URL's "Summer Madness 3" To Feature Arsonal, K-Shine, Math Hoffa, Serius Jones

Ultimate Rap League's Summer Madness 3 will also feature Big T, O-Red, Calicoe, T-Rex, JC, John John Da Don, Tay Roc, Ill Will, Ms. Hustle, Jaz the Rapper, Swave Sevah and Daylyt.

After saying URL would release separate videos to announce each battle for their annual "Summer Madness 3" event, Troy "SMACK" Mitchell decided to reveal the entire card yesterday (August 19). 

According to SMACK's announcement, "Summer Madness 3" is slated to feature the following match-ups: Arsonal versus K-Shine, Math Hoffa versus Serius Jones, Big T versus O-Red, Calicoe versus T-Rex, JC versus John John Da Don, Tay Roc versus Ill Will, Jaz the Rapper versus Ms. Hustle and the previously announced Daylyt versus Swave Sevah. 

Last year's "Summer Madness 2" featured the likes of Loaded Lux, Murda Mook, Iron Solomon, Charlie Clips, DNA and E-Ness. Busta Rhymes, Q-Tip and Diddy attended the event, where Diddy paid a battler, T-Rex, $10,000 for winning a round in a match against Aye Verb. 

This year's event card has already drawn criticism from fans, according to SMACK.

The announcement was made via Instagram. The Jaz/Hustle match was included in the post's caption.  

Prior to making this announcement, SMACK released a video discussing the card. Without naming names, SMACK addressed the "Summer Madness 3" card and said URL was moving away from only booking high-profile battlers. 

"It's not about the big names no more because a lot of the big names that actually perform on the stage ain't delivering the quality battles and the quality performance that we're looking for," SMACK said in the video. "We got dudes that choke in the first round. We got dudes that's not coming to the battles with three complete rounds. They lookin' at this like it's just a pay day and I'm not gonna allow that to happen. The fans, it's unfair to y'all to allow that to happen. So, if we continue to let this happen, it's gonna meet the same demise as the music industry as we know it today with the bubble-gum Rap shit that gets a million spins on the radio."   

"Summer Madness 3" is scheduled to take place September 8 at New York's Stage 48. 

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  • jjevans85

    Check out this review on #sm3 and for more battle info go to www.swaggcentral.com http://swaggcentral.com/summer-madness-3-card-released-swaggcentral-reviews

  • mophead

    I think Tay Roc vs ILL Will is gonna surprisingly be one of the best battles of the night

  • SoulSistaWoo

    Smack ask the fans what they wanted to see and both Hollow and Lux were in... So; Why the Fuck are they NOT on the card. This Shity card does NOT top Summer Madness 2... Smack was suppose to spend ALL of last year convincing at least ONE Main Stream former BATTLE MC's to come back and Battle the one of the Best or One of the Best up an Coming MC's Like Ill Will or B Magic... And then he could have had all this other filler shit... I am DISAMUTHFUCKINPOINTED!

  • Anonymous

    card looks good to me



  • P

    This The Last Element In Hip Hop To Get Pimped And I Knew It Was Gone Happen Since The Last Summer Maddness When Everybody Like Diddy And Busta Started Showing Up...Even More Now Since They On BET With This Shit Now....Saying He need people to tune in on tv but its cool for views on the web but the tv is what he really needs for what to commercialize the last thing in Hip Hop Culture....I respect what smack has did for mc's but follow the money...always follow the money and he's saying the right things about the top tier bringing sub par performances which has been true but.....it's only a matter of time before smack does the same thing the top tier mc's are doing............and thats doing half ass shit for money because thats the only motivation....I smack do what they say theyre trying to do because the way its looking right now is this is the last of hip hop culture we have left and with all these other leagues popin up.....this shit gone be on every tv station possible and it's commercial

  • Anonymous

    SMACK uses the same 8 battlers every event, he just reorganizes the card and sells it again. Same shit, over and over, over and over. Fuck SMACK.

  • anon

    ars k shine math serius swave and daylyt day gone do some outrageous off the wall shit so itll be entertaining none the less


    I'm all for this card, SMACK is right. Top tier niggas that self-proclaim supremacy end up disappointing the fans (e.g Murda Mook), which is why it was only a matter of time till SMACK heeded the request to include Swave Sevah, skills over status all day.

  • Anonymous

    SMACK is dead right now. Once you start monopolizing the game with JUST big names and not allowing anyone else to become big, you've sold the fuck out and shit is gonna get watered down and BORING

    • tdub2222

      he said the opposite, he said its NOT about big names no more, i think the card could of been better but who knows maybe this one turns out to be crazy

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