Juicy J To Produce Posthumous Pimp C Album

The Three 6 Mafia and UGK connection still runs strong, as Juicy J will deliver what will likely be Pimp C's third posthumous album since his 2007 death.

Three 6 Mafia's Juicy J and UGK's Pimp C collaborated extensively since the late 1990s. The Memphis, Tennessee-Port Arthur, Texas connection ran strong on singles like 2000's "Sippin' On Some Syrup," 2001's "Like A Pimp," and 2007's "International Player's Anthem Remix," the last of which was a song originally co-produced by J.

The connection has remained strong since Pimp C's 2007 death from respiratory depression believed to be caused by a drug overdose.

Yesterday (August 11), Juicy J revealed that he is producing an album by the late UGK co-founder. The album is made up of unreleased material.

This will likely be Pimp C's third posthumous album, following 2010's The Naked Soul Of Sweet Jones and 2011's Still Pimping, both released on Rap-A-Lot Records, where Pimp C and Bun B were (and are) both signed as solo artists. Neither of those two albums featured Juicy J's involvement.

Later this month, Juicy J will release his first solo album on a major label, August 27's Stay Trippy, which features Pimp C on "Smokin' Rollin'."

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  • One

    I don't have much confidence in juicy when it comes to music now. Back then, before all that Taylor Gang shit, he was str8. He should do a good job at this. All songs UGK and Three 6 have together have been golden in my eyes. I still listen to pocket full of stones. Plus I'm tired of all these bubble gum rappers. Pimp C was always the one to tell you some true facts on the mic. But usually when someone takes over a dead artist work, it's not all that great.

  • xx009


  • xx009


  • Anonymous

    oragnized noize need to do at least one track for the Pimp you know whut im taumbout??

  • Da Watcha

    Man N.O. Joe needs to be apart of that with J. Cause he the 1 that took UGK to the next level with his production on Riding Dirty from there on. People seem to forget that HE is the Sound Behind Rap-a-Lots Better hits. Do the knowledge and read the credits. Pimp C referred to him on their albums.

  • lol

    going to be ruined by shitty feats.

  • Pat

    DOPE, Juicy has gotta make those great style beats like back in the day

  • Mortis

    All I care about hearing from a dead rapper is Afeni releasing a box set of all the 2pac masters ala what Nirvana did on their box set.

  • Lori W. Hughes

    my neighbors mother makes $67 every hour on the laptop. She has been without a job for 10 months but last month her income was $19760 just working on the laptop for a few hours. Heres the site to read more... www.Can99.com To be that cool with each after all these years in the game is amazing. That's brotherhood.

  • Detroit niggroe

    Juice kills it ...when he makes his own beats. I need to hear some Pimp c shit, that nigga was too real. Id rather hear this project than a taylor gang Juicy j album. Errbody know its gonna be all pop mostly

  • Anonymous

    what the fuck is this shit? bun b should be in charge of this

    • Anonymous

      rap a lot was behind it for the most part not bun. either way i dont expect a good album out of this

    • Anonymous

      the last ugk album under bun b's control after pimp died was AWFUL due to the production choices. it sounded so disjointed and thrown together, it exposed bun b for being a part of ugk and not the heart of ugk. pimp c was the heart of that group. pimp c made classic records and knew how to shape a project. look at the ugk album they put out after pimp got out compared to the solos bun b put out. no contest. pimp c was working magic with bun. juicy j is a brilliant producer when he's into it, i'd love to hear what juice man can cook up for some unreleased pimp c vocals. it will be better than the last ugk album bun b sunk, that's for sure.

  • hgf

    He better mind about his own bizness. Nigga can't renew his sound for 10 yrs. Btw it'll be a disgrace to Pimp C.

  • kjjb

    with his own words: 'kill yourself!'

  • Fuck Memphis

    And fuck Houston too.

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