2 Chainz' Arrest Confirmed In Tour Bus Drug Bust

UPDATE: Oklahoma City Police Department personnel confirms that 2 Chainz was among the 10 people booked this morning, after drugs were discovered on a tour bus.

This morning (August 22), outside of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, a tour was stopped believed to be belonging to Def Jam Records star 2 Chainz. Local station NewsOn6.com reports that the driver of the tour bus was arrested after suspicion and search for drugs.

The Playaz Circle rapper was in town, as part of Lil Wayne & T.I.'s America's Most Wanted Tour on Wednesday night (August 21).

The report indicates that the bus' passengers initially refused to cooperate with police. "The bus doors were locked, however, and the passengers on board refused to open them. Police had the tour bus towed to the training facility at 850 North Portland until officers could obtain a warrant to search the bus," wrote NewsOn6.

Seven people cited for refusing police entry were reportedly detained.

In April of this year, the Atlanta, Georgia native was acquitted for a February drug arrest in Maryland.

2 Chainz is expected to perform, along with collaborators Drake and Kanye West, at this weekend's MTV Video Music Awards, which is taking place in Brooklyn, New York.

UPDATE: Radio.com reports that 2 Chainz was indeed involved in this morning's incident in Oklahoma City. The rapper, born Tauhed Epps, was among those booked—in a report that claims all 10 passengers were arrested.

Oklahoma City Police Department Sergeant Jennifer Wardlow told Radio.com that the stop was made at approximately midnight, due to a reported broken taillight. After stopping the vehicle, officers said that were made aware of drug use on board, but did not disclose how.

After the refusal to let police enter the vehicle, it took reportedly eight hours to tow the vehicle and obtain a warrants before the 10 supsects were booked.

Sergeant Wardlow confirmed the unvestigation is ongoing.

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