Drake Calls Kanye West A "God" At OVO Fest 2013

Drake is also joined by Lil Wayne, Diddy, Ma$e, TLC, A$AP Rocky, French Montana, J. Cole, Big Sean and others at this year's OVO Fest.

Drake's OVO Fest featured several guest performers Monday (August 5). 

Kanye West hit the stage at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre in Toronto, Canada, performing "New Slaves," "All of the Lights" and "Can't Tell Me Nothing."

"This is one of my first mentors, one of the first people to embrace me, my role model," Drake said of West. "Y'all make some noise for the god that is Kanye West." 

West also spoke about Drake. 

"There's a lot of rappers that came in the game that wasn't able to do something like this for their city," Kanye said. "Me and [Jay Z] would've never made Watch the Throne if this nigga wasn't putting pressure on us like that." 

"That was probably the most important moment in my career to date," Drake said in a post-show interview with MTV. "I think me and Kanye have wanted to express our respect for each other for a long time and sometimes Rap, the business, the competitiveness and just the heart behind it, forces you to not talk to the people you quietly admire."

The interaction between West and Drake can be seen below via RealTalkNY.

Diddy and Ma$e were introduced as guest performers, as well. They performed "Feel So Good" and "Mo Money Mo Problems." "This is history," Diddy said. "Thanks Drake, for bringing us together." The two have been associates and at odds during different times in their careers. Last year, Ma$e left Diddy's Bad Boy Entertainment after disagreements with the label. "You know how Puff is," Ma$e said of Diddy. "I love him but you gon' cut your arm off to get free [from Bad Boy]." 

Lil Wayne also hit the stage for "HYFR" and "Good Kush & Alcohol (Bitches Love Me)." TLC performed "FanMail," "Waterfalls" and "No Scrubs," which featured Lil Mama performing Left Eye's material. Big Sean joined Drake for "All Me" and The Weeknd joined Drizzy for "Crew Love." J. Cole and Miguel hit the stage for "Power Trip" and French Montana performed "Ain't Worried About Nothin'" and "Pop That." A$AP Rocky came out for "Fuckin' Problems" and "Wild for the Night." 

Wale and James Blake performed as opening acts at the OVO Fest, which is in its fouth year. Last year's event featured A$AP Rocky and 2 Chainz, among others. 

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  • #RuleTalk

    drake and kanye both gays. ja rule only real 1 left in the game :(

    • The Crowd Updater

      I would say kill yourself but that would be too much. Just do the world a favor and stop listening to Hip Hop. "Ja Rule the only real 1 left in the game"... nigga please

  • Am i seeing this right?

    A grown man calling another grown man a God? Ass kissing to the fullest..its official im looking for another genre of music now.

  • Nick08

    Lol Knnye's a fucking peasant in the history of rap. Drake and Kanye need to learn their place.

    • Anonymous

      dude made backpack rap hotter than hot man nonsense who says he is a peasant. his production is stellar especially early production, innovative modern hip hop sound the point is West suffers fro a superiority complex now

    • Cause you know that I'm

      I'll go as far as calling him the gayest fish of the decade.

    • ThisNigga

      You apparently haven't listened to his first three albums then. And if you did then you are ust a retard who know ack shit about hiphop. I'll go as far to call him the artist of the decade.

  • Anonymous

    I can't lie, that looks like a dope concert

  • j

    You see there's leaders and there's followers, Drake sounds to me like a swallower

  • imho

    this guy is always talking about hating groupies- but ive never seen a bigger celeb groupie in all of rap than drake. i mean he looked like he would of literally took a Gbang from lebron n wade in those other pics..now hes claling another star a god. lame

  • Big Bad Barrio 18, E'z up!

    Most of these rappers are fags without a doubt and I'm not just typing that to be funny.

  • Big Bad Barrio 18, E'z up!

    I think we are going to see many rappers of this generation come out of the closet soon.

  • Anonymous

    def jam calling favors lol..album is wack get over it

  • Anonymous

    God, I hate this dude. He's always kissing someones ass and being fake. He was just dissing kanye like a year ago now, he's a "god"? Corny, canadian, pussy!

    • Anonymous

      when he's nice he's fake, when he's confrontational you call him a bitch. just say you dont like him ffs. there is no pleasing you. stop pretending like there is something he could do to satisfy you.

  • Unregistered

    Drake type of nigga to go to a jail and slam the soap on the shower floor. Drake the type of nigga to wave at the police. Drake the type of nigga to bring roses to a strip club. Drake's the type of nigga that reminds the teacher he has detention. Drake is the type of nigga who sets his alarm to 11:11 to make a wish. Drake the type of nigga that tell his girl before sex, "we dont have to do this. Drake the type of nigga who struggles to decide which end of the burrito to eat. Drake the type of nigga to spray cologne to air then shimmy into the mist. Drake the type of nigga to test the water with his toes before he goes in to the pool. Drake the type of nigga that plays grand theft auto without using cheat codes. Drake the type of nigga who lets a fish go after catching it. Drake is the type of nigga to fart when he's home alone and say excuse me" Drake the type of nigga to bring the teacher an apple to class. Drake the type of nigga who keeps a diary. drake the type of nigga who stops at traffic lights in GTA. Drake the type of nigga that cries after watching Titanic. Drake that type of nigga that drops the joint during a rotation. Drake the type of nigga that sucks a dick and calls the other nigga gay. Drake the type of nigga to get slapped by his girl and say, " i deserved that. Drake the type of nigga that'll have his mom pick him up from work.

  • Anonymous

    cakemixes, softies

    • waleed

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  • Anonymous

    Good to see these dudes show they can be humble as well.

  • Anonymous

    americans and there raphero's???????

  • Drake runs rap

    he had to give kanye fans sumthing to be happy about since yeezus was fucking garbage. Drakes next album will go platinum the first week and then kanye will beg drake to say something about him so he can be relevent when drake gonna take over rap.

  • Anonymous

    Moist nigga fest.

  • Anonymous

    lol i call these niggas annoying faggots.

  • Anonymous

    "That was probably the most important moment in my career to date" LOL this nigga is a bitch! all the shit he accomplished and kanye coming out is the most important moment?

    • Anonymous

      i'm not quoteman, you must be new here. i'm quotemans biggest rival. he doesnt quote articles he quotes commenters

    • WOW..

      Quote man, you can't be that retarded! Wait, yes you can! It wasn't him coming out to perform, it was what he said AFTER he came out, you flaming imbecile!

  • dentaldamboy

    Stop hurting yourself drake. You're god.

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