2 Chainz' Arrest Confirmed In Tour Bus Drug Bust

UPDATE: Oklahoma City Police Department personnel confirms that 2 Chainz was among the 10 people booked this morning, after drugs were discovered on a tour bus.

This morning (August 22), outside of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, a tour was stopped believed to be belonging to Def Jam Records star 2 Chainz. Local station NewsOn6.com reports that the driver of the tour bus was arrested after suspicion and search for drugs.

The Playaz Circle rapper was in town, as part of Lil Wayne & T.I.'s America's Most Wanted Tour on Wednesday night (August 21).

The report indicates that the bus' passengers initially refused to cooperate with police. "The bus doors were locked, however, and the passengers on board refused to open them. Police had the tour bus towed to the training facility at 850 North Portland until officers could obtain a warrant to search the bus," wrote NewsOn6.

Seven people cited for refusing police entry were reportedly detained.

In April of this year, the Atlanta, Georgia native was acquitted for a February drug arrest in Maryland.

2 Chainz is expected to perform, along with collaborators Drake and Kanye West, at this weekend's MTV Video Music Awards, which is taking place in Brooklyn, New York.

UPDATE: Radio.com reports that 2 Chainz was indeed involved in this morning's incident in Oklahoma City. The rapper, born Tauhed Epps, was among those booked—in a report that claims all 10 passengers were arrested.

Oklahoma City Police Department Sergeant Jennifer Wardlow told Radio.com that the stop was made at approximately midnight, due to a reported broken taillight. After stopping the vehicle, officers said that were made aware of drug use on board, but did not disclose how.

After the refusal to let police enter the vehicle, it took reportedly eight hours to tow the vehicle and obtain a warrants before the 10 supsects were booked.

Sergeant Wardlow confirmed the unvestigation is ongoing.

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  • Anonymous


  • booty

    he should've been fresh as hell if the feds were watchin.

  • jimjim

    anonymous is stupid away with 2 chains

  • Billy Larson

    Had 8 hours to flush the drugs while they locked themselves inside the bus and still got busted for em. Pitiful lames.

  • Anonymous

    2 chainz 2 lame 2 charges

  • AsukaPayton

    tell you nwhats not a bust lol track from big sean's hall of fame. yeah! :) https://soundcloud.com/asukapayton/big-sean-nothing-is-stopping

  • Anonymous

    I guess the feds were watching a little too close that day lol.

  • EmptyYoPocketsNigguh

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  • Anonymous

    what? whos 2chainz never heard of him ...SLAUGHTERHOUSE !!

  • Anonymous


  • Flyq the Anchor

    I think 2 Chainz is underrated skill-wise. He's got some mega clever punchlines and usually keeps an interesting flow. If trap rap is really on the decline, I hope he survives. I dont got a lot of turn up shit myself at the moment but why dont ya check out my tune about not making up my mind. Its catchy and shit. https://soundcloud.com/theanchor/coulda-been

    • ETK

      his flow is some booty stank shit. some of his lines literally have ONE or two words in them! the fuck is that! I agree he has some good punchlines sometimes but that shit is wack, he's like an older autistic Lil Wayne with that flow how could an aspiring rapper ever come into the game with 2 Chainz's style, unless he got connects? nigga you'd get thrown out after your first four bars. foolishness

  • Anonymous

    Man, these rap niggas gotta learn how not to ride with that work smh. Checkout thegrandreport, they got some good hip hop videos on there

  • Anon

    "After stopping the vehicle, officers said that [they] were made aware of drug use on board, but did not disclose how." Convenient. Here's how it most likely went down; routine pull for the tail light, once they realised it was a Hip-Hop tour bus full of black people they decided to search it for drugs. They had absolutely no reason to do this (until we're told how "they became aware of drug use on board"), so until they disclose that information this can be treated as racial discrimination imo. And as a result, they were right to refuse entry! They either need to hurry up and disclose how they "became aware of drug use", or fuck off!

    • Anonymous

      why else would a bunch of niggas be on a tour bus?

    • M

      A judge signed a warrant so there was obviously probable cause. The judge doesn't know it's rappers on the bus idiot.

    • Anonymous

      "The funniest detail about this whole incident has to be that the cops towed the bus with everybody still inside while they waited on their warrant to arrive. Youve gotta applaud 2 Chainz and company for so adamantly resisting arrest defending themselves against illegal search and seizure."-Eskay, Nahright ^ he ain't the oracle, but he see it too

    • Anonymous

      true, but a broken tail light turns into an impounded vehicle & arrest warrants in 8 hours? What they find though? If they had weight it would've been described and photographed as evidence. And you KNOW they gonna throw out the broken tail light ticket. The real rap I can't prove is there's a strip over there where they stay stopping buses and vans. Yo Gotti & Snoop come to mind. Also movies like The Temptations and their bus adventures. It ain't adding up, probably were a couple of white guys in their truck with elbows on them looking as they drove by.

    • trill281

      yall niggaz act like it was a set up or some shit, the nigga got caught ridin dirty...its fucked up but it happens all the time nigga!

    • Anonymous

      SMH at you thinking those cops actually listen to 2Chainz music. As for the article, it sounds like a night full of bullsh*t. Story doesn't make sense.

    • Anonymous

      the bus probably had 2 chainz name and face on it. all his songs are about drugs. it dont take much more than that


    Just take a moment to imagine the amount of drugs smoked/drank/taken in the time they were pulled over, towed to the depot and then finally searched.

  • Anonymous

    LMAO he told his homies "Yo my albums coming out next month this could be good promotion lets lock them out and make them get a warrant!"

  • Fuck Atlanta

    You niggas in atlanta put out horrible rappers... pleae stop oh fuck tity boi btw...

  • Maureen A. Hammitt

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  • Anonymous

    Seems everybody's robbing 2 Chainz these days lol

  • Anonymous

    they should have pulled some breaking bad shit when they were stuck on that bus! you know get their lawyer to have someone call the cops up saying their family been in a bad car accident and they need to rush to the hospital asap! then ya move the drunks and crush the bus and get the shit beat out of you by hank for scaring him like that about his wife!

  • iank

    That wasnt a response to your coments

  • Anonymous

    that wasnt a response to your comnts

  • Anonymous

    Now he will have street cred, officially

    • Anonymous

      naw he lost any chance of having any street cred ever when he ran away and tripped from them robbers then lied about it when we all saw the video and pictures of his stuff! nicca tried to say he got pickp ocketed! naw we seen him standing over you with a gun pointed at your head dawg stop playin!!!!

  • Anonymous

    more promo for his album thats about to get pushed back! aint that album comin next month and we still dont have a tracklist?

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