Pusha T Including A Joaquin Phoenix Beat On "My Name Is My Name"

Pusha T says he wants to use the Joaquin Phoenix beat for the intro of the project.

The conversation surrounding Pusha T's long-awaited debut album, My Name Is My Name, is starting to pick up as the original targeted release date of July 16 came and went.

Sitting down with Vibe after Saturday's Hennessy VS Lollapalooza after-party, the G.O.O.D. Music artist explained the pushback with one of the reasons being a beat he received from labelmate Kanye West.

"When I turned it in in June, he gave me probably two or three new beats," Pusha said. "One of those beats was from Joaquin Phoenix, and it's probably gonna be ... I want it to be the intro to my album."

Pusha recalls how he got the beat from Kanye, explaining that hoped 'Ye wasn't just taunting him with it.

"When I heard it, I knew it was mine, man," he said. "Soon as I heard it I was like, 'Listen, I hope you're not playing this for me to show me how good this beat is.' And of course, I ended up with it."

In 2010, Phoenix attempted a rap career, which was filmed for the Casey Affleck-directed mockumentary, I'm Still Here. His career was never serious and an album never surfaced.

Pusha T recently re-stated that he will have the best rap album to drop in 2013. "I've heard a lot of them," he said. "And mine is better. [Laughs]."

Watch the full new segment with Pusha T below (via Vibe):

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  • Doris J. Charboneau

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  • Anonymous

    Drop the fuckin' album already dawg damn...Big Sean and Co. lappin' the fuck outta ya in this race...

  • Anonymous

    this year has been a let down and pretty much just a big tease for album releases. tech n9nes was average, crooked I's was basically a let down (those are my 2 fav rappers btw, jay and kanye were awful.....honestly, the 2 best albums ive heard that came out in 2013 BY FAR were Hieroglyphics- The Kitchen and Statik Selektah- Population Control

    • Anonymous

      bullshit that hieroglyphics album was great tha production was so pure. i never know about pusha he some great compact stop & kill lines but the album will be about pusha t there will be no real insight, no real concept, it will be jay-z type: 'me and me and look ate me' production better be good than illl take a listen at least

    • Anonymous

      you need better taste in music.



  • jasonnns


  • m.black

    There's absolutely no suspense for the release of this album. As much as a Pusha T fan as I am, I think his album will go largely unrecognized. Shame tho because from the two songs that have been out, I can tell it will be something unique. I mean Pusha ain't on a lot of people's radar right now. Even Big Sean got more buzz having damn near zero radio play for an album that drops in the next coming weeks. He needs to be more provocative and visceral in his approach if he wants to make a significant impact. This ain't 2001 where you can drop a video and everybody's on your shit until your album drops. You gotta be more creative than that now and days.

  • Anonymous

    Joaquin Phoenix makes rap beats??? WTF!

  • Anonymous

    Ghostface twelve reasons to die is gonna be very hard to top.

  • imho

    can he include an album in the stores though?

  • Anonymous

    I used to love Pusha 10 years ago now i can't stand him.

  • Anonymous

    random acts of fuckery

  • Datroof

    This album is going to suck balls. Every time a rapper comes out saying his upcoming album is the best work they've ever done or the best album ever....it's wack as shit. Working with Joaquin Pheonix definitely adding to my impression of incoming wackness.

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