ScHoolboy Q Says Macklemore Should Beat Kendrick Lamar At MTV VMAs

ScHoolboy Q also says he is holding off on announcing a release date for "Oxymoron" until all samples have been cleared.

When asked what Kendrick Lamar’s chances are of securing the award for Best Hip Hop Video at the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards, TDE rapper ScHoolboy Q made quite the surprising revelation when he suggested that Seattle duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis should instead take the win thanks to their “Can’t Hold Us” music video.

Q, who appears on The Heist record “White Walls,” also commented on Kendrick likely sharing the same sentiment when it concerns Macklemore & Ryan Lewis taking the Best Hip Hop Video category.

"Of course I'm rooting for Kendrick, but Macklemore probably should win. I'm pretty sure Kendrick believes that too,” said ScHoolboy Q. “We appreciate good stuff. You know what I’m saying? And that video is crazy. I appreciate what Macklemore did with that video. I liked it better than Kendrick’s.”

With well over 100 million views on YouTube, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Can’t Hold Us” video will face off against Kendrick Lamar’s “Swimming Pools,” Drake’s “Started From The Bottom,” J. Cole’s “Power Trip,” and A$AP Rocky’s “Fuckin’ Problems” in the Best Hip Hop Video category at the VMAs.

Later in his interview with “Rap Fix Live,” ScHoolboy Q provided a minor update on his much-anticipated Oxymoron album. According to the “Collard Greens” rapper, a release date for the project will be revealed once all the samples featured on the album are cleared.

“I just have to clear some samples man," Q said. "I don’t want to say nothing because it’s like I can’t say it because what if this doesn’t happen right? You get what I’m saying? Then I have to replay it or I have to do another song to take over for this spot. You get what I’m saying? So, I don’t want to jump the guns too fast.”

Video of ScHoolboy Q on “Rap Fix Live” can be found below.

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  • HonestMe

    I love Macklemore and Ryan Lewis's "Can't Hold Us". It's a conscious, message filled video however, as a homegirl I'm always rooting for my crew and I feel like ScHoolboy Q should be rooting for Kendrick- his friend. In past interviews and in this one;I feel like he throws a little shade when it comes to Kendrick. This is not relevant to Schoolboy Q but, really! A$AP Rocky "Fucking Problems" is nominated for Best HipHop Video award? That video is so low budget its a fucking problem. That video being included for the award makes me think less of the MTV Video Music Awards.

  • Slumerican

    MACKLEMORE IS WACK. MUSICALLY - HIS DELIVERY sounds so choppy and all over the place - it's not clean and polished at all. The dude hasn't put in the effort on his craft and instead focused too much time crafting a hit. To each his own, but I'm sticking by YELAWOLF -- musical legend only surrounded by and working with THE BEST.

  • Anonymous

    real recognize real he aint no kendrick dickrider like all the faggots on the internet

  • Anonymous

    illuminati paid him ta say dat lol

  • Anonymous

    Dude sold a million albums independently!

  • Anonymous

    Yup! All you macklemore haters heard it here first! Macklemore is great!!!

  • The Azrael

    No doubt about it, Macklemore deserves to win video of the year. Half of the videos he is up against are just niggas standing around with other niggas in front of background and rapping. Not a lot of people put in work when it comes to video, not like in the old days sad... But Kendrick for album of the year for sure.

  • COCA


  • truereal

    Finally a rapper who doesnt talk about puzzy, azz and tits and all of yall says hes wack and and boring? LISTEN!

  • Anonymous

    J cole's Power Trip would winning tho

  • sxxx9

  • Anonymous

    The Heist was good but it WAY to overly preachy and kind of boring. I honestly don't see where all these accolades for The Heist is. Outside of the pro-gay song I can't think of anything on the album that other conscious rappers haven't done yet AND done better. Now I don't want to come off as a hater, far from it, it's a good album but not great or classic

  • Anonymous

    Although The Heist is music I don't listen to as a fan, you don't get albums like that all of the time. It should win many awards.

  • Anonymous

    Alright! Homeboy is going out of his way to try and sound politically correct. Is this his attempt at getting in good with the white crowd? He was just sucking of Mac Miller. SMH!

    • Rap Fan

      Right. Artists can't compliment or chill with white artists without getting in good with the white crowd. I guess all black rappers that did a song with Em were just trying to get in good with white people. You sound dumb as hell.

  • Hip Hop Guru

    So sick of hearing about Macklemore...don't feel his delivery at all...#SLUMERICAN

  • kenajj

    stop being a faggot and saying stupid shit.

  • Anonymous

    "Tell Rocky I want Iggy!!" LOL Q is a fool.

  • Rap Fan

    Q is speaking the truth here, without any hate. Even if you don't like Macklemore, you can't deny that the video for Can't Hold Us was dope as hell.




  • JASONNNS 666

  • imho

    i thought he was smoking something until i realized it was up against swimming pools--least fav song on an classic album

  • FlyQ the Anchor

    OKAY! I first thought this route was corny and felt bad. Now I see its a pretty good place to get the word out. I'm from the middle of nowhere in Canada, and I spit better than you. I made a remix to "Im a Coke Boy" (its not about coke) just give me 4 minutes and check my shit out. Wouldnt it dope to be at the front of the next wave, the FlyQ wave? keep scrolling if you dislike lyrical shit... keep scrolling if you like Future... for collabs

    • Wow

      This is the perfect place for this post, because the music is just as terrible as Macklemore. Smart placement on your part. Maybe his whack, dumbass fuckin' fans will show you some love too...

    • Anon DaBUU

      Just stop right now and go back to school. Study something and find a nice 9-5, this rap shit aint going to work.

    • Anonymous

      Cosign THETRUTH

    • R.Pgh

      not hating, just giving my opinion. Lyrics are decent, but flow / hook aren't for me. In regards to whoever said Canadians can't rap, I suggest you check out Shad.

    • Anonymous

      i know right. like no one in all of canada ever struggled! LMAO like canada doesnt have poor people and ghettos!


      U can only rap if u were born with AIDS and died of starvation at the age of 3. These internet idiots have no concept of relativity. Think ur life is so hard in the US? Move to North Korea or Libya. Then see how 'happy' you are.

    • Anonymous

      so you're not allowed to rap if you're happy?

    • imho

      your a fuckin idiot- i seen a few posts and you came off humble so ppl checked you.. now your like i spit better than you. and your really not even that good i just listened 2 it.. LOL if your gonna troll atleast dont be such a bitch about it tryna get shine

    • Anonymous

      Canadians need to leave this rap shit alone. Nobody tryin to hear about yall struggles when you like the 4th happiest country on earth behind muthafuckin Belgium n shit

    • Anonymous

      FlyQ the wanker lol!!

    • Anonymous

      wack. Do the world a favor and fuckin kill yourself, you stupid retarded faggot

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