Pusha T Embraces Kanye West's Appearance At Drake's OVO Fest

Pusha T hopes Kanye West's appearance at Drake's OVO Fest was "good for music," comments on the pair possibly making "great music together."

Despite G.O.O.D. Music emcee Pusha T’s past feud with Drake, the Virginia rapper had no ill feelings when it concerned Kanye West’s appearance at the fourth annual OVO Fest earlier this week. Held every year in Toronto, Canada, OVO Fest was founded by Drake and included appearances from Lil Wayne, Diddy, TLC, French Montana, and more this year.

While speaking with Revolt TV, any sign of Pusha T’s past gripe with the Young Money rapper seemed absent as he commented on Kanye and Drake appearing on stage together being “good for music” and even suggested that the pair go on to make “great music together.”

“That should be good for them. I mean, you know, Ye seemed happy. Drake, he spoke well about it. I mean, it’s all good. Hopefully, it’s good for music. Maybe they’ll do some great music together,” Pusha T revealed.

The feud between Pusha T and Drake began in late 2011 when Pusha released "Don't Fuck With Me (Dreams Money Can Buy)," a record that was said to have featured subliminal jabs aimed at the Canadian singer/rapper.

The beef between the pair continued to snowball with the release of a handful of diss records. Young Money helmsman Lil Wayne also jumped into the feud briefly with the release of the Pusha T-centered “Goulish.”

Most recently, Pusha T gave props to Drake, but also stated that he wasn’t a fan of Lil Wayne’s new music during a January interview.

Video of Pusha T’s interview with Revolt TV can be found below (via 2DopeBoyz).

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  • I'm Righ Your Wrong

    Pusha T is that dude. Keep the focus on your stacks nigga.

  • FlyQ the Anchor

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  • imho

    ok can any interview in the world just ask him when hes dropping a fuckin album..idc about the side WWE style bullshit. whens the music coming.

  • Cashaholic

    Pusha T don't need to say squat about Drake. Everyone knows Drake was a huge Pusha T/Clipse fan and even bought an autographed mic by them on ebay. There is a video with Drake saying so himself prior to all this.

    • Anonymous

      thats true he should act like teh 40 year old man he almost is

    • Anonymous

      yes they do. Drake has never denied that. But pusha has been actin like a bitter bitch. He went the last part of 2011 and all of 2012 throwing out subliminals at YMCMB, but was asked in interviews was he throwin shots and he said no. Then just a few months ago said he wanted credit for "blacking out on a whole crew by himself" even though he never said one name. He needs get over himself

  • Anonymous

    Of course he supports the union, Ye is his boss, he really has no choice if he wants to remain in G.O.O.D. standing with Ye.

  • Banannaz

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  • Anonymous

    Back to talking about about Drake every interview huh?

    • ETK

      man it don't work exactly like that. they ask the rapper what questions he'd be okay with, not lay the whole interview in front of him. for example to any rapper who just got out of jail, they'll be like "hey can we ask you any questions on your sentencing/time in jail" to see if they ok with it. or if a nigga got caught cheating on his wife or somethin & he don't wanna hear any of it through interviews. Matter of fact, Chris Brown decided to not have any interviews for several months. that's cause that mo'fucka knew what they were gon ask him! all the interviewers are gonna do is go over the questions that could be a touchy subject, not lay the whole interview setup in front of him like some rehearsal

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      at etk you do know interviews are pre sent to the artist and the artist decides which questions they are ok with answer and which ones they are not. Why do you think people like Rihanna never got asked What she did to chris brown to make him react like that. or Why JayZ never gets asked about when he mushed that woman ON CAMERA. yea its on youtube. Because they say which questions they will and wont answer. @anon thats because unless it involves YMCMB, no one gives a fuck about what pusha has to say. Think about it. How many headlines has he made when talking about YMCMB? count those. then ask yourself how many headlines hes made just off of his music? big difference isnt it?

    • Anonymous

      unfortunately those are the bits of the interview that will always make headlines

    • ETK

      you do know most of that is down to the interviewer, right? you must be a fuckboi if you really believe Pusha T comes in and goes "hold up with this shit doe. let's talk about drake for a a mo'fuckin second"

  • Anonymous

    pusha feeling sad kanye wont even show up to his album release party

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