Just Blaze Says Jay Z's Work Ethic Is "Laid-Back," Eminem's Is Scientific

Just Blaze finds himself comparing Jay Z and Eminem when asked who the most talented artist he's worked with is.

As a producer who has gone on to showcase his skills as a beatsmith for well over a decade, New Jersey-born artist Just Blaze has had the opportunity to work alongside some of Hip Hop’s most respected names including Jay Z and Detroit lyricist Eminem.

Interestingly enough, the producer found himself comparing the two emcees, specifically their work ethic in the studio, during an interview with Vlad TV. Just Blaze was asked if Jay Z is the most talented artist he’s worked with and in his attempt to answer that specific question, he began to compare both Jay Z and an artist he feels is equally as talented, Eminem.

“I don’t know if I would say that Jay’s the most talented,” said the producer. “He’s obviously one of the—he may be the most talented. If it’s not Jay—See, it’s different. I have great experience working with Jay, great experience working with Eminem. But they’re two totally different approaches. Jay’s approach to work is very much like Jay’s personality. He’s very laid-back. Kinda just lets me do me. And doesn’t really get in the middle too much…Whereas Eminem is very much hands on with the process. So they’re both very creative and super-talented, but just in very different ways.”

Just Blaze continued his comparison of the rap Titans while speaking on Eminem’s scientific approach to his music and the rapper’s ability to alter the most minuscule of sounds thanks to a keen ear.

“Em is there when you’re making the beat sometimes,” he revealed. “He’s there when you’re mixing. He’s there mixing and tweaking his own vocals. He hears, he has like dog hearing. So, he’ll be like ‘Turn this up a half a dB. Turn the bass up like a quarter dB at this frequency.’ He’s very much of a scientist with it. Where Jay is more so like ‘That sounds good. Cool, I’m out.’”

Just Blaze has worked extensively with both Jay Z and Eminem. Most notably, he produced several tracks on Eminem’s 2010 album Recovery and played a hand in the creation of Jay Z’s “Song Cry” and the rapper’s lively, Kingdom Come single “Show Me What You Got.”

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  • Andre.CO

    The Marshall Mathers LP 2 fictional tracklist: 1. Public Service Announcement 2013 2. Don't Fuck With Me (Prod. by Dr Dre) 3. Matthew feat. Jamie N Commons (Prod. by No ID and Eminem) 4. Paul 5. Main Stage (Prod. by Rick Rubin) 6. Chris Rock 7. Still I Am (Prod. by Dr Dre and Eminem) 8. Berzerk (Prod. by Rick Rubin) 9. Never Left feat. Yelawolf and MC Ren (Prod. by Just Blaze) 10. Shady's A Dying Breed (Prod. by Dr Dre) 11. Marshall Mathers II (Prod. by Eminem) 12. Ken Kaniff 13. Drug Binge feat. Skylar Grey (Prod. by Boi-1Da) 14. Evil in the D feat. Royce Da 5'9'' (Prod. by Mr Porter) 15. Bitch Please III feat. Dr Dre, 50 Cent, Kendrick Lamar (Prod. by Dr Dre) 16. D.A.D.D. (Prod. by No ID) 17. Intoxication feat. Slaughterhouse (Prod. by Rick Rubin) 18. Scape Goat (Prod. by Rick Rubin and Dr Dre)

  • Anonymous

    Ya really think once saw the headline and scrolled down we wouldn't expect many of you to talk that "yes! the white guy is better than the n!gger"? All of the technical talk like him producing and rhyming has never been done before. When it was reminded to you weirdos that Dre taught him you diss Dre and STILL act like Eminem is different. Them tracks you're naming are YOUR favorites, I can pick 2 I actually listen to. Why are so many of you irate to hear your hero is a borderline control freak, when many of you don't even like YOUR mom asking you questions and watching everything you do? Bunch. OF. HYPOCRITES.

  • Lorraine N. Smith

    my neighbor's aunt makes $77/hr on the computer. She has been without a job for nine months but last month her pay check was $17822 just working on the computer for a few hours. go to website... www.Cafe44.com Not to mention, Ross is from Carol City, the meanest part of Miami. He ran with the Boobie Boys (the gang that ran Miamis drug scene) and Ross was KENNETH BOOBIE WILLIAMS' FUCKING PROTEGE for godsakes

  • Braniac

    Jay has been more consistent ...Eminem has fallen off since 8 mile soundtrack he trying to run a mile but aint ran one lap

    • TheRealness

      Agree but I think Jay-Z is falling off right now too his new shit is garbage hasn't made a good album since AG.. Sorry Jay fans..

  • OK

    Eminem's BEST work is when Dre was calling the shots along with other early producers. Today Em has all the power in the world and too many yes men and STANS saying whatever he does is fly- the shit sucks.

    • POPO

      I wasn't saying all of his work was good, especially his recent work wasn't that great. I'm just saying he's more comitted than most rappers with his music and just for that deserves respect. He's done plenty of great beats without Dre being around. And even if alot of his material nowdays suck, at least he's way more involved than most rappers are on their music. And even if his work back then Dre and other producers were involved, he still played a bigger part in his beats than any other rappers. Just look at the Eminem Show which was produced on the most part by himself..Yes Dr Dre helped out, but he's doing all the writing work PLUS he plays a major role in the beat productions.

  • POPO

    Not many rappers nowdays knows how to spit and can actually produce great beats. Thats why Eminem records are worth buying. You know the guy has been working hard on them for probably a year or 2 while others just don't give a damn and release bullshit they been working on for less than a month.

  • Anonymous

    AND THAT is why Eminem's new shit SUCKS! Let the producers do what they do Em and fall back.

    • Dudley

      Eminem said in an interview back in the late 90's when he was involved with MTV alot that he didnt want to get too good of a life because he wouldnt have anything to rap about, and that shit is true, i remember when his tracks really had a point. anyways looking forward for his new album !

    • Plad

      Producers: 1."Curtains Up" (skit)- Eminem 2."White America" - Eminem, Jeff Bass 3."Business" - Dr Dre 4."Cleanin' Out My Closet"- Eminem, Jeff Bass 5."Square Dance" - Eminem, Jeff Bass 6."The Kiss" (skit)- Eminem 7."Soldier" - Eminem 8."Say Goodbye Hollywood" -Eminem 9."Drips" (feat Obie Trice)-Eminem 10."Without Me" - Eminem, Jeff Bass, DJ head 11."Paul Rosenberg" (skit) 12."Sing for the Moment" - Eminem, Jeff Bass 13."Superman" (feat Dina Rae)- Eminem, Jeff Bass 14."Hailie's Song" - Eminem 15."Steve Berman" (skit) 16."When the Music Stops" (feat D12) Eminem,Mr Porter 17."Say What You Say" (featuring Dr. Dre) - Dr Dre 18."'Till I Collapse" (featuring Nate Dogg) - Eminem 19."My Dad's Gone Crazy" (featuring Hailie Jade)- Dr Dre

    • plad

      What a bunch of dumbass.. May i remind you EM was always as involved in his productions as he is today. Just look at the Eminem Show, it was produced mainly by himself. It's just that today alot of his shit sucks because he's changed, thats all. It has nothing to do with him being involved and not letting the producers do the job..He was always involved !

    • Anonymous

      Wrong must mean right then. BEcause your boy Shady is WACK.

    • Anonymous

      ^Wrong? Clean your ears out- Em's shit is wack right now.

  • POPO

    That's why EM is one of the greatest. He's involved in all of his work and knows exactly how he wants it to sound like. Most rappers don't give a damn and don't even know how to produce a beat let alone rap. EM really cares about his craft and it ain't about money for him, it's about the art and the passion

  • Anonymous

    so thats why magna carta was junk...jay-z just says "cool, im out". Jay-Z is great but hes gone downhill last 2 albums i'd think.

  • J. Christ

    You who has the hardest work ethic? Tim Tebow. A real god fearing American, playoff winning nfl qb, and sick MC (man of Christ).

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only person that has caught Kanye biting off Just Blaze? And now he's doing a bad attempt at sounding like El p?

  • Anonymous

    Eminem is good but far from GOAT...gtfoh with that bullshit....

  • Anonymous

    eminem is the g.o.a.t. but niggas dont wanna give him the title cause he's white tisk tisk

  • Poor writting

    Not just Danielle, nut a good portion of the writers for this website need to learn to write. If its not gramatical errors its using words to which the meaning of you do not know. Step ya game up....

  • Anonymous

    eminem won on renegade

  • sxxx9


  • sxxx9


  • sxxx9


  • shady baby

    bottom line jay doesn't want to know the engineering/producing side of the industry. He just wants to lay down his song/verse and then bounce once he likes the final production/song. While Eminem WANTS TO KNOW THE PRODUCING SIDE OF THE GAME, which I respect even more. After all he was schooled by the best to ever do it (Dre)

    • DaMamba

      Ayo calm yourself...all of that "mentoring" and Em hasn't made a decent beat since The Eminem Show. And Dre ain't "the best", he's one of many great producers.

  • xx009


  • xx009


  • Anonymous

    the legendary producers don't drop heat anymore, goes for Dre and Preemo, RZA sometimes drops something dope and the same goes for pete rock, Ye is washed up and going for a more global sound (doesn't make it hip hop) Timbaland/Neptunes are back with that dope commercial hip hop from early 2000 and HitBoy and Mike Will Travis Scott are dope atm

  • Money First

    The bottom line is Em was taught by Dre and Dre is a sonic perfectionist which can be annoying to another producer/engineer when you have someone breathing on your vision! He was trying to say the shit nicely and keep it politically cool!!!

  • ZzzZZzzz

    So jay z is a lazy fag who sits back and goes with the flow while eminem is a passionate perfectionist who has 6 less albums but yet DOUBLE world sales bitches and that jay cant hold ems jock when it comes to rhyming, creativity, sales, and passion for his craft...tell us somethin we didnt already know just blaze

    • Anonymous

      Dr. Dre taught Eminem, put him to work, this is the result. But of course whitey gonna make this like he's all around superior.

  • Angelo

    Nas is the most talented MC ever PERIOD! Now his work ethic and decision making has been a different story, but he's definitely the most talented. Pure, Raw talent.

  • Anonymous

    Rick Ross's work ethic has been described as heavenly.

  • Anonymous

    Where Jay is more so like That sounds good. Cool, Im out. ^ lol, I can imagine him doing that too

  • 666 rabbit mask devils


  • Anonymous

    whitevs. black why compare like that? lol

  • imho

    so pretty much jayz is lazy like his MCHG album showed us..and eminem is a beast

    • Anonymous

      no it means that he trusts who he is paying and em feels the need to chime his 2 cents in

    • ETK

      no that's not what it means. it means Eminem is more methodical and perfectionist, and Jay-Z just goes with the flow. Em is very hands-on, Jay has more faith in the producer. but it's funny cause a lot of hip-hop fans say Em doesn't have such a good ear for beats, so it makes you think.. who's really beastin'

  • Skinny arms

    Nigga has the skinniest arms I've ever seen on a man. He needs to wear longer sleeves he looks weird SCARY ASS NIGGA!

  • Anonymous

    how a slick diss towards jay.


    Angela Yee also was in a 3 way with EMINEM and ROYCE when she worked at Shade 45 before. She really got that work!


    I heard Big Sean and EMINEM had a three way with Ariana Grande. She came with Sean to Detroit and got that p***Y pounded. Mr Porter also hinted that it happened. This is also why she sings good cause EM and SEAN worked out her throat with jizzzzz

  • Allen Ray The Grand Dragon


  • COCA




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