Raekwon Responds To "Control," Says Kendrick Lamar "Can Never Wear That Crown"

Raekwon questions what his crown would look like if Kendrick Lamar was king of New York.

As a veteran New York City emcee, Wu-Tang Clan spitter Raekwon didn’t seem too concerned with Kendrick Lamar’s "king of New York" mention on Big Sean’s “Control” as he addressed the record during an interview with ItsBizkit.com.

Raekwon went on to affirm that the late Notorious B.I.G. will always be king of New York in his eyes and in regards to Kendrick’s “Control” verse he feels the TDE rapper was merely “having fun.”

“All I’mma say is that nigga’s know he ain’t the king of New York,” said the Wu-Tang rapper. “You know what I mean? The king of New York to me is in the ground and that’s B.I.G. That’s the nigga that came from the bottom with it for real. And really earned that positioning in the game to be called that. I think son when he was rhyming was having fun…And he was just expressing his self. I think that that’s—you supposed to feel like that on wax. You feel me. It’s like if I come in the studio with my crew and it’s the Wu and I’m knowing in my mind I’m trying to murk the track instantly.”

The Lost Jewlry rapper continued to address Kendrick’s "king of New York" mention and even jokingly questioned what his “crown” would look like if Kendrick did hold such a title.

“For me, I like Lamar,” Raekwon revealed. “I like him. You know what I’m saying. I think he lyrical. I think he’s a good emcee. But it probably was one of those nights. He was just—he was feeling his self. So, you know it was out of fun. You feel me? It was out of fun. Only a real nigga would know that he would never go there cause he can never wear that crown. Never ever ever. If he can wear that crown imagine how my crown is looking. My crown is on some King Arthur shit…If he the king of New York, what the fuck am I? But I love him. I love his energy.”

Despite serving as only a featured artist on Big Sean’s “Control,” along with New Orleans lyricist Jay Electronica, Kendrick has received a great deal of commentary due to his boastful verse on the record.

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  • Anon

    Biggie is DEAD. When a King dies, the crown goes to a new guy right? The King of New York is Jay-Z or Nas, and probably have to go with Jay based on sales and global influence.

    • Anonymous

      I understand opinion, but when many people are specifically saying one thing, the same thing, being that they were around due to experience, you just may wanna go with what they're saying because it no longer is opinion, it's information. All I'm going to say is You Tube the funeral procession and see why he took that crown with him.

  • What

    OK NYC, it only one City dagg how much kings it have, the last time i check, a old white guy was running the City not diddy, it was bloomberg having the NYPD stoping and searching nigga, NOW that the real kings of the city NYPD.

    • Anonymous

      Governor is king of the state, mayor is a foreman/manager. NYPD are the soldiers and troopers are the royal guard. Hope that helps you.

  • J

    Where's Kendrick, though? I haven't heard shit from that nigga since the song dropped.

  • Anonymous

    Rae's on some has been shit.

    • Anonymous

      His last two albums were as good or better then K.Dot's last two albums over the past few years. Stop #Hating on a Legend.

  • l2damo

    even though this is hella old , i am sittin here wondering why didn't no body said shit to snoop or kurupt when they said that shit years ago

    • sheff

      Yo actually some people did say some things to them.. There was the La La song by capone and norega feat mobb deep. Then there is the incident that nobody seems to ever mention, right after snoop and them made that song they came to NY to film the video no lie they police had an amber alert out for them no joke. Snoop, and the dogg pound was missing in NY and if you can find the interview snoop says himself he was scared to death. So to answer your statement people did respond

    • yamom

      mad people replied duck, mobb deep, cnn, fuck outta here

  • Anonymous

    if 50 would have got killed right after the massacre he would be in the conversations about whos King of new york

  • Anonymous

    I know a ton of european rappers, that would kill every U.S. rapper lyrically...serious

    • Anonymous

      I know a ton of European rappers who learned everything they have from and American Rapper being that they dick rode our American sub-culture of Hip Hop

    • Kenny

      What is this, a culture war to see which country has the best rappers?

  • Lord have mercy

    arguing on the internet is like running at special olympics. even if u win, you re still retarded....

  • GBtha G

    dat boy lamar must keep his muthafuckin feet on the ground.It was a total lack of respect towardz NYC.he now will have 2 be extremely careful if goes there.

  • Kendrick's thought

    "This verse will push me over the platinum hump"

  • insanemacbeth

    for me being from the UK reading this article, i was lovin' that "KING ARTHUR" quote of RAE's. l.o.l.

  • Charlie

    Rae's changed his mind - in the 90s I'm sure he and Ghost were dissing Biggie. They thought he was a biter.

  • London running hip hop

    Hello America, london here, rae is kinda right, king of NY has to be BIG with Big L a close second. p.s Lifestyles of the poor and dangerous is a SLEPT on classic for all you new drake listening bitches

  • Anonymous

    all of these fags are blowing this bullshit out of proportion fuck kendrick and whatever he said. why do all these clowns suddenly have their panties in a bunch?

  • Anonymous

    Naw Kendrick is fool!

  • Anonymous

    ny started this shit and we would end it !!!

  • pope

    saying big is king is being safe. im from nyc, but big only had 2 albums. thats like saying aaliyah is the greatest singer. if you can big is the greatest you can say pun and big L too.

    • Anonymous

      Technically Big had 2 albums but one was a double CD in which he had a leaked version with some different songs. So its safe to say he had 3 albums worth of flawless material - KING OF RAP ANY COAST

    • Anonymous

      but aaliya is they greatest R&B female artist

    • #Word

      That's right bra. I bet most people say BIG is the king of NY because his album went diamond. But don't get me wrong, BIG will always be among the greatest!

  • Anonymous

    Cuban linx 2>>>>>gkmc

  • son of a sax

    "They wanna crown the dead, but the dead don't rap"- Truck North MMJB NOT a diss to the late great Biggie Smalls, but its the truth.

  • Big Bad Barrio 18, E'z up!

    "If he can wear that crown imagine how my crown is looking. My crown is on some King Arthur shitIf he the king of New York, what the fuck am I? LOL, no doubt. Chef Raekwon speaking the truth!

  • you're irrelevant

    fuck off chef you shit aint been good for years

    • Anonymous

      Are you shitting me? OB4CL 2 and Shaolin Vs Wu-Tang are better the GKMC and they all came out within the last few years or so

    • Jay-Z

      Hey cocksuckas I ain't never went no where I am the king I sold more crack than Ronald Reagan and both Rick Ross' I basically came out the closet in my open letter and me and Memphis Bleek are still fam. sincerely yours,Roc Nation.

    • anon

      yall r fuckin creazy. obfcl2 is all i need to say.

    • r

      U need 2 listen to the 'lost jewlry ep' n if u have n u aint feelin guys skill on that u aint got taste

    • Barrio18, E'z up!

      I agree wit u. I haven't been feeling Rae's music in a long long time either BUT "Only Built..." is a classic record and one of the greatest rap records of all times. Kendrick Lamar will never have a classic record. NEVER. Also, Kendrick is a gay ass name and dude looks like a fag and I'm pretty sure dude gonna come out of the closet real soon.

  • Big Bad Barrio 18, E'z up!

    Anon, I got love for NY. They contributed so much to hip hop music/culture so we need to show some love for NY. We also need to show some love for LA and what they contributed. With that being said, I completely agree with your comment about Bloods and Crips in NY. It's a bunch of fake gangbangers indeed. Bloods and crips should not exists in NY, period!

  • Anonymous

    The West Coast don't have real nigga's. They live by some retarded code. New York is the ONLY place in America where REAL nigga's dwell

    • Anonymous

      We dont gang bang in NY, we hustlers, we make money, only the young generation caught on with the B's and C's business and they know nothing about it. The Ultimate Hustler is from NY, we about our paper, not running around beating on each other because of colors, we enterprise, make businesses, about that Almighty Dollar.

    • Anonymous

      everybody knows bloods and crips in NY have nothin to do with the gang culture here in Cali. they're just a bunch of fake gangbangers pretending to be like us. like i said "NY niggaz are probably the fakest niggas in US"

    • Sam Snead

      Oh both coasts can sit down, NYC and L.A. are like disney land compared to Detroit & Chicago

    • Anonymous

      HA! you fuckin' idiot! Thats why there are Bloods and crips now in NY right!? Where did they originate you dumb fuck!!

    • Anonymous

      yeah right. NY niggaz are probably the fakest niggas in US. Yall think you're on some mafioso shit or what so ever but I had a good laugh thanks to your comment

  • Whatuthought!

    Rae has just told yall cats what God loves, and that's simply the damn truth. Peace Rae, real shit brother.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Lil Wayne and Rich Gang would kill both Kendrick and Raekwon in a cypher. swag

    • Baby The Turdman

      Burrrrrrrr...what you said playboi? me and Weezy gon' go all up in yo ass playboi..we got that fag swag playboi,ya heards me lil woatay.izza send some niggas up in yo mama's crib like we did to Soulja Slim playboi...keep my son name out cha mouth ya heard me playboi...burrrrrr.....Cash Money,suckin' dicks and ridin' Bentley s.

    • lmao

      hahahaha thats the funniest thing iv heard in a long time hahaha

    • Obama Said Lil Wayne is better than Nas

      I agree, Lil Wayne is the most talented rapper of the decade. Tha Carter II shits on everything Nas, Jay-Z or Eminem released since the 90s

  • NyWay

    The problem with New York rap is the beat selections. Too dry. The other problem is they are too gaddamn sensitive about everything and spit angry raps about it. 50 Cent is the king of salty but Papoose may have taken the crown.

  • stanilasc12

    too bad Kendrick already wore that shit, Biggie was king when he was a alive this new-york niggas gone have to crown a new monarch

  • Drake runs rap

    who cares about the king of new york??. Drake is the king of rap its a fact drake is the biggest and most popular artist right now and the face of rap. It cant be denied. 1)Drake has the most number 1 hits at the age of 26 2) No other artist from the new wave of rappers goes double platinum like drake does 3) Drake is breaking a lot of records and he hasn't even reached 30 yet 4) Drake is the face of rap everyone listens to rap for drake 5)Drake is the only 1 capable to go platinum first weak these days and drake will go down as the greatest of all time when its all said and done 6)Drakes tours are the highest selling out of all rappers drake runs rap its a fact stop denying. Just accept the facts and move on try to disprove me and i got more to back it up instead of your shitty opinions i provide facts. Dont bother bringing up eminem and jay z because both are not making hits like drake is right now or have the buzz that drake does right now.

    • ?

      Why do U dickride a fag like Drake so hard?

    • zimri

      You dumb fuck, drakes only breaking them records because he fucking sings on 90% of his shit, especially the shit that does numbers u fuck boy. Also, don't spit on the names of greats like Jay Z and Eminem, neither of them are their prime of sales and music, but meanwhile its been 20 fucking years since they have been out and yet they are STILL drake, the new kid, competition. What does that tell you? Dumb ass mother fucker.

    • Ja Rule Army


    • Anonymous

      Everything said by the Drake stan is a lie.

    • JustSayin

      I dont listen to rap for drake


    This is Kendrick's Death of Auto Tune moment. It seems like everyone and their mom has something to say about this.


    Finally, an OG has spoken. Watch all these dumb ass trolls come in with the disrespect. Kendrick aint the king of shit but AGAIN he has the right to feel he can kill niggas on wax because thats what hip hop is all about

  • 777bernie

    Ya'll niggaz from Babylon still cryin' about this shit?

    • Ja Rule Army

      um nobody is crying nor talking bout this. Just because rapper out of the spotlight are responding dont mean NY is sour. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. IF U TROLLING FAIL I AM THE TROLL

  • Anonymous

    Biggie was never the best rapper, sure as shit was not cool when he was ripping TuPac off either. Everyone forget that Biggie worked with PuffDummy? Making some of of gayest videos and music ever, and the reason hiphop took the dive it did in the first place.

    • Anonymous

      go sit down somewhere you dont nothing about hip hop!!

    • Anonymous

      @ original poster......SHUT THE FUCK! Biggie's only competitors during his era were NAS & RAE....Whats their status now? And for you to say that Biggie made the gayest music ever? You must be a fag!!! Biggie would RIP Tupac another shit hole. Pac was WACK when it came to mic skills, ask a TRUE MC. Not just some rapper. Know your history idiot!

    • Anonymous

      Biggie's in alot of people's top 5. But from lyrical stand point, are u seriously saying Biggie had no bars or punchlines? If so, u gotta go back and listen to Ready to Die or something.

  • Lawless

    This is shitty journalism, you can't take a line from that verse and single it out because it won't be in context, you have to take the whole thing in. Kendrick's claim for being the King of New York was not literal. Everybody knows a west coast nigga could never be called the King of New York. Don't niggas think Kendrick knows that? I mean shit, you think Dre don't know that? It's a challenge, because the way Kendrick see's the game now, niggas are quick to go to sleep once the fame hits, or quick to bow down to the radio and sacrifice quality for sales which in turn leads to the former in the long-run. The way Kendrick see's it, he's in a position in the game now where he's got the sales, got the critical reviews, got one of the best fan bases, has Dre and Kurupt behind him (he actually quoted Kurupt with the King of New York bars, look it up), his crew is poppin, the west coast is backing him fully, he's doing shit properly at this point. Kendrick's going for the G.O.A.T status, to be mentioned in the same conversation with all of the above, everybody else right now is scared, and it shows. Just listen to some of these rappers responses, like Wale, that nigga so scared he didn't even get the message.

    • Shinobz

      You're right about people dismaying the entirety of the verse and what it actually means. People hover over the name dropping like fucking vultures. I think if real hip-hop fans take the time and dissect Lamar's verse, you would hear a lot more, but people need the mind for that first. Judging by the bitter responses, it's clear people are hung up on a couple of "controversial" lines instead of the message. But I ain't mad, I'm used to K-dot's conceptual raps catapulting over heads. Denying his skill is proof of an unhealthy mind. The verse also exposes all of the so called hip-hop fans in that regard.

    • ool

      exactly yup he's one step ahead of everybody but Jay Electronica might catch yup

  • Anonymous

    who gives a fuck about king of new york. they are a bunch of retard rappers working for old stiff white guys that rape their pockets.

  • Anonymous

    One of the GOATS has spoken

  • utr

    thank you Raekwon for speaking the truth

  • me

    i think it's cool he gave BIG props ... but i never got the BIG is king of NYC thing. i'll take Illmatic and It Was Written over Big's first two albums.

  • Marx1684

    Biggie can't be a reigning king. Kings don't rule from the grave. I take that as a cop out to avoid having to deal w/feelings about who you feel is the best. Biggie may have put out the best material to some but when you're asked who's king how about providing an answer that includes someone among the living.

  • chico

    Raekwon rules his kingdom humbely does he not?

  • Anonymous

    Raekwon sees it as it is. Kendrick trying to provoke others into responding (which many have - the majority badly). And I don't think Raekwon cares about it either. Not flaring off on a short temper, but being calm and jokesy about it. He'd probably collaborate with Kendrick if the latter offered it.

    • tamzinlee18

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  • GoReadABook

    More shamelessly misleading journalism on DX part. The one on ASAP Rocky was exactly the same. Pick the most incensing sentence when taken out of context, take it out of context for the title. Spineless fucks. Almost as bad as paparazzi

    • Ja Rule Army [HHDX Killa]

      So wait? under that logic you gotta be better than Lebron or Kobe to criticize? Somebody hurt your feelings HHDX bitch. FACE IT THIS SITE IS TMZ 2.0...NOBODY HERE GIVES A DAMN ABOUT THE ARTICLES WE DO WHAT WE WANT

    • HipHop DX

      Shut yall complainin asses up! If yall can do better than send in your resumes and we just might throw yo hatin' asses a bone! FOH

    • Anonymous

      EXACTLY. HHDX has been on some TMZ sh1t lately. None of these articles are negative and they are trying to spin everything. If this keeps up people won't take this site serious anymore.

  • Anonymous

    I like Raekwon's response, I agree. Checkout thegrandreport, they got some good hip hop videos on there too

    • anon

      look here faggot. nobody wants to go to your malware infested, spam pushing gay ass site ok. we fine where we at. if we wanted to go to your shitty site wed go there. stop asking mufuckas all the time. i dont care how much u make to promote it. GO AWAY

  • Anonymous

    of couse he is joking i don t understand fools like papoose start going into that seriously. 'taking offensse 'his city'being attacked. I hate that morron by the way and is wifey who probably gonna try and claim her place in the sense 'the bitsch is back' all you female rappers watch a out. what a joke remy ma

    • Anonymous

      true i don t like papoose that mmuchhe himself oce claims he is the king of new york plus he has the face of a gecko but you don hear no nas or jay z a rakim give a reponse to that may be subliminal, they know it is corn picking i have to say i do like the playful compppetiton i hope some of its gets real we got soe entertainment with bullets flying

    • BIG

      You just said it all, "I dont understand" sounded like a straight hater in that comment. Papoose responded the way he felt he should, hence why its his response . Not everyone gonna feel the same way. The king of ny line was disrespectful no matter how you look at it.

  • killa

    raekwon finally sees it as it is, just bunch of shit talkin from kendrick.. if he the king of new york then wtf am I? haha good line

  • dentaldamboy

    K Dot is losing. Every wack rapper knows he wack.

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