Bun B Says "We've Got Bigger Things To Worry About" Than Riley Cooper's Comments

Bun B says he knows Cooper knows he messed up and others are going to make him pay for it.

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper has been under a web of criticism for his recent use of the N-word.

The rap world has made it's own comments on the matter and recently, Bun B gave his opinion about the situation, which was captured by Real Talk NY.

"He obviously knows he messed up," Bun B said. "He's got a long football season in order to deal with the ramifications. The field's 100 yards and he's a receiver so he got to go across the middle a lot."

In the greater scheme of things Bun B says there are more important issues regarding the word than Riley Cooper use of it.

"We've got bigger things to worry about than just this," he said. "There's bigger issues with the word and what's going on in America right now with relations."

Lil Wayne recently took to Twitter about Riley Cooper's comments. According to him, "Riley Cooper kan suk my ...."

Watch the full Bun B video below:

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  • BIG JA

    damn! ja rule messed this nigga up. he literally destroyed 50s career and private life too now.

  • Anonymous

    Ironically every player whose going to come after him on the field have probably said worse. If you're off the field then it's really nobody's business what you say.

  • ihatethatwetdogsmell

    White people are inferior to blacks. That's the reason why blacks will never fully get over being enslaved by whites. It's like a alley cat dominating over a lion.

  • wolf fairfield court richmond va

    everybody gets theres in the end stackbundles all day rip semore cake

  • Fuck Outta Here

    respect Bun for being real here. Cooper will be handed his punishment on the field (in addition to his fine). Dude is going to get lit the fuck up this season. Expect a concussion by week 5. As for Lil Wayne, this cat needs to fall back. Young kids (both black and white) look up to you, and all you do is rap about negativity, not to mention how many times you use the same word in every song. Coopers comments were disgusting, but not nearly as bad as all the shit you've put in the brains of kids.

    • Anonymous

      he said one sentence. in a way you're doing the same thing you're accusing him of. you and i have said much more about lil wayne than he has of the guy

  • Anonymous

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  • shivvy

    instead of worrying about who is racist and who isnt. black people should be trying to keep their kids outta jail, and get themselves graduating from college and earning good moolah Black people need to stop beefing with other races, and try and catch up to us ! cos one of these days, we're going to stop feeling sorry for ya !

    • Anonymous

      shivvy talking about Blacks need to stop worrying about others, but he's a white guy FOLLOWING what Blacks do in music, clothing, current events. Contradiction? HELL YES! foh clown

    • Anonymous

      @Shivy got Ethered....#NICE

    • SHITTY

      Know one wants you to feel sorry for anyone ! Get the fuck off your high horse you condescending mother fucker . The guy is weak talking about i will fight all the N****s in their ..NO he will not false BRAVADO meets alcohol I love the way you blame black folks for beefing with other races ...So this white dude CHOOSES too spit out racist profanities because he wants to get into the VIP section and it's still the black mans fault yet again !!! You say black folks should stop worrying about racism .. Another illogical argument why should black or brown folk stop worrying about racism when it clearly has an effect on how far some people of color will or will not get in life Yes an education is important but more important is financial education learn the difference between an asset and a liability . Create your own revenue streams do not rely on the white or black man to feed you . Become self sufficient and become employers not employees Shivvy, You are more than likely working class or lower middle class . You are not part of the 1% so stop kissing your own ass YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE BORN WHITE .. Sheep are sheep whether BLACK or WHITE

  • Anonymous

    He has a good point. People need to pull their heads out their asses.

  • Anonymous


  • imho

    there is bigger issues- like lil waynes spelling lmfao. grown man still pretending to be a blood smh

  • Art Brooks

    Really though. Who gives a fuck about this fool's comments when he'll get his on the playing field. We should be working on getting the Patriot Act repealed.

  • Ja Rule Army

    worry about that comeback. Its Murda!!!!!!!!

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