Skillz Suggests Drake Respond To Kendrick Lamar's "Control" Verse When "Nothing Was The Same" Drops

Skillz makes note of the surplus of Twitter responses Kendrick Lamar's "Control" verse received, says that's the "problem" with today's rappers.

In the days following the release of Big Sean’s “Control” and the praise surrounding TDE wordsmith Kendrick Lamar’s verse on the record, numerous emcees have come forward to express their thoughts on the record, whether it be through a handful of Tweets or with a response record of their own.

Despite the plethora of responses Kendrick’s verse has garnered, Drake, who is called out by name on the song, has yet to issue a lyrical reply. And in the wake of “Control’s” release, Virginia rapster Skillz offered a few words of advice to the Young Money artist who he feels should respond when he’s on the verge of releasing his next studio album, Nothing Was The Same.

“Kendrick and Drake, they both can rap they ass off…I’m waiting to hear what Drake gotta say and I like the fact that he ain’t say nothing yet, but I know he gon’ say something,” said Skillz. “He got an album coming out. It would be smart of him to do it right before his shit ‘bout to drop. It ain’t really a marketing stunt if you said my name first. I’mma say your name when it makes perfect sense for me to say it."

Similar to Big Daddy Kane, who voiced his opinion on Kendrick’s “Control” verse last week, Skillz addressed the swiftness in which K-Dot’s fellow rappers responded via Twitter to his verse rather than on wax.

“I thought the verse was amazing man and I think we needed some competition. All of them niggas ran to Twitter. That’s y’all problem. Y’all niggas ran to Twitter. None of y’all niggas ran to the studio quick enough for me,” the Thoughts Become Things rapper revealed. “And he ain’t Tweeted shit. He said a verse, leaked it. We doing all the talking for him. Back in the day niggas would have been at Flex that night.”

In addition to his six studio albums, Skillz has become well known for his yearly "Rap Ups," annual records that recount the happenings of the past year.

Released nearly two weeks ago, “Control” features guest verses from both Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica. Despite being a Big Sean cut, the song will not be featured on the Detroit rapper’s upcoming album, Hall of Fame.

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  • dianebranco

    why are all you people trying to make drake fight with kendrick drake does not need to kedrick is just trying to make a name for himself really king of new york there is no king are we romans

  • jimjim

    i now this cat im from richmond va fairfield ct richmond va all day early

  • Anonymous

    "Since he co-signed him, I bet if he finds out about this....Drake will care" He'd grin then resume his life.

  • Rap Fan

    You can tell who the young posters are because they are mentioning that Skillz has no relevance or is a nobody in the game. Just do some research on the guy before anything else, ole boy has been around before you were all born. Anyways, its 100% guaranteed that Drake will respond to Kendrick in some way because Drake knows he is and wants to be the top guy in Rap. Drake could easily respond without it getting personal like Papoose did.

    • Anonymous

      Drake is already #1. Why would someone at the top respond to somebody in the top ten?

    • Anonymous

      Just because he was around in the 90's with one semi hit doesn't make him anything special. His claim to fame has been ghostwriting. That basically means he should keep successful artists out his mouth cause they don't know or care about his irrevelant bitch ass.

    • gun di liro

      The over use of the phrase "irrelevant" lately has become just annoying as seeing "hater" everywhere. Typical MTV fans.

  • 666


    A faggot with no career wants to advise one of the most successful rappers ever?

  • Shadow 1

    I totally agree with what he said about the situation. BTW: For all you cats talking non-sense who don't know who Skillz is, I suggest you keep calm and check the credits on some of your favorite MCs songs. He might have put pen to paper and did for your folks what they couldn't do for themselves.

  • sxxx4

  • sxxx4

  • OnkelMichael

    You little kids listen to Mad Skillz freestyling on Strech and Bob in 94 AND SHUT THE FUCK UP...he is right

    • L.

      Always a problem with us black people. We have a hard time respectin' the architects. If it's dope, it don't matta if it's 20 years old. And while Skillz ain't a remarkable album artist, he's still nice with his. Dude prolly outraps 85% of today's gold & platinum artists.


      LMAO at this whiteboy directing us to a song that's nearly 20 yeers old. fuck outta here.

  • Warren Peace

    Skillz is right. All them niggas named in the song ran to twitter. The artists named that everyone likes to call "relevant" are shook and the ones that actually responded are being clowned...smh. Those named are supposed to be the future. Going to the studio and laying down a tight verse is an afterthought now thanks to twitter and other bullshit social media.

    • Warren Peace

      So Kendrick says he's gonna murder those niggas specifically and they should be okay with it? Times really have changed. Skillz is right though. At least send some sublims on your album or something, but Drake and the rest probably won't even bother cuz I guess they're not competitive in that way.

    • Duh

      Don't make the fact that you are poor and unsuccessful so obvious. Those who reacted to Kendrick Lamar's verse are MCs low on the totem-pole. Reactionary behavior is almost always a sign of weakness. Those who haven't responded weren't shook. They more than likely just didn't give a shit. Drake would look less powerful if he reacted quickly. This requires a pretty basic understanding of power.

  • Anonymous

    tell me why big sean wont include ''control'' on his new album...after all that buzz it got??!!

    • ETK

      1) cause everybody and they mother's freestyled on the beat by now, responding to kendrick 2) Big Sean got eclipsed by K-Dot on his own shit K-Dot basically made it his track. Even though I think Jay had the best verse, Kendrick had the most impact beat ain't that good anyway. but I respect Sean for tryna get his shine on with his other shit.

    • Anonymous

      Sample clearance issues. If not for that he would have saved it until after the album released to build a constant buzz.

  • bneasy

    yall need to do your research skillz ghostwritten for gang of rappers

  • drizzy!

    Drake already let be known how he feels about the rap game on 5am, where he murked that beat. He ain't going to write bars to specifically address Kendrick. I do find it interesting that someone known for their lyrical dexterity like Skillz is praising Drake's rap skills. That's because real niggas recognize real niggas and Drake has bars for days when he so chooses to have them. Drakes a well-rounded real artist. Unlike a lot of wack ass motherfuckers in the game--both commercial and underground.

    • drizzy!

      Of course we are serious! Drake can rhyme, he just doesn't do it on most of his singles--everybody who listens to Drake knows this. Look, Premo has admitted to liking Drake--I believe that he listed Take Care as one of his fav. albums of 2011. Budden and Royce are on record as saying that Drake can spit and they listen to him. Back when Drake was dropping mixtapes dude would often drive down to Detroit and hit up St. Andrews.

    • Anonymous

      Are you guys serious? Gosh all he has is bars, he couldn't murder anyone if he tried.


      Drake would murder this wack ass "real" rapper.

    • Anonymous

      I can't front. I Co-Sign this 100%

  • D'Villan

    Don't sleep on Skillz--he's ghostwritten A LOT of your favorite rapper's songs and verses, including Diddy's line "Don't worry if I write rhymes, I write checks!" His point has weight, if you know hip-hop.

  • Royale

    No clue who this guy is. So, the relevancy may not be there. But his points are all legitimate. If you're a whore for who's relevant, then you won't see that. Rap is more than who's hot. Cool article.

  • Drake

    Here's my response... I DON'T CARE.

  • C'mon Son

    Seriously, this dude make one song per year, that corny "rap up" shit so how is his opinion even relevant?

  • drakje runs rap

    like drake would give 2 fucks about what this irrelevent no body wants

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