Nas Pledges To Help Homeless Family In Washington D.C.

Nas leads the charge in raising $20,000 for Stanley Young and his eight-person family left homeless by a fire in Northwest Washington D.C.

After hearing about a Washington, D.C. family who lost their home, Queens, New York star emcee Nas is taking action. The Def Jam Records artist learned about the family of Stanley Young, an unemployed construction worker in the U.S. capital city, who lost his apartment above a grocery store after a fire. The eight-member family is currently living in a hotel, with funds soon running out. After Nas caught wind of the news from a Washington ABC affiliate, he took action.

On Twitter this morning, the "I Can" writer tweeted this morning (August 8) "I was moved by the sad story of Stanley Young - father of seven, now homeless." He continued, "Help me give his family a miracle."

Using a CrowdTilt page, Nas is encouraging his millions of fans to support Young and his family. With a target of $20,000, in less than 12 hours, Nas' campaign has surpassed $17,000. Nas was the first person to contribute.

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  • Krome

    Hating ass niggas yall lame as shit period...this dude is doing somethin positive and reppin hip hop artists in a good way and all yall can do is talk about him being broke (which he is not)... He may have money problems but he aint broke... Nas is a real nigga for this...fuck u lame asses on here

  • Happy

    I don't understand slowness! For those of you that said Nas is broke, really! You really think the dude is broke! What do you mean on being broke? How can a man be broke with a catalog of great music! Oh I forgot this post is for the youngsters that still wet in the bed. My dude is the truest. The best to ever do it! Who can say they have been in the rap game for over 20 years and making freaking major noise! Who lyrically can stand toe to toe with the dude? My dude is looking out for a family in need! This is not a joke! We are talking about a single father with 8 kids. Nas reached out! That is real shit! It is street morals! Something, unfortunely that some of my hip hop dudes don't have! Nas keep doing you big homie! You are the greatest of all time! Period! The best to ever do it! It shows that you only need ONE MIC!

    • Anonymous

      Were you born yesterday? Mike Tyson blew through $300 million. Numerous athletes have blown through $50-60 million dollar contracts. Actors have gone broke. While Nas's catalog is impressive, it doesn't mean he can't be broke, or be having money problems.

  • WoW

    U niggas is stupid as fuck if u think nas broke! lol. Man i swear, u niggas get lamer and lamer. How the fuck u gon hate on a nigga and not even have all the facts??? AMAZING!!!! fuckin hatin ass lollipop suckin ass nigas. Lol!

  • Anonymous

    it is expected from the whites to help black folks, but I've never seen a black person donate something for a white person in need.

  • Anonymous

    "worth doesnt mean he has that much. pretty sure that figure include what his life is worth" Thank you Charles Schaub. What can we expect next hour, bank statements and debit receipts?

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous: I am sorry slowness! The crap you are talking on here does not make any since! You are talking about a Rich Gang! Dudes will never put out a classic album either as a gang or an individual albums. Those are just talking when are a Mic, YOU FEEL ME! Anyone rap they are 5 years old! That is garbage music! No will never know about these dudes in 10 years from now! Anonymous, no company, no magazine, no radio or tv source are going to rate talentless! When people talk about hip hop or rap no one mention these dudes! People only talk about Nas, Jay Z, PAC, or Big, Rakim, BDP, and Big Daddy Kane....that is it! Sorry dude that is it! Those guys have classics! They will be remembered for ever! The Hall of Fame! No Rich Gang, they can't buy people's opinions with their money! You get it slowness! Nas is the best to do it! Nas shit is a art form. In one of Nas verses he monkey flips rap opponents with the funky rhythms of his lyrical flows. Dude, you can't touch that shit! Are you crazy? Classic shit! I will always remember that shit and I am a young dude! Nobody wanted it with Nas! Dude, is a lyrical God! As college students, we praise him all of the time across many, many, colleges! Just listen to his shit and try to understand where he is coming from and stop being slow! Thank you! Money is not everything, but smartness is!

  • Anonymous

    "i forgot quoteman knows everyone in the industry and knows they all eating LOL" It's just logic half a sperm. These fools have been around since the 90's. They've always made money. So while you sit here and type how Rich Gang flopped, they're planning their next business move.

  • WeaponX

    If u a fan of lil wayne, drake, nikki manaj, ymcb...chances are you; 1. Are a female 2. under the age of 19 3. are really really gay. More than likely a closet homo. Your opinion is void in the eyes of real niggas. so please, stop posting about those lame ass niggas on topics that dont have shit to do with them. please....

    • Nick08

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    • Anonymous

      If your a fan of Kendrick, Macklemore or J. Cole then you must live at home, never have sex with females, and have one hell of a drinking problem.

  • Nuff said...

    Nas is that nigga. Respect

  • Anonymous

    nas is not broke he has more money then you haters will see in your lifetime..

  • Anonymous

    nas is a real dude .respect!

  • Anonymous

    Probably 34000 people who follow Nas gave 50 cents for the cause.

  • kenajj

    stop having Nas-dependant children.

  • Anonymous

    "For as much exposure and work he's done since he was like 14? They have easily made more off his work than he has" Somebody always has a boss whose cuts are bigger. None of them are starving.

  • FlyQ the Anchor

    Okay I apologize in advance. I got no other route for exposure right now so i'm trolling you fine people here at hiphopdx. Just take 4 minutes to listen to my remix of "Im A Coke Boy" SPOILER: its not about cocaine, lame right? For real though, give me a shot. PS. keep scrolling if you don't like lyrical music... keep scrolling if you like Future... for anybody interested in collabs.

  • jasonnns

  • jus10

    Take note kids, Nas is a real man. Not all these other cats who claim to be "grown" because they sell drugs and can buy liquor.

  • Anonymous

    Why keep having kids if you can't afford them? God. The ghetto way of life.

  • Anonymous

    "Baby and Slim count up all the money and write Wayne, Drake, and Nicki a small check for their troubles" Wayne is worth $100 million. That's a lot of small checks.

  • imho

    this is why i fuck w nas- he gets dirty. something that a 'presence' cant fix cough jayz cough.. looking forward to nas next album bec i know its always on point

    • imho

      who cares if nas likes me or not hes never met me lol i cant careless what his opinion is of me. i like alot of his music- ill never meet him in my life...good day sirrr

    • Anonymous

      Nas don't like you IM(a)HO. You heard Testify by Nas? He's talking to you, white boy.

  • we;orifhgn

    shouldve wore a jimmy. that's 7 less mouths to feed.

  • dentaldamboy

    He's a cheap nigga. He would build a home himself if he was generous. Oh wait, that's right, Nas is broke. Wayne has helped families build homes in new orleans. Preach.

    • Anonymous

      There you go IM(a)HO, stick to playing with the trolls

    • dentaldamboy

      Anyway like Weezy couldn't be gay because I've offered my moist man-clunge to him and he only had one little look in there, and Baby isn't gay at all especially not his name, so the haters can shut up. YMCMB 4 LYF

    • dentaldamboy

      yea i know i gotta stop sucking dicks for free

    • imho

      my man DDB seriously needs himself a job

    • dentaldamboy

      He's cheap so he runs a scam. Hatin on me already?

    • anonymous

      How do you from "he's cheap" to "Nas is running a scam"? You're a certified dumbfuck get your hate straight bum ass nigga.

    • dentaldamboy

      Nas is running a scam. All of the money will go to him. Wayne, Drake, Minaj, and all the other ymcmb don't do that scam shit. They each get 80% of the profits and the ones that do release their albums sell well. Most of the ymcmb artists are still hard at work of their classics.

    • Really?

      You're disproving your own point. By him assisting a family when his tax issues and other financial problems are public information, he's showing that he's a real dude. Yeah, Wayne got a lotta money. But don't get it twisted. Baby is really the bread winner. Baby and Slim count up all the money and write Wayne, Drake, and Nicki a small check for their troubles lol If you notice, YM artists (Tyga, Gudda Gudda, etc.) don't sell worth shit. But CM artists (the main three) all sell well.

  • esco is a don

    100% real nigga

  • banannaz


  • Stanley

    thank you for the money man

  • Cealix

    "Help me give his family a miracle" In other words, give Nas some money so that 30% of it goes to the family.

  • Anonymous

    Almost at 20,000!

  • What

    See man i love to hear stuff like this, this is the way black people should be man all about building each other up not tearing down each other we done that already man, let get it together

    • What

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    • Anonymous

      imho Maybe Nas is trying to get us to help each other for a change, that doesn't happen much. Historically we barely help ourselves and rely on others, and that makes us look weak as a people.

    • Anonymous

      Aren't you whites the people who still have the klan, skinheads, militias, neighborhood watches, fraternities, tea parties, hate websites, surfing all types of Black websites to talk and impose your white opinions? But when Blacks speak about Blacks, you're STILL mad? Meet imho, another white boy all up in Black business trying to tell us how we should be doing things. "Just shows (IMHO) true colors, and why there is no credibility among whites such as yourself that make these complaints. U will use black on black hate as a scapegoat for white privilege and entitlement and superiority, and you will use black love the same way. Either way u will talk shit. Fuckin dummy." ^ fixed and reposted for accuracy In short, fuck your opinion. your acronym now stands for IM(a)HO.

    • Garfield

      imho, are u a fuckin idiot? He just detailed the unity in different white communities culturally. BLACK PEOPLE STRUGGLE WITH THIS, SO OF COURSE IT'S A MORE URGENT AND EXCITING THING TO SEE. Why is everything a competition to white folks like u? The comment had nothing to do with being anti white. It's an appreciation for black unity and pro black love, which like other races and communities in North America African's struggle most with. Black people are upset about the Zimmerman verdict and we hear, "Why don't ya'll care about the hate that goes on in your own community(As if we already don't). Black people should focus on treating each other better instead of racism blah blah blah". His comment displays the exact opposite of the hate spoken off, and now there's a problem with this too? Just shows trues colors, and why there is no credibility among whites such as yourself that make these complaints. U will use black on black hate as a scapegoat for white privilege and and entitlement and superiority, and you will use black love the same way. Either way u will talk shit. Fuckin dummy.

    • imho

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    • Anonymous

      Why when somebody calls for Black unity which there is none,the non blacks pull the what about everybody else crap? It would be nice if blacks built each other up like Italians, Irish, Polish and all the other people that came to this country voluntarily but black unity is intimidating to the dominant society.

    • thats cool n all but..

      why does it have to be just black people? Shouldn't your comment be directed to people of all race, color and creed?

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