J. Cole Says Sha Money XL Wanted 50 Cent To Sign Him

J. Cole speaks on "New York Times," says he wanted the song to be "a real New York record" with the addition of a Nas verse.

Prior to signing with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, North Carolina lyricist J. Cole sat down with a number of industry heavies in the hopes of finding a label home. Among the numerous industry veterans Cole met was former G-Unit Records president Sha Money XL who he says had hopes of introducing the young rapper’s music to G-Unit head honcho 50 Cent.

According to Cole, who revealed the story of his encounter with Sha Money with Vibe.com, Fifty wasn’t all that impressed with his music.

“After that, Sha Money was trying to fuck with me heavy,” said Cole while speaking on his interaction with both Sha Money and Tony Yayo at 50 Cent’s house. “He was like ‘Son, look, I’m playing 50 your shit.’ Supposedly the story is that he played 50 my shit and 50 wasn’t sure. Like, ‘I don’t know, man. Is he one of these skinny jeans niggas?’ He couldn’t see it, but it was a good time in my life. It was brand new, fresh. Being in that crib was amazing.”

Later down the road, despite 50 Cent not recruiting Cole, the pair would work together on “New York Times,” a record featured on the Born Sinner crafter’s Truly Yours 3 mixtape. Cole was initially hoping to include verses from both 50 Cent and Nas on the mixtape cut, but was forced to nix the Nas verse due to time constraints.

“Exactly. For hip-hop, period. But really for New York,” Cole explained, in regards to the power of potentially having both Nas and 50 Cent on a record. “I wanted that to be a real New York record. This down South nigga coming and putting on for the city because I have a connection. So 50 came to the studio in L.A. to lay the verse and he heard the melody and he was like, ‘I could tell you was thinking about me when you were doing that melody.’ He wrote that shit in five minutes, maybe. It was crazy to see that melody that was in my head come to life with the actual person who I wanted to do it…Nobody had a problem with it. I think that they saw the moment was going to be big. I wish he could’ve gotten that verse done, but my nigga Bas is on that, so it’s all good.”

Despite interest from Sha Money and others, J. Cole ultimately signed with Jay Z’s Roc Nation in 2009. Ironically, the rapper signing to Roc Nation followed numerous attempts Cole made to reach out to Jay Z to introduce the Brooklyn emcee to his music.

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  • Afi K. James

    Game is a hero for putting an end to this gay-unit aka g-unit bullshit.

  • Rumando

    Funny how some of you saying "50 ain't relevant" but take time out of your day to comment on a post about him not to mention the fact he gets more comments than any other rapper on every website. He's very much relevant maybe not music wise but in every other category

  • Anonymous

    "ja rules last album sold less than 7000 in a year and a half" Remind me again how much Street King Immortal's sold to date? That's right, 0. Ja Rule wins even when he loses.

    • Anonymous

      i bet 50 makes more off pauly d in a year than ja rule earns in 1 year

    • Anonymous

      he could put it out tomorrow and sell 10 times that first week easily. but he would rather take his time and put it out when the time feels right. he does music for fun thats not how he eats anymore. i would rather have no new album out than one that flopped like that and no one cared about

  • Anonymous

    "roc nation is doing it bigger" Cole is only gold, again lol If it wasn't for Jay, Roc Nation would be a graveyard.

  • Anonymous

    "he beat down gunplay, took his MMG chain and put it in a music video and officer ross aint do nothing" 50 didn't beat up anybody. His rent a goons did. And why would Ross go to war over a chain he could replace within the hour?

  • MMG!

    lol 50 snitch cent fans mad that gunit is dead. mmg is easily the best in the game right now features tours album sales mixtapes. wale n meek consistently drops ross does they always have a compilation album every year. how many compilation albums does good music have??? ymcmb fell off except for drake. what other label in the game is doing it like mmg???

    • Anonymous

      niggas really gonna call one of the realest dudes in rap a snitch all the while bigging up a lyin ass correctional officer and his weed carriers

    • Anonymous

      did you really say album sales and mmg in the same sentence? LOLOLOLOL roc nation is doing it bigger... def jam...aftermath just went plat,.... mmg aint shit boy

  • jasonnns


  • 666 rabbit mask devils


  • fight me

    GAME>50CENT Tell me otherwise bitches

  • Crip4Life

    I'LL TELL U Y FIDDY SNITCH - DR GAY - FEMINEM ARE SLUTS and there Little teenager fans are more lame than Justin Beiber. If You Tell them This : Interviewer : Rick Ross Just Dissed you Em what are you goin 2 do about it?! feminem : I will HIT THE STUDIO & MAKE A SONG ABOUT Mariah Carey.But wont fight cuz I'm gettin fucked by Dre... Interviewer : FIDDY! Ross dissed you...What are you goin to do about it? 50 Snitch : I will expose them on This Is 50 & Talk about his RECORD SALES...lol?

    • Anonymous

      go to sleep monkey

    • Anonymous

      never gonna happen 50 dont fuck with frauds

    • Yebo

      50 and Ross need to end their beef and work together. With 50's hooks and Rozay's beat selection they would be an UNSTOPPABLE DUO!

    • Anonymous

      you know what else 50 did? he had ross baby momma in new york, took her shopping and had her talking about how much of a fraud ross is. he had tia and officer rickys son all up in a video at floyds crib in vegas with diddy and them and officer ross aint do shit! he beat down gunplay, took his MMG chain and put it in a music video and officer ross aint do nothing!

  • Anonymous

    As successful as 50 has been when it comes to signing artists to G-Unit his really hasn't done well, shoutout to 50 but J.Cole was probably better off signing with Jigga


    Also I heard Angela Yee from the Breakfast Club had a 3 way with EMINEM and ROYCE DA 5'9" when she went to Detroit. Mr. Porter hinted toward that earlier today


    I heard Big Sean and EMINEM had a three way with Ariana Grande. She came with Sean to Detroit and got that p***Y pounded. Mr Porter also hinted that it happened.

  • the dillz

    50 can sign mobb deep, m.o.p, mase, tony yayo, 40 glocc, trav, kiddkidd but not j cole......

  • jay from brazil

    well, at least cole is better than that nigga kidd kidd... dont know wtf is wrong with 50...

    • Anonymous

      A whole bunch of hipster niggas who have no life.

    • COCA


    • fuck yo

      it never ceases to amaze me how weaker and cornier today's rap 'stars'continue to get fuck gay cole, dicklick lamar, gaysap sucky, wiz khaghina, wac miller, faggot ass homo macklemore, little tiny microscopic lil sean, tyler the cregaytor, and all of ofwg, ymcmb ovoxo, mmg, and everyone else wow i could have never imagined back in the day that beloved hip hop would end up like this

    • nope

      agreed don't see what's so special about j.cole no energy and average bars your 15 minutes is up

    • Anonimous

      And your favorite rapper is cheif keef

  • xx004


  • xx004


  • Ja Rule Army

    so lets J Cole on G-Unit: 50 Cent - 4 albums (still can't drop that 5th) Tony Yayo - 1 album still a nobody Lloyd Banks - 3 albums (that Big Withdrawal joint just had to get stolen) ain't fucking with 50 no more Domination - kicked out Bang Em Smurf - kicked out The Game - kicked out - still successful on his own; Documentary classic Mobb Deep - lmao 1 mediocre album MOP - lmao nothing Pastor Mase - lmao nothing Hot Rod - better be easy hahahaha Nyce - ? 40 Glocc - bully niggas cant drop Trav - left to Dipset then Meek Mill Mazaradi Fox - got his shit repoed where he at now? Olivia - ? Kidd Kidd - ? Shawty Lo - ? Tell Me would J Cole really do on anything on that label fuck 50 its Murda!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    "yea cuz jay z forced half a million people to buy the j cole record right?" Half a million doesn't even cover the cost of balloon's at Blue Ivy's birthday party.

  • ignite mindz

    What's missing from his story, is who the hell found him that had the clout to get his CD in Sha Money and Jay Z's hands in the first place?

    • Anonymous

      he waited outside of baseline and tried to hand jay his demo and jay refused. instead he gave it to whoever was with jay at the time a year later he was signed. why try to sign with 50 tho? he cant even drop his own albums let a lone a j cole album

  • Anonymous

    I'm sure he's happy he at the roc. Checkout thegrandreport, they got some good hip hop videos on there

  • jus10

    Sha Money XL = The brains behind G-Unit's prime years.

  • Jason R. Snipes

    my buddy's step-sister makes $81/hour on the internet. She has been fired for seven months but last month her pay was $21124 just working on the internet for a few hours. look at here... www.Cafe44.com no they havent moron, their album came out on October 9, 2012 and Kendrick album came out October 22, 2012

  • xx009


  • xx009


  • xx009


  • Deebo

    As much as I love Fifty, he's no record exec. His track record is God awful.

    • Anonymous

      lol, hollywood murked you "TIme to take it back to the days when you slapped up a commentor for having an opinion in the first place if they wasnt qualified to be in the conversation" ^ somebody sees why I do it and what happens? "Now that his credibility is shot. his opinion and any who supports it is horse sh**." ^ there it is "What has this commentor SOLD or contributed to Hip Hop besides commenting on Hip Hop DX?" ^ exactly, not one ounce of insight or experience, just net worths, sales numbers, dry jokes, covert racism. We don't even know if that man ever bought a Ross CD, ain't no talk of music. hollywood's bullet hit a lot of people.

    • hollywood

      i Stand by "Anonymous" and the What they hell have you sold movement. Not saying you can't have an opinion but its time to check the credibility of a person giving that opinion. If you think Lebron better than Kobe than you better have your Lebron FACTS to back it up. IN Hip Hop Comments are backed up by OPINION NOT FACT. Read the comments here. SO again, What has this commentor SOLD or contributed to Hip Hop besides commenting on Hip Hop DX? Now that his credibility is shot. his opinion and any who supports it is horse sh**. TIme to take it back to the days when you slapped up a commentor for having an opinion in the first place if they wasnt qualified to be in the conversation so with that said, you Lucky as f*** you behind a computer screen with your reply

    • Anonymous

      @ last Anonymous, LOL word

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      again though, what have you done? what artists have you broke? how many records did you sell?

    • Anonymous

      True. His earlier artists first albums only sold because they were riding 50 Cent's wave. After Banks and Bucks first albums, all his artists flopped or got dropped.

    • Anonymous

      better than your

  • majestic

    i love that joint would have been awesome to have nas on it...cole get that verse from Nas and give us a remix

  • Anonymous

    wouldn't have worked j cole is only where his at now because of jay z and his power and influence over people

  • Anonymous

    J Cole should have signed with MMG. Their albums actually come out as opposed to collecting dust on a shelf in Jimmy's office.

  • Anonymous

    lol replaced nas w bas

  • Anonymous

    Oh man Nas would have been perfect for that song that would have been EPIC!

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