DNA Says Battle Versus Charron Is "Battle Of The Year" Candidate, Battle Released

Exclusive: DNA talks about his match-up against Charron and explains how him stepping in for Shotgun Suge led to one of his "best performances." Update: Battle is released.

DNA recently battled Charron at King of the Dot's Drake-sponsored event "World Domination 4," a match-up Lush One said was "one of the defining battles of our generation."

In an exclusive interview with HipHopDX, DNA discussed the battle and explained how a short-notice schedule change led to one of his best performances to date. 

"It was one of me and Charron's best performances and it might be battle of the year," DNA said. "I feel like it's one of those battles where people will say he won and some will say I won but really, the fans won." 

The two had 10 days to prepare after it became clear that Shotgun Suge would not be present to battle Charron, DNA said. That led to a lot of freestyling in what would usually be a written battle between the emcees. DNA said that about 65% of his raps were freestyled at the event.

DNA and Charron spoke about the event via Twitter with both emcees praising one another. Their interaction can be seen below. 

DNA, who has been one of the Ultimate Rap League's leading battlers, will not be performing at this year's "Summer Madness 3" card, the first of the series that he has missed. DNA is now preparing to face-off against Midwest Miles in October and Villain in November. DNA and John John Da Don have also challenged one another on Twitter recently and said they would battle on any league that would pay for the match-up. One of DNA's most celebrated battles was against Dizaster, a match that was co-hosted by Drake. That battle can be seen below. 

Charron, a prominent figure in the Canadian Battle Rap scene, gained American notoriety as a contestant on BET's "106 & Park's" Freestyle Friday competition. Charron became the last champion of the series before it became UFF, the Ultimate Freestyle Friday, courtesy of SMACK/URL. Charron is slated to perform a rhyme during this year's BET Hip Hop Awards cyphers as a prize for winning the Freestyle Friday competition. 

"World Domination 4" also featured a title match between Pat Stay and Arcane. Stay took the title, but DNA believes he is one of two battlers that can be the next challenger for the crown. 

"I think, honestly, either me or Charron deserves a tittle shot next," DNA said. 

The battle can be viewed on pay-per-view until it is released on King of the Dot's YouTube channel for free later this year. 

"[Fans] can expect greatness," DNA said of the face-off. "So purchase the pay-per-view now and witness history." 

A teaser for the PPV can be seen below.

(August 27)

UPDATE: The King of the Dot battle between DNA and Charron has been released. It can be viewed below. 

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