Kendrick Lamar's Twitter Reach Grows 510% After Release Of Big Sean's "Control"

Kendrick Lamar saw his social media reach grow exponentially after the release of Big Sean's "Control," on which he appears.

Kendrick Lamar’s performance on Big Sean’s “Control” has been one of the most discussed verses of the year. Kendrick Lamar’s social media increased footprint reflects the social media traffic the song generated for the Compton, California rapper.

After the August 12 release of “Control,” Kendrick Lamar’s Twitter account gained 209,000 followers, a 510% increase, for the week ending August 18, according to The discussion of “Control” and the responses from Lupe Fiasco, Cassidy and Joe Budden, among others, likely contributed to 200,000 page views for Kendrick Lamar’s Wikipedia page for the week, a 277% increase.

Kendrick Lamar also enjoyed a 122% increase in conversations on Facebook and 88,000 new fans on the social media platform, a 138% gain.

Kendrick Lamar is now #15 on Billboard's Social 50 chart, which ranks the most popular artists on YouTube, Vevo, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Wikipedia, Myspace and Instagram, as per The ranking on the chart is determined by combining weekly additions of friends/fans/followers with artist page views, song plays and reactions as measured by music analytics company Next Big Sound, according to

Kendrick Lamar wasn’t the only social media beneficiary thanks to his “Control” verse. Several of the artists he mentioned in the song also gained a significant number of new Twitter followers.

Jay Electronica, who also appears on the song and whom Kendrick Lamar mentioned in his verse, gained 5,000 followers, a 533% gain, as per Pusha T saw a 304% increase and 30,000, while Big K.R.I.T. got 10,000 new followers, a 154% increase.

Other notable increases were enjoyed by Mac Miller, whose following increased 153% by gaining 87,000 new followers, and Meek Mill, whose twitter followers increased by 41,000, a 127% jump. Big Sean got 67,000 new Twitter followers, good for a 100% increase.

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  • Long Live The Kendrick

    Now that's a smart lil nigga

  • Anonymous


  • mojosodope

    hope sum1 blow dryin his jerry curl fo this

  • mojosodope

    "If you aren't a hater, you're a dickrider. If you aren't a dickrider, you're a hater." worst comment ive ever heard

  • lol


  • Wow

    Too much dickriding for this Kendrick Lamar dude. It's one thing to like the dude and/or be a fan, be please, the stanning for artists needs to die down. If you aren't a hater, you're a dickrider. If you aren't a dickrider, you're a hater. He's nice on the mic and I like and respect the dude, but all this "Ohh woo woo Kendrick please messiah, you are our only hope for music and your royal dick shall rise" or "Yay, Kendrick has a "classic" album like Illmatic and went plat and did it before Macklemore, Lil Wayne, and others. Hip hop is alive again bitches" or "Yeah Kenny's "Control" verse murdered the entire rap game and shut down Twitter. Kendrick is now the fucking GOAT" shit needs to be toned down a notch. Remember Drake won a Grammy and we got upset that Nas didn't? We said Drake's doesn't count because he's popular. A few said we were hating. Let someone do the same to, and a bunch of butthurt stans will call you hater. See the irony? Kendrick is becoming pretty popular too and has more skill, but people have been snubbed before; although I believe he'll still win. I'd love to see Kendrick win, but then again I don't because I believe you stans will blow his dick out of proportion (no pun intended) and won't be able to handle such victory. It's a fucked up feeling, but you'll dickride, shit on non-dickriders or dickriders for other artists, brag about how Kendrick is the new GOAT or the new Eminem, and cum in full force to no end. It says a lot about the current state of hip hop when he's the only guy you can rely on. Even if Kendrick wins the Grammy's next year in 2014, it wouldn't mean much either. Awards are just dick comforters for artists with egos and never meant anything. I'm no Drake fan, but you shit on him for singing all the damn time. I bet if Kendrick started singing songs like "Find Your Love" and "Marvin's Room" also, y'all would eat that shit up like the Drake groupie bitches do because "Kendrick can do no wrong". It's no different, it's just that one side is supporting the more talented artist. But at the end of the day, all groupies are the same to me. Most of you hoes will still count your favorite artist's pockets (Jay-Z, Eminem, Kendrick, Kanye) and brag aboiut their successes, yet criticize the "Big Sean" or "YMCMB" groupie for doing the same exact shit. GTFOH! Pot calling the kettle black bullshit is laughable. The hypocrisy, idiocy, and fuckery will never cease.

    • sam snead

      GKMC will win BET awards, I would say rightfully so. L.I.G will not win but who cares about a BET award. The grammys are bigger, GKMC without a doubt should win Grammy. kind of a shame that Nas might never get one since last year was a good chance for him but GKMC was released after the deadline so he should get it because its good and nothing has came out since then

    • flo

      dude you are wasting your time writing this tldr. don't hate on fans liking Kendrick, its the media blog sites who hype everything else. direct your tldr to them and not the fans. no one is dick riding, people are listening to good music from him. that's it. shit

  • Tahbisa

    Some people here are just haters,get off kendricks dick.smh

  • just sayin

    Proof - oil can harry

  • Anonymous

    love to hear a tech n9ne response

  • Anonymous

    I love Kendrick like the next man but this is STALKING! lol

  • Anonymous

    thanks to kendrick lamar for the free promotion ~ big sean, pusha t, drake, mac miller, weak mill, ect ect

  • fuk kenny

    Gay kid in a MAAD city

  • sam snead

    I have a couple kendrick records-sec8 n gkmc and like his music but I'm starting to like him less by the day now. I called this a publicity stunt from the jump and that is exactly what it is. It really started for me with over exposure doing songs with 2chainz but now its little publicity stunts. I sure hope after he gets seen that he just makes good music and lets it speak for itself

    • sam snead

      your the one that is on it not me. He was getting props before, you prolly didn't even know who the guy was a year or 2 ago.

    • BeeJay

      Get off his dick. It doesn't matter how much popularity he's gaining. The only thing that matters is he is dropping dope music. Fuck everything else about this being publicity stunt or he is too overrated. Dude is not overrated he's just getting the props he deserves

  • Art Brooks

    KL is a student of the Fiddy Cent school of marketing


    when you read this please picture how the boxing or ufc announces says "its timeeeeeeeeeeeeeee when they announce the main event" ITSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS GUCIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII TIMMMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEE no matter what kendrick does he still aint as real ass gucci all you fuck faces complain about rappers being fake and phony. when you finally get a real rapper who doesnt rap about fantasies you still complain. You little internet nerds never husttled u never lived that street life. You dont know shit about the streets. All you fuckboys know is how to go on the internet and act like a bunch of nerd groupies. Show sum respect for a real nigga like GUCCI.

  • James

    Hiphopdx is always late. Complex magazine did a better cover over this a few days ago.

  • Carole P. Stewart

    like Randy responded I am taken by surprise that anyone can earn $9948 in four weeks on the internet. did you see this web page... seen some ppl with rabbit mask on ,their kinda crazy they start playing in your back yard.waveing at you as u look out the windows.sometimes they do crazy shit to u .

  • imho

    so pretty much every artist who didnt respond to the song got an increase?

  • Anonymous

    Numbers don't lie, his verse had all time great impact


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i still dont get the hype with this guy his so average. maybe its because everyone else is so wack.

    • BeeJay

      Its funny how yall saying he's overrated or just average but when section.80 was out yall was all on his dick talkin' about he the best rapper in the, he needs to blow, people need start paying attention to K. Dot. But as soon as he blew and his album did successful yall shitted on him saying he's average or overrated. Thats bullshit GKMC is dope ass album yall niggas need to just stopping hating on people that blows and gains success. He blew up and still dropping dope music what more yall niggas want?

    • Anonymous

      It's cause there's no event albums to look forward to anymore. Anybody with a little hype and the right co-sign can make waves like this. It's sad it's not about the music as much as other rappers jealousy.

  • Drake runs rap

    im so sick of this. Drake is still NUMBER 1. he is still the face of rap. Kendrick can only go platinum in years while drake can go double platinum and platinum in a month. Drake is the king of rap kendrick is just a wanna be.

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick has had a huge impact on the game now, he'll be a legend in the future for sure, just has to release 1-2 classic albums more

  • Anonymous

    "Jay Electronica, who also appears on the song and whom Kendrick Lamar mentioned in his verse, gained 5,000 followers, a 533% gain," did anyone else find that hilarious??? 5k followers is a 533% increase??

    • Anonymous

      yeah i got that part i was talking about how little followers jay elec must have had if a 510% gain for kendrick is 209k followers and 533% for jay elec is only 5k

    • count dracula

      ^^^ lolololol

    • Anonymous

      basic math. i believe you learn about percentages, ratios, and fractions in 3rd or 4th grade. If i average 1 follower per week and suddenly I get 8 new followers in a week, that would be a 800% increase. i find it hilarious that you're a dumbass. LURN SOME SHIT stupid nigga

  • Anonymous

    rappers run to twitter before they jump on the mic bunch of fake mc's hip hop lives underground but it feels like mainstream all bout bars yeezus taught a lot of people what hip hop isnt jeru the damaja - 99.9%...thats hip hop

  • FlyQ the Anchor

    I think this is a good indication that bars will once again rule hip hop. Kendrick did us all a service. Check out my bars, I'm no Kendrick, but I'm also no Gucci. if ya wanna work with me comment on a track! thanks for your 3 minutes

    • Anonymous

      hilarious comment above me. but you are a dumb ass too. learn to spell, you faggot.

    • LOL

      LOLOLOL NO ONE IS CLICKING YOUR SHITTY SOUNDCLOUD PAGE LOLOLOL!!!!!!!! LOLLLLLL LAMESSSS stop promoting garbage you faggot, we came hear to read an article, not to listen to your pussy ass songs..... #NEXTTTTTT

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