Chief Keef "Bang Part Two" Cover Art, Tracklist, Download & Mixtape Stream

Chief Keef releases the delayed "Bang Part Two" mixtape.

Chief Keef's just-released Bang Part Two mixtape is the Chicago rapper’s first official release of 2013. It features 19 tracks, 15 of which are less than 2:30 minutes.

Bang Part Two only includes two guest features (Tray Savage and Tadoe on the song "Chiefin") and is labeled as being hosted by DJ Holiday and comedians Michael Blackson and Mike Epps, though Epps does not seem to appear at any point during the mixtape.  

Chief Keef’s most recent project is a follow-up to his 2011 Bang mixtape. Other prominent releases from the Intersope artist include 2012's Back From The Dead mixtape, which spawned the viral hit “I Don’t Like.” Keef's 2012 major label debut album, Finally Rich, also included the popular street track. The video for “I Don’t Like” has been viewed on YouTube more than 28 million times.

The Bang Part Two cover art, tracklist and mixtape stream are available as follows below, while the mixtape can be downloaded at  

1. “12 Bars”

2. “Michael Blackson Skit”

3. “Morgan Tracy”

4. “Bank Closed”

5. “All Time”

6. “Fuck Me”

7. “Skit”

8. “Cheefin Keef” (feat. Tray Savage & Tadoe)

9. “Buy It”

10. “Ain’t Done Turnin Up”

11. “Hoez N Oz”

12. “What I Wanna Do”

13. “Cause Im Gettin Money”

14. “Skit”

15. “2 Much”

16. “No It Don’t”

17. “3”

18. “Gotta Glo Up One Day”

19. “Hard Way”

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    this mixtape was one of the worst of the year real talk

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  • Dolo

    straight trash...Im kinda dissapointed cuz finally rich was kinda hot

  • swc

    Finally Rich was 300times better.

  • flower power

    Aw hell yeah. Chief Keef is back with another classic. It's time for all y'all would-be rappers to throw in the towel. It's funny how Keef's mixtapes are better than most rappers' albums. Meet the real reason why Interscope keeps pushing back 50 Cent's and Eminem's albums. Jimmy knows that those boys ain't got shit compared to Chief Keef. They may have both had good runs 10 years ago, but times have changed and don't nobody wanna hear no old-ass rappers. They done passed their prime. Chief Keef is the future.

    • Ja Rule Army [Top Troll]

      ever heard of trolling -__________________________________- Yes Ja Rule is the GOAT

    • Young Guwop

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  • TRE

    this is REALLY bad. even for chief keef standards.

  • Ja Rule Army


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