Macklemore Describes ScHoolboy Q's Reaction To "Same Love"

Macklemore says he feared rappers' responses to "Same Love," describes the reaction he got from TDE's ScHoolboy Q regarding the song and discusses the importance of gay rights.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' The Heist produced three singles that were successful on Top 40 radio. One of the three songs, 'Same Love,' a cut about gay rights, made Macklemore wonder how it would impact his status in Hip Hop. 

"Am I scared that people in Hip Hop aren't going to want to collaborate?" Macklemore says in an interview on CRWN presented by MySpace. "Kinda, yeah, I am. Will people think that I'm gay? They still do. You type in 'Macklemore' in Google, and you start typing 'Macklemore' and it immediately auto-corrects to, 'Is Macklemore gay?' But you know what? That's not important to me. I can honestly care less. What's important to me is something much bigger than how I'm perceived and who might or might not want to make a record. If people are really not wanting to get on a record with me because of that, we weren't meant to make music together. This is something that I believe in. This is something I'm willing to put out there."

Before the song was released, Macklemore says he feared ScHoolboy Q's response to the track. ScHoolboy Q is a guest on Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' The Heist, which also features "Same Love."

"We had 'Same Love,' and I remember ScHoolboy Q coming to the studio," Macklemore says. "Q's kind of a gangsta rapper. He's not really but he kinda is. He's...He kinda is. I remember being like, 'If Q hears this, he's not gonna want to get on a record. I'm not gonna play this for Q.' And I didn't play it for Q. But it's funny because I'm like, 'Eventually, Q's obviously gonna hear this,' and he always texts me and shit, pictures of hearts with '#samelove.'" 

The song, which features commentary about Hip Hop's perception of the gay community, is one that Macklemore says he is particularly proud of.  

"The fact that it's a song that is played on mainstream radio in America means that it is creating a dialogue," Macklemore says. "People are hearing the lyrics to this song about marriage equality. Whether you agree with it or you don't agree with it, you are forced, until you turn that radio dial, to listen to it. Hopefully that leads to conversation. Hopefully that leads to dialogue. With that, I believe that change occurs. 'Thrift Shop' and 'Can't Hold Us' were the catalysts and then 'Same Love,' which is, to me, in my heart, the most important song that I've ever written, got embraced by the masses." 

Macklemore's interview can be viewed below. 

ScHoolboy Q's appearance on Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' The Heist was followed by Macklemore's cameo in ScHoolboy's "Collard Greens" video, which can be seen below. Q has also been complimentary towards Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. In an interview recently, Q said Macklemore & Ryan Lewis should beat Kendrick Lamar at the upcoming MTV VMAs.  

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    • Don Pasquale

      Last I heard, gay wasn't a "race". Gay people comparing their struggles to African Americans is one of the dumbest analogies I've ever heard. & Fuck Macklemore too, sure his motives for putting out some pro-gay Hip Hop song were more about a gimmick to make money & gain exposure, much like his stupid ass thrift store shit

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  • everyone is equal

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  • One

    I don't care what he puts out. If he wants to talk about gay rights, let him. I'm no fan of him but I think he wants more fans. What better than gay ones? At least they buy the CD.

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    • Anonymous

      There is no proof whether or not you choose to be gay or not. Therefor anyone has the right to believe either side. I for one agree that these messages are poisoning the minds of the youth and do not want it to be played. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with the song because someone who wants equality is doing something, if nothing else, productive. I believe being gay is just as bad as killing someone or as bad as stealing. Any of these things will take you to the same place...Hell

    • Anonymous

      I feel really bad for you man, it must be terrible to be that unhappy and have that much hate inside of you. Nobody chose to be gay, just as no one chose their ethnic heritage. It's not like more people are becoming gay because it's becoming more socially acceptable, they are just more comfortable expressing who they are in this day and age. Similarly, you weren't born to hate people who are gay, but somewhere a long the way you were conditioned to do so which is unfortunate. I hope we live long enough as a civilization to finally see the day where most everything is scientifically and mathematically indisputable..then those who disagree with facts will finally be viewed as psychotic in the eyes of anyone with a brain.

    • EXCEL

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    • rich

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  • Anonymous

    As I expected, haters are out in full force. Fuck them. I respect Macklemore for doing Same Love. It takes a lot of balls to make a record that took risks like this one did.

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