Eminem "The Marshall Mathers LP 2" Release Date, Cover Art, Tracklisting & Album Stream

UPDATE #4: Eminem's "The Marshall Mathers LP 2" is available for streaming on iTunes Radio.

Seconds ago, during tonight's 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, Beats By Dre released a commercial for Eminem's seventh studio album. Billed as MMLP2 in the brief commercial, the acoronym is believed to suggest Marshall Mathers LP 2, a sequel to Em's heralded sophomore major label album from 2000. According to the commercial MMLP2 will release on November 5, 2013.

Moreover, the commercial indicated that the effort would be executive produced by longtime mentor and Aftermath Entertainment backer Dr. Dre, as well as Def Jam Records co-founder and acclaimed producer Rick Rubin. Dre has executive produced Em's solo albums in the past, most recently 2010's Recovery.

For Rubin, this is the latest in a series of high-profile Hip Hop albums in 2013, beginning with a last minute involvement with Kanye West's Yeezus in June, Rubin was also on hand to work with Jay-Z on Magna Carta Holy Grail less than one month later.

2013 has been a major return to Hip Hop for Rubin, who produced seminal hits for the genre in the 1980s and early 1990s, ranging between LL Cool J and Run-DMC to Geto Boys. This will be his first work with Eminem.

On 2000's diamond-certified Marshall Mathers LP, Dr. Dre produced six of 19 songs, largely co-productions with Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania's Mel-Man.

Eminem's first album in over three years, follows 14 months of promotion. This will be Em's seventh album with Dre's Aftermath label.

Eminem.com reports that "Berzerk," a single from MMLP2, will release on Tuesday (August 27). A snippet is available to listen to now.

(August 25)

UPDATE: Eminem's publicist confirmed the album title to be The Marshall Mathers LP 2.

(August 26)

UPDATE #2: The cover art for The Marshall Mathers LP 2 has been released, according to 2dopeboyz.com

The Marshall Mathers LP 2 cover art features an image of the childhood home of Eminem, which was also featured on one of the two covers of the Detroit rapper's 2000 album, The Marshall Mathers LP. The home is available for purchase on the Michigan Land Bank website, as per mlive.com.

(September 20)

UPDATE #3: The tracklisting for Eminem's The Marshall Mathers LP 2 has been released, according to rapradar.com.

It is as follows:  

1.  “Bad Guy”

2.  “Parking Lot (Skit)”

3.  “Rhyme Or Reason”

4.  “So Much Better”

5.  “Survival”

6.  “Legacy”

7.  “Asshole” f. Skylar Grey

8.  “Berzerk”

9.  “Rap God”

10.  “Brainless”

11.  “Stronger Than I Was”

12.  “The Monster” f. Rihanna

13.  “So Far…”

14.  “Love Game” f. Kendrick Lamar

15.  “Headlights” f. Nate Ruess

16.  “Evil Twin”

(October 10)

UPDATE #4: Eminem's The Marshall Mathers LP 2 is available to stream below, as per Eminem's Twitter account. 

It is being streamed legally through iTunes Radio.

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  • Anonymous

    This is one of his best albums, yeah everyone is better when they first come out, all the hype, it's something new, etc. BUT if he came out with an album with wordplay and lyricism like this 10 years ago, yall would be callin it a classic. THINK ABOUT THAT.

  • Anonymous

    Best reviewed album, only second to original mmlp. check metacritic

  • Anonymous

    if yall think its wack then wtf you on the site for obviously yall listened to the shit to be sitting here hating on his shit so there for yall reall wasting your time acting like anyone gives a shit about your comments lmao this is for fans not dumb ass people who ganna hate on a millionaire acting like it gonna get you somewhere go somewhere wit ya self's like hmm maybe get a job or maybe get a life cuz its pretty clear to us fans you ant got one so as i say fuck wat you heard and recognize what you see notice how hes rich and you ant !!! lol love you em you always number 1 in my eyes ant no one beating you !

  • Anonymous

    How does Em not do a PSA at the beginning of this album? Thought for sure that was happening lol

  • Anonymous

    I guess Em gets a pass for making a pop album but I've seen every other artist who does the same get ripped to shreds on this sight. I won't even say I wonder why...I think we all know what.....SMH

  • deezle

    Rick rubin had no part in Jay-Z's Magna Carta

  • Donna Gabriel

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    • dd

      Stop spaming you bunch of fuckkin idiotts. Do you really think people even read that crap or will even go click on those links ffs.

  • chen

    His worldplay is on another level with this one idc what anyone fuckin says. anyone who says other wise is a faggot drake and wayne fan with skinny jeans who cant understand the bars. And also can someone post examples of worldplay on sslp and mmlp? I dont see any of those albums just ryhme schemes. I mean wordplay like the stuff he uses in this lp like the tricky puns and metaphors and shit like that

  • Loon

    btw, i understand this album dont have LIL'Wayne type beats, but EM has always had sucky beats in his albums (Cum On Everybody?? Im Shady?? Real Slim Shady?? Square Dance??) ... plus he had to switch up his style to stay relevant ... who's really going to buy an album by a 40 year old rapping about raping his mother?? ... just saying ...

  • Loon

    It's a good album in my opinion ... EVERY album Eminem has released since his first, everyone has said it sucked ... i remember when Slim Shady LP came out & all these rap websites like Hiphop Reviews, Sohh.com all gave it bad ratings ... NOW everyone says its a classic ... same with Marshall Mathers LP ... he got criticized for changing his style & his voice ... now that too is a classic ... in a couple years, people are going to look back at this album & say it ranks up there with his best ... just my opinion ... it's a good album & better then everything else out there ..

    • Anonymous

      Co-Sign. I also want to add including the Deluxe edition, this album is EM's best since The Eminem Show. It tops his last 3 albums for me, and has a lot of replay value. Aside from a few tracks this album is dope and the great songs really compensate for the few bad ones. People will always have something to complain about, but this is seriously the closest he will get to the old slim, with sounds like "Brainless, "So Much Better" and "Baby" which were produced by Eminem really takes us back to the Eminem Show era, these songs really sound alike and are dope. This album pretty much has all of his styles and covers his whole body of work.


    6/10..EM can still spit but most of the beats are sub-par.

  • Swurk

    eminem is a great mc/battlerapper etc..., but his voice is annoying and most of his albums suck. so does this one, if you act like this is the album of the year, can't help you, shoot yourself!

  • Anonymous

    French Montana has album of the year

    • Anonymous

      good joke. i havent heard that album mentioned since the week it came out other than to talk about how bad it flopped

  • Taylor Hamilton

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  • sxxx4


  • Anonymous

    Don't Front is going to be dope.

  • sxxx4


  • Anonymous

    No French Montana = no download. #Haaan #Thataintkanye #thatsmontana

  • eminem number 1

    best album since recovery all eminem albums are the greatest

  • David White

    Album is Dope as hell. Ive listened to it like for 30 times. Best Rap Album in the Game since...Marshall`s "Eminem Show" LOL its pretty funny how white boy rules da Game for 20 years.

  • Anonymous

    Not sure why everyone is praising this. Lyrics are there, the beats and ESPECIALLY his flow is whack.

    • Magface

      i banged your girlfriend last night and then its your mom tommorow morning, late your sister. stop speaking sh**t punk!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i like em but pusha t has the the best album

  • Anonymous

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OON-tX3HIcs#t=29 That's the snippet from that other Eminem Call Of Duty track that will soon be released.

  • cxyc

    good album. but is eminem sick? he sounds like that. if he has cancer or another illness :/ my favorite album so far

  • Anonymous

    All of you saying whining that this album is POP either haven't heard it yet or are talking about Recovery. Yes it has pop songs, but it is in no way a pop album. Bad Guy So Much Better Brainless Evil Twin Baby Groundhog Day Wicked Ways Rap God They are all straight Hiphop and do not include no fancy pop singer on the chorus. The only songs i would really say is popish is The Monster, Survival and Stronger Than I Was which was actually quite good and unexpected. Songs like Legacy and Beautiful pain do include pop singers but they are straight DOPE as fuck and they still have that Hiphop beat and feel to it besides the chorus. Quit whining you little bitches.

  • Anonymous

    Aside from those crappy singles, this album is dope as fuck. When i say this album, i am talking about the deluxe version which i consider this as dope and even more dope than certain songs on the album. Besides the Rick Rubin produced tracks which are crap and don't fit at all, the rest of the album is straight fire. The ones complaining are the ones who expected a sequel. If you guys wouldn't have expected that or the album wasnt named the mmlp2, you would actually think its DOPE. Now to all you whiners, this album really tops the last 3 albums he's released. (Encore, Relapse and Recovery). If you can't skip 3 or 4 songs and still enjoy the true classics on this album,, you are retarded.

  • drake runs rap

    feminem is a wanna be popstar. Drake is the only 1 keeping hiphop alive while rappers like eminem collabing with pink and jay z collabing with justin t just to make pop hits. Drake made all the hit songs himself he didnt need help from pop stars. Drake is on another level drake is real hiphop unlike this washed up hasbin pop star and the overrated camel.

  • Whatever

    The album is average. It's forgettable. Eminem has done far far better work than this forced BS.


    MMLP2 Is good but not MMLP1 good, smh I guess that's what happens when your in your 40's cant keep rapping about the same stuff I guess, still a solid 7 out of 10 IMO, good work em.

  • IndigenousHipHop

    MMLP2 LOVERS FALL IN 3 CATEGORIES: 1. People who never truly understood or appreciated hiphop. (You love this album and go play Skylar Grey, Nate Ruess, Rihanna etc. 2. White people proud that a white guy can sell as many albums as his predecessor Vanilla Ice. (Not racist, but these people do exist) 3. People too socially awkward to understand street poetry, game and culture specific themes.. (You go play Skylar Grey and say "this belongs on a HipHop album" Not because it does but because she is your mirror reflection and represents your musical taste and culture which is why Eminem can rap about sex with his own mother and step father and stimulates your mind.

  • Anonymous

    just finished listening to the album stream, and all i can say is, wow.. this is truly eminem at his finest and most focused since his comeback.. he kills every song and even the guests do a great job.. sure, the singles (besides rap god) made me a little skeptical about a recovery 2, but the singles actually work when listening to the album in full.. aside from a few questionable beats (asshole, so far and love game), this album is near modern classic, and i hardly ever use that term to describe albums coming out this day and age.. give it a 4.5/5.. copping it tuesday for sure..

  • sxxx4


  • TrueHipHop

    MMLP2 HATERS FALL IN 3 CATEGORIES: 1. People who never truly understood or appreciated hiphop. (You diss this album but go and play Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz etc. 2. Black people jealous that a white guy keeps dominating at their genre. (Not racist, but these people do exist) 3. People too illiterate to understand sophisticated lyrics, deep subjects and hidden messages. (You go play 2 Chainz and say "this is hip hop". Not because its good hip hop, because it only takes an elementary IQ to understand a line about a clothing brand and expensive car.

    • Anonymous

      How about the black people who defended Yeezus as white people mocked it as pop crap? Then those same whites say Eminem's album isn't pop? FOH.....Word it how you want to make it race bait. Big and Pac are the two greatest ever so I hope more whites have success it's not changing the game by one white artist being dope like Em is. How about the 100's of blacks who have done just as much or more them Em..FOH with the race baiting crap

    • michelle

      I don't know how anyone can say Eminem is not hip hop, some songs within the past few years are poppish but his albums that were 100% true to himself is what got him known/famous. him being white has nothing to do with his success if anything it made his struggle harder seeing as hip hop/ rap career is extremely hard to come up on already, and a predominantly black talent and black fan base. white people alone couldn't have made him one of the highest selling hip hop artists ever. there really isn't another rapper who can word play quite like Eminem, rhyme 12 words in 2 bars? who can do that? wayne? no, drake? no nas? no , I don't think anyone would truly see/appreciate his full talent without listening to every song recorded. its a shame the songs released on the radio have done no justice for him, but the better songs would never be approved for the radio, bleeped from start to end, he is also a business man, so you can call him a sell out, I call him a genious who makes full albums we can appreciate while throwing a couple radio-approved "poppiish" songs in the mix so the groupie hoes can shake their ass at the bar.

    • Anonymous

      Hahahaha, i laughed at your comparison. And i agree with your statements. People won't accept the truth even when it's shoved down their mouths sometimes.

    • TrueHipHop

      That is like saying a black person was the first to greet me. When I arrived in Africa.

    • Anonymous

      Uh black people gave props to EMINEM before anyone else. Check your history Johny come lately.

    • TrueHipHop

      I would say stick with what you understand. Rap is lyrical and if you can spit, you can spit over a guitar chord, you can spit over a country song and it will still be rap. People are stuck in this fantasy that "rap" is that copy/paste trap beat they hear on a Ross or Wayne track. But I say stick with whatever your IQ, racial preferences and understanding of hip hop allow.

    • Anonymous

      what about people who prefer Kool G Rap or Nas over Eminem's pop album?

    • you nailed it

      this is all correct lol

  • Anonymous

    it's a solid 4.5 of 10

  • chekit

    there is literally singin on evry song cept 3-4 songs. even 1 song is fully a singsong. how can eminem even say its a hiphop album w a straigght face.. i know singing and mainstream songs have been a part of em forever..but he been over doing it last 2 albums..Rappop god

  • Bambi

    This Rhyme or Reason track is an insult to classic track from The Zombies. Eminem is gone.

  • BadJet!

    By the way I rate it 8.5/10

  • BadJet!

    This album is for the fans and whether you hate it or love it you gotta respect what this album represents. Every song is not a gem (particularly the singles with the exception of Rap God") but as a body of work it's great and I'm personally satisfied...as a fan. We have watched this mans journey from jump street and its no doubt he holds a special place in the hearts of hip-hop heads so to hear MMLP2 is more than just comparing a 41 year old Em to a hungry 28 year old version of himself. Its about witnessing a journey coming to it's end, and he is fully aware of that end. I love that he's speaking on his own contradictions and faults. Thinking about his karma for every insult and how his words have affected people in neg/pos. ways. He is aware of himself not only as a man but of our perception of him as an artist. Possibly the most self reflecting album we have ever heard from him. He comes full circle on this one. One lyric he says "I'm back before it fades into black and it's all over. Behold the final chapter in the saga. Trying to recapture that lightning trapped in a bottle". This album is a revisit as well as a celebration of why we fell in love with him. I like it cuz no matter how it compares to the earlier work, I can tell he put his all into this and the thing is he didn't have to. The feeling kind of reminds me of how I felt when Jay-Z said he was retiring and released the song "Encore". That "For one last time I need yall to roar" line comes to mind. I also like how experimental it is lyrically and instrumentally. People complain about that but isn't that why we liked him in the first place? Anyway i say all that to say that this album although not the 1st MMLP still holds a very important place in his catalog and as a FAN i have to respect and appreciate what he has done with this project. Here's to you Shady.

    • 33yr Old White Guy

      Well put. I was a senior in high school when The Slim Shady LP dropped and, to be honest, I couldn't stand My Name Is and thought Em was a gimmick. Once I heard the rest of the album I was a fan and have been ever since. This is my favorite album since The Eminem Show. I could give a shit if someones thinks these beats suck or he is pop. Em does what Em wants. If he wants to put Rihanna on a track, he will because she's a good singer and it fits the feel of the track. He's never claimed to be a hardcore gangsta or whatever the fuck the haters expect of him. This is a good album. Maybe you should go back to Waka Flocka or Chief Keef if you want some simple, mindless "hip-hop." You're not ready for this.

    • Anonymous

      this made me drop a tear.... but yes I agree 100% his fans including myself feel as if hes family. hes never held anything back in his music he tells all, might sound creepy and "stan-ish" but when Eminem comes out with new music I feel like im sayin wuddup to an old friend.

  • Helen Michael

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  • stanelys

    idk how people can sit here and honestly say trcksl ike so far, love game, asshole r good.. why eminem always got to put a bunch of shitty tracks on a otherwise solid album.. he just cant make a classic straight thru unless its TES. eminem is the most maddening rapper ever. has all the skills and knowledge to make a monster classic--chooses to add wack tracks to make the album skippable and unlistenable.

  • RG

    No hate, it's pretty good. Remember you've all grown up since the first LP, do you expect MM to stay the same?

  • Anonymous

    Eminem presents: "The White Album" With awesome production from your favorite white producers! Frequency Street runner Rick Rubin Emile Haynie DVLP Jeff Bhasker Sid Roames With some of your favorite white Pop stars! Skylar Grey Nate Ruess This unprecedented and groundbreaking formula is not a trend! This is the new HipHop music of the future, support it and love it!

  • dentaldamboy

    " like how haters use Hell:The Sequel as an example. The fact is that one of their songs reach top 10 is crazy. Interscope didn't promote and eminem didn't use his name. It is the highest charting EP of all time and if you want to compare it to So Far Gone which was heavily promoted, Hell:the sequel sold over 120,000 more and had a higher charting sequel" Interscope did indeed promote it and you can even see eminem on the cover. The album was pop so it sold more than rick ross. Doesn't change the fact it was wack ass pop and that it bombed badly. Eminem bought at least 300k copies so it really went wood.

  • Anonymous

    Eminem will sell 1 milli first week

  • PJM

    man, how many songs has he ruined with horrid choruses?! he's going a similar route with beats that rza is. fuck. great lyricist, but his flow is....difficult.

  • Anonymous

    This album wasn't white enough, we need more white features and more white producers next time.

  • ghost

    Ems delivery aint good like it used to be,lyrically hes still decent but with Bad beats,Bad hooks,and boring flow i cant listen to this.

  • uno

    There's some of you like ''I'm not even a stan but this is way better than SSLP'' then there's ones like ''This is Eminem's worst album ever, what a fucking disappointment'' after one listen and some of you love the shit tracks and hate the good ones calling yourself hip hop heads, and vice versa blah blah, then there's you polluting trolls with your Rick Ross and Drake run rap shit blah blah blah This website is a fucking mess. The comments sections are often worse than Youtube.

  • Bandidos

    Album was almost exactly what I expected it to be. Its more like relapse than recovery but id say its probably worse than both of them. Rap God and Brainless are the only GOOD tracks while Legacy, Evil Twin, and Bad Guy are pretty decent too. I'd give it a generous 5/10 I liked what he was trying to do with it but overall the execution was just short of terrible imo.

  • ...!

    I wish the whole album was just produced by Rick Rubin

  • Anonymous

    Lol, fact is...the haters are in the minority now. This album is being universally praised by fans and critics. Must suck for yall, it ain't cool to hate anymore.

  • me

    1. Trinidad James 2. Kreyashawn 3. Riff Raff 4. Lil B 5. Birdman 6. Gucci Mane 7. Chingy 8. Soulja Boy 9. Lil Romeo 10. Flo Rida Horable Mentions: Birdman, Paris Hilton, Bow Wow, Migos, Rich Homie Quan

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, it's correct. This is the worst rappers ever list.

    • dentaldamboy

      That list is correct.

    • ButMaster

      The fact that you even have Soulja Boy in the top 10 of your list shows you don't have any real idea what good music is. Shit he isn't even in the top 100... And I listened to that shit AAALLLLLL DDDDDDDDAAAAA WWWWWWWAAAAAYYYYYY TUUUUUUUUURRRRRRNNNNNNEEEDDDD UP then Supermaned that shit CD

    • Anonymous

      Replace Flo Rida with Future and move Future up to #1 and you got a great list here.

  • Pmoney

    Defo his best album since eminem show...

  • sam snead

    I usually don't know how I feel about an Eminem album the first couple times I listen to it with the exception of Relapse which was not very good. If I'm still listening to it 2 weeks from now then I can say it's good.

  • 1

    This is the most disappointing hiphop album i have ever heard. What da f happend to Em? Rap God is the only decent track on there. Fuck this hippedy hiphop shit. R.i.p. Em.

  • Anonymous

    Album is pretty solid. Much better than his last 3 albums.

  • YAYO


  • quota

    ' grew up and 'isnt rapping exactly ....... my correction

  • Quota

    another hatin ass comment , the only album that was whack was encore... relapse was ok nothing great but wasnt wack, recovery he came back n spit real life shit over dope beats not afraid and love the way you lie were lame but they were again jus for radio ppl mad cuz eminem grew up and his rapping exactly how he did on his first 3 major albums .. the mmlp2 is fuckin sick with an exception of like 2 tracks , lyrically hes killin shit, delivery is dope as fuck still, wordplay is crazy as fuck, i mean cmon give a dude credit where its due like the dude under me said 4.5/5 !!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Another trash album from Em. How many in a row does that make it? Let's see: Encore is trash, Relapse is trash, Recovery is trash, & with his latest album the MMLP2 being trash the count is at four consecutive trash albums. Now when I say they're trash albums I'm not deriding Em's technical skill -- as a technical rapper/word smith the nigga is on a whole another plateau compared to 99.9% of rap niggas past and present. However the SUBSTANCE, or lack thereof, of his bars are silly and corny as well as poorly produced -- fuck outta here with the Rubin produced Berzerk joint.

  • Quota

    listen to the lyrical content that song asshole wit skylar grey is dope the one wit rihanna is prolly the only weak link to the album and thats jus for radio i dont get these hatin comments from all yall cats he had dre and rubin executive produce the entire album songs like rap god, legacy, bad guy, evil twin, brainless, love game, so much better, rhyme or reason are all dope and i still havent heard the extra 5 bonus cuts hes 40 years old bro lol like obviously its not gonna compare to his most classic album he even said it himself this mmlp2 is not a sequel but a revisitation nobody in the hip hop game can fuck wit him period exclamation !

  • Anonymous

    and no im not a stan, i thought em had fallen off big time before i listened, even the corny radio tracks seem to sound better in the context of the album

  • Anonymous

    I honestly thought the album would be garbage, but in my eyes its his 2nd best album after sslp, better than mmlp and way better than all his other albums. Real talk!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Going into this I didn't have the highest hopes I mean its named after one of the best albums ever and the singles were average and people forget hes fucking over 40 but wow he fucking did it he still can make great albums after this many years. Only a couple weak tracks on this and the deluxe tracks add to how great the album is. Still trying to figure where its gonna fall in with the rest of his albums but after few listens I think it may be his best since the eminem show .enjoy this shit ..4.5/5

  • Anonymous

    cool heavy metal and country beats and pop singers like rihanna and skylar grey

  • You.R.A.Stan

    You are all total Stans. How can you people like this sh!t? GTFOH. This makes Recovery and Relapse look like Ready To Die. Not one of these tracks sounded, felt, or even resembled MMLP. MMLP w/o Dre, Mel Man, or 45 King is not MMLP2

  • 573


  • boo

    fuck the mathews, love the stans

  • Anonymous

    Eminem's not cool is the new cool

  • Anonymous

    Awesome! A rap album with Skylar on it and Nate Ruse! This is real HipHop and exactly what Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash & Melle Melle wanted the culture to represent when they created it.

    • Anonymous

      thats our @BruthaDee

    • hm

      I bet you hate all the Wu Tang songs with the female hooks too?

    • Your an idiot

      U fool are u listening u don't know wtf your talking about .rappers have had singers on their songs for years. it's about Ems rhymes and anyone with real roots in flows and rhymes which is what rap used to be about would understand how much of a foolish and dumb comment that was all those guys u just mentioned know how great Em is and how he's one of the few actually keeping real hip hop alive hopefully your just trolling and not that dumb

    • Doc

      Cosign. What a joke album.


    EMINEM HAD THE BEST HIPHOP ALBUM THIS YR. THOUGH ITS NOT A 5 MIC ALBUM, ITS DEFINETLY 4.5. His wackest songs are his radio singles, but the rest of the songs are on point. His wordplay & delivery are sharp as ever.. LETS ALL BE HONEST, OF COURSE THERE HAVE BEEN MIXTAPES THIS YR THAT HAVE BEEN BETTER THAN ALBUMS, IE : BIG KRIT, LLOYD BANKS AND ETC WHERE TALKING ABOUT ALBUMS NOT MIXTAPES Honestly, I feel like every big time rapper dissapointed me this year.. From Jay Z to Drake to Kanye, I've been dissapointed this yr with the albums.. I've enjoyed mixtapes more than albums this year.. Comment if you agree with me

    • Bandidos

      1. Yeezus 2. My Name Is My Name 3. Born Sinner 4. Acid Rap 5. Watching Movies With The Sound Off 6. Magna Carta Holy Grail 7. Marshall Mathers LP 2

    • quota

      eminem mmlp2 - best hip hop album of 2013 pusha T - my name is my name to me is the 2nd best of 2013 drakes album literally was trash, kanyes was so dissapointing, i thought jays magna carta couldve obviously been much better but there a selection of nice songs like nickels n dimes, crown, futw, etc i think i liked a couple more but fuck all these hatin eminem heads , he put it down dude i mean rap god is lyrical desttruction and nothing on this album is under 4 minutes like his 1st song bad guy is 7 minutes long wit 2 diff beats ... LIKE EM SAID " FUCK A TOP FIVE , BITCH IM TOP FOUR, AND THATS INCLUDING BIGGIE N PAC WHORE, AND I GOTTA EVIL TWIN , WHO THE FUCK YOU THINK THE THIRD AND THE FOURTH SPOTS FOR "

    • Anonymous

      Agreed with the exception of kayne I thought his album went hard .people who only listen to rap would bitch about the sound but those that listen to music know how great his album was but yea Em pulled it off


    Wackest Eminem release to date, I need to listen to Eminem Show to get my mind off this.

    • WEAK EM

      All of a sudden having an opinion is trolling SMH

    • Quota

      dude get the wax out ya ear homie lmfao wackest em album to date huh? wooooooow thats by far one of the most ignorant retarded things ive heard latley wake up THIS ALBUM IS WHAT WE CALL REAL MUSIC NOT JUST HIP HOP only weak songs are radio singles n honestly they not even that bad this hatin ass shit cracks me up hahaha

    • Anonymous

      Fucking troll get a life

    • Anonymous

      stfu you miserable fuck, you don't enjoy anything in life do you?

  • Anonymous

    Oh, it's available for stream? Then I'm going to bump it [Eminem sample kicks in] all night long.

  • wreag

    better than illmatic, madvillainy and all those wack shits. em is real rap

  • GA

    Lyrics were great but this album was kind of dull & uninspired at some points he seemed to be bringing back him being bullied when he was younger from the SSLP which I appreciated I think that Encore, Relapse & Recovery are better than this album all in all I think it's a solid album for Marshall but he can do a lot better & you know it

    • Anonymous

      I was actually very sceptical and didn't expect much from this album after those shitty singles, but turnes out this album is dope as Fuck!! Some of the tracks on this album are the best he has made in years!! I don't want to sound like a stan or anything, but this album clearly tops Recovery, Relapse and Encore in my opinion.... Those singles were the worst he could have put out to promote his album cause the rest of the album is straight FIREEE !!!!

    • Anonymous

      This album tops Recovery, Relapse and Encore..Best work in years, you really have to listen twice before judging, its seriously dope as fuck. Listen to, Bad Guy Brainless Legacy Evil Twin Wicked Ways So Much Better Beautiful Pain Baby Groundhog Day headlights Once you've heard all those tracks just mentionned, than you can jugdge faggot..This alubm is fuckin classic, what do u want more ??? People always complain, but even after those shit ass singles, this album turned out to be dope as fuck.. Quit hating, this is eminem's best work in years and probably his last.

    • Anonymous

      U retarded. This is his best album since The Eminem Show. Clean ur fuckin ears and listen to the deluxe edition and wait till u have heard and understood the whole album before judging retard.. Asides from a couple tracks this is fuckin classic

    • B

      Need to listen to again. Hot tracks on this. I agree most of his albums are better accept Recovery and Encore. Relapse is still legit but he raps his ass off on this album.

  • ToPfIvE

    lloyd banks just dropped a mixtape and why is there none of his songs on this site. that shits mad weak! thought id throw it on a Em blog to get views ya heard...lol

  • jasonnns


  • rabbit demonsss

    666 demonsss

  • rabbit demonsss


  • Anonymous

    "in 2012, the year ross put out his last album and a bunch of others from meek, wale, self made 2, etc... 50 made more money WITH NO ALBUM OUT" Rick Ross made far more money than 50 that year. He just donated most of it to charities around the world. "i seen Gunplays MMG chain in a 50 music video with Young Jeezy! Ross ain't do shit! LOL fuck nigga" Chains are easily replaced. And Ross had dissed 50. "massacre sold more than every mmg realease put together LOL" 1. That was back when albums were still selling. 2. Pop sells more than street rap.

  • wessiide

    Listened the album, its trash. Been a fan of Em since the MMLP, but this is not hiphop anymore. Album only has like 4 tracks that has hard beat and are good, others sound like pop or some country shit. What happened to the albums like Eminem Show? When the only pop feat was Dina Rae. Now theres more pop features than rappers. Only reason why Kendrick is on the album, cause hes hot right now. K dot is good, but i wish there was 50, snoop, dre,xzibit or some else classic artist. Popstars and YMCMB ruined hiphop.

    • Anonymous

      Worst to date??? Are u high . Are u people listening? did u hear bad guy..rhyme or reason..legacy..asshole..rap god..brainless all so fucking hard ..and so far is classic funny shady and he killed that too.there is everything on this album ..the only song that u can say had a poppy sound was monster which he still rips ..headlights is one of his best tracks ever let me guess u only listen to rap music right cus as an artist Em grew a lot on this album it had a little bit of everything. Stop trying so hard to hate on it cus everyones saying how great it actually turned out

    • Anonymous

      What??! Are u trolling Maybe u need a few more listens only a couple weak tracks on here . I thought it would not live up to the hype and the singles were weak but it has some of the best songs he has put out in years. Not that this should make you love it but the album is also getting great reviews everywhere.

    • Co-Sign

      This album is Em's worst to date. I listened to the album a few times, two tracks stand out. What the fuck happened. The day that Lloyd Banks beat eminem, Banks mixtape goes harder than MMLP2.

  • BCcoastin

    oh and ppl hating on the kendrick feat song.....Its pretty dope.that song was really cool to hear actually. they got in the booth and fuckin had tons of fun but still spittin crazy....damn im a hip hop head and that song is one of my favs.

  • Anonymous

    This album is a 4/5.

  • BCcoastin

    this album is dope. has quite the rock vibe. seemed like he did the album the way he wanted. if ya feel me. still wish there was a fif collab on it.

  • r1cka1me1da

    im not even a stan, i came into this thinkin it was gonna be garbage...the only thing garbage about it are the singles and maybe some beats...as far as the vibe and eminem as a whole, hes back

  • yougonlearntoday..

    i hate when niggas say 'listen 2 what hes sayin not the beat' but im 100 sure instrumentals and beats have ALWAYS been apart of hiphop.. e.i: djs, beatboxing, producers. otherwise why pay beatmakes.. why not release a full acapella cd? having said that.. noones going to listen to your song if u choose wack beats, flow like a fuckin moron from scooby doo and that song w k.dot. u combine all that with some of the worst beats youll ever hear in this sport and you get mmlp2 minus a few songs. overall the albums my new weedplate (well the blank cd that i wont even use to burn the album, ill call it mmlp2 and use that). bec i dont even want this for free RAP. over Rap beats and ill pay again. rant over pz bitches.

  • Anonymous

    8.5-9/10. Only 1 bad song (Stronger Than I Am). Berzerk and The Monster eh but the rest are sick. Bad Guy, Evil Twin, Brainless, Rap God, and So Far... are the highlights.

  • Eminem

    "from the first album even the gals were like... "tight lyrics, dreamy eyes.." but my fucking mouth was nightmarish" -classic shady

  • Anonymous

    Rick Ross's last album opening week sales: 230k. 50's last album opening week sales: 110k. Ross is running the fucking game. Anyone that denies it is a fucking racist hater.

    • Anonymous

      massacre sold more than every mmg realease put together LOL

    • Anonymous

      in 2012, the year ross put out his last album and a bunch of others from meek, wale, self made 2, etc... 50 made more money WITH NO ALBUM OUT i seen Gunplays MMG chain in a 50 music video with Young Jeezy! Ross ain't do shit! LOL fuck nigga

    • Anonymous

      50's last album sold more than Ross' last album.

    • dentaldamboy

      But 50 sold 160k copies with his latest album. Rick Ross sold almost 220k opening weekend with his latest album. Who's the winner now bitch?

    • dentaldamboy

      Ross was a CO before he became gangster. 50 tried to commit suicide in 2000 and made himself look like a pussy in the process. He's no gangster but a male prosistute, selling his body to feminem. Rick Ross is winning and 50 is losing.

    • uhhh

      who cares.. ross is a CO and 50 has been done for about a decade now. noones rly looking for ross and i know noones checkin for 50s 1 dimensional ass.

    • Anonymous

      For 50 cent The album, before I self destruct sold 160,000 copies in its first week of release in The United States, debuting at number 5, according to Billboard. For Ross God Forgives, I Don't debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200, selling 218,000 copies in its first week You're just giving 50 a pass because a white guy signed him to his label.

    • aha

      bro stfu you sound stupid as shit with that ross shit

  • sdfagf33

    The bonus tracks are probably the only nice tracks

  • imho

    wheres the site where i can just download bad guy, headlights, evil twin, brainless and berzerk? bec theres no way im paying for this shitty album. after berzerk and rap god i told myself im 100 per buying this album..then i heard monster..then i heard the album and im a HUGE em fan. and i dont want to hear 'well lsiten to the lyrics' sure thats fine and daddy but when u make the song physically impossible to listen to like 'love game' bec it makes u sick to ur stomach he even though of making the song w that beat and flow..then lyrics at that pt dont matter.

  • Eddie

    Full album is on the pirate bay. Its incredible, definitely a solid 8.5. The beginning of bad guy is really bad after 4 minutes it is great. The collab with Kendrick was a MAJOR disappointment. Oh and he actually gives praise to his mom. Still Shock rap though. Buying 3 copies because he deserves it. SUPPORT THE ARTIST

  • Anya

    I don't see why everyone is writing such spiteful comments, Marshall will do whatever he pleases and you are going to be left in the dust because you are obviously not true fans of Eminem and can't see he is made so many amazing raps-they are often lyrically better than some other rappers. His skin tone shouldn't even be mentioned in regards to rap because its about the life experience and what you make of it. Can you all just see that he is rather spectacular and this is evident -just look at his sales and views. I agree that Dre, Nas, and Jay-Z are all legends and there are more but Eminem wouldn't be famous for no reason. He's a rapper and might go towards pop occassionally but he is a rapper and an amazingly good one. No one is perfect and he does have a few naff songs but who cares so does 50 cent -he's often not even lyrical and shows barely a flow in some songs. His music isn't a joke he is going back to his earlier albums and I personally love what I've heard-Rap God is freaking awesome!!! Bezerk too. So lay off and go do some work or something because I personally think that if you have critisizm then you could say it better than you have and not in such a disgraceful way-just calm down

    • imho

      just bec ur a fan doesnt mean u have to dickride.. beatles/ frank sinatra/ jayz..everyone in history makes wack shit here and there..its just eminem finds a way to make it consistant.. (big weenie, my band, we made you, love game, cmon let me ride...ect ect ect ect... when u ahve to force urself to like it or say i need to listen 2 it again..its wack and ull forget it by next yr minus a few hot songs.

  • Rick Johnson

    Finally this damn album leaked!!!! MMLP2 is his best album ever. Hands down

    • no..

      it's a good album, but that is so absurdly far from true you are most likely one of few people in the world who think that. real fans like sslp, mmlp and tes more (i do think its his best since those 3), pop bandwagon fans like recovery more. i dont think eminem would even say its his best album

  • Anonymous

    if you cant respect the change then don't call yourself a fan, ppl change their style over time, lil wayne is nowhere near as good as he used to be yet ppl are still all over his dick. Eminem has always been a great rapper, and because he is using new beats and new rhymes ppl are so quick to judge and add their two cents. His new shit may not be what you want to hear but its his own new creative way of coping with the new hip hop culture, which I might add is garbage all together these days, with the exception of a few artists. If you want the old Eminem stuff listen to his old album otherwise just shut the fuck up because its really annoying listening to all you punks talk shit on your keyboards when you would never say this shit to his face. Get over it. Em is still a beast and you are all just guinea pigs to his new experimentation.

    • haha

      even white people dont like wayne no more..ppl go to concerts to have a good time so he might get concert money..shit i hate rock but i go 2 concerts like that cuz its fun and entertainment..i dont hear noone talking about wayne..from hood to the burbs. dont hear shit.

  • Anonymous


  • jayb

    skyla grey rihanna nate reuss???????? fuck eminem...will check that kendrick feature tho

    • oh boy

      do yourself a favor. brace yourself for love game.your going to be severly disappointed.

    • Anonymous

      the song with nate is dope as fuck! and whats wrong with em putting pop singers on the chorus??? he's been doing that since the beginning with dina rae and dido, noone was complaining back then.

  • Jonathan

    This is going to be Dope judging from Rap God....this is the em we know

  • deepakdtj2011

    Finally it is released!!! Marshall Mathers LP 2 (MMLP 2) Tracklist

  • Anonymous

    Find out what the other MMLP2 tracks will sound like here... www.eminemalbum2014.com

  • Fjd

    i agree im disappointed with k dot bein the only rap guest but yall get to caught up in that. yall remeber mmlp had dido a one hit wonder pop star that helped make one of ems best career songs and one of the best concept songs ever so wait and see. cmon son jay z is on a fuckin roll right now makin multiple collabs with justin queer ass timberlake but yall dont complain about that? or how he put his own wife, pop ass beyonce on tracks?

  • Anonymous

    Listening to the song "We as American's" of Encore. That was Eminem at his Peak. Why can't he go back to that? He need to realize what his GOOD music is. Recovery was absolute trash. Go back to the best songs on Encore and study that. The album was hated overall due to songs like puke, my first single, but his best songs on there are his best work (We as americans, Mosh, spend some time, never enough, Toy soldiers)

    • Anonymous

      Encore only had a couple of good songs on that album. That was the beginning of his falloff... until he came back with recovery.

    • Anonymous

      +Yellow Brick Road, + Mockingbird, shame album was underrated due to a few terrible songs, without those it would be a classic.

  • Anonymous

    fuck mainstrream rap play gta 5 instead

  • Anonymous

    his album probly be trash i wonder what he got in the vault probly release music like pac when he dies

  • JogaBonitoTV

    Yeah right, yeah after Royce heard the collabs with Rihanna, Ruess and Skylar he had nightmares because he never heard Eminem POPish like that. And alchemist probably meant with ''further territories'' Eminem going more in then in Recovery, so innstead of Pink and Rihanna he decided this time to add Skeylar Grey and Nate Ruess. Too much expectations of fans, but lets make it simple, this probably be something like recovery on a more rock style.

  • Ray

    This shit is by far the most disscused topic. I think Eminem is creating a lot of controversy to sell his album by letting us think this will flop. In 2000 he use to diss and making jokes of gays, now I think he is letting people believe this will be a pop album but make a big return and leave everybody in chock. If Royce said he had nightmares and DJ Alchemist said he went further terretories then this must be dope.

  • rap fan

    50 Cent? Slaughterhouse? Yelawolf?

  • Kizman

    However, people say if Eminem was black, he'd be considered the best, but no, that's obviously retarded. If he was black, he would be considered an average rapper; as you will see, metalhead fans (who are white) also listen to him and they don't listen to any black rappers, whereas the statement "If Eminem was black" is invalid. You can't consider Eminem good when you don't listen to other rappers, however. It's rather fatuous to imply that he's the best.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    A C T I O N B R O N S O N S H I T S O N E M I N E M T H E S E D A Y S

    • Anonymous

      Possibly but all that shit went out the window when he started making an album with Macklemore, whom is very queery.

  • anonymous shit

    sad thing is a year from now this shit will be 2 times platinum

  • Anonymous

    Everyone talking about album sales... Miley Cyrus will kill eminem on sales it dosnt mean shit! Fans want a hip hop album the fact eminem is selling out to get more botox injections is a joke!

  • chicko

    eminem is a very ocsum rapper our family love u alots wish u best of luck Jesus Christ give u long life & protect u bless u

  • Anonymous

    no royce? no slaghterhouse? no D12?

  • Chris Etrata

    As much as I hate to admit it, Eminem doesn't really give a fuck about what we all have to say. Yes I know, it sucks but he wants to put pop stars over hiphop artists and doesn't give a fuck about our complaints.

  • Dentaldamboy

    drake running this game whether you haters like it or not. eminem's gonna flop. eminem's been terrible since the eminem show: encore-trash album, was drugged the fuck up relapse-stupid ass, annoying accent all through the album recovery-pop trash, yelling through the album, weezy kills him on his own album mmlp2 will be no different.

    • Anya

      WAYNE? Hahahahahah no way-ahaha who even likes Wayne his voice and style is a complete joke-he has nothing on Eminem-oh my god you're all so dumb I read so many comments and just laugh my ass off ahaha

    • CKELZ

      your an idiot. Eminems albums with the exception of relapse have all been good. and to think that wayne killed him on his own shit is outrageous. Eminem goes harder than wayne ever did.

    • Anonymous

      "Lil wayne did body him on his own shit, and recovery sounds like Dedication 2, he copied waynes old style hard..." Biggest joke ever.

    • Anonymous

      dumbest shit on the internet by far

    • DTO

      Drake runs R&B you fucking haters! Drizzy & Johnny football are the hottest couple in entertainment right now, fuck the haters!

    • Dentaldamboy

      "Eminem flop? LOL Is this a joke? All of his shit sells well, no matter what the quality of the music is." quality > quantity

    • Anonymous

      Lil wayne did body him on his own shit, and recovery sounds like Dedication 2, he copied waynes old style hard...

    • Beinghuman

      Weezy kiiled in Em's album?? U YMCMB ass licked... why dont u say Drake & wayne Killed in Forever track too and Minaj killed in Roman Revenge.. U fag ass YMCMB dick suckker.

    • Anonymous

      Eminem flop? LOL Is this a joke? All of his shit sells well, no matter what the quality of the music is.

  • Anonymous

    Check out this track by track preview of the MMLP2!! www.eminemalbum2014.com


    hhdx is full of trolls XXL been done allhiphop c-section is a ghost town nahright is a community rapradar is moderating feds on wshh lot of these lames already on hnhh Kanye To The is a hellhole and has profoundly retarded fucks and dumbass kids there too. H o t N e w H i p H o p is a horrendous piece of shit and has trolls and little sheepish fucktards with fake celeb accounts spewing out dumb shit and arguing with each other. Almost as bad as the typical You Tube comment section. Odd Future Talk has "liberal" sad white boys and uncle toms, and is just as fucking bad as Kanye To The, its butt buddy. Hype Beast is nothing but hipster white faggots and dumb niggas with no knowledge of hip hop, much like KTT, OFT, HNHH, etc. 2 Dope Boyz, Ill Roots, and Slum Boxden (I Think) are kinda okay and only slightly better than the rest I have named.


      LMFAO your kidding me about that "white hipsters" comment right lol...UMMMM...black guys trying to be like lil wayne started that tight ass gay pant wearing shit...be proud of that gangstas...dont worry though...ive heard that gay look is a hit in prison (where lame ass so-called gangstas spend there time cuz there hustle game is weak)...so go hop on your skateboard...spin your wallet chain...and keep bumping that radio- play DJ Ipod

    • Anonymous

      Check out this track by track preview of the MMLP2 www.eminemalbum2014.com

  • Gucci

    Gucci Mane is the realest rapper and heres why. - all other rappers rap about being gangster shooting and killing but they havent done it. - Eminem raps about killing he hasnt. - Jay z raps in open letter about sending shots he hasnt. - T.I. snitch to the feds - Young Jeezy was never bmf - 50 Cent snitch and was never in jail but a youthcamp - Game was never a banger but lived the life of his brother in his lyrics - Nas Escobar never sold drugs - Ice Cube never was a gangbanger - Dr Dre never was a gangbanger - Snoop was never a crip - 2pac was a ballerina and never sold drugs after he become famous he was doing some stupid stuff like beating and shooting at people because he though he could get away with it. Without Suge Knight 2pac was just a skinny motherf*cker. - Mobb deep are the biggiest cowards in rap they are short as midgets and keep talking this g sh*t but never did g sh*t. - Most of the rappers rap about stuff they havent done yet you all support them and say its real rap. - When rick ross does it you all claim he is fake and say its fake rap. This shows that hiphop fans are hypocritical and all these real hiphop fan wanna be's are just some unjustified haters whose opinions are just as irrelevent as the swag fag rapper fans. BIG GUWOP KILLED A MAN HE WAS A DRUG DEALER BEFORE RAPPER HE HAS STREET CREDENTIALS HE IS THE ONLY RAPPER THAT RAPS ABOUT FACTS THERE FORE BIG GUWOP IS THE REALEST RAPPER IN THE RAP GAME AND THATS A FACT!

    • Anya

      You're actually an idiot. Marshall puts rhymes together-Rap is essentially spoken poetry with a beat-not all poetry is fucking real, its just to get a reaction or its a story with most likely exaggeration and a bit of bull shit to sound good.

    • Dylan Gardner

      Eminem is the best PS- Gucci, rapping is not real life shit so suk it up and get a life, if u dont like rap plz stay off this page

    • Anonymous

      Yeah Nigga, BUUURPP!

    • 1984

      you're a stupid motherfucker. please do us all a favor. and kill yourself with a shotgun and film it so we can all watch and celebrate. BURRRR!

  • katherineparker198

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  • PETE

    sell out,why u call this album mmip2,never again i will look for eminem or dr dre sell outs,good kid maad city better than all eminems album

  • Kramer

    I wanted to see song names like "F*** Kim", "Vicodin" , "Torture", "Me and my Mom".

  • Lawanda M. Bunch

    til I looked at the receipt which was of $4812, I accept ...that...my sister woz actualey erning money parttime on-line.. there dads buddy started doing this for less than nine months and recently repayed the morgage on their villa and bought Mercedes-Benz S-class. check out the post right here http://smarturl.it/bhtmj6

  • vince

    all of you trolls are annoying as fuck. think about it....you click on the link just to hate on Eminem. go away fukboyz! all a bunch of cry babies. we all know your prob 13 y.o's that know nothing about rap or 30 y.o's living in ur moms basement that do nothing but troll because you're just a fukboy.

  • LOL

    Yawning Yawning boring boring

  • former Emfan

    Not gonna support him anymore cuz he's a sell-out. Sold out with Recovery album. Doing tracks with corny popstars these days. Fuckin hypocrite and sell-out.

    • Anya

      I see what you're saying about selling out and ew I hope he never does a song with Miley I would kill myself (some people have been saying) But if you were a true fan you would give him a chance and you would stick with the music of his you did like-there is no way an artist can stay on his/her game forever or even continue producing the same styled raps -they want to try new things and it depends on what is selling and what is in, at the moment there is this pop shit which is a disgrace to our generations we should go back to the likes of the beetles because at least they had class, I'm more of a rap fan so I guess I'll stick with Dre till I hear something good

    • Da Truth

      The people who are overly concerned with sales are usually the freakish nerds who lurk and troll HipHop forums, the normal people focus more on the music itself. I could care less about sales because I'm a part of the culture and I recognize that Vanilla Ice is a multi-platinum artist who sold 10 million copies of his debut rap album and Rakim dOesent have a platinum plaque for any of his solo albums.......that's what sales means to me. Unlike other genres HipHop has the most disposable music due to the mixtape dynamic, our fans are spoiled from the abundance of quality free music they can get for free without the guilt of pirating. However sales in HipHop is always a outlet for losers/loners to celebrate Emenims sales and laugh when Talib Kweli only does 100K....it's the nature of the beast.

    • Anonymous

      Check out this track by track preview of the MMLP2 !!!! www.eminemalbum2014.com

    • ForSure

      I know what u mean exactly, well for me I guess this is the last thing I really gonna check. I expect on November 5th will be the last day I listenend to the new Eminem. The MMLP2 and dying his hair blonde was all a marketing move to get people hyped.

    • former Emfan

      Dont care what he makes anymore. Once I lose my respect for an artist, it's over. I can never support him anymore. I can only support artist who don't sell-out.

    • ForSure

      Yeah I know what you mean, me the same. But lets just wait. It seems like The Marshall Mathers LP 2 is going to be a dissapointment, but I will wait until it comes out.

  • Anonymous

    You have heard "survival" you have seen the track listing? On the strength of that song and the list this album will suck a big one. It will outsell all other artists but eminem could record a fart for 60 minutes and sell a million.

  • Anonymous

    To the amature that comment on that dudes list below....So mf doom doesn't suie eminem but you are cool with Skylar grey???

  • Anonymous

    Where's 50 Cent????

  • NuriSahin

    Eminem forgot to contact Miley Cirus! His next album after the mmlp2 in 2015 will be: The Slim Shady LP 2. Features: Miley Cirus, Rihanna, Lady Gaga & Chief Keef! Lead single: Eminem ft Miley Cirus Were Back Call Of Duty Bonus track: Eminem ft Pink Rock Me Baby Producer: DJ Khaled The only ''Hip Hop'' collab, Eminem ft Chief Keef These Kids Cant Hold Me Back! Eminem excuses in a row by his STANS: Encore: ''he was on drugs but in Relapse he'll come back'' Relapse: ''Eminem was clean and needed to find himself that doesnt count. But in Recovery he will go back to the old Eminem..'' Recovery: ''Eminem wanted to different things, Eminem is grown now you can't expect him to go back. But in the MMLP2 the old Eminem is coming. He dyd his hair blonde and made a tribute to beastie boys etc so Eminem is coming back really because this is named 2nd version of MMLP'' etc lol how many excuses I need to hear. And after The MMLP2 his Stans will say: ''Eminem changed as a person so you can't expect he's going to be the same Eminem as the first Marshall Mathers LP, but on the Slim Shady LP 2 Eminem will please his fans because he said that in the interview. Scenario Eminem STANS on the slim shady LP 2: ''Eminem is almost grandpa and he have kids so he got to makes features with miley cirus etc'' Oh Im looking out for the The Eminem Show 2 & Infinite 2, how many times will Eminem come back and how many times his fans are going to use excuses for every album he puts HAHAHA.

  • Anonymous

    Where's the single featuring 50 Cent?

  • Anonymous

    Eminem is a hot MC just with no subject mater these days as he got bigger than Elivis man, guy cant leave his crib. Not hate just facts You youngins want a hot tape get Cam'rons new one.. shit is fire.

  • Anonymous

    Love the way you lie..... BARF!

  • Anonymous

    Im suprised Miley Cyrus isnt a feature this guy is such a sell out...

    • Anya

      Ew shut up. The only thing Eminem will be doing to Miley is rapping about how shit she is then put the disc in an envelope and sent it her way not forgetting to spit on it before he sends it. Js I dont mind being a dick to Miley but if you have hate for Marshall then why waste your time get off this forum and get a life

    • Anonymous

      Eminem will never work with that bitch and won;t work with those weak artists.

    • Lilly23543

      Don't worry, Miley Cirus will be featured in the Slim Shady LP 2, One Direction, Beycone, Lady Gaga and Katey Perry couldnt make the list so thats why they'll be in the SSLP 2!

  • Anonymous

    Who i would have like to have seen on this album Yelawolf Masta Ace Mood deep School boy q Adrock Dre Dj premier Alchemist Action Bronson Kanye (Production) Harry Fraud )production) Clams casion (Prodcution) Dizze Rascal Dizze Wright MF Doom Bun B If he has to have a girl on the hook use Santagold MIA o Da Brat.. Even Azelia Banks

    • Anya

      NOT DIZZE RASCAL, sorry not with you on that. Hahahahahah I would laugh so hard if Azelia and him made something. It could be better than what he's being doing with Skylar tbh ugh she is pushing my buttons I really dont like her -but yo I agree with the rest

    • Anonymous

      So mf doom doesn't suie eminem but you are cool with Skylar grey???

    • Anonymous

      Just my two cents bruv.

    • jack johnson

      lmao why would he have mf doom on there? they don't go together at all, or dizzie rascal.

  • T_Rock22

    Yall tripping like you even heard the album, how you gonna judge the album because he has a song with rihanna, who he had a huge hit single with in his last album, and a song with Skylar Grey who is an artist who is signed to him, you guys are trippin eminem is one of the only mainstream rapper who will actually put out a REAL hip hop album, GTFO with that going pop shit this dude sells millions


    The titles and features look so horrible that almost everybody except the pop lovers are going to be dissapointed. Dont expect anything good folks. This is holy grail all over again.

  • Stannies

    Ah now you little Stans feel offended because Eminem is critized by large Hip Hop audience and a large audience of his real fan base. But what would you expect? Finally some fans see themselves what people are screaming for years. Then you got another group of emo listeners who just defend everything he makes. The next album he will make features with One Direction and Lady Gaga mark my words hahaha

  • Guest

    I have a bad feeling about this album, tracklist seems weak just from some of the titles

    • Anya

      Are you kidding it looks fantastic I'm mega excited-Rap God is actually like one of my favourites I dont know why though I need to figure it out and get back to you

  • gh

    wayyyy too different from the first album and sounds more on the recovery side but itll be dope. 3x plat

  • alonzo cantu

    Am I the only one who thinks the cover should have been him sitting in front of his mansion?

  • Nick T

    BEST ALBUMS SINCE 2000 2000 - Supreme Cliente, Marshall Mathers LP, Stankonia 2001 - The Blueprint, Stillmatic 2002 - The Fix, God's Son, The Eminem Show 2003 - Get Rich Or Die Tryin, The Black Album, Speakerboxxx/The Love Below 2004 - The College Dropout, Madvillainy, Mm... Food 2005 - Late Registration, The Documentary, Be 2006 - Hell Hath No Fury, Food & Liquor, Fishscale 2007 - Da Drought 3, Graduation, The Cool 2008 - The Renaissance, Tha Carter 3, Untitled (Nas) 2009 - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2, The Ecstatic, Slaughterhouse 2010 - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Sir Lucious Left Foot 2011 - Watch The Throne, Section.80 2012 - good kid m.A.A.d city, Life Is Good, R.A.P Music

  • ShadyWolf1215

    If you were able to change the tracklist, what would the title, features, and producers will be for the songs?

  • abundanceofcreation

    The barcode is the exact barcode from Ice cubes, 'ICEBERG' Album. Kind of odd. Unless they used it as an easter egg.

  • Forza

    DOES ANYONE KNOW IF HELL DO A PRE ALBUM FREESTYLE LIKE RELAPSE AND RECOVERY HAD!?!? ne ways kinda skeptical but still hyped for this shit idk why he got grey and wack ass rianna on again no way itll be like mmlp but prob almost as good in its own modern way if production is dope

  • Mireille J. Burks

    uptil I saw the paycheck of $9507, I didnt believe ...that...my mother in law woz like they say actualie making money part time from their laptop.. there best friend had bean doing this 4 only 1 year and a short time ago paid the dept on there house and bourt themselves a Toyota. review http://smarturl.it/bhtmj6

  • georgel

    Doesnt anyone realize eminem has a huge female fan base too. News flash - people need and like money to live and support their family. If he didnt put a pop artist on the album his female fans would be disappointed too. Also we have no idea what it sounds like at this point. Rihanna was on run this town and all of the lights too and i still heard tons of people blasting that shit. hip hop fans are so closed minded and ignorant. we are talking about a couple songs out of 16 that feature a pop artist. not a big deal

    • Anya

      Jay-Z is successful as and has some mint songs, also I totally agree with the first comment but personally as a GIRL I dont want so much pop stuff but I dont mind I just want him to be him and I'll respect that

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      He has enough money for his family kid... Music is about music and should never be about business. If u want to listen to a business man listen to gay z

  • Anonymous

    Survival shouldn't even be on the album and "Berzerk" should be a bonus track for the deluxe version. Seeing Rihanna on a track makes me think he's making another album like Recovery. Why would you name this album MMLP2?

    • Anya

      You haven't heard the songs-it still has a chance of not being recovery all over so give it a chance -Survival isn't bad oi and yes I love the skits and 50 he need them and we need them too

    • Chris Etrata

      I'll still check the album out just because I can't critique it without hearing it and I am a big eminem fan. However, the tracklist isn't inspiring much confidence outside of K Dot. No skits, no shady acts, no 50, and pop over hiphop.

    • steve

      My thoughts exactly

  • Gretchen J. Lund

    til I saw the check of $9194, I didn't believe ...that...my mother in law was trully earning money in there spare time from their computer.. there friends cousin has done this for less than fifteen months and recently cleard the morgage on their cottage and bourt Honda. Visit Website http://smarturl.it/bhtmj6

  • Anonymous

    Eminem on syllables: ''It is not about lyrics anymore Its about a hot beat and a catchy hook'' Eminem in 2000: ''I'm anti-Backstreet and Ricky Martin His instincts to kill N'Sync Don't get me started These fucking brats can't sing and Britney's garbage What is this bitch, retarded Give me back my sixteen dollars'' The Marshall Mathers LP: Making fun of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera etc Eminem interview earlier in his career: ''I dont want people to associate me with these pop stars so thats why I wanna make sure people wont, I just think their singing is corny'' Eminem of 2010-2013: Works with Rihanna, Pink, Skeylar grey, makes corny songs and corny hooks. Works with Bruno mars. Will The Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up? Oh wait he is dead.... ahahahahah lol

    • Anya

      You've opened my eyes-I do love his lyrical music better tbh but as a fan I will accept and follow, obey and praise when needed lol I sound like I'm preaching to god ahahah sorry I am totz atheist

    • Damn

      Damn that's crazy...Never noticed that

  • Chris Etrata

    Does anyone remember dina rae who appeared on eminems earlier albums? Do you think Skylar Grey may be positioned as dina rae 2.0?

    • Anya

      I too agree with the album name I would expect more skits, I think he was trying to go back to his earlier works with 'Bezerk' but tbh he hasn't entirely-I see what he's doing but if he was to really go back wouldn't he have a real listen to his old stuff and redo it differently. Kendrick Lamar might be the saviour of this album. Who cares about skylar oi

    • Chris Etrata

      I have more of a problem with the album title. MMLP2 would indicate a sequel to a classic that would feature skits, HIPHOP acts, production courtsey of Dr Dre and Bass Brothers, and pop singers would be lined up for defamation, not to sing on the album.

    • cxfjh

      looks like the whit stans have enough of eminem. im saying this since relapse but nobody wanted 2 listen

    • Neymar

      I meant ''can't''

    • Neymar

      I don't think so, I think she's going to be more like how pink and Rihanna was in Recovery. Maybe more like Stan. It may be nuts track based on the title, or maybe very emotional. But it hurts me to see these names. I can imagine this to be a good album if I see the features and the song names also is too cliche.. Maybe the solo songs and the collabs with Kendrick lamar will sound better

  • DenzelWashingtonWillSmith

    Woow Im actually shocked on the names, I tought Eminem would come with some real crazy artists. Kendrick Lamar is good, but he should've chose some artists that fits more with him instead of pop artists. MMLP had, Sticky Fingaz, RBX, Xzibit, Snoop Dogg, Dre, D12, (Dido only pop but she wasnt corny he made a classic with that Stan song) etc. I dont think this is going to be a classic like the previous Marshall Mathers LP.

    • anya

      OH MY GOD-Snoop and Dre would've been perfect I don't know why either-he's just following the genres 'in' at the moment and thats pop. ugh. Ew yeah Drake ahahah people say that he's going to be the biggest soon. NOW THAT'S A JOKE. Please no kill him thanks bye.

    • MrMythos

      Eminem doesn't need features to hype up his songs, that's what people don't get. He just asks this singers he's lined up to do his choruses for him cuz he's not trying to sing too much like Drake. I think this will be dope, but we'll see.

  • PsychoDog

    Whole New album MMLP2 is already leaked with quality 320kbps Download it here: www.tinyurl.com/eminemleakedoctober

  • Denwill

    You forgot the leadsingle for Infinite 2, Baby Dont Make Me Cry ft Lady Gaga

  • Slim Shady Is Dead

    This looks like a flop 2 me. Im not even excited for the Kendrick track. This motherfucker is making POP-RAP shit for the last 4 years almost. The next album probably will be ''Infinite part 2'' Features: Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Rihanna (again) and Katy Perry. Producers: DJ Khaled. Bonus track for Call Of Duty: ''Rock It Baby'' featuring Pink.

    • Anya

      CAN YOU NOT EVEN JOKE EW DJ KHALED-ahahah no. I'm for the two comments at the top of the comments but oi Survival wont be as big as Stan no but it is still decent and tbh I really like it. I agree with the first person -I also am digging RAP GOD-If you like to learn his raps like I do you will just laugh at what he's done or in some of his earlier songs you will be disturbed and he totally pushes you and gets some sort of reaction-at least people don't fall asleep like the Mozart crap I could dance and rap to these songs all day long (AND I DO) I dont care if I'm a younger generation -how does that affect him? It doesn't it means more variety of people that could like his new stuff. Give him a chance and shut up he's not working with Katy Perry

    • Slim Shady Is Dead

      @MrMythos If you jugded objevtive you would've know Eminem fell off a long time ago. Every album after Encore he or the fans come with another excuses. Im not a hater because I am an Eminem fan, always bought his albums, but Im speaking the truth if I say the last 3 solo LPs was wack. @georgel I have no problem with him adding female voices in his rap. He did that in Infinite, SSLP, Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show. Recovery he just went 2 far by doing that commercial style he once was against. You need to put your head of Eminem's ass. Just because you haven't heard a better album says more about your Hip Hop knowledge then reality. R.A The Rugged Man, Kendrick Lamar (mainstream), Raekwon, Talib Kweli, Nas, Common, Immortal Technique made better albums the last years and I can name 100 more. Berzerk & Survival are just wack songs and nothing special. Trust me in 10 years nobody will speak about Survival like Lose Yourself or Stan. Yes I am an Eminem fan, but I dont fall for everything he made. Atleast I can look objective. If I wasnt a fan I wouldnt look for him in the first place. So thats why from now Im going to wait what that MMLP2 album is all about and if he can silence the critics including me, if it's another wack album I'll stop listening to Eminem.

    • georgel

      Some people are just fucking idiots. Every rapper including nas has used r&b and pop signers but the wack ones are the ones who sing the chorus themselves like ja rule, 50 cent sometimes, drake on every damn song..maybe if real hip hop fans would buy albums without big pop stars on the albums rappers wouldnt need to use them to get bigger sales. you havent heard the damn album yet and going by the first two songs they are not pop songs in any way in my opinion. he didnt make a funny corny lead track like we made you like he usually does and both songs survival and berzerk have grew on me and have a rock feel to them. some people just want to see hip flop but he still makes better albums then most rappers. i havent heard an album all year that i could listen to the whole thing through

    • MrMythos

      Eminem never flops dude, what a hater. He used singers in recovery and that shit was dope in my opinion. Recovery had content, depth, decent lyricism and some real shady tracks on it. This could be the same.

  • Fooling your fans

    Hahaha and Eminem is fooling his fans again. First on Relapse he and his fans telling me coming with excuses like ''Eminem was on drugs on Encore'' but gues what Eminem was on drug on Slim Shady LP and The Marshall Mathers LP. Then they come with'' ohh on Relapse he was was flushing em out he came off drugs etc'' Then Recovery was suppose to be the comeback of Eminem criticizing Relapse, then fans came with excuses ''ohh Eminem was mature and wanted to do different stuff he couldnt be the same old Eminem etc'' But a year ago on relapse he said some fucked up shit like he use to do in 2000s, he even said he wants to stuck his penis in the anus of Nicki Minaj. Fuck outta here dont come with excuses Eminem is grown. Yeah he is grown as a man but he still can say fucked up shit. Beside that, The Eminem Show was a mature Eminem album and that sounded dope. Because Eminem wasnt slim shady in Recovery? Eminem wasnt slim shady in Infinite but thats one of his best work.. Then Eminem dyd his hair blonde again and call his upcomming album MMLP2 for people to think Eminem is going back to 2000s style. How many time did Eminem ? Now fans come up to me with ''ohh but Berzerk is a 80s style he wants to pay homeage to the Beastie Boys'' etc.. So what no we should fall for that? Hahaha I dont care if he makes a 80s, 90s or 00s style of song to trick you fools. He needs to make good song like back in the days no excuses like He isnt slim shady, he is grown etc.. Accent.. bullshit. Eminem is fooling you. Im sure the features with the pop stars will be garbage like his singles. Recovery was the same, people said wait until you hear the album, then we heard and it was still garbage..

  • Wasted talent

    Why? Why? Why? Rihanna? Why not Erykah Badu, Janelle Monae, Angie Stone? Why not musicians? Why not some real featurings? Method Man, Redman, Ghostface, Scarface, Ice Cube? Why not? What about production? Preemo? Pete Rock? RZA? Eminem is such a talent...to ruin albums. I want to see him in ruff rugged n raw style! Real hip hop beats, and raw spittin', no POP. Oh well, maybe some other time...

    • Anya

      I think i've just spent like 3 hours going through these comments and giving my 2 cents ahahahah, fuck man You haven't heard the songs (reiterating what the first person said) and yes it would be great if he was just straight rap but that might be his next album I'm going to enjoy this one (hopefully) and ignore you haters (the last comment) because you're irritating me so much -yes Lamar will rock it but I dont mind one RIRI -he needs to get to his pop fans to lololol

    • Anonymous

      @Anonymous Thats what people said when we saw that garbage list of Recovery. Eminem is putting out wack shit for years now, (only hell the sequel was dope but that was dope most part from Royce Da 5'9''). Tracklist is straight garbage, only Kendrick lamar feature I think will be dope.

    • ChuckNiddy

      This is exactly what I thought when I saw that. Still hope the album will have solid production, I would almost rather have the Bass Brothers produce this one to bring back that original Marshal Mathers LP sound but I am surprised they didn't mention any producers.

    • Anonymous

      nigga you havent even heard the songs -_- calm down

  • epic

    No Slaughterhouse feature?


    DOPE! Can't wait to hear this! The artwork is good too!

  • Dentaldamboy

    Sorry 4 The Wait: Mixtape of the Year 2011 Dedikation 4: Mixtape of the Year 2012 Dedikation 5 : Mixtape of the Year 2013 They cant beat King Weezy. He owns the throne suckas! YMCMB ALLDAY ERRDAY!

  • Anonymous

    You guys realize Em has girl fans as well? 2 features with Rihanna and Skylar out of 16 songs isn't an injustice.. Drake makes song gayer than either of those without a female feature on it. Watch the feature with Nate be dope too, lol.

    • Anonymous

      you motherfuckers are dumb. wait until the shit comes out and listen to the whole thing from start to finish a few times before saying whether it's good or trash.

    • lol

      Now it seems Eminem has no back bone. He is following the trend and trying too hard to please and appeal to fans that it just has an opposite effect, people who enjoyed his music don't anymore. instead of sticking to his sound and being original he has become a sheep.

    • lo

      Who gives a fuck? This is hiphop, and he shouldn't worry about pleasing little fan girls and 14 year old teens. He should have stuck to what he does and not give a fuck about pleasing little faggots like you. Thats why his first albums were so successful, he simply didn't give a fuck. Now he is just washed up and want's to follow the trend and include garbage pop artists on his records like every other rapper does instead of staying true to himself. He is disapointing more fans than he is pleasing by releasing this type of shit. This new pop trend is not what got people into liking Eminem in the first place. Most people buying his albums are the same people who enjoys his older material.

  • David Bunz

    Why is Em even on Interscope still? Everyone knows who he is, he doesn't need that major label promotional machine. Couldn't he go independent, make more money than ever, AND have complete creative control?? Confusion...

    • lowprofile

      & then u call u call Em a nigga

    • Anonymous

      You guys have NO idea about what you're talking about. You're not an expert on the music business, I dont care how many interviews you watch of your favorite Indy rapper, you have no idea of what actually goes on in the business. You are a spectator not a participant, please stay in your lane, you only sound foolish. Why would someone who has literally sold 100 million records,year long world tours, clothing lines, films, and oscars with the interscope machine behind him trade that for the independent grind? That makes no fucking sense. I hate how rappers have made yall believe that Indy land is just this magical place full of freedom, and niggas making 5 dollars a CD. In reality it can be a very lucrative world, but all of the work that goes into making an artist hot is on your shoulders when you're indy. Most niggas aiint built for that kinda legwork. So why would Eminem, a nigga that's been rich as fuck since 2000, trade all his comfort and stability just to go Indy and have to staple all those flyers himself???

    • UnknownUniverse

      Firstly, Eminem is probably in contract with them to do a certain amount of albums. Secondly, why is he going to leave them when it's worked out so well? The dude sells millions each time earning him lots of money to live comfortable and make sure his family is looked after. I doubt he is going to leave since it doesn't make sense on his part.

    • uiu

      Couldn't have said it better. EM should just leave interscope and do his own thing on Shady Records. I mean, does he even have a contract with them still? He would make even more money on his own record by hiring his own team to take care of the marketing part of the buisness. There is no need for interscope at this point of his career, anything he will do will sale and like you said, he will have a lot more creative space.

  • Crip4Life

    eminem only sold records to the little 12 year hoes and whiteboys. fuck em all. also, FUCK ja rule, FUCK 50 cent, FUCK lil wayne, FUCK soulja boy, FUCK the WHOLE mainstream and radio MUTHAFUCK em all. underground n old school until da real mainstream shit be back like da 80s-90s. westside, MOB, bay to LA!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Em give it up. Your new music is okay but you just an average mc. You aint no Pac, Nas, Biggie or Big Boi.

    • Freal Yawl

      I think he means Big L

    • nasirjones

      marshall mathers lp is better than illmatic and ready to die.

    • po

      Eminem could have retired 10 years ago if he wasn't pationnate about what he does. Pac released records all the time, EM takes his time and puts all his effort in every track. Wheter you like it or not, thats a matter of opinion. Pac died at fucking 25 years of age so of course he had the passion, he was in his prime. EM has been in the game since 1995 for christ sake and well known since 1999, He is way passed his prime now so of course he isn't as hungry and as passionate as he was a decade ago. What you consider a classic is different from one person to another, again, its a matter of opinion. What you cannot deny though is the Eminem is more lyrical than 2 pac ever was. And that's a fact. Go educate yourself kid.

    • Anonymous

      illmatic and ready to die are better than anything Em has dropped. Em doesnt have 5 straight classics like big boi and he doesnt have the passion that pac did

    • kl

      Wtf you blabbin about faggot? Go educate yourself first. Eminem is more lyrical then all the rappers you just mentionned. Tupac was more of a poet, Em is more technical. Two different types. The day EM dies his legacy will be greater than all of them and he will probably sell another 50 million with is posthumous albums.

  • Dave from Cali

    Hip Hop started in the streets and it will forever be in the streets, the fact of the matter is. Nobody in the streets is listening to eminem, only kids from the burbs. i don't care how lyrical he is, it's fuckin wack in the streets. Only people in the urban community (not suburban ) should have say to what is dope hip hop and what isn't. Kids from the suburbs tend to think just because a rapper is "lyrical" that makes them great! 2Pac , Too Short, Eazy E, and many many others weren't the most complex rappers but they are more legends, why? Because they kept it street. These underground, and lyrical cats can rhyme as many words out of the dictionary that they want and it is still wack in the streets why? Wack subject matter, wack beats, nobody wants to listen to any of that. People wake up, street hip hop (biggie, 2pac, big l , jeezy, dmx,etc ) any rapper that reps the streets, YES even Waka will have more respect than these lyrical cats, because hip hop IS the streets, and if the streets aren't feelin it, than it doesn't matter how versatile you are, wack is wack no matter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • T_Rock22

      GTFO with your soft ass, Em is from fucking Detroit dawg what you talking about the streets. It don't get more "Streets" than detroit are mayor just got sentenced to life and you over talking about the streets probably commenting from winsconson or something nigga everybody from the D bump Em,

    • nasirjones

      "These underground, and lyrical cats can rhyme as many words out of the dictionary that they want and it is still wack in the streets why? Wack subject matter, wack beats, nobody wants to listen to any of that."... who you speaking on behalf of?.. fuck the streets, nobody aspires to stay in the streets..

    • street fooo

      so basically to enjoy hiphop u need to be a monkey in the street playing basket ball for the grand prize of 10 bananas? you need to be able to close ur eyes in the night time and become invisible this is the stupidest thing i ever heard hiphop is music and can be many different types of songs doesnt just need to be sellin drugs, fighting, stealing, and chasing the father u never had, the people in the ``streets` need to grow the fuck up and get a fucking job

    • Anonymous

      the streetssss don't buy no albums u stupid fuk

  • Eye Control

    Eminem raps fast, shouts and does multiple syllables every verse, to hide the fact that his lyrics are simplistic and he has nothing to rap about anymore...When you read Eminem's lyrics on paper they are very one dimensional and often, just nonsense....People tend to overlook the lyrics because of the flashy delivery...But he's not really saying anything. And I know the white boys are going to get mad at me for saying that..But you know in your heart it's true..

    • T_Rock22

      GTFO with your soft ass, Em is from fucking Detroit dawg what you talking about the streets. It don't get more "Streets" than detroit are mayor just got sentenced to life and you over talking about the streets probably commenting from winsconson or something nigga everybody from the D bump Em

    • Anonymous

      eye control = i can troll

    • popo

      Go listen to the Slim Shady LP, Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show from start to finish and educate yourself. Maybe today he is more focused on rapping fast and putting as many rhymes in one sentence, but in all his old material he had that fire and motivation and his rhymes sounded more natural and not forced like it is today. But anyway, i'll just assume you know nothing about rap to say such stupid shit. or because your a monkey of course

    • popo

      Shut up monkey. You may be right about his new material, but if you go back and listen to some of his old material, he always had something to rap about and his storytelling and his rhymes were very clever. I think you forgot what has gotten Eminem the respect he has today as a lyricist. You just listen to his new material and are quick to forget all the classics and amazing storytelling and rhymes he has done in the past. And also, why do black people always have to pull the race card or mention the color? Em has many black fans also idiot. You just mad that EM is one of the most talented at the only thing black men are good at.

    • Lex

      This is very true bruh. Ever since Relapse the quality of his music decreased big time! He used to be the king of shock factor, but now it's not very shocking. I'm hoping that this album will be good, but i highly doubt it :(

  • Tha Truth

    This is the new direction of HipHop....nobody can release a HipHop album without a white artist being featured and now a white rapper is putting two white pop artists on his album. Seriously WTF. Since when did white chicks have to be on a damn Rap music album for it to fuckin sell? Can you name me the last HipHop album that wasn't by a white artist or a half-white artist or had a white artist featured that went Gold or platinum? As a matter of fact look at the Top 20 albums in first week sales over the last two years and give me an album that didn't have a white feature or be from a white or half white rapper! Y'all don't see what they doing? They slowly infiltrating the culture and diluting the music and pushing African American rappers to the background. Go check the RIAA, when was the last time a street rapper sold a million? Young Jeezy in 2006. Now you got Canadian mullattos going Gold in a week and Trinidadian chicks going platinum, gay friendly Mckelmores going platinum while Talb Kweli can't even get the love he deserves.

  • Anonymous

    No love dont hurt me dont hurt me no more.

  • Anonymous

    berzerk = rock trash survival = pop trash love game = song of the year everything else = ????

  • stforil

    Anyone google the barcode on this? It's for a Sheryl Crow album...is this fake?

  • sdfvsv

    Kendrick track shouldve been bitch please pt 3 with dre.. smh @ em

  • teeee

    so the next video or release i'm assuming is The Monster? far for love the way u lie? or maybe headlights? Evil Twin a strong Slim Shady presence, he does have a song called Brain Damage but of course years ago but now Brainless, So Far... seems as if it's some comical track... Bad guy always with the word ''bad''(so bad, bad guy dies etc)so.. Legacy,So Much Better, and Stronger Than I Was(recovery) something about those songs like it seems as if it's a look back/review of himself now again or something pride maybe? Rap God him out all of pple full of multi syllables perhaps? that's got to be one of the best song on the album aggressive maybe some fight music shit or rabbit or telling God how much rap meant to him lol maybe or just a salute to the God's of rap maybe. Rhyme or reason that's probably the song im anticipating the most and it turns out it could be his point of view how and why rappers rhyme or wat their reason for rapping trying to reason with such ha or something maybe could be a little comical or like a square dance. Asshole well it's called asshole and it features Skylar he's probably singing on it too mentioning pop artists. Love Game they give it all but probably debatably. I wonder if he mentions that yelling pple hate mocking himself in So Much better or somewhere but this is all just speculation from the names until it comes out probably in 2 weeks there be a snippet Also i'm looking forward towards the freestyles for the time of the release Westwood? most likely

    • 2pac the king

      eminem TALKS ABOUT KILLING HIMSELF and RAPING WOMEN and killing chopping up woman AND KIDS and BEING A PEDOPHILE, EMINEM is trash just like MILEY CYRUS IS TRASH but the white population refuse's to let them go trying to make them more than what they are... All he does is goes to the studio makes songs and dissing people from his studio then cries about how people hate him because he is white...He is trash just like his label...And trust me im far from a "hater'...

    • Jermaine

      Just wait for the album to come out. lol You guessing way to much. I don't understand why people commenting on the album like it's out. Stop complaining about the features. Damn I thought that's what fans wanted not a lot of cameo's. Plus you fucks are over looking what looks like some hard tracks because you see Rhianna and Skylar Grey. Bad Guy, Rhyme Or Reason, Rap God,Stronger Than I was,etc. Those tracks could be potential bangers.

  • Anonymous

    love game will be song of tha yeaz 4surz. #nodoubt #oohkillem #MMLP (Marshall Mathers Last Paycheck)

  • Anonymous

    What the hell is Eminem doing? When will he record with: - Obie Trice - D12 - Kurupt and Dogg Pound - Royce da 5'9 - Tech n9ne Does he have an ego problem now? Because instead of making what sounds good, he makes what he think will sell... That defeats the purpose of the MMLP, at that point his attitude was fuck the label Remember the skit " I can't sell this fucking record" Em is becoming everything he was originally against. Why won't he work with the original rappers he did on 2001/MMLP/TES WTF is wrong with him? This is MMLP2 not Recovery2.

    • Anonymous

      Well Said... Sorry but Eminem is a pop star now... A sky full of lighters?? dont make me barf!

    • popo

      WOW i couldn't have said it any better OP. These were my exact thoughts. EM used to diss these pop artists and now he is working with them on a follow-up album of the MMLP. Besides Kendrick Lamar, their is no other fuckin hiphop artists on this album. I rather have no features at all then get some Rihanna or Skylar Grey pop bullshit like Love the way you lie and I Need a doctor. THIS IS MMLP2 for christ sake!! Em will soon regret giving this album this title, but i guess it's his label's idea because he has become such a puppet and probably will do anything his label asks of him now.

    • X tha realest

      In a Battle Dmx>>>>> Eminem Albums Flesh of my flesh is his 2nd best album>>>>>>>>>>> any em album Energy on the mic DMX>>>>>>. EM Countless cla##ic verses, 4,3,2,1 and 24 hours to live, niccaz done started something, ruff ryders anthem >>>> any Eminem verse DMXs single >>>>>> ems singles Dmx impact on the game >>>>>>> Eminem impact(Just made kids think cross dressing is cool) X took the game out of the shiny era dolo and made ruff ryders that label.. Will continue to do better than em on Sony records. U heard it here first

    • Jermaine

      lmao!! Dogg Pound????(Legends, washed up though) Obie Trice?(I fucked with his first two albums on Shady, washed up)D-12(Have not heard one member rap besides Bizzare since Proof died) Royce(Already done an album with) Tech 9(Maybe). At the end of the day you have to realize, even if they did record a song or two together don't mean it would make the album. Record labels not going to put those guys on Em album. This 2013 not 2003.

    • Anonymous

      Eminem Ft Obie Trice,Stat Quo,50 Cent-Spend Some Time That song is 100000000000X better than that love the way you lie bullshit We need music like that from you Em!!!

    • Anonymous

      you real eminem fans realize that eminem has never had a lot of rap features on his albums???

  • ariia


    • Anonymous

      Last time Em put out a CD, another CD followed the same year. He probably has enough music recorded to do so. -Recovery -Bad Meets Evil 2

  • ariia

    he did a song wit dido on Stan and Dina Rae on ballad on mmlp

  • Anonymous

    ya'll need to stop hating on my man like mmlp was classic this is going to be another classic

  • J

    hyped for the kendrick single hope that knocks.. Em and rihanna just made a banger with love the way u lie so ill reserve judgement until i hear the song, usually good together. little disappointed nas, jayz, tech wernt featured. but fuck it heres to a great em album.

  • ShadyWolf1215

    He featuring more pop stars than rappers.... That's disappointing

    • Crip4Life

      eminem was a bitch for a long time. whatever you muthafuckas think, eminem aint shit. in OAKLAND, we aint got no white feminem muthafucka trying to rap in here haha. one thing about this faggot, he makes 14 out of 16 tracks about his fucking family, WHO THE FUCK DO THAT? fuckin boring wigger, we dont give a fuck about his mom or daughter. fucking sellout bitches fuck outta here

    • aria

      he may have a few good rappers like 50 and dre on the deluxe version you never no so stfu

    • imho

      shady can sell without pop stars..him n rihanna make dope classic music. so ill give that a pass skyler grey is his artist hes tryna promote idk who tf nate ruess is so i cant say shit and kendrick is a beast. albums gonna be great

    • Anonymous

      thats how it goes if you wanna sell millions

  • aria

    so what his 40 ok and he's fine as hell and looks like a 20 year old still unlike jay z 43 almost 44 and birdhead is 44 almost 45 and ain't nobody talking about them and that's still not old

  • Anonymous

    Relapse 2 is gonna sell 3 million first week but who cares

  • Anonymous

    no 50 ? come on em

  • ThaDon

    Em is that dude, he needs to link up with Eminem

  • eh

    im not gunna judge the album before i hear it but i just wish he wouldve done a public service announcement 2013, or ken kaniff skit. would've made sense

  • j

    It's an Eminem album. His fanbase will eat it up and for the rest of the world, it'll be hit or miss. Personally, I don't give a shit about it.

  • sam snead

    gay but the stans will still eat it up, I knew it would be more recovery than MMLP

  • JO

    Ems not even trying anymore. Slim is dead and dying his hair blonde won't bring him back. The label are cashing in on his legacy to make a few extra bucks.

  • Deejay

    Did someone really just say something about a track with Dre hello you fucking idiot Dre is the producer big whip he didn't drop a verse he still gave us a Dre beat or 2. d12 is not on the album because proof is dead slaughterhouse isn't on here do to the fact jow budden hates kendrick for the control verse and you bitch please part 3 is kinda hard to make when NATE DOGG IS DEAD and eminem and xzibit are no longer friends so there's half that track already gone before they try to make it.

    • Anonymous

      Eminem is going to sell at least 4 million. No point on complaining, if you don't like it don't buy it.

    • Anonymous

      "The thing is those great MC don't want to work with him anymore." HAHAHA!! Is that a joke?

    • Deejay

      I'm not saying he replaced anyone just the simple fact is everyone wants shit that will never happen again with rap the way it is now your lucky to even get an album that's half ass good

    • JO

      So he replaces them with Skyer, Riki and Nate. Really. There are so many great MC out there that he could work. The thing is those great MC don't want to work with him anymore.

  • Anonymous

    i hope Kendrick killed this overrated bitch-voice faggot on his own track

    • Anonymous

      LOL @ kendrick killing Eminem.. Are you serious? Eminem has destroyed everyone he has ever been on a track with.

    • Anonymous

      u know eminem and kendrick both putting up their best verses on that song going at each other.

    • Anonymous

      I highly doubt that and wtf are you talking about over rated atlease eminem has talent unlike this fake it till you make it former cop gangster rap techno club bullshit they put out now. You wanna talk about over rated maybe you should look at other rappers before you start talking shit about rapper that actually rap without a 5 minute chorus and 1 15 second verse that's whack as fuck

  • Anonymous

    Where the fuck is Mel Man? This track list fucking blows. He will soon regret naming this album MMLP2.