Jay-Z Hits Girl In Backstage!

Apparently Jay-Z had a problem with a female in the Backstage DVD, we don't know why this was never brought up but here we go....

I don't know what you take me as
or understand the intelligence that Jay-Z has
I'm from rags to riches nigga I ain't dumb
I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one
Hit me



  • Flyhighent Ygzjcash

    y yall sukin my nigga jay z dikk 4!!! ughh yall dnt even no wat happend, so for yall to make this story up nd add ya own shyt to itt is not right... song of the day (joCkin JaY-Z) Y.Gz^

    • P Aye

      son i love jay-z music!!! & i feel where you're cumin from G, but damn... even if the shorty pissed em off, it doesn't make it right to push tha sh** out of her face the way he did.. i was type shocked to see that video when he just gave soooo much $$$ to parts of africa! that was a child G..

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