Kendrick Lamar Explains How Black Hippy's Approach Differs From Other Hip Hop Groups

Kendrick Lamar says Black Hippy's plan was to introduce its individual members first.

In most instances, music groups have seemed nearly destined to fail eventually. Whether it's personal problems, creative differences, or any other number of issues, countless groups and bands have fallen victim to the break-up.

In an interview with Guerilla Union, Kendrick Lamar explained why Black Hippy, a collective consisting of Kendrick, Jay Rock, Ab-Soul, and ScHoolboy Q, is designed to fare better.

"Numbers. It's more strength. That's how I look at it. And when the audience can identify an artist, that's cool. But when they can identify a crew, they know it's something bigger than just the movement," said K. Dot. "It's a lifestyle they're bringing to the table as far as music. Just living in the everyday world. So when we say Black Hippy, you know it's not just music. It's actually a group of individuals saying fuck the regular, and doing what they want to do in the world, and making a way for themselves without being caught up in the politics. Being themselves, and looking in the mirror, and identifying themselves. People can understand that, they can relate to that, and they can understand that as well."

Kendrick elaborated, explaining that Black Hippy deliberately wanted to introduce its members as individuals prior to releasing a project as a group. "We had a plan with this shit. We said we was gonna get each individual artist off first, let the world identify them with these artists, and at the end, bring them together was a collective."

The West Coast emcee touched on the group breakup narrative, and why he felt it wouldn't apply to Black Hippy. "We feel when a group come together, from the jump, it's always a stigma where they eventually break up. And that's because later down the line, everybody have they own creative differences. So what we did was start off with our own creative space, and let each person know what it is, know what we workin' with, and be familiar with it and bring it together. And what that do is allow each other to know our different abilities. What we capable of and what we like to do, and how we can comprimise with that, rather than say, 'Fuck that, I don't want to do that, I don't want to be on this verse...' And that's what happens. That's why you don't see this motherfuckers today. They done fall out as friends, fall out as artists, together. We just do it the other way around, and it's working. Because everyone can identify with Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, Jay Rock, and [Schoolboy q]. And then, when it come together, it's Black Hippy, they know it's bigger than that."

Watch the interview below:

Last year, SCHoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, and Jay-Rock confirmed that there would not be a Black Hippy album, with each member preferring to focus on his own projects.

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  • g dep

    Thanks for the update hippies. Now I breathe easy for the rest of 2013, or maybe longer?

  • what could've been

    We're jus gettin robbed of our classic albums. If Wu-Tang had made their solo projects first their would'nt have been "Enter the 36 Chambers". You can't bring back the authentic raw-ness and hunger of a new group at a latter time in your careers, its like jumping right to "Wu-Tang for Ever". Imagine a black hippy album made in the "Section 80" era Vs one released in 2014 or 2015. It just sad that our era will be remembered for one verse that told us how much our music sucked. P.S. please update kendricks jr. High pic

  • Anonymous

    Later today Kendrick will compare and contrast the House Party franchise.

  • Jared

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  • GMoNTE

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  • Anonymous

    Damn, this writing is horrible son. Do you all have pre-schoolers writing your shit?

  • pablo

    Black Hippy is the realest rap group out there definitely. They not stuck to any format where they have to make music or anything, they are so different. This isn't just music, this is a lifestyle, this is everyday shit without politics, this is people looking in the mirror and identifying themselves, and shit.

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  • Anonymous

    what he is saying is how wu-tang started nothing more nothing less. they gonna be the populars and the less populars, then the fall-out starts

  • 777600

  • Anonymous

    wu-tang is old and in the past. you old niggas just gotta move on. im surprised you old niggas know how to work a computer

    • old nigg@

      How to use a computer!? We invented the computer and hip hop. And you don't know how to use either one right. If don't you don't believe me ask kendrick, he said " new nigg@z stay outta of this". Lol

    • Gucci The realest

      Wu-Tang shits on Kendrick and shits 10 times on all these new cats accept for Gucci because Wu-Tang know that they can protect there neck if they fuck with Gucci.

    • ODB will slap yo bitch ass

      Wu tang is for the children!

    • Wu Banga

      I'm 17 and I listen to Wu. Like kendrick said you new rappers stay out. I was way ahead of him when he said that, and since we don't have a early black hippy release, I'm not about to go listen to chef keef.

    • Anonymous

      u will never grow old, forever young for life man !!!!! ur so cool!

  • my dougie

    The title of the article don't make sense.

  • dj unique

    How is black hippie so different when everybody in the comments say that the 80's and 90's was doing this first?

  • Anonymous

    Only the nerds will think this is something new. Juice Crew (solo to a group) Hit Squad (2 solos, 2 duos form group) Native Tongues (groups to supergroup) D.I.T.C. (solo producers to producer group) Def Jam (when they had Ja, X, Jay talking about a group but were all on DJ with The Roc/Murder Inc, Ruff Ryders) Ain't no difference in what TDE/Black Hippy is trying to do, just different people. And some of us remember the Wu. Meth's 1st album was overlapping Enter The 36 Chambers then Ol' Dirty, The Purple Tape, Liquid Swords, Ironman dropped before the second group album. Black Hippy ain't doing it big like that. They got work to do.

    • Nokiddinganon

      Just like some old head to think that just cause someone is younger and a fan of a new group, we think "omg, they're the first and greatest" FYI we knew of the history you spouted as well thanks but no thanks.

    • black history? where?

      "Black Hippy past their chance for a "36 chambers" classic, but they can still can come out with a "wu tang forever" ^ agreed Most will just listen for Kendrick, and judge the others according to how they sold. The novelty of a group of rap kids with a fresh sound will have worn off about time they all get a solo round, and Kendrick most likely will have 2 already before someone gets the 1st. And why does that sound so accurate? Because what they're trying has already been done.

    • help, I need google


    • black history? where?

      -Juice Crew had Kane & Biz come in and outshine Shan & Shante -Hit Squad had EPMD (Das Efx didn't change the game? L O L no diggity????) -D.I.T.C. already had production credits they WERE that sound separate -Def Jam-just slap yourself, the group never formed either Q-Tip is a founding member of Native Tongues. Jungle Bros were worldwide with "I'll House You" & De La was tearing up the scene. You do remember Tip had the first verse on "Saturdays", right? Your history only remembers who was sleeping on a couch.

    • g dep

      I agree, late ninties solo artist that formed groups later released good but a lil watered down albums compared to their first solo effort. Albums like "the chronic" or "enter the 36 chambers" came out better when its the first release and everybodies hungry and workin hard as a unit. Black Hippy past their chance for a "36 chambers" classic, but they can still can come out with a "wu tang forever".

    • black history

      You got it twisted. Everyone you named were solo artist that formed a group. I think what the fans want to hear is black hippy as a group before they get rich and diluted. Those groups you named didn't have the riches, even as solo artist to change the quality of the music. Q-tips was still sleeping on moms couch when native tongues were formed. Lol



  • luxor

    Yeah, these labels don't allow artist development. Method Man and ODB stood out when the Wu dropped, now its raekwon and ghost. We'll never know cuz we did'nt get an early album from black hippy.

  • lantz

    kendrick mad a classic album... black hippy is dope but not many artist make classic material these days kendrick made a god dame movie. an album that critics compare to the greatest hiphop album of all time... illmatic! so if u think rock or ab soul is better thats your opinion. some people like az better then nas but it dont mean thats fact. good kid mad city was amazingly put together n people will talk about it in 10 20 years. ab n rock might rap better but all around artist kendrick is that dude


  • Anonymous

    really?ruff ryders,juice crew roc fam

  • IG-88

    Sounds like they are doing it the Marvel way...solo's first, then The Avengers.

  • Margie W. Mitchell

    what Russell said I am amazed that someone can get paid $9216 in 4 weeks on the internet. did you read this website... Ab-Souls album then Jay Rocks. Then Black Hippy. (I think its to create hype for each 4 so when they get together again BAM)

  • D

    Slaughterhouse did this.. and it kinda works but really strong minds go in their own direction


  • micheal myers mask devils

  • meness one

    All familys or crews fight sooner or later. Success is new so everything is all good right now.

  • what couldve been

    We're jus gettin robbed of our classic albums. If Wu-Tang had made their solo projects first their would'nt have been "Enter the 36 Chambers". You can't bring back the authentic raw-ness and hunger of a new group at a latter time in your careers, its like jumping right to "Wu-Tang for Ever". Imagine a black hippy album made in the "Section 80" era Vs one released in 2014 or 2015. It just sad that our era will be remembered for one verse that told us how much our music sucked.

    • g dep

      Method man was picked as the first break out artist after the classic group project. Tical was released in 1994 and Enter the 36 in 1993. Thank god for that because if tical came first I don't think "Enter the 36 chambers" would've been so gritty and raw.

    • Anonymous

      When Enter The 36 dropped, they already knew Meth was first, handpicked by Russell. You can shine in a group, Busta did. Just observing the excuses when this scenario has worked out numerous times before.

    • ill will

      I get what u sayyin. Instead of capturing the moment in time in a group album, we on the net talking about what artist maybe was the best on a group project.

    • Will

      Ab-Soul is much better than kendrick I am not a fan but he is a good rapper. Ab is the best in the group for a reason he touches on science pineal gland, Nibiru, and he has his party songs. The reason kendrick gets so much praise is because of hype, but Rock and Soul are the best of the group.

    • Anonymous

      Ab - Soul is better though, he is more intelligent with his words. People will underestimate him due to Kendrick. If they can keep it up, up to 2014-2015 then it might be okay because Jay- Z, Eminem & Nas have been ontop for 13+ years. Give it time.

    • D

      could be a blessing.. i always preferred a good lyricist to be solo.. if they were a group first we wouldnt of got to see Kendrick for who he is

  • OG-18*


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    hip hop backwards if they did it right they would have done an album first ... just like wu tang

    • Anonymous

      "It did start with Rock and he is better than kendrick." That's your opinion. And it's not shared by many.

    • Will

      It did start with Rock and he is better than kendrick. I know in the future Rock and Soul will probably call it quits, because these two guys are far more lyrically stronger than kendrick is. They are going to get tired of being in the background. Control Systems was much better than GKMC and had superior content, never has an MC rapped about the history of the Sumerians, or talk about the secrets of the pineal gland. If they started as a collective and bought the same enthusiasm then we would see more of a dynamic but now I am not so sure.

    • Daniel

      I don't know about that. The thing about TDE/black hippy is that all of these cats can seriously spit and like said all of them have sort of a lane that they fill. Q's album prolly will be a good album. Ab's may be the best out of all of them. And I really havent heard much from Jay to comment.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. Now each member is going to be forced to live under Kendrick's shadow. No other member will have the same success. So they will forever be viewed as "Kendrick's group" to people who didn't follow the TDE movement early on. It all really goes back to Jay Rock.

  • Anonymous

    so after oxymoron we get a black hippy album

    • Anonymous

      Ab-Souls album then Jay Rocks. Then Black Hippy. (I think its to create hype for each 4 so when they get together again BAM)

  • Anonymous

    theres still a chance of a album tho we just have to wait jay rocks " say wassup " was to good

  • Anonymous

    as far as i know the roots are the only rap group who never fall out

  • keep sucking kendricks dick

    As an former accountant of Interscope Records i can confirm that HIPHOPDX is owned by Interscope Records. Thats the reason why HIPHOPDX is sucking Kendrick dick so much. All the hype for what?

  • Anonymous

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