Top Dawg Entertainment Signs Singer SZA

Top Dawg Entertainment adds its first singer to its roster with the announcement of SZA as the label's newest signee.

With a roster filled with numerous emcees, Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE) has taken a different route with their newest signee, SZA. Hailing from Maplewood, New Jersey, the songstress was announced as the label’s latest addition earlier in the week.

Prior to signing with TDE, SZA released a handful of projects including last year’s See.SZA.Run and an EP titled, S. The singer is also gearing up for the release of her Z EP, which will feature her recent singles, “Julia” and “Teen Spirit.”

Surrounded by the sounds of John Coltrane, Billy Holiday, and other classic artists in her early years, the chanteuse also boasts a heavy admiration for Staten Island spitters Wu-Tang Clan.

"I was raised on a lot of John Coltrane, Satchmo, Miles Davis, Billy Holiday, and Björk with an adult obsession of all things Wu-Tang," says SZA. "The one thing I've always admired is their ability to paint scenes with their sounds. When I write I usually let the beat saturate my mood and head space; that determines every scene and set design for any song, the rest is all secondary."

This latest news from TDE comes shortly after it was rumored that Queens rapper Action Bronson and singer Jhene Aiko would serve as TDE’s newest signee’s. As of now, neither of the two artists are signed to TDE.

As a TDE signee, SZA will join the likes of Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, and Jay Rock.

A brief video introduction to SZA, presented by TDE, can be found below.

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  • ChrissyB1

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  • Anonymous

    Jhene Aiko would've made a better fit for Top Dawg

    • Anna William

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    • Anonymous

      I agree, although she is signed to Def Jam. She has always fit well when featured on songs by TDE.

  • GoodRapEar

    Top Dawg is awesome, but this nigga bodied Kendrick a lil bit: Search: JChrioni Rigamortician SoundCloud Ripped Kendrick's Rigamortis beat while responding to his "Control" verse...

  • Rose A. Quiles

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  • Truthspeak

    Bitch ugly as fuck. TDE lost one by signing this dumb bitch. Why do you think that video didn't have one close up of her face?

    • Fuck the two niggas above me

      They shoulda signed Ja Rule, but nah they too scared cuz he's the real king of New York. Gwopppppp..

    • Fuck The Nigga Above Me

      TDE ain't a modelling agency! If it was all the niggas on it would be dropped. She can clearly sing!! Should Jill Scott be kicked off Warner Bros. because she ain't look like a pornstar like Jhene Aiko? Not everyone can look as fly as Jhene Aiko. Grow the fuck up!

    • tamzinlee18

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  • Anonymous

    Please stza wza allza "ZA" names already. niggas be giving other niggas rabies with all the biting.

  • Anonymous

    Jersey always seems to have the best female mc's (Latifa, Lauren, Luck, Digga), TDE have nothing but beasts including Kdot so we might be witnessing a change in the game for sure. The swag, trap, I'm not a rapper I hustle days are numbered. Thank goodness.

    • benben

      Nobody's fame last forever in music at least in terms of being hot. You are either are a legend or not, and so far no one in YMCMB except for Wayne will take the spot of legend only because of his past works for being the best punch line rapper in the game when he was good. Drake might obtain the status of legend if he can stop talking about strippers and his crappy love life so much. Over all I mean I'm sorry man but I just see Kendrick having a higher chance of being a legend than Drake look at what he has accomplished so far lyrically in the game. He broke the mold of new school he is the closest thing to a new school Tupac or Nas right now.

    • iamhiphop

      YMCMB putting out albums that are flopping. Drake's the only one there who'll do good numbers.

    • dentaldamboy

      @benben Oh boy. Who's saying that K Dot's fame will last forever. YMCMB is still putting out albums and they are selling well. I don't want drake to leave ymcmb.

    • benben

      Like really man every time I get on a post that deals with Kendrick Lamar or TDE period. I see this guy trash talking them like Dentaldamboy I'm honestly annoyed with you. You're just as annoying as the rest of worthless YMCMB. You need to shut up I'm sorry but everybody YMCMB is dead except for Drake. Their time to shine is over man. I'm sorry to tell you that.

    • Anonymous

      Kendrick is true hip-hop unlike shitty pop YMCMB.

    • dentaldamboy

      Im pissed off that people prefer shitty pop like Kendrick instead of true hiphop.


      dentaldamboy is really soicyboi he swears he in ymcmb the way he dick rides them u'd think they letting off loads in his mouth on the daily! every good artist that debuts on this site is hated on by this white boy troll aka dentaldam/so icy boi... knock it off u male groupie

    • truth

      ^^^ seen you comment a lot. You always sound real angry. You sure you alright? Whenever they show what trolls or people like you are like it real life it's always some real geeky guy or someone with learning difficulties frustrated with life.

    • dentaldamboy

      And Black Hippy as a whole is gay. I even seen them make out. Ran the fuck out.

    • dentaldamboy

      Schoolgirl Q is not a beast. Even schoolgirl admits that she doesn't like most of the music she puts out. Ab Soul is a worthless communist. No one wants to hear him rant about capitalism and overthrowing the government. Jay Rock is great...he's in the mold of Wayne and Ross.Kendrick is nothing but a fad. He saw that a few internet nerds paid him some compliments online, and now he thinks he's the best. He ain't shit compared to Drake.

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