Talib Kweli Says Kendrick Lamar Hype Is "Premature"

Talib Kweli comments on Kendrick Lamar needing about "20 years" in the game before he can vie for the top spot in Hip Hop.

With a studio album that’s been dubbed a “classic” by many in the Hip Hop community and a newly-released verse that’s placed the rap world in a frenzy over the past week, many have been quick to comment on Compton emcee Kendrick Lamar’s ability to clench the top spot in Hip Hop. But according to rap veteran Talib Kweli, the TDE spitter still has a long way to go.

During a recent interview with Vlad TV, Talib was asked to share his thoughts on Kendrick’s heavily-praised “Control” verse, to which he stated that he's a fan of the rapper, but he needs a few more years in the game as well as added albums before he can be compared to any of the greats.

While speaking on the young rapper, Talib went on to name the artists he feels he’s still “competing against.” According to Talib, his rap competition is not based on who’s hot or trendy at the moment, but those who’ve made the most impact in the genre including the likes of Big Daddy Kane and Rakim.

“When I compete, I’m competing against not just who’s hot right now or who’s trendy right now, I’m competing against the whole cannon of music,” Talib revealed. “Like when I think about the greats like Big Daddy Kane and Rakim, they still in my top 10. Kendrick Lamar is creeping up into my top 10. But he only put out one official, official album and a couple of mixtapes. Maybe like Kane said, in 20 years Kendrick will be in my number one. Up in the top five like a Jay Z or Nas has made it. But until then I think it’s premature. As much as I like Kendrick and respect him…I think it’s premature for anyone who knows better to be like, ‘Oh, automatically he’s number one. Yeah, he’s gunning for number one. He’s gunning for the top spot. You better watch your spot. He’s coming for it.’ But there’s a lot to be done.”

Prior to addressing his current lyrical competition, the Prisoner Of Conscious rapper circled back to the moment he saw Kendrick during a show in Los Angeles and the reception the rapper received from a number of West Coast notables including Kurupt and Dr. Dre.

Talib also commented on Kendrick drawing inspiration for his “Control” verse from Kurupt’s verse on “Get Bizy.”

“I seen Kendrick Lamar a couple of years ago do a show in Los Angeles,” said Talib. “And seen The Game and Snoop and Dr. Dre in the audience. And Kurupt, and everybody came on the stage and they all hugged Kendrick on stage…I watched this passing of the torch. And I’m like ‘Wow, Kendrick is really the tradition of West Coast.’ Where Snoop and them and Kurupt and them and Daz and them was on Death Row. If you look at the history of what they was doing, they was battling and they was coming after everybody in the country…So, Kendrick quoted Kurupt. Kendrick lifted a whole couple of bars out of something Kurupt said on a song he had with Bad Lucc. Kendrick’s very smart. He knew he would get people in an uproar by quoting one of his heroes. When Kurupt is the one who said, ‘I’m a king of New York.’”

Released earlier in the week, Big Sean’s “Control” features guest verses from both Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica. Kendrick’s verse on the record garnered instant attention thanks to the rappers claim to the title of “king of New York” and the various emcee’s he calls out on the song, including J. Cole and Big K.R.I.T.

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  • Anonymous

    All you niggas crowing this bitch kendrick is his. Fuck outta here with this classic shit, this nigga is puss.

  • def

    People will call me a hater but I'm sorry. Without Hi-Tek people would be like Talib who?

  • Deadman Rashaun

    It takes a vet emcee to set it straight. Shouts out to Talib,Kurupt,Daz,Game,& every EMCEE that spits for the LOVE of the culture,Because money gonna come REGARDLESS!! The POWERS DAT BE ARE PETRIFIED NOW because THIS is what they've been trying to keep from the new generation! WELCOME BACK HIP HOP! We've missed you!

  • Fuck Brooklyn

    Born rich, mice voice having ass nigga

  • Anonymous

    irrelevent ass motherfucker

  • Anonymous

    20 years? People stopped paying attention to Talib's shit when the new millenium started. Jealous mofo.

  • Laura C. Anderson

    as Florence implied I didnt know that a person able to earn $4975 in four weeks on the internet. did you read this link... www.Can99.com you a back stabber and only weak nerd nigga feel you you had 1 coo CD with nigga like drake Kendrick Lupe Game ect tht mean ur dead


    gkmc is already a classic in my book, and I'm not even a fan

  • EaT

    give his albums 10 more years and we'll talk about classic. Right now, it has everything to become a classic but will it become an undisputed classic in 10 years ? we'll see.

  • msf

    I hate both Talib and kendrick lmao. with that said, I can see a lot of talent in kendrick but talib ? ahaha. he got bodied by Mos Def on that collab album.

  • kr12ot

    I don't know... gkmc is easily the best album I have heard since The Cool but let's stop crowning new artists after a few months lmao.

  • ob1

    I'm already 43 and kendrick already reminds me of pac, he has that fire in his eyes ahahah let's hope he can release another classic, he gonna be up there with the goats

  • drax

    I know I'm too old for this geenration but kdot is the only one who impressed me with his albums. and I agree, you need to give his albums a few more years before crowning the kid "the king" but he'll be there, no doubt..

  • fggg

    he is right, gkmc is a classic but the kid needs more time.


    Finally lsitened to gkmc this morning. Damn I expected an overrated album but omg, classic material... what else should I listen to ? what are his mixtape ?

  • Stop it G

    What's with you Young Kids and this habit of calling albums barely 2 years old "Classic"? Try picking up a Dictionary before y'all start throwing words around.

  • ji

    Why does he speak such terrible things?

  • NYC hiphop is dead

    NYC aint shit since the 90's! NYC niggas nowadays follow trends like: jayz, jadakiss, fat joe, 50 cent etc. or nyc rappers keep repeating themselfes with boring stories about selling coke or being a pimp. Fuck off! After 20 years you still talking about that you sell coke. Its time that some new nyc rappers stand up and do there own thing!

  • sam snead

    Make a record with mos def and shut up but he is right about this, gkmc is on the cusp like 50 cents get rich or die trying or AZ's doe or die. The Source gave it 4 n half mics which is right on, just short of being a classic. now XXL gave 2 albums it's highest rating last year that I remember which was GKMC and nas-life is good, they also gave slaughterhouse just short of the highest rating, any xxl review of interscope artist is not trust worthy because of the financial relationship between the 2. GKMC-4.5,L.I.G-4.5,Slaughterhouse-3.75, BIG KRIT-4.0 for 2012. No classic albums

  • Anonymous

    k dot sounds like a little girl when he raps.so light weight gkmc overated

  • maine

    he needs an eleven year run like lil wayne I believe weezy can go toe to toe with him why cuz weezy has a catalog

  • MechaZain

    No one on earth has said Kendrick's the best of all-time in the first place wtf. I wish this dude pull Yasiin Def back in the studio and make a new album instead commenting on every hip hop factoid.

  • Anonymous

    I personally think kendrick killed it he called out every rapper in the game and, and buy saying he is the king of the east and west is reasonable, hes proven it in his songs alot of people are saying kendrick lamar is not very smart for dissing every rapper but that was his point he wants to prove that hes the best by beating every other rapper out there.

  • Hachitori

    20 years is crazy long to stay relevant. there are maybe 5 vets who killed and still kill it: Dope: Nas Ghost Rae (Barely holding on) Ishmael Butler E-40 Nope: Hov (just fell the fucK off) Talib Kweli (stick to the slam poetry, preachy mo fo) Big and Pac don't count RIP Cube started boss got cheesy Same with Meth.

    • Callum

      Why do you think Talib isn't good any more? Coz I absolutely love him and he still has amazing flow and lyrics.

    • hatchitori

      Oh you got me with that biting "dumb comment" line. Re: Ice Cube. Did you read that on wikipedia? This is my personal opinion, not the opinion of the masses. Wicked (on Predator) is the wackest song ever it reminds me of Kris Kross. I was a huge Ice Cube fan from Straight Out of Compton to Death Certificate. I still have those two on Cassette. I really wanted to like Predator, but it was a clear attempt at crossing over.

    • Anonymous

      "Ice Cube on the other hand lost it after Death Certificate ..." Wrong again. He put out The Predator and Lethal Injection after that which are widely considered to be good albums, arguably classic.

    • Anonymous

      "Black Thought is borderline for me. He has skills, but he occasionally falls into the preachiness that Kweli suffers from. The early Roots albums were amazing tho. I think on the new albums they are trying to hard to get their integrity back after they lost it to Fallon. " Dumb comment.

    • hachitori

      Black Thought is borderline for me. He has skills, but he occasionally falls into the preachiness that Kweli suffers from. The early Roots albums were amazing tho. I think on the new albums they are trying to hard to get their integrity back after they lost it to Fallon. I've loved BDP since Ghetto Music, but "KRS-ONE" was KRS's last great album IMO. E40 has always been that way you like him or you don't. His newer work rivals his work with the Click. Ice Cube on the other hand lost it after Death Certificate ... I never liked LL. I think the thing about Rae is that he has got to be with Ghost or the whole Wu. But he is still putting out dope verses. I was also tempted to put Scarface on here, but he hasn't put an album out for 5 years and his most recent stuff has been average. Basically what I'm saying is 20years is near impossible!

    • ButteryNugget

      Cosign on Black Thought. Has he ever spit a whack verse?

    • Pharaoh

      also Rae hasn't been consistent he went from OB4CL to OB4CL2 with nobody giving a fuck in between. LL Cool J, KRS-One, Ice Cube, K-Rino and Nas have all been wayyyy more consistent than Rae...

    • Pharaoh

      2 fucking words BLACK and THOUGHT

    • Anonymous

      e40? that cheasy nigga

  • Anonymous

    20 years? Get the fuck out of here. New York looking shook right now. Scared they kings bout to get topped so quick.

  • Anonymous

    am sorry but that is dumb as shit ok 20 years to get respect but if you get on top quick dont hate he spit that for fun not a diss just cuz it took you 20 years doesnt mean it should him he did him to get there and still going to be better and better imagine if he did try dissing be 10 times better

  • Youngindy21

    Well Talib is right. I mean GKMC is a great CD and all but some of you were trying to compare it to Illmatic both before and after its release and I thought that was just ridiculous. Is it a Classic? I don't know if I am ready to go that far because I still see myself skipping some of the tracks at the end of that CD. Even on Section .80 some of the tracks are fire and then some of the tracks not so much. Kendrick is no doubt a talented rapper but even in this New School of rappers he is not number one until he releases a few quality singles and albums.

  • Optimus Rhyme

    Only time will tell where Kendrick will end up on the all-time greats list. Right now he's the top tog excelling in by far the weakest era of hip hop ever!! Of course you're gonna look amazing when your main comp in the mainstream are the likes of Drake, Wale, Rick Ross, Meek Millz, Too Chainz, Big Sean, Asap Rocky...etc. Most of them cats are wild mediocre. Maybe Cole might be the only one capable of pushing him, but that remains to be seen. Kendrick had to call out his own class cuz he knows their shit is subpar. He's tryna get his era of rappers fired up. You just gotta hope Kendrick doesn't get bored and loses that fire with no one to compete against.

    • sam snead

      It's a new era in ways, 05-2010 was the weakest 5 years imo, in which weezy was the most popular rapper.

  • Anonymous

    Listen to Talib Kweli's track "Human Mic". He doesn't call anyone out, but everything he spits on there is better than Kdots "Control" verse. The two do not compare.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule went into the Men's Room at Sizzler and saw Kendrick sitting down to pee.

  • BlueArmor

    Big Daddy Kane is one of the greatest rappers of all time, GKMC isn't a classic. What makes it a classic ? I dig Kendrick I like this kid but to say his album is a classic is just silly to me it's an okay album. The masses are reaching to far cmon now...

    • Carlos

      That's your opinion. You can't argue about opinions. I agree that GKMC is not a classic, yet, but I think it could be one in the distant future.

  • Anony

    Fuck this irrelevant nigga. Hell he was never relevant to begin with. And Ja Rule is a better rapper than Talib KWALLEY

  • traiko

    just gave gkmc 2 more listens and holy shit, it is true that this is a grower, I even feel the need to listen to it again right now :o

    • rideonemjixxer

      finally someone else who sees it for what it is. Just a friendly challenge. That verse was far from a real diss. People look for anything to blow out of proportion now a days. Too funny.

    • Dan Wesley

      why ere'body hatin on K.Dot? the control verse was not disrespectful in any way,let alone it be considered a diss..that verse was more of a friendly challenge and a compliment to them nigas he mentioned..he was simply saying:"im working hard and improving my shit so that i can better than you nigas, cause yall nigas are the standards i need to beat"..aint none but a bitch thang for anybody to be going all out on the kid..

  • Naikoooo

    I really hate this kdot nigga, YES he is the best right now, Yes he is SUPER TALENTED but just wait a few more years before crowning him lmao. his fans remind me of these Eminem and nas fans, pathetic stans

  • Stylez

    Did you even watch the video? SMH typical blogs feeding off of bullshit sensationalism

  • talibsuc

    birdman > talib kweli

  • talibsuc

    nicki minaj > talib kweli

  • talibsuc

    Souja boy > talib kweli

  • talibsuc

    lil wayne > talib kweli

  • talibsuc

    rick ross > talib kweli

  • dd

    20yrs my ass Fuck outta here K.DOT KING already

  • poiuytrez

    I grew up on Nas and Pac and it's really hard for me to accept a new artist as a pontetial goat but hey, the kid got the full package so I'm not mad, he deserves it. he just needs to stay on the top for a few more years

  • fhadi

    I know I'm too old for this geenration but kdot is the only one who impressed me with his albums. and I agree, you need to give his albums a few more years before crowning the kid "the king" but he'll be there, no doubt.

  • real hip hop

    All Kendrick's verses sound like cypher bullshit. Talib almost always comes with substance.

  • rgggzg

    kdot king of NY, and I'm not evena fan

  • real hip hop

    Kendrick always finds the perfect balanc ebetween lyrics and techniques on his songs, I respect that.

  • blqckyes

    Big Daddy Kane was overrated as hell, even jay-z the old man is better than this nicca

  • vladmiiir

    thought Kane was dead lol (take it easy)

  • blqckyes

    even soulja boy is better than Big Daddy Kane

    • tyrone

      You're just running your mouth for shock value. I will take J. Cole, Wale, Ab-Soul and Drake over K.dot. Maybe I need to listen to his album and mixtapes a few more times, but I am not impressed. Hell Electronica's verse was better than his on control.

  • blqckyes

    Rick Ross > Big Daddy Kane

  • vladmiiir

    thought he was wack and he is now my most in my top 5 ahaahah

  • naturallis

    I used to think that kendrick was overrated... not anymore. I listened to his album last week and it changed my mind about him

  • puuukl

    not even a big fan of kendrick but I gotta admit that kdot will probably becoming one of the msot important artists of this generation. not a big fan of gkmc but objectively, it has everything to become a true classic, everything about that album is crazy. I jsut wish that I'll enjoy his music one day.

  • the-shadi

    I'm already 43 and kendrick already reminds me of pac, he has that fire in his eyes ahahah

  • logipro

    he is right, gkmc is the definition of perfection but it needs to stand the test of time, right now it's definitely better than a lot of albums released in the 90's but it needs to stand the test of time to be considered a classic

    • X

      Dude don't even entertain him. Dudes here a new person coming out who spits a few verses that "appear" to sound different and niggas starting saying "classic". AHHAHAHHA. Nigga please. The sad thing about this generation is they are plainly fucking stupid even with all the current tricks and trades of technology. Don't know shit about hip hop over the last 30 years. And what it takes for an album to be a classic. I bet motherfuckers were saying lil wayne was the goat as well and nicki manaj was second in command. Can't help but laugh at stupid ass motherfuckers.

    • BlueArmor

      Better than a lot of albums released in the 90's ?? Thats over reaching like a Mfka

  • gidzt

    hopefully kendrick can release another 5/5 album

  • jerry

    Hes right. It takes a lot more than a 4/5 album to be a fuckin great of all time. Everyone chill out. We just think hes really good because of how weak the albums are that are coming out. When was the last true classic? My beautiful dark twisted fantasy?

  • tragedy kadafi

    jay-z can take a shit in the morning and its better then kendricks verse... wtf was so great about it? still tryna figure that out?? dam some of these youngins blowin that verse up like 2pac came back from the dead.. wtf is goin on.

  • WestCoastRolla

    So, kweli and anybody who agrees with what he said, BASICALLY is sayin that biggie cant be considered a great if thats the case....Right?????

  • logipro

    He is right, it's too soon to talk about kendrick as one of the goats but he'll be there if he can release other albums on the level of gkmc.

  • Anonymous

    hahahaha "people care about lyrics, could of fooled me"

  • koooi

    is Kane still rapping ? I would like to check his recent albums

  • mikkkke

    I love that nicca kendrick, dude is doing a lot for hip hop, I need to give his albums a listen

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick is waaaaay to overrated

  • colemaid

    talib is basically saying that kendrick is better than everyone else right now and that he is now competiting against rakim and other goats. gkmc is a classic for this generation, now let's see if the kid can release something better than a bottom line classic, let's see if he can release an illmatic or reasonable doubt.

  • Zeeeus

    I might be old but kdot is the only rapper that I consider great for this generation. Hopefully lupe can make a great come back but that's it, hip hop is wack now. as for kendrick's disco, I do believe that gkmc is gonna be a classic

    • X

      Once Lupe leaves atlantic, he'll be able to do just that. These labels ain't making money and if they can, they will "make" the artist release only radio watered down crap. If the artist doesn't, then they are stuck in a bullshit contract to where they won't be able to do anything with regards to releasing music that they want to release.

  • hiko

    s80 and gkmc are probably the best albums I have heard since F&L but the kid needs to stand the test of time FIRST ! gkmc is a potential classic but give it a few more year please

  • gen0

    I don't like kendrick that much but I have to admit that gkmc is gonna become a classic for this generation and I ain't even mad.

  • poiiilo

    talibheard gkmc yesterday for the first time and I agree, that shit is a fucking masterpiece, damn can't wait for kendrick to release another album !!!!!!!!

  • bbcFRIBERG

    I agree, kendrick is the best RIGHT now, but it's too soon to call hi ma legend, gkmc will probably become a classic but you need more than 1 album to be the king

  • shredd

    talib is right, 1 classic album is not enough to be #1 but he is indeed on his way to become the best

  • Zhane

    Kendrick is the king of the hill Right now! He not claiming the best for ever. He WANTS to be the best ever but he already knows this shit is the most beautiful thing. This nigga doing everybody a favor by reminding you retards that this is what rap is about, in doing so he laid out the guidelines to where we can all achieve the path is very clear now for those who didn't know. Should be thanking his ass, you can do that by stepping up your music game period.

    • X

      Quick question. Who the fuck needs to step their game up outside of the current trashy rappers on the radio. Cause most of the dudes from the 90's and 80's would chew Kendrick's ass up. You must be young, since you're stating some straight up laughable arrogant bullshit.

  • iyaites

    Tupac was only 'in the game' for seven years and is largely regarded as the GOAT

  • scholar

    All u microwave eatin ass listeners need to realize that classic refers to albums that stand the test of time... that's problem with hiphop today people just throw words around...got to learn to crawl before u walk...

  • hotboxedigloo

    IMO S80 is on the same level as GKMC and I don't see either as a classic. Im a huge Kdot fan but this hype, granted, is not valid. I think he has a classic album in him but for that to happen he needs to continue to have fire and grind motivation, that fire will be ashed if ppl continue to stay on his dick.

  • sxxx9


  • Badboyz

    Damn didn't Shyne have this same discussion when this dude album drop Last year,everybody thought he was hatin.Now look @All these rappers gettin balls not talkin bout Talib Kweli cause I see where he's comin from on this topic.I'm talkin bout these new generation cats that In the beginning of the week they were dappin K-Dot back on twitter,but I feel K-Dot doe,if you don't think your the BEST In the game who else is gonna believe in you - Keep doin your thing Kendrick.Although I'm more of A Jay Rock fan.Plus like yukmouth once said if you got that Dre Stamp - Everybody gonna give you that approval in this Industry just from bein associated with the Dr., look @Eminem & Hawaii 5-O did the Very same tactic but No One went after them I guess they think this Kid want respond kill'em off K-Dot like you said on the ASAP track.Cause half of the rappers would've been better off responding to 50 ten years ago than to FUCK wit the "Good Kid from the Madd City",thats way more Lyrical than Hawaii 5-O was In his debut time.I Guess it's because of the Internet & Social media Now, back then we only had My Space.

  • Pharaoh

    Kendrick has ZERO "Classic" albums anyone who says otherwise is a fool imo It takes YEARS to determine whether an album is actually a classic, whether it truly has timeless music on it. I'm only just willing to call "Below the heavens" a "Classic" I said when it came out it had "Classic POTENTIAL" but until now 5 years later I haven't given it that "Classic" stamp every good/dope album isnt a "Classic" if you throw that term around all willy nilly it becomes meaningless and nothing worth aspiring towards achieving @beezlebud





  • mike

    Well someone had to say what Talib did, but only a few will agree with him. There is no doubt about it, K.dot is a raising legend but he is still a young mc. There are a lot of rappers who are not popular and are batter than K.dot, but they have not compared themselves to legends. They are climbing the ladder like him though they are in front of him. Big Daddy Kane and Rakim for example are not widely known by the public in large but for those who understand( Not just know)rap respect them. K.dot popularity does not earn him the right to compare himself to legends.

    • X

      Yeah because the ones that don't agree. Don't know shit about hip hop or where it comes from. Only into trendy hip pop.

  • ChitownJ

    I swear to God we are some self-hating people. This is rap and if you don't feel you're the king then you probably shouldn't even be doing this to begin with. I am highly disappointed in Kweli taking things so literally to the point he actually did an interview about it. If you disagree with K. Dot dammit write some hot bars to shut him up.

  • Anonymous

    Kweli reminds of say, bare with me here... Lucky from Donnie Brasco, a guy who was on the come up, expected to be on top, one of the best...then new guys come out younger, below where he is...and then they steal that spot you though u were working towards.... suck it up Talib.. I used to love your music, but that was a long time ago. He needs to do less bitchin & get in the studio... follow at noles506

  • RealEnough

    i like talib but lately he has been sounding like and i dislike to use this term "hater".

  • add it up

    Kendrick Lamar: 2 CLASSICS (GKMC and Section 80 independent ALBUM, not a mixtape) Talib Kweli: 0 solo classics. ONE classic as part of Black Star with Mos Def.

    • Ja Rule Army [HHDX Troll Gang]

      ^^^that was then this is now.......... ......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... ROFL

    • Anonymous

      Quality & Reflection were dope... but that was then, this is now.I mean, Reflection is 13 years ago...Quality was 2002...that's 11 years ago... Step your game up Talib. add on fb @ ThaChronicIzBack

    • Anonymous

      so we gon act like Quality and Reflection Eternal didn't happen? ever more so, billing S80 a classic is not really overly justified, it's a very good project but doesn't seem to reek of timelessness yet.

  • demtaldamboy

    The people who think birdman and wayne kissing is gay are 1. Gay Virgins in the Basement 2. Haters 3. Both

  • Anonymous

    Talib is basically saying : "Look at MY whole body of work, I'm better". And IMHO, he's not.

  • 614grind

    I like Kendrick a lot but he has no catalog. GKMC is a strong debut album for sure, but a classic? Nah. Does this really compare to some of the greatest Hip Hop albums ever? Nah. Is it really going to be judged over time as the highest quality of its kind? Nah. He's a beast but he has a long way to go.

    • flo

      easy to say he has no catalog when you only know gkmc. this means you're either stupid or extremely ignorant. Kendrick has many projects that back up his skill. KL EP, O.D., S80, GKMC. All strong projects.

    • polynomial @

      yeah but section 80 was an instant classic. i think they are looking into this too much. all kendrick pretty much did was announce that he's goin hard, and anyone else not goin hard better get out of the way

  • old hiphop head

    Yo fuckboys, Get of Kendricks dick. Kendrick didnt make a: - illmatic - ready to die - reasonable doubt - paid in full - criminal minded - it takes a nation of millions to hold us back So whats up with all the hype?????? Oh i get it? Nowadays you have rappers like: drake, ross, big sean, chief keef, gucci mane, lil wayne, 50 cent and young jeezy Okay compared to them yeah Kendrick is the KING. Compared to hiphop history? Kendrick is good but not special.

    • Ja Rule Army

      That anon nigga is one retarded fuck. 90s fans with canes...you can't make this shit up. So because there are ppl who are tired of the oversaturation of lollipop records/trap we have to forget the 90's. YOU CAN"T MAKE THIS SHIT UP!!! DO YOU LAMES GET TIRED OF THE SAME TRAP BEATS N WAYNE-DRAKE-T-Pain CLONES = How many TPains (FUTURE, 1 million rip offs, etc), Drake (Kirko Bangs, Roscoe Dash, 1 million more rip offs), SHIT IM DONE

    • A Person

      I will say this, I think Kendrick actually has some talent, but there is no way this man is a legend yet, he needs to grow as an artist, make consistently amazing albums for at least another decade, and make sure he doesn't sell out, if he can do that much, maybe I can put him up there with the best of the best, if not, well, tough luck. Personally, I can't stand his flow, since I prefer more of that old school soulful smooth shit, but that doesn't take away from my respect for him as a lyricist. Also, if he would stop like, featuring on wack guys tracks, that would make him look better imo.

    • Anonymous

      those old niggas aint rapping no more, move the fuck on. Kendrick is talking about right now. you old hip hop heads cant get passed the 90s. prob walking with a cane ffs. Kendrick can go toe to toe with any nigga rapping right now.

    • Not Impressed

      Exactly, It's called having low standards. People are thirsty for someone to hype up and call the savior of hiphop because this is the first era of 98% wack rappers. Kendrick and his album are average when compared to previous generations, but he's like a God compared to people of this generation. But that's not saying much, because any decent, young, rapper could come out right now and play that same role Kendrick does. I'm not impressed

    • DaMamba

      Ayo calm down, no reason to hate dude's music, he just has some dickriders (like all artists do). And as for Kendrick, in due time people will more likely than not give his debut album "classic" status.

  • Clap Back

    When iz HHDX gon add the like button, comment section looks 80!

  • Anonymous


  • Armani Cooper

    Man, I like Talib but.. I remember how Kendrick destroyed Talib on his own track too. Its a new generation of emcee's out right now that shouldnt be compared to "Big Daddy kane". Can you imagine if kendrick lamar was rapping like he is now back in the 1980's? people's brains wouldve literally exploded. ..This isnt your grandpa's hiphop guys its 2013. K.dot is the man now

  • Donna R. Paulson

    like Carolyn answered I am amazed that people can profit $5441 in a few weeks on the internet. have you read this site link... www.Can99.com Drake's songs sound different than anything else out there. Kdot sounds like every other non beat having queen. He got owned by Robin Thicke on their recent collabo.

  • Anonymous

    THANK YOU SIR!!!!!

  • True

    I agree Kendrick good but he a young cat that gotta establish hisself before he get crowned. Talib a nigga that can talk cuz he actually released classics.

  • fuall

    Wack, all of this shit is a marketing ploy that the media is in on. Phil Jackson responding to someone who is not even platinum in the U.S. yet? Every single outlet giving him good scores on his album? When did everyone start to think alike? I am obviously talking about Lamar. At the end of the day I like Lamar. I enjoyed his album, but this is not about how good hip hop currently is or how the quality of rap music and rappers has improved. It is about marketing these new guys as some type of change and they have not proved to be that. This has been going on for the last 3 years or so to be honest.

  • Wolfman

    Whatever. I guess it all depends on how you look at it. You want to judge like the greatest of the hall of fame of rap? OK, I see that.. But, how about who's doing it the best... right now in 2013...in the present moment. Kendrick is top 5 for me.


    Kendrick releases a track. starts dropping a bunch of names, says some bs like im the king of ny and everyone on this site is riding his dick HARD!!! saying he killed it, waking up hiphop blah blah.. Now you got the real spitters coming out, dropping some serious bars, spitting fire, body bagging kendrick.. where all the Kendrick dick riders at? what they gonna say now?

    • ButteryNugget

      I just want to know what makes K. Lamar's verse so great? It was good, vicious, but it wasnt awe-inspiring, poetic, or difficult to understand (due to depth). I'm not saying those things are necessary to make a verse great, but he didnt blow my mind with it--this wasnt something like Nas' "I Gave You Power" or "Rewind." I admit, of all the mainstream dudes out right now, Kendrick is one of the nicer ones (personally, I prefer J. Cole's style), but these kids are on his jock so hard it is confusing. I think this really does have to do with the watered down product on the radio today. But, seriously, there are so many underground cats (yeah, I know, not relevant to you "BET and record sales trump talent" types) are doing things that Kendrick cant, and likely wont, touch.

    • Anonymous

      going first already gives Kendrick the lead. replying to his verse with some 'hot' lyrics don't mean shit, and doesn't even come close to 'bodying' Kendrick. kdot probably laughin right now thinking these lame niggas actually trying to body me.

    • Anonymous

      Most of the responses so far are from nobodies coming out of the woodwork, trying to get a minute of fame. It'd be interesting if someone who actually holds some weight and relevance, does a proper response.

  • Anonymous

    Talib this, Talib that. Point is, Talib is one smart dumb ass nigga if I've ever seen one. This dude would make Kanye look amateurish when it comes to being a hypocrite.

    • RealTalk

      Its funny cuz these so called "conscious" rappers and "underground" fans is catching the most feelings over Kendrick's success. I dont even really like Kendrick like that, I didnt really like good kid/mad city, but you just see the jealousy and envy front and center because dude is shining bright and for the first time in a long time its based on a broader lyrical ability instead of simple punchlines and catchy hooks.

  • ETK

    maybe just maybe some people are fuckin tired of having Jay or Nas at #1. people have been wanting for years for a nigga to step up and take the rap game by storm. Drake started doing it but he makes candy-ass music. whether Kendrick is the man to do it or not is up for debate, but he's made a strong fuckin statement so far. these emcees who are replying back to Kendrick think he ain't all that but they're feeding him the hype as we speak...

    • X

      How about the current artist grow some fucking balls and be original. Oh I forgot that's only for old school dudes. All the current rappers either fucking shark bite off of old shit or copy what someone is doing on the radio at the moment. No people are tired of bullshit being played on the radio. And frankly Mr. Lamar is not going to be the fucking second coming. Lyrically he is only better than the current trash, otherwise he ain't shit. You're supposed to raise the bar when you come out, not fucking be and do worse then dudes that came out before you.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Drake's songs sound different than anything else out there. Kdot sounds like every other non beat having queen. He got owned by Robin Thicke on their recent collabo.

  • triPAUD

    some real talk here but I think kendrick knows that too.

  • NSpeez

    I agree. These days things get so over hyped so fast. The rap game is like sports. It takes some consistency and longevity before you can be placed amongst some of the best. The talent is not disputed, but you never know how a career will turn out. Some cats are hot for an album or 2 and then fall off. Time will tell.

  • LMAO

    Ladies and gentlemen...someone's salty.

  • Anonymous

    Right talib, but dead rappers with one or two albums are considered greats in your eyes?

    • old hiphop head

      @ ButteryNugget: Okay albums by Nas till 1999 sound okay what concers beats but its common known that Nas not really has an ear for good beats after 1999

    • ButteryNugget

      @OHH For real? Are you trying to say you have never heard Nas rhyme over dope beats? Almost all of the beats on Illmatic and It was Written (90% of the beats on Stillmatic, The Lost Tapes, and the Untitled joint) were awesome; the fact you don't recognize this is suspect. Biggie had two releases. Eventually you pick wrong, Biggie just never got the chance--though, imo a lot of Life After Death's beats were clubby and lame as fuck (not the case on Ready to Die, which was amazing throughout). Nas' and Biggie's debuts were, and still are, touted as classics (the same can be said of other releases of that era: Enter the 36 Chambers, Reasonable Doubt, The Infamous, Midnight Marauders, etc.) because of the completeness that surrounds them: a perfect dynamic between rhymes and beats.

    • old hiphop head

      Biggie is one of the GOATS why: - could go hardcore, underground, and commercial. He was versatile - didnt write lyrics everthingd from the dome and thats talent - had a incredible flow and voice - was lyrical. Listen to victory - had a good ear for beats. You ever heard Nas rhyming on good beats??????? - made his lyrics easylee to understand. Also thats a gift. You have those technical rappers like Crooked I etc but after a minute you fell asleep but not with Biggie - he had charisma - he had witt - he had personal stories maybe not all true but not like those fake gangsta rappers today Biggie is your favorite rapper favorite rapper.

    • Anonymous

      LMAO!!! I know yall aren't comparing Kendrick album to Ready to Die. Kendrick can make 10 albums and they all wouldn't equal what Big did on his first joint.

    • Anonymous

      2pac was close to being great. Biggie wasn't IMO. I don't care that his second album went diamond. He was very lyrical, but his rhymes were clichd, and his storytelling got very old that second time around. I think if he had lived, his albums would have gotten progressively worse.

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree, Biggie released two great albums and is often considered the GOAT. Kenrick has released two great albums, but because he hasn't been shot some people won't even accept he's in the running. (Before people go crazy, I'm not saying Kendricks better than Biggie, I'm saying he's in the same league).

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