Jim Jones Recalls Intimidating Louis Farrakhan Encounter

Jim Jones says he was told that he would "have a real big problem" if he continued mentioning Louis Farrakhan in his raps.

Jim Jones recently described his interactions with Louis Farrakhan while speaking at Cipha Sounds' Take It Personal Hip Hop Improv show. 

"We pull up in a town, a tour bus, gangstas diddy-boppin'," Jones said. "We hop out...We get in the hotel and we see some F.O.I.s, some Muslim brothers, that's the Fruit of Islam...But before this, this wasn't the first time I met Farrakhan. So before, let me rewind and tell you how gangsta Farrakhan is. I think that I'm a rebel...when I'm doing my music so I say something funny about Farrakhan and bean pies or something to that effect. I'm runnin' in the streets doin' what I do. I get a summons from Farrakhan like, 'Farrakhan needs to speak to you at his hotel'...So I go see him. First of all, I don't know how the president rolls, but his security is ill. He got security all over. He got a dude in front [of] the door, a dude in back [of] the door, a dude by the elevator, a dude downstairs by the elevator, a dude when you walk in and some dudes in the parking lot and some dudes you don't see.

"So I get to his room or whatever," he continued. "So we talkin'. We kickin' it. I'm hyped. I'm nervous at the same time like, 'See? You done said some stupid shit. It's about to go down.' I'm casin' the situation because with Farrakhan, you're only allowed to come by yourself...So he proceeds to tell me, 'Young brother, when I was young, I said some things about some people that I really didn't mean. Don't you feel the same?' I said, 'Yeah! I've never meant anything I said about you!' I just was trying to get it squashed. So cool, he simmered that whole situation down. Fast forward back to the hotel lobby with the F.O.I.s. Now, each of them is about 6'5", 6'6", [weighing over 200 pounds], I swear to God. All of them. One of them called me over...He's like, 'Next time you mention brother Farrakhan in your raps, in any type of way, you're gonna have a real big problem.' Fuck. I ain't pay it no mind. I said, 'Cool. I understand you brother.' So I walked to the elevator, but by the time I got away from him, my gangsta shit started kickin' in like, 'That nigga just punked you!'

"So I get to my man Murda," he said. "I'm like, 'Murda, did that nigga just press me just now?' He's like, 'Blood, I think they pressed you, blood.' I was like, 'Fuck this. There ain't no pressin' me.' I go crazy. Now, it's gettin' crazy. I had [my wife] Krissy with me. Shit gettin' crazy. We get into the hallway. We on that gangsta shit. We cursin'. You know the Fruit of Islam don't say nothin'. We cool. We looked like we backed them down like, 'Yeah.' Now, we walkin' back to the tour bus like, 'Yeah. You niggas know what's up. Yeah.' We get to the tour bus and now, Murda's like, 'Yo, blood. This don't look good, blood. This shit starting to get crazy.' I kid you not, three black trucks swing around the corner with niggas hangin' off the side of the trucks. Now, my man Murda who's a G - he's not the most friendliest guy you want to fuck [with] - he's like, 'Blood, you better make a call, blood. This shit's gettin' crazy. I thought you said you knew Farrakhan. Why they formin' on us like this?' This gangsta shit done turned sour, so now I'm trying to find somebody [in my phone's contact list] that knows Farrakhan to try to get out of this.

"I finally get a number and I call somebody," he continued. "Shit just started calming down and then somebody else come out like, 'Farrakhan wants to speak to you.' Then he come out in his pajamas like a G. I would not tell you this if I was lying. But just like a G, militant as ever and he had on some weird pajamas. I never got to ask him about those because he was too G'd up. He had too many niggas with him but it was cool. He was kind of mad they broke his sleep...Long story short, don't fuck with Farrakhan." 

The video featuring this can be seen below.

Jim Jones has made mention of Louis Farrakhan in his music. For instance, on "How G Is This," Jim Jones said, "Crime ain't gon' stop if you speak to Minister Farrakhan."

Louis Farrakhan has been involved with Hip Hop artists at various times in past years. In the 1990s, for example, Farrakhan sat down with Common and Ice Cube, reportedly asking them to stop feuding. In 2003, he looked to end the beef between 50 Cent and Ja Rule

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  • Mark

    Could somebody rewrite the article in English please??????

  • mona

    what's up with the stupid ass improv at the end? if farrakhan is nothing to be mocked, why do that? that was dumb as fuck

  • I wish I was BLACK

    Louis Farrakhan is my hero. Louis Farrakhan is da God. 5 percenters are da truth!!! 5 percenters saved & changed my life #realtalk. Greetings from da place where white devils dwell (europe)

  • jim jim

    whens somebody gonna body this punk for real

  • ImSoSickOfEveryoneBeingSuchaFuckinGangster

    Damn Blood, you're in your thirties blood, and you still want so badly for people to know you're a blood, blood. But hear this blood, it seems like all of the fake gangsters and bloods are always so quick to say that they're a blood, blood. If those F.O.I.'s really wanted to see your blood, blood, they would have painted your blood all over Harlem, blood, and then blame it on another blood. Because they know anyone who's a blood, especially a 35 year old blood, is not worth the blood in a used tampax...blood.

  • Dee

    This niggas a gangsta but why he laying on a bed smoking a blunt with another nigga laying next to him in the video. 0:37 lmao

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else have a really hard time trying to understand this guy? And then we was, and then he was, and then you know what Im saying, then I was like, he was like... lol... learn how to talk. follow at noles506

  • wolf fairfield ct richmond va

    they should have bodied yo ass for real botch ass nigga i dont know who this pussy really think he is long story short croos paths ooooooooooooooooooh

  • OnkelMichael

    ALSO - JJ is a punk in the streets - talk about when Gangsta Lou from Mob$tyle fam chased them Dipshits...

  • Bullshit religion

    Fuck Farra-con, his dumb shit religion, his wheel UFO, his Gods Punishment horseshit, his links to Scientology and his weak minded followers. He's a wolf in sheeps clothing and these idiots lap up his garbage.



    • lawofmosesremains

      she wolf in the sheep clothing is the false messiah with the false teaching called salvation that is the reason for 99% of crime done and its elements are that adolf hitler goes to heaven as long he pays church taxes(deceiving you into sin=satan),the nation of islam is not an ideology not something you pay monthly taxes(church taxes)it isnt even really compatible with any state that has men made laws i cant see how his follower are brainwashed but u who reject the law like a lawless beast are saved?wake up satan or the wulf in sheep clothing is not an evil creature that drinks blood and is sadistic and loves to see people in pain like u want to believe it in fact the worst thing u can do and why satan is the devil is to abolish a single law of god just one now imagine what will happen with u after u die and u will hear something like "didnt i tell you i didnt came to abolish the law but to fulfill it?" you tell me what happened to the people that abolished the law according to YOUR religion?stoning was the 1th sometimes they were tortured all by the god of jesus the love teachings were only applied to the israelites and never global

    • Alfonse

      @Bullshit religion: The only bullshit religion is the one you mammy raised you on. That's if you got one. Stop worrying about everyone else and clean your life up.

    • Bullshit religion

      Bank on whatever you want, Troy. He's a con-man; filling the heads of the vulnerable and ignorant with nonsense. And I'll tell anyone from here to Harlem the same thing.

    • Troy

      You mad, bruh? lol. I bet you wouldn't say NONE of that in the presence of the Minister or the FOI. I'll bank on that

  • GSIGMA81

    Some of you are so funny. You gotta understand the power of the nation. Youd be a pussy 2 if that happened. You can boss up all you want, were talking about the nation lol, you wont make it sir. Thats an alliance Jim moving like street niggas thats cool but it wont help when you going against that kind of team. They wont Jim to Man up and get knocked off so yall can say he went out like a G lol!!! THIS AINT SCARFACE AND THATS NOT A REAL PERSON NEITHER SO GET THE "SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND SHIT OUT OF YOUR HEAD LMAO"

    • Abrown

      I understand tha child mentality disrespect for all thing authority I get it. But sometimes bitting your tongue can be the wiser of choices I'm just saying there are real circumstances for every thing. Jim Jones ain't no fool so don't be fooled like he seize Ya herd!!!

  • Fuck Islam

    It's a religion thats gotta go. As a black man, I would never be caught dead calling myself a Muslim. I want nothing to do with Farrakhan and the bullshit he speaks.

    • thelawofmoseswillremain

      @7NiM$ what you say has no building stones,every atheist/christian country in africa is basically 45% aids 45% violent crime even with the billions from the western states

    • thelawofmoseswillremain

      low minded crack junkies like u can stay at the religion of salvation /hitler in heaven and shoot each other over gang color ,the real cultures in africa the north african ancient egypts =somalids etc are all muslims

    • Muhammad

      Y'all are ignorant. You forget OUR ancestors in America. People like Noble Drew Ali, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X. You forget Hamaas Abdul-Khaalis, Jeff Fort, and Louis Farrakhan. The religion of African Americans is Islam period, end of story.

    • 7NiM$

      @FuckIslam I co-sign. African (whether american,european or whatever u have added to yoselves) must understand we cannot vibrate positively if u fuckin wit some foreign spirituality. Learn ur origins,ur science,ur spiritual path and there u have a full self conscious person we ought to be....!

    • oso

      yakub ass nigga over here, stfu.. don't even have to mess with it, but blacks need to stay together, unite over all black movements like this

  • LOL

    one word he is a halfway thug fucken joke.

  • Capo?

    pretty much sums Jim Jones up. Pussy on his own but turns gangsta when he got his boys around him to save his ass

  • Anonymous

    LOLOLOL he still thinks hes a blood

  • jj

    So all of the rappers that make a Islamic reference in their music, Farrakhan specifically picks Jones wack self to make an example out of? Man, Jones gets more garbage by the minute.

  • Proud Kafir

    Only Farrakhan and his ilk would be called FRUIT :) Bunch of pansy ass

  • You disrespectful punks

    Some of you lil young punks are real disrespectful!

  • hypestyle

    Jones is an idiot.

  • yo

    is farrakhan a real muslim or did he just take bits of islam and make up his own shit lol

    • Anonymous

      How you 1000 and never proved you're 100? lol "nah i dont have nothing personal against them, I just dislike fascism and call it how i see it" ^ CONTRADICTION, DISLIKE=FEELINGS=PERSONAL Why are YOU so quick to paste a label and profile an ideology on them? HAVE THEY DONE SOMETHING TO YOU? How is an apologist a person that says I DON'T KNOW THEM SO I WON'T PAST JUDGMENT. Who are YOU to pass judgment? It is FACT about the Hoover agenda and American history, wtf YOU talking about? lol, STOP IT harlequin, NEITHER of us were there to know. Why does YOUR version mean more than mine? I KNOW what you trying to say and know that knowledge. AND??? I've STILL never seen them harm anybody. They've NEVER harmed me. Why are YOU mad? You even been in their midst to speak to them and ask them WHY or you just "call it how I see it" from afar with your personal feelings and moral attachments involved?

    • 1000

      nah i dont have nothing personal against them, I just dislike fascism and call it how i see it, you might not be a follower of theres, but you at least an apologist for their fascist propaganda, so don't spread their BS fascist propaganda about hoover assassinating Malcolm when it is clearly a diversion. If you seen them walk down the street than you really dont know nothing anyway so why even dispute what i said in the first place lol

    • Anonymous

      I said I've been there, didn't say I was a follower OR a member, so obviously YOU have a personal problem with them, I don't. Why the assumption, because I don't agree with you? You ain't "100".

    • 100

      Ya right, so hoover must have infiltrated Farrakhan's mouth because he said Malcolm was "worthy of death". And when Farrakhan alluded to Malcolm's death as a nation cleansing itself of a traitor. And hoover's ghost must have infiltrated the mind of Malcolm's daughter who saw her father assassinated right before her eyes as a child, and in her 30's she put a hit on Farrakhans life. NOI and their unquestioning brainwashed fascist sheep....

    • Anonymous

      facists? lol, been in harlem plenty of times, never seen the brothers accost anybody. been in the mosque a couple of times, got nothing but love. we know hoover had infiltrated the nation, but I'll let you tell that story.

    • 100

      Those NOI boy are fascist (ideologically and in practice), that's why they killed Malcolm because after he went to Mecca and long story short pretty much converted to Sunni Islam and NOI wasnt feelin it. What most uneducated people fail to realize is Malcolm's daughter got locked up for putting a hit on Farrakhan cuz that's the taboo shit the streets dont want to talk about is Farrakhan and NOI assassinated Malcolm X. I have a Christian friend who was spreading the Gospel in Harlem, NOI boyz were pretty much using intimidation and violence to stop it, like I said fascists, cuz fascists are afraid of the free flowing of ideas and free speech.

  • Mack

    Real bitch shit ......you figured out he pressed you after you left??...yeah right... sounds like you aint shit wit out cha homeboys

  • Anonymous

    If I had 200 dudes with me, I'd be tough too.

  • Bomb

    Farrakhan isn't that tough. Yeah NOI killed a few people over the years like any other cult. But he's tried to extort the Jews repeatedly and they never gave him a dime. And in 2013 he's just a senile old man rambling about pop culture and talking like Dr. Seuss.

    • Allen

      @Bomb: Your ignorance preceeds you. Don't talk... just don't. You spread your misinformation and conjecture as if it were fact. And you hide behind a keyboard and a screen name. Coward. You are a whisperer of evil who withdraws after his whisper. Fortunately, the information age we live in is the day all haters like you will be made manifest and all will be brought to light.

  • Mr. Blackman

    I'm sure he only received this treatment because he said something disrespectful. The Minister loves the Rap community. Chris Brown said "I keep them Black goons with me call me Farrakhan." I wonder how well that went over.

  • OnkelMichael

    JJ's wife is a Alpo jumpoff. Fuck that snitch who murdered his business partner / friend. All hail Azilla...

  • Ethel125

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  • Anonymous

    Farrakan g-checked Jenny Jones something tough. Just like Nashawn beat this clown up for disrespecting Nas

  • Anonymous

    i remember when Xzibit said "i'll never be seen like Farrakhan fuckin a white bitch" on Symphony In X Major. i wonder if he ever got into trouble for saying that shit

  • Capt. James T. Kirk


  • Doris J. Charboneau

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  • IROC

    The Hon Minster Louis Farrakhan who drops knowledge is in a lane all by himself, jim Jones who named himself after a loser a muderer and child molester who lead his followers to death in some remote jungle,rapper jimmy spends most of his day high on dope and making garbage azz hiphop music, not since ex cohort Max b has he had a real hit ,Real question why even bring this up its time for jimmy to wake up he allmost 40yrs old time to rename and repackage your brand and do some good for the youth out here !

  • Brad Jizzle

    One cult leader punks another cult leader.

  • COCA


  • Anonymous

    fuck both of em. fake ass 'gangstas' running in numbers acting hard. both of these clowns wouldnt do shit

  • pidgeotto

    yo that nigga damn idiot for even going back hyped, that boi jimmy knows the magnitude of LF, come on now dont hide behind no dog and pony act fam

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