Joey Bada$$ Disses Kendrick Lamar On "Killuminati Pt. 2"

Joey Bada$$ responds to Kendrick Lamar's verse on Big Sean's "Control" and says, "I'm the real King fella here. You more like 'Prince of Bel-Air.'"

Joey Bada$$ has responded to Kendrick Lamar's verse on Big Sean's "Control" with his latest effort, "Killuminati Pt. 2." 

"Please don't leave your comment if you are not up to par," Bada$$ says on the song. "No names, putting you in a verse, that's too far / You're mundane, can't obtain, the knowledge of my brain / My set told me light you up, so this that propane / It's nathan, all I gotta do is just spit a flame / No escaping, you in a swimming pool of champagne / You set yourself up for that one, man / The King of New York? / Ha. We ain't just gon' let that one hang / Last nigga got dethroned and you ain't from my zone / The rest of the real niggas is dead and gone." 

Joey also takes shots at Lamar's "King of New York" line in the second verse of "Killuminati Pt. 2." 

"I got all these Rap niggas fuckin' fearing me," Bada$$ says. "Heard they was looking for war, but ain't declaring me / I'm well aware, N.Y. not Delaware / I'm the real king fella here / You more like 'Prince of Bel-Air' / I'm clearing the air, might fire at will / These Rap niggas don't want the static for real / 'Cause they lines not adjacent to my spectacular skill / If you don't fuck with cinematic, stand still / My life's a movie on the real / You can get shot with your hands on the wheel / With your pants at your heels." 

In the final line quoted above, Bada$$ appears to make a slight reference to ScHoolboy Q's "Hands on the Wheel" single. In 2012, ScHoolboy Q, a fellow member of Kendrick Lamar's Top Dawg Entertainment camp, released "Hands on the Wheel," a selection that features A$AP Rocky. The song was released on Q's Habits & Contradictions project. 

Bada$$' "Killuminati Pt. 2" features an excerpt from a recent interview he did along with Black Moon's Buckshot for MTV. In the interview, Buckshot said Kendrick Lamar had to "deal with" Joey after K. Dot claimed to be the "King of New York" on "Control." 

"All respect due to Kendrick Lamar, King of the West Coast, King of New York, whatever is the stuff that's going on right now," Buckshot said during the interview. "I love the competition, but Kendrick Lamar go against the Beast Coast? Whoo. I'm just an OG here, loving the fact that I retired that level of it and now you have to deal with a brother like Joey, which is a .45 magnum with a knife at the tip and a shotgun at the enemy."  

That interview can be seen below. 

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When "Control" was released, Bada$$ didn't say he was upset with Lamar. Instead, he praised the release via Twitter. 

The song can be heard on HipHopDX and it can be streamed below.

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  • blkviper

    Joey is the truth! I believe this cat will be standing near the top when it's all said in done imo, BUT!!! don't bark up that tree Joey it will fall on you.

  • Brendan

    Personally I think that Joey is this generation's Nas

  • observer

    Kendrick has still owned everyone. like, did you hear it? haha it was on fire. And his king of new york was just an extreme statement, most likely not to take too seriously..for instance..muslim on pork..rappers are too sensitive

  • Anonymous

    Soul Temple is a scam.

  • Anonymous

    i hope this new rap game is dope rappers just need to try harder ... or put im the studio as executive listener , ill tell them if it wahck or not

  • Anonymous

    when kendrick said new cats dont respond the first person i thought of was joey badass he shouldnt of got involved

  • Dealahunt

    Kendrick is a smarter dude than alot of the rappers today. Have you looked at the award shows lately other than BET's award show? Have you read the comments of other rappers or even watch Kanye West rants over the past few years. I can't speak on it as verbal. We all have to thank HipHop, it's brought us veterans with unmastered talent.

  • Rage

    I am from the west but love New York Hip Hop. Honestly though, I think everyone bitching and crying about the whole Kendrick "king of Ny" seriously needs to get the fuck over it already! If you were offended by it, than obviously your one of the many artist not doing anything relevant for New York hip hop at the moment! Kendrick quotes a line from an old Kurrupt song saying " I am the king of NY" and people getting all offended. I did not hear any diss records drop when Lil Wayne straight up said he did not like "New York"! That's way more disrespectful and you guys let that shit slide!!!

    • Anonymous

      Actually, one rapper responded to that lil wayne comment and it was pretty weak. Is it just me or do a lot of irrelevant, lesser known rappers respond to comments regarding the state of NY?

  • titooo

    Why is Joey using that voice? I guess it does it so he would sound angry but he looks like stupid. He's young but he doesn't have a kids voice so I don't see the need of using that kind of voice he's using lately.

  • Anonymous

    I think he should came a little harder on a better more fast pace beat. This shit was a lil soft.

  • Anonymous

    Decent, not to good. Thats how it always seem like on Joeys disses.

  • Nick T

    No disrespect but black folks dont know SHT called LOGIC. Listen, if NO ONE (including you) wanna FESS UP and TELL then how the fck are the police supposed to know anything and how the f*ck are you or anybody else gonna cry about justice? Nggas talk all that snitch stuff when its another statistic but when its their family member or their man they wanna cry justice. Look, nggas in LA KNOW Orlando anderson killed 2pac but no one wanna fess up cuz theyll get labelled a snitch. Instead they rather go at Funk Flex or Suge Knight and use them as scape goats and act tough with them on the Internet or via records. How is the police gonna lock any of these criminals up if nobody is fessin up? And then when the feds DO lock n*ggas up y'all cry the police is lockin' brothas/rappers up. I feel sorry for african americans, y'all have the most fukd up mentality out in the world, but yet still think its worse overseas LMAO. I live in both places btw and yes im black!

  • Anonymous

    he sound like taken a huge crap!! and want come down.

  • cain killed able and hip hop

    Yikes!!! Who the fuck is this?? If this is the state of New York it ova. He shoulda kept this shit on da block between him and the crew. FOH...shit sucks and he looks dirty as fucc. Nigga need a bath and a tooth brush!!!

  • Anonymous

  • BigG702

    horrible flow sryazz beat

  • Anonymous

    this biggest name in hiphop in from ny...jayz the best critically acclaimed album last yr was by an ny dude...nas the last rapper to go diamond,was from ny...50cent the biggest female name in hiphop is from ny...niki minaj french was on every single last yr,asap and joey are up and coming young niggas! some of it's wack,but ny is still live!

  • Anonymous

    this song sucks, what the fuck

  • Thomasm Kingi

    HIP!!!MOC!! HIP!! MOC!! HIP!! MOC!! DAH BOMB!!! BOMB!!! MOC!!! MOC!!! K.LAMAR [,';V",ERSE}

  • Anonymous

    If anyone is king of new york at the moment it's Joey imo. I mean he's so young and doesn't have the body of work behind him to really be "king". But just in terms of quality of work being put out right now, he's a step ahead of everyone else i've heard

    • Anonymous

      if you didnt respond in 24hrs its no point anybody else that drops something should be slapped three weeks for this weak ass shit come on and this is who is suppose to hold ny down really yall in trouble id rather hear a french montana reply lol

  • donnis mac

    "Has NY fallen off? And if so who is to blame?" ^ check it out.......... Understand that when you say NY and Hip Hop, you're addressing a mass that consists of the old school and new school and best believe one knows what the other has done/is doing. NYC is the Mecca, those meetings that happen for others in different regions, happen in NYC. The whole world filled with music fans just doesn't abide by the status quo of who media is focusing on. When y'all say fall off, it's when you don't see the press or hear the radio love anymore. Y'all just don't understand that when you speak on who's relevant or not, what you truly are saying is that you are a follower. And big business loves your naivety. NYC's version of HIP HOP will never fall off, it just won't be accepted as popular/relevant/hot/happening. No fault of them, but a reasoning behind the actual current fan's mentality. Although 'Albert Einstein' is a solid Hip Hop album, it's just not in the eyes of you internet readers and on Clear Channel's radio station radar. Roc Marciano's 'Reloaded' is Hip Hop, just not on your radar. No radio friendly, club bopping, shake your ass to music, just an introspective from brothers with ill lyricism that will bop your head. Al The Chemist, is one of NYC's Hip Hop producers to go to, and is Eminem's DJ. Eminem spends many of his days rocking out to Alchemist music and many of his millions of fans don't know who Alchemist is. I've never forgot Alc was in the vehicle when Prodigy caught the gun charge the same day and party Wayne caught his charge. How can you really talk Hip Hop to an audience that just may have their mp3 player full of what only hiphopdx posts on though, this is the real question.

  • Anon

    This shit is terrible... he sounded good at 16 cause not many 16 yr olds could rap like that, but now he's regressed.

    • Mac Tray

      just like everybody else who was fire at first but now seems like they fell off a lil. I think its the music we are listing too its no longer pushing us but making us downgrade because no one wants to hear to good shit just the stuff thats going to make money.

  • ReLLington Stacks

    Check out my "Control" (Kendrick Lamar Response) >>

  • Anonymous

    what are all of you talking about joey and kendrick practically talk about the same thing except joey is east coast and kendrick is west coast. i feel like everyone wants to start a biggie tupac fued again.

  • Anonymous

    If anyone thinks NY is dead ill give you just 1 artist to change your mind. Skyzoo. Check out the great debater mixtape.

  • Anonymous

    Smdh, this shit here is trash! New York outta shoot this crack head for even puttin this shit out.

  • Billy Larson

    Son shoulda spit better than that. this coming from a Bada$$ fan. cmon.

  • gay

    when the verse came out he couldnt get kendricks dick out of his mouth and now 3 weeks later he disses him.. lol kendick probably denied him a verse and he got mad.

  • Anonymous

    joey badass can you rap how you did on 1999. thanks.

  • Anonymous

    How do you spell garbage in New York? I wanna root for this kid because he 'represents'' traditional NYC hip hop BUT... this motherfucker is trash! This is whacker than his Lil'B response, NYC should quit responding to Kendrick... The point has already been made... Right now, New York aight poppin, emcees included!!!

    • Anonymous

      nyc ain't popping? sure you're right mtv awards were in bklyn, ny. events were popping all weekend summer shows in the parks, nokia theater shows, bb kings shows, s.o.b. shows, webster hall shows, url shows, hammerstein ballroom shows, pier shows, central park shows, rucker park, harlem week just passed west indian day parade coming up you can't be from nyc, if you are you know there's plenty popping off to be worried about what you saying & know all the b-list rappers are doing is speaking up for their hometown

  • Anonymous

    I'm from NY and this nigga isa garbage... I'm sorry! He's not blowing outside of the city... He is not lyrical. If you think he is you obviously have a peanut brain and you're in special ed!

  • tut

    My response was 100xxx better.... lets play a hunger game, which lame wan run with flames?...we can do a raffle, I lottery off rappers...pull name who ever applicable, while im sittin in the rafters, rifle aim at u bastards, im sendinf real friends ro caspers...pinicchio makin death wishes, so he wont get left nigga...ya bars ah waste..ya best is at my belt bars whoop ass lik ya grandma belt flow extension cord, i power through all of u, cut thru u warm hearted, diamond on clubbin artist, dnt gamble, im playn gambit with these spades ion follow suit...

    • Anonymous

      mother fucker that was terrible. I mean straight up laughable. dont ever post that shit in public again.

  • Anonymous

    Has NY fallen off? And if so who is to blame?

  • Anonymous

    at least he tried

  • lol at this shit

    Lol this shit funnier than gettin tickled with 30 chicken feathers. C'mon man, his homies gotta be ashamed of this shit. Shit is the worse diss, and it took damn near a month lol. Kendrick a fag but this shit laughable. Im more was fun...but now its embarassing.



    • Anonymous

      what are you talking about? good kid m.a.a.d city went platinum and rakim and big pun are not the only one we got big L, 2pac, B.I.G, krs one, etc their are many your to stuck in the past i love old school but you cant just diss kendrick and joey like that their to talented.

  • Anonymous

    I like the black moon reference

  • Sco

    New York MCs are really angry, but can't seem to muster any legitimate rebuttals....NY has officially fallin all the way the fuck off.......everything comes in cycles tho......

  • Anonymous

    Joey you embarrassed yourself with this one man...It took you a few weeks to write this average response. C'MON SON - ED LOVER

    • Anonymous

      how did he embarrass himself the beat to this was way to laid back it was just part of the song his whole song wasnt mainly on kendrick.


    This nigga got the face of a 50 year old crackhead

  • friberg

    I have lost faith in new york rappers... that kid is average as fuck

  • damn

    3 weeks for that ? lol I don't like kendrick but he could do way better than that at his worst day

  • What?

    wasnt he just praising kendrick for the verse the other day and now hes dissing him... i dont undertand.

  • Anonymous

    why he puttin that grunge in his voice?? especially on a laid back track like this.

    • Anonymous

      @ anon ummm, yeh. But kendrick always put that grunge in his voice when he raps, and two, control was a more aggressive song so its appropriate to spit more aggressively. This beat is on some kick back relax type shit so to try to sound aggressive on this track jus sounds outta place.

    • anon

      didnt kendrick do the same thing on control?

  • DONN

    This is okay. But at the age of 18 this guy has the potential to be a legend!

  • Anonymous

    badass murdered kendrick


    Uh oh here come the Kendrick stans lol

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