Black Moon's Buckshot Tells Joey Bada$$ This Is A "New Golden Age"

Joey Bada$$ and Buckshot discuss Brooklyn's evolution and today's Hip Hop "Golden Age."

Joey Bada$$ recently sat down with Black Moon's Buckshot to discuss the parallels of their careers and the significance of Brooklyn. 

"Brooklyn is the land of business," Buckshot said in an interview with fellow Brooklynite Joey Bada$$ for MTV. "B.K. Business Kings. You understand that? That's why Joey is a Business King. That's why I'm a Business King. That's why Jay Z is a Business King. Brooklyn [makes] Business Kings because we're hustlers." 

After discussing their Brooklyn connection, Buckshot also praised Joey Bada$$ for his work.  

"Officially, from my heart to yours, when it comes to right now, you are that nigga," Buckshot said. 

Buckshot also went on to discuss Kendrick Lamar's much-discussed "Control" verse and Hip Hop's "Golden Age."  

"Y'all are the new Golden Age," Buckshot said. "Thanks to y'all, the age has survived. Thanks to y'all. There was a point when people were saying Hip Hop ain't the same. Hip Hop is dead. Hip Hop is this. Hip Hop is that. Now? All respect due to Kendrick Lamar, King of the West Coast, King of New York, whatever is the stuff that's going on right now. I love the competition, but Kendrick Lamar go against the Beast Coast? Whoo. I'm just an OG here, loving the fact that I retired that level of it and now you have to deal with a brother like Joey, which is a .45 magnum with a knife at the tip and a shotgun at the end."  

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In March 2012, Joey Bada$$ addressed his feelings about a Golden Age.

“I want to bring the Golden Age back,” Joey Bada$$ said. “I want to bring back real music.”

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  • jimjm

    much respect for buckshot duck down much respect

  • Don Pasquale

    Respect to Joey Bada$$, but I just can't get into his music. & I grew up with 90's Hip Hop including Black Moon, but that era is long over. I personally don't wanna relive it, nor hear new music that sounds like it's 20 years old.

  • Anonymous

    i thnk soundbombing 2 tought me hip hop

  • Anonymous

    i was gona right some big paragraph but fuck that bring real rap to forefront and STOP listening to the bullshit

  • Anonymous

    hardknock ft cj fly / Righteous minds/ real hip hop gives off a certain feeling ,, the essence i can tell if it whack or dope immediately, most of the time gain some experience and learn how they the rap dem franchize boyz used to be my favorite now i dont even have a favorite rapper i just listen to dope lyricists that make authentic hip hop

  • Anonymous

    yo i can feel it coming rap gona be better than ever soon step the bars up

  • hip hop is dead

    There are very few artists who are still hip hop. these days every ones singing and whining over a shit beat with fast ass hi hats and the same old 808.

    • fuck the mainstream

      with people like apollo brown and confidence, holding it down im happy joey baddass dope to real hip hop will allways be around its just underground we need real fans not listeners

    • step the bars up

      think of it like this 80's was simple rhyemes like head dead bed red 90's got more complex 2000's was dope but alot of whack shit 2010's feels like dumb rap dieing out and it all about bars now , rap could be making the next step in lyricism by 2015 well see where this new era goes..

  • hip pop

    golden age my ass! this is the worst decade for music since the eighties

  • tony gotom

    dnt knw bout yall bt a lotta us in nigeria be feelin buckshat n joey badass,n i cnt agree more..joey bringin back sumtin gud tho.

  • amaterasu

    they're taking noisey's shit. swaggerjackin

  • amaterasu

    shabazz palaces are the only ones doing innovative shit right now. they are the future

  • Maureen A. Hammitt

    just as Patrick explained I'm alarmed that anybody able to profit $4602 in 4 weeks on the computer. have you read this webpage... Generally women lookin for a scholarship are probably fresh outta high school going away to college at the end of the month and are probably 17 or 18 year old! thats over half his age!!!!

  • What

    What buck shot and black moon felt off after Enter the stage, what Golden ages, he talking about about. other niggas hold down brooklyn not buck shot.

  • You know what this calls for???

    ITSSSSSSSSSSSS GUCCCCCCCCCIIIIIIIIIIII TIMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEE BIG GUWOP GUCCI IS THE REALEST NIGGA THESE LIGHT SKINNED NIGGAS AINT REAL NIGGAS all you fuck faces complain about rappers being fake and phony. when you finally get a real rapper who doesnt rap about fantasies you still complain. You little internet nerds never husttled u never lived that street life. You dont know shit about the streets. All you fuckboys know is how to go on the internet and act like a bunch of nerd groupies. Show sum respect for a real nigga like GUCCI.


    Brooklyn definitely keep on taking it, its time for real rap to make its return.

  • Anonymous

    badass is so overrated

  • Anonymous

    buck clowned kid on that first question tho.. ahaha

  • Anonymous

    whoever laughed at buckshot in the end of the video is a clown..

  • Rocky Pete

    You can't start a new Golden Age by simply imitating the last one. Where's the originality?

  • BKNY Kid

    Dope,dope,dope lil interview.

  • Anonymous

    2 of my favorite emcees damn gotta go pull out enta da stage

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