Joe Budden Responds To Kendrick Lamar With "Lost Control (Freestyle)"

Joe Budden pens a response to Kendrick Lamar, and throws shots at other emcees along the way.

Joe Budden can now be counted among the emcees who have penned a response to Kendrick Lamar's verse on Big Sean's "Control."

K. Dot's verse was released earlier this week, and caused a stir as the West Coast rapper took aim at a large number of emcees: "I'm usually homeboys with the same niggas I'm rhymin' with / But this is Hip Hop and them niggas should know what time it is / That goes for Jermaine Cole, Big K.R.I.T., Wale, Pusha T, Meek Mill, A$AP Rocky, Drake, Big Sean, Jay Electron[ica], Tyler[, the Creator], Mac Miller / I got love for you all but I'm tryin' to murder you niggas / Trying to make sure your core fans never heard of you niggas / [and that] they don't want to hear not one more noun or verb from you niggas / What is competition? I'm trying to raise the bar high."

In response, Budden has recorded "Lost Control (Freestyle)."

On the track, Budden explains that he didn't necessarily take offense to Kendrick's verse (as he explained in a video clip), but he did feel it necessary to jump into the fray once fellow Slaughterhouse emcee Joell Ortiz responded: "This ain't to Kendrick Lamar, the nigga Kendrick got bars / I heard his shit and wasn't offended at all / And as it played I heard him say I wasn't mentioned with y'all / Joell started it, only right I finish the job / So all that shit is revocable, from an overview / Only thing noticeable is how he barely gave me any quotables / I state facts, not to say it's wack but check the playback / Outrhyming A$AP ain't showing me where your weight at."

In addition to Kendrick and A$AP, Budden took the time to throw shots at other emcees, rhyming, "I'm in the court of public opinion, ready to click and spray / Light Jay Elec ass up, that's my Exhibit A / Bitch kill my vibe is what you wanna get into / Drown em all in a swimming pool, full of phlem and drool," in addition to, "Tell me Tyler that fire with saliva? I reply don't bring a lie around / Run up on Meek with the silencer, nigga quiet down."

Listen to a rough cut of the track below:

Earlier this week, Joe Budden engaged in a beef with Styles P over Kendrick Lamar's "Control" verse, which culminated in Twitter threats.

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  • See

    I'm not even a huge Budden fan but this is hip hop. Five minutes of lyrics with no wack hook, no singing, no bullshit.

  • sxxx9

  • xx009

  • xx009

  • Luke

    lets see kendrick step in the ring against a REAL mc like earl or tyler #GOLF WANG!

  • dj

    Joe is sooo under rated!

  • dj

    Joe is sooo under rated!!

  • crash

    Welcome back, HIP HOP.

  • lantz

    i hate how people think the underground is never being herd this is the age of the net ...having mainstream and underground in ya ear with one click... kendrick is dope mainstream er not. he is a full artist n made a classic album fashawn is dope yea but didnt make a classic... illmatic is the best hiphop album n noone argues that right? maybe some but they agree its up there. so 10 20 years from now it will be known just like its known with illmatic that gkmc is classic. hiphop is far more then putting words together its an art n kendrick is a god dame good artist all around. john lennon wasnt the greatest singer either but he is amazing. its a fact that biggie is one of the best n it will be a fact down the road that gkmc is classic thats the way it is

    • Tone

      Hell naw!!! Gkmc isn't a classic and ain't shit touching illmatic or stillmatic you dumb fan boy

    • Anonymous

      "so 10 20 years from now it will be known just like its known with illmatic that gkmc is classic" ^ let that time pass and stop trying to imply that it is, will be, always known fact later, now.

    • swphillyp

      I don't think his album GKMC is a classic. It is boring like all of his bodies of work are. he can spit and can make a song but he does not put the end product(being the album)together well.

  • Margie W. Mitchell

    what Russell said I am amazed that someone can get paid $9216 in 4 weeks on the internet. did you read this website... Ab-Souls album then Jay Rocks. Then Black Hippy. (I think its to create hype for each 4 so when they get together again BAM)

  • KKK

  • kkk

  • Anonymous

    yo budden get at em and release king mathers

  • Anonymous

    By far the best response so far and the only one on Kendrick's level. Joey is a beast.

  • Anonymous

    My nigga Budden stays underrated


    STILL NO ONE HAS TOUCH K-DOT! Budden SUCKS! Isn't he from Jersey anyway? Why he try so hard to rep NY? LAME!

    • Anonymous

      D(c)M(aryland)V(irginia), a tri-state area like NYC/NJ/CT, all bound by public transportation. Sigma doesn't understand the geography, the dynamics and slang because Sigma ain't around to know. Look at how contrived his verbiage is.

    • Anonymous

      Sigma, you are fuckin stupid, you think New Jersey is on the West Coast?

    • SIGMA

      Close only counts in horseshoes! Nobody said anything about NJ. LAME! Does Va peeps rep DC? It's close too. IDIOT!

    • Anonymous

      I'm not even from America and I know Jersey is so close to NY, idiot

  • Anonymous

    "drake washed you twice" #nuffsaid

  • Rap Fan

    All this hype over what Kendrick said, meanwhile Jay Electronica had the better verse anyways. Kendrick just got more media hype because he said he was king of New York and better than Biggie. Thats why all these New York rappers are salty. Go back and listen to Jay's verse. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    If you're going to respond do what uncle murda done and use a different beat please this beat is getting played out

  • Anonymous

    why didn't Ice Cube responded? He is the so called king of the west. Probably nigga to busy making movies in hollywood.

  • You secretly love Drake more than your girlfriend does!

    Budden did good. He dropped facts. I like this more than Papoose's bitter response.

  • DubbSizzle

    Joe came with it for sure. But waiting for my favorite member of slaughterhouse to hit this one. Come on Crooked I

  • Anonymous

    i agree its only one generation hurting the culture nothing would be said if the youngins wasnt so wack and respected what came before them and still around to get knowledge from but instead they say ingnorant shit like your old and not hot when when other genres survive by taking and respcting what was laid before them and building for the music to survive or else we wouldn't have this discussion altogether

    • Anonymous

      In simplest terms, this generation is not going to accept our elders because they are not their elders. Little Donovan from Iowa doesn't care about our elders: "dude, Conner just texted and said go to HipHipDx, he's trolling" "(farts) cool" "your gross, you apple turd. * types fuck nigg*rs in HipHopDx comments and laughs * " against "yo, pops let you get on the turntables? what you playing?" "joe budden's first song, this is the original sample on this turntable" "yo I heard joe made a diss for K dot, it's on HipHopDx, let's check it out" "I heard there be too many weird white boys there, let's go to nahright and see what they saying" "true that"

  • Anonymous

    yo awake in the matrix knows what he's talikn about people get with the truth

  • Anonymous

    Heard it all now Kendrick now = Awake in the Matrix . Dude is just a rapper not the second coming of Jesus/Allah


      just an ok rapper at that. so thats exactly what was said so whats your point are you agreeing or just lost or both. cause thats something that needs to be explained to those who never heard bars before and think he is jesus (by the way who was just a man) which is the point im tryin to address


    I want to hear Cam'ron respond to Kendrick! Ain't no nigga keep computers putin' like KILLA!!

    • Anonymous

      ^^no he's nooot plus i cant be on his dick you already corcked screwed yourself on it with him feelin on your nipples so who's the lady boy now. plus who still say's dweeb you must be living your life vicariously through a save by the bell eposode. get an hobby hip hops not for you


      Jump off Kendricks dick you estrogen leaking lady boy faggots O kendrick is so above surface level . SHUT THE FUCK UP DWEEB

    • Anonymous

      Curtis one of the funniest diss tracks ever ... Killer Cam needs to respond

    • Anonymous

      nope try again cam is wack and kendrick is surface level: READ AWAKE IN THE MATRIX

  • Anonymous

    joey suck alot of dick making sure the lox and wu tang dont kill'em. p.s. i seen you at the vegas show after you got punched in the face and how you was on stage shaking nervous sitting down in the middle of slaughterhouse set they had to say your verse to your own song just to get you up to finish the show and they walked you to your room so you wouldnt get beat up when the rest of your crew was mad you bitched up on the spot cause you was scared of the wu niggas in the crowd so kill the silencer talk you not runnin up on knowbody.

    • Anonymous

      i was there to see your moms bongo performance they wasnt the headliner dumbass so get slim shady's dad dick out your mouth and ass. and he's not here to see you co sign either so stop playin internet police lame you worse than the escort that tucked him in that night. so whos the groupie now instead of suck his dick for that weak ass verse you aknowlodgin me hoe cake.

    • Anonymous

      Lol shut up groupie. P.S he's not reading your lame ass response. p.p.s remember you ain't shit and no one cares what you saw in Vegas while you were standing in the crowd watching his set. Loooooooooser

  • This is Kendrick

    coming straight from the hospital.. am sorry i did that verse forgive me. already wounded from all your diss. i wont do it again. let the bitch breed.




    you ppl are wack this was just an ok verse in response to another ok verse. you guys dont listen to shit but a bunch of radio garbage and now you think you know lyrics? i guess thats why alot of you are gased off slaughterhouse cause after your bad taste in musice when somebody says a little bit of something its the illest shit in history to you lol. the fact is artist have been spiting dope shit but you only looking at the mainstream. we have had ill albums that came out like 12 reasons to die,czareface,durag dynasty,etc but your not a knowledgable hip hop head so stuff like that misses you. hip hop hasen't went anywhere last i check but you think these corprate puppets are the show to watch. kendrick isnt even the best young westcoast artist out its fashawn or trek life but you cant even fathon to know who they are cause you to concerned with limelight bullshit. you and kendrick need to do the knowledge really understand where hi hops been at and its cats like dialated ppls,planet asia,loot pack,living legends,freestyle fellowship,ppl under the stairs,visionaries,hiero,dirtyscience,wu,bootcamp,gangstarr foundation,d.i.t.c,native tounges,flipmode,def squad,hit squad,scinze of life, dirty district,low budget,dungeon fam,4hrsmn,emc,juice crew, ican go on and on. fuck b.e.t and hot 97 turn off the radio get your mind right mc's been spittin you just not a hip hop fan to know whats goin on. too much tmz and lil wayne i guess. i blame tight jeans no blood goin to your heads

    • Hammermill

      That is it in a nutshell. These rappers now are being judged just on the now. Most pll that like guys like Kendrick and treat him as the next big thing really haven't heard the big thing. In arguing with someone abt hiphop you're usually waisting time because they are too ignorant to the history of hiphop. Their "hiphop bar" is lower than legit because they haven't heard or know any of the hiphop pioneers or greats to even try to judge what it really good.


      ok now to answer yuor mediocre question in terms of other who are better yes he is but i never said he wasnt talented you came up with that and i know you heard better song before not sayin those arent good but c'mon they (mos def) arent mind blowingly innovative its been done and said before. so technical also doesnt mean super lyrical either as more as complex delivery does. you can have technique to your style no matter if your ice cube or rakim its how you bring everything to the table case in point(one be lo) who can keep it lyrical as well as tone it down for a more meaning full message for you to get. but thats not what were talkin here are we? oh and q-tip is very lyrical just as a nas is when you really peep it like that tho but KL is pointin to bettering hip hop as a whole and in his point he is talkin which also includes skill using technique and all of the above that makes great mc's. yo really im glad you dont listen to the radio and a fan of artist that ive listed it means you been around but respect that ive been here also for a looooong time so its not me who you wanna pick the fight with over atleast agreeing that i have an point in which people need to gain a level of knowledge before jumpin off the edge that before we say what one (again) just ok verse is sayin lets look at whats been doin it from all angles of the rhyme. buck and wildchild are nice like that tho (again)when you peep the jewels given lol. now (You're an idiot) that is your name you posted im not dissin (hey you wrote it) but you know what your talkin about just ease up on other that do know the same and keep dope music bangin as you say you do we in the same boat just sittin two different directions of the ride. peace

    • You're an idiot

      I've been riding with K. Dot since OD. Dude is hella talented. So has Kendrick always been mediocre in your eyes, or was he talented when he was dropping songs like Growing Apart and Average Joe when he was indie? Hip-hop is more than just technical skill on the mic. It's about artistry as well. If it was just based on technical skill many excellent battle rappers would have albums considered classics, and rappers like Mobb Deep and Tribe wouldn't. There are artists like Lupe who are high in technical skill who are capable of making artistically great albums (Lasers ain't one of them obviously). I don't listen to the radio. I'm not an idiot. All the artists that listed in your original post I'm either a fan of or I know of. Look I like Lootpack and Black Moon but Wildchild and Buckshot ain't all that in terms of technical mic skills.


      now sir lets not resort to name callin cause you wont win that one believe me and ill bring your girly emotions out the closet. but anyway those two albums were for example for a point that artist do have better material so yes you are right there are wack underground rappers as well as there even more terrible mainstream rapper but can you juxtapose the two lanes in how many people love the bullshit over what already dope and ill bet you find that the light shines on dumb down version more when there are countless of mc's and head who already been fighting this battle of get your bars up campaign. so where have people been its not just ghost and deck but it has been over ten yrs of hip hop thats been saying the same shit like people just found out that the autotune pop bullshit has put an dent in the game just cause kendrick said so in a just ok verse so yes the masses of people who listen to mainstream do only listen to just that cause there are five wack rappers of safe interest to every one good rapper in the mainstream cause thats what poeple see and hear. those same people who like those wack rapper and the one good one are sayin that kendrick is god with one verse over the ignored better whole catalogue of rapper already out. plus i never said those who listen to commerical music never listen to indie rap but by the comments about kendricks newly found awareness on weak rap artist the real heads and mc's(AGAIN) BEEN SAYING is garbage you would guess these people were born yesterday. now you need to listen and read more cause you missed the point entirely. btw those two albums and more are better and trek life is good without oddisee or oddisee himself could have just found another mc and im pretty sure he knows a few but thats another time your just into the hype of right now of flash in the pan as is everybody else praising someone who couldnt fuck with whats already been done in the name of far better mc's. again turn your radio off and you will find what this kid is sayin which is artist who already got there bars up if thats what your really lookin for and what he's comlainin about. underground wouldnt be called that if people knew what the deal was and supported shit thats killing rappers skill wise like KL and all the ones responding to him

    • You're an idiot

      Section 8, OD and GKMC > Czarface and 12 Reasons To Die. Just because someone is signed to a major doesn't mean they put out wack music. There are plenty of underground albums that are garbage. Just because someone listens to people on majors doesn't mean they don't listen to indie rap. Czarface was one of my favorite records from this year but GKMC is better. Not by much mind you. You're just as stupid as the people who only listen to commerical rap. There is no way in hell that Trek Life is better than Kendrick!! Trek Life ain't even that good and the only reason that Everything Changed Nothing sounded good was because of Oddisee's beats. GTFO!

  • youknowmySteez


  • Gucci The Realest

    Niggas trying to be hard but we all know the hardes rapper is Gucci Mane

  • Anonymous

    Wheres the response from: - meanstream faggot Jay Z - that westcoast phony the Game - that so called tough guy from queens: 50 Cent - that so called hard gangsters from bonkers: The LOX - that so called GOAT: krs one - those fake gangsters mobb deep and Nas Escobar where are you pussies? Sucking kendrick dick? Fear to embarres themselfs?

    • Rap Fan

      All those rappers are legends and don't need to respond. That would be like Jordan, Pippen and Gary Payton responding to something that Tony Parker said. Kendrick is good but he is not anywhere near the level of Nas, Jay, 50, LOX and KRS. He might get there someday, but not right now. Also, Game is friends with Kendrick, so why would he need to respond.

    • Anon

      Jay-Z is above this now Game no excuse 50 Cent needs this to save his career The Lox are doing lord knows what When was the last time KRS ONE got in a beef And Mobb Deep still hasn;t redeemed themselves from the G-Unit era

  • Anonymous

    nyc rap is dead, assholes following now the dirty sound trend

    • westcoast is also dead

      Game has no time to respons, he is to busy playing a jury member for americas next top model!

    • your clearly mad

      sorry who does the east have to go up against game? NOONE PUSSY. WEST WEST

    • The game

      Come to instagram that's where you find me.

    • Lol

      The problem with the west is that they are ignorant about rap so they say what ever they feel and call it rap. Look at the game! where is he today? Same just happened to snoop so I want bother about ken his no different. The tupac west try to claim is form NY. Not hating cos they actually don't some thing out there and getting paid but they ain't no rap/Hiphop in the west just black/violence life style.

  • Anonymous

    what s this bullshit budden is saying about electronica. Ja Electronica got depth with enigmatic flow budden has nothing


  • 666


  • Anonymous

    Diss back on a dif beat people!!!! God damn!

  • Beavus n butthead


  • JohnO

    Joe you ain't gotta chance in hell against kendrick give it up brah!!

  • Antholek4

    If you put out a song and it doesn't have "Solid Bars" it's trash.... It's sad that so much of "Hip Hop" these days have lost what it was built on.... And that is " Hard ass Bars ". One who forgets where he came from is a sucker.... You can be a great business man and at the same time stay true to the craft.... Salaam

  • Pookie Bean$


  • Anonymous

    lol lol lol Buddens, you ain't running up on no one with then silencer.. lol... follow me at noles506, ill hit ya back


  • EH5

    Rakim,Big Daddy Kane,Kool G Rap,Buck Shot,KRS-1,LL cool J,Ice Cube,Jay-Z,Nas,Em It would be an honor to hip-hop to hear you all flow over this beat not to Diss but to remind us and the new heads WHO YOU ARE

  • Anonymous

    I can't wait for this shit to die over. This is not gonna end for months. And Big Sean is completely out of the picture LOL

  • 666

  • naked brad

    well they did find proff that theirs alians ufos out side rite or maybe.

  • sdxxx

    son of a mother. kkk is looking threw your windows.eaither that or a dog with someones head on is standing up hitch hicking bitches.

  • whatever

    Solid bars. But this is just the same old shit (not a fresh take, nothing deep). This is the reason why NYC isn't popping.

  • ha ha

    I be like 90% of the positive comments on here were posted by budden himself.

  • Frank White

    That shit like whoaaaaa.Lets goooooooooooooooooo

  • 50! ITS TIME!


  • tut

    The best response might go over ya head...

  • Anonymous

    Run up on Meek with Eminem's silencer.

  • Anonymous

    The best respond so far.

  • Anonymous

    I love the end from 3min 50 seconds onwards when he says this is for BIG, this is for Nas and goes on to mention mobb deep, raekwon, inspectah deck and the wu tang big l, big pun etc Crazy. Especially when Kendrick replaces Biggies name with his own when he says whose the best emcee kendrick, jigga and Nas. And by claiming to be the king of New York when biggie is the one and only king of New York. I think that's why so many east coast artists are offended. This is all good for hip hop. No need to take sides. Just sit back and enjoy what hip hop used to be about. Competitiveness, skill, talent, art, lifestyle etc It would be nice to get some emcees defending kendrick aswell.

  • Based Gawd

    lil b ended joeys carreer now he has to go after scrubs like kendrick cus he knows based god will body him again

  • sam snead

    that was dope!!! Now all we need is some hot albums this year cuz this year ain't shit album compared to last

  • Jay Kras

    This ain't for the fans that wanna hear pop and snap Drunk off Ciroc and the Yak, all y'all can watch from the back This ain't for bandwagon fans sit y'all asses in the same spot Y'all the same ni99as made Trinidad Jame$ hot I state facts Not to say it's whack but check the playback Out-rhyming A$AP ain't showing me where your weight at I'm on my shit today, you the king of New York? You might as well had spit on Biggie's grave Couldn't let that slip away JOEY!!!

  • Anonymous

    control was a dope song but j electronica's verse was to deep seperate religion for rap


  • micheal myers

  • T


  • T


  • eh

    COOL VERSE!!! ...still doesn't touch kendrick though.







  • MoodMuzik

    One of the best lyricists Hip Hop has ever seen. Fire.

  • Anonymous

    K.Dot =



  • Anonymous

    i think royce should respond with bar exam 4

  • radiosmitty


    • Anonymous

      how is it kendrick vs budden his name wasnt on the list lol plus he did it so this guys wake up and rap real shit finally thank you k dot plus if he did try to diss budden he win it all fun

    • Anonymous

      Kendrick's last 2 projects have nothing to do with it. It's a rap battle, verse against verse. Budden verse>>>>>Kendrick verse

    • good verse

      it's a good verse (I don't know if it is better). that said, kendrick's stuff isn't something you can respond to with a single track. kendrick's last two projects were better than everything else out right now. like, I want to see nyc artists doing that kind of shit. It will be so amazing if it does come. this verse was fun, i liked it a lot, but it's just a verse in response to kendrick's tsunami

  • whatever

    cool verse. doesn't matter though. make a classic album.

    • Anonymous

      Good call, cuz Mood Muzik and all of its sequels were bad albums... and you are about five years too early to call GKMC a classic.

  • Anonymous

    this nigga a c-list love and hip hop rapper got snuffed by con..

  • KEVIN 666

    ppl going out rte now fuckers

  • crazy mother fucker

    if the leather facesss catch ya. hell start eating ya.jasons out their rite now creeping up on ppl. son of a bitch told me hes getting the shivvers i told him watch out for the man with the hat and hands with the sissers.about to go out put some chain saws on you people.

  • Yes!

    This is _great_. It has an edge to it, it throws a couple of jabs, and it sets the ground for NYC rappers to actually respond to Kendrick, which will have to be a long term thing supported by dope records (I don't think that is going to be accomplished by any single diss--unless it was from Jay-Z or Nas). I hope Joe Budden uses this as inspiration and drives it into an album--that's the only real way to respond--prophetic shit on an album. That said, I really really really like this verse. It's the first thing to come out that really spoke to the east coasts ability to produce a response (seriously, everything before this has been either bullshit or was written too fast... aka the Ortiz shit). Hip hop is a beautiful thing. I'm looking forward to some mind blowing albums from the east coast like a year from now.

    • Ja Rule Army [The One and Only Official HHDX Troll yes I dont always troll]

      shit is played out honestly. cmon. Curtis dropped How to Rob some replied who benefited from that honestly. All this shows is these fools is desperate for the spotlight don't blame em tho..if you aint one of the YM fags or Ye or Hov or Gucci forget it. Seriously Curtis, Hov, Nas how many claimed the NY crown where were the shots then. Some West Coast artist 'claims' it everyone is gon ape shit.

  • Alexandrite

    This is a much better sounding version...

  • Anonymous

    been a rough year for meek mill i wonder what he gonna tweet about this

  • Papoose Stans are the worst

    Now this is a response! Way better than that Papoose bullshit, where he was making fun of Kendrick because he was 2 years old and sitting on his uncles lap. Papoose reached, Budden spit facts. Budden's flow was also nice.

    • Papoose Stans are the worst

      Learn how to read. I specifically stated in a few threads that while wit is important in disses, people remember witty "facts" more. Nothing that Papoose said about Kendrick was a fact. What Budden spit was facts, irrespective of the target. His A$AP line is a fact, his Trinidad James line is a fact etc. If Kendrick were to say in a response that he dropped 2 critically acclaimed albums in 2 years while Papoose ain't dropped 1 in 10, that would be a fact. See Jay-Z's lines that stand out from the Takeover. If Kendrick attacked Remy for being a moron and ending up in prison, that would be a fact. Also shitting on a person don't really apply here. Kendrick didn't drop a diss record/verse. It wasn't Hit Em Up. Papoose sounded like a butt hurt fool. None of his lines will follow Kendrick for the rest of his career. Lines that do stick tend have grains of truth to them. That critical acclaim thing would apply to Budden as well. Budden and all of Slaughterhouse for that matter are better technical rappers than Kendrick. Hip-hop is also about artistry though. Kendrick's a better artist than all of them put together. If hip-hop was just about bars, none of ATCQ or De La Soul's albums would be considered classics. Who in their right mind would want to sit through hours of battle raps? Supernatural and JUICE can spit amazing, but they lack artistry which is why they ain't got no classics.

    • Anonymous

      dudes got dimmer light switches on their stanning, lol. basically that "critical acclaim" and "all Kendrick gotta do is..." sh*t you were typing don't apply here, so you're jumping on the w-a-y Joey did it, not admitting Budden shitted on Kendrick's verse.

  • ha

    man these dudes are killing Meek, now Joe Budden is the lastest in rappers ripping meek on wax.

  • gawd

    proves why joe is one of the best at what he does flames

  • beast

    this shit is absolutely fucking amazing, son.

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