

  • Anonymous

    Layzie bone is the most uproffesional member in bone he does immature shit he cant make as a solo artist because for one he no longer has the drive, has a drinking problem and surrounds himself with dumbasses outside of bone

  • Anonymous

    Nobody cares about layzie leaving. Maybe if it was krayzie people would care good luck trying to to survive solo without krayzie carrying you on his back

  • Anonymous

    this group will never get it together! first bizzy, then flesh in jail, krayzie, now layzie, wtf!!

  • brollya

    why the fuck would he say dis wen they still performing together.... he should of waited til it was over... bone thugs is lik the rest of the groups that we all enjoy that are not goin to get back together at its best.... outkast, wu tang, dipset etc

  • Esq.

    Damn, Bizzy was literally just telling AHH that they were all working together on trying to get into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Smh. It's a wrap on them...if it hadn't already been one.

  • Anonymous

    Damn. Thought they were all reunited for the new album?

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