Danny Brown Says A Lot Of People In Detroit Don't Consider Big Sean Local

Danny Brown says Big Sean "ain't been to the hood in years."

Detroit, Michigan native Danny Brown is one who takes pride in his hometown but also knows that there are serious financial problems the city is facing. Big Sean is another rapper who calls The D home but the two have had very different upbringings. Currently, Detroit is filing for bankruptcy and those still living in the city are continuing to feel the hardships of a large city crumbling.

In a recent interview with The Fader, Brown talked about his hometown and said that Sean portrays Detroit in a much different way than he does.

"You listen to how I talk about Detroit, and you listen to how a rapper like Big Sean talk about Detroit, and it’s like we’re talking about two different cities," Brown said in the interview. "He went to the best high school in the city, you know, he probably was real spoiled or sheltered, so it’s like two different worlds. He can look at it and talk about guap, and we don’t have any."

Danny Brown also said that many people that are from or live in Detroit don't consider him from the area.

"A lot of people in Detroit don’t consider him that either," Brown mentioned. "They say he from L.A. now. He ain’t been to the hood in years, and I wouldn’t either if I was him, to be honest. It’s not a bad thing. I’m in the hood every day now, so I see the faces, I see the desperation."

Numerous rappers from Detroit have recently made comment about the city's heavy financial problems. Obie Trice recently said that he thinks Detroit's money situation is "going to get worse before it improves."

Read Danny Brown's full interview at The Fader.



    Nigga you aint in the hood either. Keep yo weak ass in ferndale with the hipsters. Everybodyknow REAL detroit niggas like seven the general,Herk, Malik, Dice....The only ones bumpin yo shit is suburban white boys

  • Anonymous

    Niggas takin' his comment out of context, Read the full interview and stop reachin HHDX...


    FUck it this nigga wanna bring up being real its GUCCI TIMEEEE Guci Mane realest rapper outthere: - this nigga throws bitches out his car - shoot niggas dead - beat niggas up. Gucci aint no fantasy nigga like: - mobb deep, - nas escobar lol nigga only had a ticket for parking his car wrong - 2pac never gangbanged - rick ross

  • Anonymous

    lmao danny brown gets no love in detroit either fuck outta here

  • Anonymous

    the Roche's in Detroit are bigger then i am..

  • Anonymous

    who wants to be in Detroit anyway?

  • Anonymous

    "I light up the tree and it tastes like gumbo/ hit the trees hard like george in the jungle/

  • dentaldamboy

    as an accountant for ymcmb, i can confirm obie trice's first album is better than anything danny brown has released!

  • bobby

    im a Detroiter, didn't know danny brown was, don't care about him either atleast big sean did some songs with local artist, I like his song D-boy with some locals. he reps the late great lake ruler icewood. and westside Detroit isn't a place to hang around, especially if they know your ass has money, he doesn't have connects like that to protect him

  • Detroit

    Eminem, the only rapper to make it from detorit, give back to the city and all the locals still fuck with eminem . Dirty dozen. Been in detroit my whole life, reppin central high school till the day i die

  • HEAT

    I'm born and raised in the D, still here, dude is right about Sean, but we don't fuck with his ass either.

  • Anonymous

    Danny Brown is the realest

  • stanleyws

    Gotta love how DX spins the titles of all these stories to make it seem like rappers are dissing eachother. Second story today spinning that shit on Big Sean. Sounds to me like somebody at DX didn't get an autograph at a show and was salty about it...

  • Anonymous

    only reason Brown is in Detroit is to show love to his old jiggalos - fucking tranny looking nigga

  • Kizman

    fuck danny and big sean! Obie and Royce are the REAL kings of detroit!!

    • Anonymous

      Talk about sticking your foot in your mouth. Royce reps Detroit but he ain't from the city. He lived out in the suburbs. He's never been a gangster, he just knew a lot of street dudes coming in. Regardless, he's a dope MC. But don't get it twisted, he ain't Detroit-Detroit.

  • Anonymous

    The article tries to twist Danny Brown's words into a Diss but its not though, mans just talking being real, he aint trying to disrespect Big Sean he just saying the two of em are different

  • mac DIESEL


  • I'm Right Your Wrong

    This clown needs to stop speaking on other dudes and stay focused on bettering himself and his hustle.


    Danny Brown sounds like a downy gettin beaten with a shovel

  • Anonymous

    With them bangs... this mothafucka need not speak. taking to poll troll ass clown looking hata first he hated on Mac Mil not sean? how bout making it with good music

    • Anonymous

      Fuck Mack Mil and Big Sean... They're both wack, and he spoke the truth about your favorite artists... You mad son?! Haha yeah you mad.

  • Shabba!!

    Big Sean do seem like he was spoiled but i wouldnt go back to the hood either Go on Youtube search "Supe Dupe World In My Hands Full Video"

  • Anonymous

    Being in the hood everyday dont make u more real than the next man its a lot of bitch ass niggaz in the hood. He cant control if he came from money or not a lot of people wish they could come from that thats a blessing,I know dudes that come from money and still will put work in so don't get it twisted.He in the hood everyday wont he open a store, create some jobs for his city if he so much about them fucking lame ass nigga but i forgot he in the hood everyday so he aint making no money.

    • pope

      and he goes and say "i wouldn't be here either if i was him.(big sean)so wtf are you saying db?worry about your music and your brand. if you become successful why would you want to hang out in the hood? nothing productive happens in the hood.

    • Anonymous

      Because Big Sean's their hairdresser

    • Anonymous

      he aint makin AS MUCH money as big sean because hes not a sell out..this guys makes dope raps, has a unique flow and style, this guy isnt like anyone else in the game...and on the other hand you got a guy like big Sean, sounding like every other rapper that has sold out, dudes weak...recently danny brown has worked with guys like freddi gibbs, ab soul, black milk, elzhi, royce da 5'9, guilty simpson, sean price, joell ortiz, raekwon...not to metion dude was just on tech n9nes new album that went #3 on the billboard independently...come one now...name 1 person on that list i just made that big sean can rap better then. matter of fact name 1 person on that list of rappers above that someone big sean raps with that can rap better...u cant cause he dont

  • anon

    fuck danny brown and whoever listens to him

    • anon

      na i just think his music fucking sucks!!! and whoever listens to it, sucks too!! @Desperado i could give a fuck about what he says

    • Desperado

      hahaha all big seans lil fans r gettin all butthurt. wahhhh wahhh keep crying all danny brown said was the truth, n if any of yall were from detroit u would say the same thing. dude reps detroit like its LA n its clearly not.

  • imho

    if this guy was ever ni the hood hed get jackkkked. but hed prob like that nvm.

  • nigga slim

    Brown in the hood lol?! Nah bro, Ferndale, royal oak n shit aint the hood. You know damn well real 7 mile niggas would rob you instantly. You aint doin no shows at the the iroc or nuthin. You a suburban nigga, just like sean is

  • Anonymous

    he don't want it with danny brown thebornmc.com the wake lp available now!

  • George Bush

    Detroit the toilet of America.

  • Anonymous

    royce is releaseing bar exam 4 what?

  • Anonymous

    this nigga 35 year old? hahahaha. sean just 25.

    • ahahaha

      this danny brown guy is 32, wtf??? lmaoooooo. I thought he was my age or younger looking like that. this guy is ass

    • Violator

      Danny B getting violated by attractive women on stage while Medium Sean catching Sexual assault cases from them same ones. How does age matter if you making good music again? Hov like 43

  • Anonymous

    Damn I'm sorry I must've forgot when Big Sean said he was a Detroit goon talking that gunplay on records? You can be from a city, and not be into the street life. Danny Brown is trying to pull the "street cred" card to get a reponse. Come on man

  • jerry

    Sean was local and got signed to good music when he was 18. He still had to grind and make a name for himself over the next few years. It wasnt until 2011(when he was 22) that he actually blew up and moved on to become an international star. Big deal. Seans one of the realist; and you wont find a more humble star.

    • Lil Sean created the super duper flow

      Yeah I know I am.. I just post on here because no one where I'm from will fuck with me and I got nothing better to do but troll the boards

    • Anonymous

      ^^^you have "Lil Sean" in your name, then you switch it to "Medium Sean". You are an idiot.

    • Lil Sean created the super duper flow

      too bad medium sean is a pop star and can rap to save his life booiiii!

  • Anonymous

    he would if he could, but can't, so he criticizes those who can...

  • Big sean is detroits lil wayne wack as fuck

    Bugz Shot dead Proof Shot dead Obie shot in the head King Gordy shot 5 times Blade icewood shot dead Even the thug as nigga Trick Trick got shot in sum club........u could keep going Detroit is a ghost town full of killers n armed robbers no wonder Big Sean pussy ass stays out that fuckin place

    • New Orleans

      Nigga BG in jail for ten yrs, CMurder for life, Turk shot at police, Mack in jail for life, Magnolia Slim killed, Pimp Daddy kIlled, Lil Boosie in jail for Murder, I can go on and on brah.....

    • you from the burbs,pussy!!

      True! Yo hoe ass from across 8mile I bet???

  • js

    WTF do this nigga know about Sean he damn near 10 years older than this nigga and did not come up in the same era. Sean was broke catching the bus and was signed to Kanye at 18 he didn't have the same long term grind as this old detroit bum ass nigga. Sean is not considered local because he surpassed that. Niggas in Detroit don't know who Danny Brown is neither. He in the hood because his a fucking bum keep it funky. If Danny was really on nigga you wouldnt be here. Danny opened up for Big Sean at the palace and in michigan and I guarantee you not one person in the fucking building knew a lyric to his song. Ask about Doughboyz or Icewear Vezzo and I bet you they know who they are over this dirtball. And Vezzo don't have a deal

    • Desperado

      doughboyz cashout n danny brown r the d. obviously u sleepin if u listenin 2 big sean n think thats "detroit rap" haha such a cornball pop rapper

    • ac381000

      Nigga are you serious ,danny been grinding long before fucking big sean,since '04,Ya'll niggas just catchin up.Danny Brown is a way better rapper than big sean,and is way more real then big sean.Danny is finally blowing up get your facts straight

    • mike

      True statement my g. I never even heard of this nigga Danny. But I understand where you coming from about Sean not being considered local. By him making it to the top tier, there will always be haters in the bucket that will throw shade at you no matter what you do. I grew up on 7mile east side and graduated from Pershing High School. Its rough out here man.

    • Anonymous

      What part of the mitten u from??

  • Anonymous

    Danny Brown's a dumbass for his statements, I like him better than Big Sean but I hate when people try to look down on people for going to a good school or move a better neighborhood, there's nothing bad about that, it's the actual American dream, you gotta be a real dumbass to want to stay in the hood for acceptance, those are just miserable muthafuckas that need company, nobody should feel bad about leaving the hood if you do you're missing the point.

    • Anonymous

      your a dumbass for not reading the full interview. Your also a dumbass for not reading the part where Danny says "shit I would to. ITS NOT A BAD THING". The editor at HHDX is also a piece of shit for taking an interview that they didnt even do, and take one part, completely out of context.

    • wiff!

      "you gotta be a real dumbass to want to stay in the hood for acceptance, those are just miserable muthafuckas that need company, nobody should feel bad about leaving the hood if you do you're missing the point." ^^^THIS

    • Kevi

      Forreal, why er' body tryna be hood rich? can't anyone aspire to do them anymore?

  • Anonymous

    Not going to defend Big Sean, but people on this site have been calling Danny Brown gay for a while, on this site. Now that it seems like he's talking shit about Big Sean, people are "liking" him now? This site is full of flip flopping faggots.

  • Anonymous

    The Only difference between these 2 weirdos is one is successful and the other is a failure. They both have gay styles and a mediocre talent level. Danny Brown has the most annoying rap voice ever and looks like a an extra from a 1980's Boy George video.

  • TaZzZ

    Who's payin attention to Big Sean anyways? Dudes the corniest motherfucker I've ever heard next to Riff Raff... His biggest hit repeats the word "Ass" over and over and over, fuck is that? Not to mention his bars are full of cornball metaphors with no substance. Guy is bubble gum at its finest (or worst). At least Danny got bars and an original flow, see Terrorist Threats w/ Ab Soul, tears that shit down. I could care less where you from, Alc is from Beverly Hills and is the illest producer in the game, it's about the product...

    • Anonymous

      @ Tazzz, preach. medium sean is overrated and more a pop star than a rapper.

    • TaZzZ

      You mean apparently enough teenage white girls who couldn't spell Chuck D or name a single Tribe Called Quest song? Numbers don't mean shit nowadays...

    • absofly

      apparently enough people..he went gold of the last on top of all the digital single sales..i don't mind him

  • COCA



    Danny Brown looks like a gay Charles Ramsey


    Big Sean and Danny Brown both make Detroit seem gay as hell...Gay Sean and Faggy Brown

  • Anonymous

    so big sean can't rep his hood because his parents are well-off. so if i'm from detroit and went to a good school, i can't rep my city right? fuck this ugly ass nigga reppin detroit with his gay looks: skin tight jeans tryuing to suffocate his balls. at least gig sean don't wear that shit.

  • BGG

    get yo tooth fixed nigga that shit aint sexy or cool neither is your feminine hairdo

  • Rap Fan

    This is nothing new, a lot of rappers in todays game are from the middle to upper class, because it takes a lot of money to make it to the mainstream. The old school rappers were from the hood, new rappers are mostly from good areas.

  • Anonymous

    i like danny so far, but he shouldn't talk about other ppls situations like that. he doesn't really know.

  • Anonymous

    One thing I kno is detroit put out alotta great rappers fosho RIP proof

  • Anonymous

    Lol who said he was mad?...

  • real talk

    wasnt this the dude Danny Brown that tweeted Wale was the worst rapper, and than a year later was all on his dick like Wale was his hero? this dude faker than that wack ass perm that is pooping out his fitted.

  • Anonymous

    This fruity looking 35 year old booty goon i got that thuggin love lookin ass mother fucker!

  • Lynx

    Sean has never said HE WAS HOOD, he always said that he knew people around that was like but his fam never wanted him to be like that, thats completely stupid to bash someone in your city trying to rep hard especially during this financial disaster

  • Anonymous

    big sean went to a public school. there is even footage of it on youtube. this gay nigga mad he dumb and couldn't make it to a good school in detroit. footage of big sean rapping in high school:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWiibct8Wns

  • Level 32

    "I heard it's not where you're from but where you pay rent." Big Boi

  • Anonymous

    big sean a fake mc.

  • Anonymous

    sometimes i wish big sean wasn't from the D underground detroit bumps

  • Anonymous

    Yo, incorrect link for 'read the full danny brown interview' link at the bottom of the article

  • Anonymous

    Big Sean ain't even from the hood. just look at him and the way he speaks. he makes teeny bopper music for high school kids in the burbs

  • purist!

    I'm glad both of these niggas from my city cus they can spit! But fuck beef smh

  • He mad

    smh danny still pissed that big sean didn't wanna work with em...

  • Anonymous

    Be glad that nigga still puttin' on for the city buster! Who else besides Eminem done blew up and reppin' the D?

  • rahrahrah

    What Danny is saying is that Big Sean isn't HOOD. Just like Tyga isn't HOOD. Sean is from Detroit, like Tyga is from LA.

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