Joe Budden "All Love Lost" LP Release Date, Cover Art & Tracklist

UPDATE #3: Joe Budden's "All Love Lost" tracklist has been released.

Joe Budden, a member of Shady Records' Slaughterhouse, has announced two new projects that are slated to be released within the next year. 

Budden made this announcement on Twitter yesterday (August 26). The announcement notes an EP, Some Love Lost, and an album, All Love Lost. Joe also added a few hash tags to his announcement that may provide further information regarding the releases. 

Budden's announcement tweet can be seen below, along with a tweet that followed. The second tweet notes that the project may not appease fans of VH1's Love & Hip Hop, a reality television program that Budden has been a part of. 

Joe Budden released his self-titled debut album in 2003 on Def Jam Recordings. Following this, the New Jersey rapper released several mixtapes as part of his Mood Muzik series. The latest in the series, Mood Muzik 4: A Turn 4 The Worst was released through eOne, along with his 2013 release No Love Lost. Budden recently responded to Kendrick Lamar's verse on "Control" by releasing his own rendition, "Lost Control." Earlier this year, Budden appeared on Love & Hip Hop with his sometimes girlfriend Tahiry. They made headlines in connection to the show after they were involved in a couple of altercations with Consequence

(August 27, 2013)

UPDATE: Budden has announced November 4 as the release date for Some Love Lost.

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  • me

    has joe ever mad a song you remembered? oh yeah, pump it up. #damnshame

  • 679

    fetty wap gonna murder this emo ass nigga in sales. ain't nobody care about this nigga. fetty gon have the #1 album.

  • Slim

    Best believe in copping that on the 25th. Slaughterhouse!

  • BKsFinest big chin

    more sad depressing music

  • jace.shadoe

    i can't wait. i know budden won't disappoint. even if it sells under 30k, still better than majority of whats out there.

  • skee

    yea this should be type tough

  • Conflict

    Gonna be a fucking classic, Joey is back on his shit.

  • Anonamoose

    That cover is dope as fuck.

  • Llim Keem

    Now we know why Joey was dissing Meek and Nicki last week. Because he got an album coming out! How typical of someone who's only gonna sell 10,000 copies of his album anyway.

  • sysoption

    It is really very helpful. I liked it. I have also found this very interesting! Heres the link

  • Anonymous


  • Lo

    Joe budden is when of the best still ever!

  • kas

    Bin waiting for new Budden Music!! No matter what the haters say, Joe is one of the best lyricists alive.

  • Anonymous

    LAUGHTERHOUSE!!!! Sexy Joell Ortiz just sold 5000 albums... Can a superstar like Budden make it 6000?? What a fucking inspiration!

    • Anonymous

      Kill yourself cunt no one in your life will give a fuck old azz troll

    • Sebastiaan

      That's simply because people rather buy that crap they play on the radio...

    • Truth be knwon

      Just shows you Real Rap doesn't sell anymore, Kids nowadays listen to Bobby Shmurda (Or however you spell his name). Act like Kanye is god when he and his music is a pile of shit. Budden is the 2nd best rapper on Shady Records, Top 5 right now

    • Vdilla

      Hey asshole why don't you make a album or better yet just kill yourself

  • Ds-one-nigga

    I need that If I die tomorrow shit son, By the way I am the hiphopdx comment king, all other niggaz eat dick now

  • Sonia

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  • D'Cozmo

    I hope he brings it back. I need that Mood Muzik

  • Jerry

    I hope it's like Escape route, still one of my favorite albums.

    • Real Talk 100

      Escape Route. The BEST hiphop album of 2009, period. The best Joe Budden project, period. And most slept on, under appreciated albums ever. Even by Budden himself, who disavowed it as an unauthorized release by Amalgam, as they purposefully released it the same day as Slaughterhouse's debut album, supposedly because the label head was unhappy Slaughterhouse signed to Koch/EOne. Just was blasting "Never Again", "World Keeps Spinnin" in the car a couple days ago.

  • Anonymous

    Joey, I know you're reading this ya bish. Your bars are off the chain but why is your voice quality always shit on every song?

  • Anonymous

    Joe Budden sucks. Pass it on.

  • Anonymous

    everyones a critic now. i suppose you all could do a better job? just think, theres a reason why you are reading about him, and not about any of you sad fucks the same goes for alot rappers regardless if you think they are shitty or not keep you opinions inside your tiny primitive brains

  • StarFox64

    just like every other artist he made his money and got his status now he doesn't even care

  • jus10

    Joe is a real dude. The last album took a mainstream approach, but luckily dude following his soul. Plenty of love for anyone who speaks from the heart. IT'S THAT MOOD MUSIC!!

    • Skull

      Joes raps are so so good. Love getting to listen to some new music from him. The ways he sets up his bars are so emotional. I wud say he right at top of rap game for me and he certainly deserves to be . Such a talent :)

    • Anonymous

      THANK YOU! joe has never done anything for money or fame, he raps from the heart, he raps INTELLIGIENT bars these dumb asses cant understand. if he brings back them Mood Muzik bars... mannnn....

  • Irene J. Martin

    my buddy's mother makes $86 every hour on the computer. She has been unemployed for 5 months but last month her check was $16662 just working on the computer for a few hours. Go to this web site and read more... Yeah being the co founder of Def-Jam with Russel Simmons, he sure is whats wrong with hip hop you fucking IDIOT. And he's rich because he's a musical genius, do some research.

  • Hip Hop Fan

    Joe needs to get better producers and get back to that sound he had with Mood Muzik 3. Tired of all these rock ballad sample beats. Bring it back to Hip Hop and stop with the cross over appeal. No Love Lost was terrible. You can't complain about the state of Hip Hop and then put that out in the world when all eyes are on you after the VH1 show.

  • Rumando

    I hope his new album is way better than his last one

  • crazy mother fucker

    told u before jasonsss after u .also theirs rabbit mask devils.u go to a party go out side for a quick smoke come back in the party everyone will change up put on rabbit mask thel start chaseing u threw the woods.son of a bitch said theirs leather facesss out their i said yea your looking at one start putting chains on the bitcher.

  • letsbereal

    MM3 and Halfway House was when dude was in his prime. It has all been down hill since then. Sorry Joe I'm not falling for it anymore, trash is trash.

    • Anonymous

      MM4 was hard though. He did go downhill after that IMO. Ill be looking forward to his new shit though.

    • tdub2222

      i wouldnt say hes trash now but i agree that was some of his best work, escape route and mm4 had good tracks on it

  • Tr

    It'll be shit like the rest of his albums.

    • Midge

      I don't think you people realize how dope this artist is u guys must be apart of the new generation that explains your dumb comments he created a whole group that Em signed what ideas and what other dumb comments do you have lol

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