DMC Criticizes Jay-Z And Lil Wayne, Says Listeners Are "Brainwashed"

Legendary Hip Hop artist Darryl McDaniels, more commonly known as DMC of the pioneering group Run-DMC, says "Jay-Z ain't hot."

As reported by AllHipHop, DMC, a founding member of the Queens based Hip Hop group Run-DMC, added onto recent criticisms of some of Hip Hop’s biggest stars in saying, “Lil Wayne [and] Jay-Z ain’t hot, it’s just they’re programmed so many times people are brainwashed.”

Throughout the 1980s, Run-DMC provided some of Hip Hop’s earliest commercial successes. In his recent statement, DMC also noted that Hip Hop has undergone a stark shift from its early epoch as a youth culture. “It was inevitable that Hip Hop became commercialized but along the way our power got taken away," he says in the story. "Now you got the same 12 records on radio being played over and over again.”

In contrast to the type of contemporary Hip Hop he is critical of, DMC also ended up recalling the social impact that early Hip Hop acts like KRS One, A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul had. "We wanted to change the world, taking responsibility for our actions," he said. "Now everything that’s negative in stupid ass America is celebrated.”

DMC’s comments are only the latest in a recent string of criticisms leveraged towards the former CEO of Def Jam. As reported early last month, Killer Mike condemned the rollout of Jay’s Magna Carta Holy Grail album due to privacy concerns over the early release’s accompanying Samsung application:

Besides Killer Mike, founder of Fool’s Gold Records, A-Trak, also Tweeted a general disappointment in Jay’s latest release and it’s corresponding promotion:

LA native and Odd Future emcee Earl Sweatshirt also took to the social media site to offer up his opinion of one of this year’s biggest releases:

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  • Khosta

    DMC is the one he is delusional, Lil Wayne saved hip hop when it was dying and revolutionised the game, he need to stfu and watch Lil Wayne (the master) do his work #teamBESTrapperALIVE #TeamWEZY

  • Anonymous

    dude damn ass comment! check urself fucker

  • Anonymous

    nigga I'm gay & if we meet in streets and I heard u talking the same shit, I'd stab u in the heart. fuck u, ur comment & ur life!

  • Aeon Roshinaya23

    You wanna be down with the kings? the king of rock there is no higher, to burn my kingdom you must use fire! i dont smell nor see any smoke yet. Run Dmc are and was hip hop at it highest level, like micheal jordan. that it. ive seem em many time in brixton london and met dmc in alantic city. Jay z is trying to be the man and not being hip nor hop about it. PE was hip hop wu tang was hip hop Biz markie kool G rap was stetsasonic Nas Rakim i can go on, DMX is hip hop, these cat not all they talk about is there bank accounts. It turn in to HIP POP, it a joke the high goes faster than Crack, macdonals music and im not loving it. Lil wayne my ass. these punks have never school me nor my peers yet. Fight the Power bitch asses.

  • RECK

    Thank you DMC. REAL RECOGNIZE REAL. jayz and wayne r poison!

  • tizzytodd

    I agree with my man DMC. HipHop has taken a huge shift towards more nursery, cheesy, elementary lyrical content. Gimmicks are okay, but the artist who gave you a funny or interesting story telling mic check 1,2, is dead. This really was only possible because the MAN began to see a profit in HipHop. Remeber when HipHop couldn't be played on the radio, and we was like fuck the radio. Well now, and with much needed progress, we can hear some of the most degrading rappers ever to pick up a mic. From 90, 91, until about maybe 93,94 HipHop began a decline and prostituted itself off to money, diamonds and big booty hoes. I do ask who doesn't want any one of these things and the answer is mostly everyone. The true problem, like everything else with Black creation is the wrong people take control and we sell out to huge amounts of money and someone( the Man with the check) usual end up deciding what's hot and who gets a shot. We are fished bowled, sooo don't think it's one thing that watered down the storytelling mic skills. Its non-education, greed, and starvation. Someone We can see it in our women who we degrade on a regular

    • Lil man up

      You mean how Jay Z make lame niggas do real thing than rap about crime. Which will you live to hear success or black and black killings. Get out of here low life.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    truth bout Wayne, JayZ been dope tho

    • Done

      Jay Z and Gaynye can't rap. They are on some nursery rhymes type ish. Bog block heads and both are too scared to be the gay men they really are. Test tube kids? Give it a rest. Hip Hop stays losing. Wu is just as garbage. They raping and wiling out like they don't have any sense. Don't call me black no more. These fools have ruined our rep in the world.

  • bios

    Jay-Z was always overrated. A big part of his success is that he lived the American dream and effectively predicted his rise to fame and fortune, which gives his early work an almost messianic vibe that is at least somewhat appealing. But he dumbed down for the masses quickly, something he has even admitted. Jay-Z is the best rapper if you think that being rich and boasting about is the most important thing in life, and if you think 'hustling' is all purpose metaphor that explains the meaning of life. Personally i think he is dull,but he must be doing something right if he is still around.

    • @biosphere

      What is your fathers name, what is your name? What have your father done to make life worth living part of that of Hov? Where is his name on the wall or in people's heart or mind or in a discussion? What are you doing for your self by hook? What is your life about? Where are you going to? Where are you now? What deal of any kind have you signed? Who have you paid? What have you dealt with? Have you won hate for over a decade? Hove you stayed afloat when your own race don't want and like you? If your father, great grand father or you haven't live, done or been through any of the above then you have no sense, life, experience and existence in you. Fool

    • Mack

      Sound statement...

  • Doris J. Charboneau

    my best friend's mom makes $60/hour on the internet. She has been out of a job for eight months but last month her pay check was $15216 just working on the internet for a few hours. Go to this web site and read more... i will try to be resonable, but damn he really had one of the greatest runs in hip hop of all time.


    *sob* Being a white guy is so hard, you can't even make degrading jokes about a whole race anymore without people calling you a racist *sniffle*

  • Kizman

    can never understand hiphop fans infatuation with rappers that are real and about that lifewho the fuck cares if he was really a thug or not? Ur not hangin out with himthe real question is CAN HE RAP?? HOW IS HIS MUSIC?? U dont get a pass cuz your REALLY a criminal. Fuck that. I could careless about what you do in your personal time. I just want to get to some good music when I buy your album thats it. Only in hip hop do we say yea, his music sucks but hes REAL so I like him

    • Done

      "Real life issues" for Jay Z and Kanye is to talk abut BEING GAY. Jay had sex parties with men in the past. He's the biggest liar around, but apparently DNA being what it is, Black people are STUPID, just not very bright. They both suck, Wayne too. Drugs, Molly, "Purple Drank", Fake a(S(s "perfect" bitches, THUGS like Trayvon who got killed for being a LEAN-drinking dummy who thought he could fight and whatever the fuck else. GARBAGE. DMC is right.

    • @chem

      Go buy all Hovs album then.. Becoz his the only one with real issues of life rap and not fiction which other rappers spit.

    • Chem

      I don`t know what the fucc you`re talkin bout.. I need real life shit, and good music..

  • Lee

    I understand what DMC is saying. At the same time, if these Veteran MCs have an issue with younger artists and peers..reach out to them and talk about it. If you are going to talk to the media and express your feelings about a man and reach out to them first. The art form is suffering and calling out your peers is not helping matters at all. Jay has contributed just as much to Hip Hop as Run DMC. If you want to be respected respect first instead of disrespect.

  • el

    lol it ain't just rap bruh bruh, there's a whole other world of marketing and business to it, run DMC never had amazingly complex lyrics either? I don't understand what the issue is? looks like an old man doing what old men do... whining about how shit used to be back in his day.. ya days over man, jay know's this, that's why he survived.. he adapts...

  • B

    "No bogus hocus pocus, I bring back to focus Skills if you notice my position is lotus Now quote this, MC's are just hopeless thinking record sales make them the dopest." -KRS-One. DMC speaks the truth...

    • At anon.

      That lyrics is from Hov so who side are u on?

    • Anonymous

      Trash ass KRS One and his ABC rhymes. Get this whack nigga out of here.

    • Listen

      All KRS does is say shit I don't even know how real his rap gets apart from complaining all the time.. Yeah Yeah What we talkin' bout real shit? Or we talkin' bout ryhmes You talkin' bout millions Or you talking' bout mine What we talkin' bout Cuz I ain't got time For what people be talkin' bout all the time What we talkin' bout fiction Or we talkin bout fact You talkin' bout fiction? Hold up pardon my back I'm talkin' bout life And all I hear is Oh yeah he keeps talkin' bout crack I ain't talkin' bout profit I'm talkin' bout pain I'm talkin' bout despair I'm talkin' bout shame I ain't talkin' bout gossip I ain't talkin' bout Game I ain't talkin bout Jimmy I ain't talkin' bout Dame I'm talkin' bout real shit Dem people playin' What is you talkin' bout I don't know what y'all sayin' People keep talkin' bout Hov take it back I'm doin' better than before Why would I do that? Ain't nothing cool bout carryin' a strap Bout worryin' your moms And buryin' your best cat Talkin' bout revenge While carryin' his casket All teary-eyed Bout to take it to a matress I'm talkin' bout music I ain't talkin' bout rap You talkin' bout who's hot I ain't talkin' bout that The conversation is changed Lets yap about that I don't run rap no more I run the map

  • John Diggs

    lol, Rappers are such d bags

  • Yessir

    Jay-Z back in the days was that MC. He was sick with it. From 1996-2003 he put some nice stuff but those days are gone. His last album was alright upon first listen but it may not hold up. Prior to that, everything post Black Album has been TERRIBLE... I just don't understand what he's trying to do as an artist anymore. As for Wayne, he's just WACK. He was an alright rapper for some years but when he turned into this pseudo rock metrosexual pop rapper, he's just been unbearable. Absolutely unbearable. Annoying voice, non-sensical lyrics, lame punch lines, and lyrical content consisting of drugs, money, and disrespecting women. That's Wayne's career in a nutshell. These guys sell records more because of hype, and how big their names are and what they did in the past, more than what they do on their current work, so yeah I would say that fans are BRAINWASHED afterall.

  • Fuck Hollis

    Let's look at this nigga's career: 1984 - Dropped the classic Run DMC debut 1985 - Dropped another great album 1986 - Dropped another classic but fucked up and went pop trying to be rock n roll and lost their ghetto pass 1988 - Like most rappers, they were already played out by the time their 4th album came out 1990 - Dropped the corniest album EVER 1993 - Jumped on the gangsta rap bandwagon, plus the only reason why they went gold is cause they had every other rapper in the industry on their album 2001 - Tried to do the same thing they did in '93 but it didn't work cause noboby remembered these niggas

    • Done

      So test tube kids with your best friend while lying that you are really gay and take it up the rump. Putting out garbage music that ANYONE from the hood can out-rhyme is REAL? GTFOH. This must be Gaynye or his homo homie, GayZ on here. Their music sucks. That is not about being a sellout and if you cannot get on with others then you truly have no business sense.

  • Whateva

    Generation DUMB at it again on these comment boards. NEWS FLASH!!!! You can listen to more than one artist! I know it's shocking. Run DMC was far MORE commercial than Jay ever was. Made a hit song called MY ADIDAS! Hit song with AEROMITH! A XMAs song! Made multiple movies! Changed up their style in the 90's to be more "gangsta". It goes on and on.

    • DKOOL

      It called Innovation what they did. And I love how are people are always calling our own peps a sell out! YOu would sell out too if you could make some cash, so dont be acting all Honorable

    • Fuck Hollis

      Preeeeeach! These niggas are the definition of sellout!!!

  • ETK

    all I'm gonna say is people who think like Earl Sweatshirt annoy me. thinkin people get their material rated on name above quality... nigga hows this how come you don't hear DMX no more? DMX released a proper comeback album... shit sold peanuts. And DMX is a household 90s name. By Earl's logic DMX should've broken through 100K but he didn't even make it 1/3 of the way there. how bout Nelly then? that mofo was huge around 2000, his album went 9x platinum(or even diamond, not sure), nowadays he makin music but he doesn't have half the fanbase and half the sales. simple explanation, they didn't hustle as hard. you don't get big off of name only. you don't just release doo-doo and get a pass for it. Jay-Z has been hustling consistently for two fucking decades. I ain't even bumped Magna Carta and I have like 5 Jay-Z songs on my ipod but dumbfucks like Earl are discrediting Jay-Z's hustle by saying that shit. you can hate on MCHG all you want but don't be a prick about it "if you fucked with MCHG then unfollow me" go on then nigga, you make decent music but you ain't cute

    • Anonymous

      I have been a huge Jay fan, magna cart's horrible. Like 2 songs I can stomach. This album is weak and I'm disappointed that I spent money on it. With the exception of American Gangster Jay's been pretty weak post black album.

    • Ether

      Duh was just destroyed.

    • @duh

      Mosquito are attracted to Dark things like your black skin and dark brain than light things so you speak your stupidity here to show how foolish, dumb and lame you so are and you think you're wise when you no nothing about everything around you worthless existence. Get off fool

    • Duh

      You seem to follow media and bullshit quite well. So you should also know that the artists you mentioned spent a good amount of years being shitted on by your media. That's why they can't sell anymore. Jayz and lil wayne have had managed the media in a much better way when they don't have albums or tours going on. This is why both can continue to drop forgettable albums and still sell 500,000 or more copies. The average human is dumb and will follow light just like a mosquito. In hiphop that light is what the media tells them. If the media tells them Magna Carta Holy Grail is the biggest album of this century then those fans will flock to it.

  • un

    Reading through the comments and a lot of you really just dont get it. His not bitter, his not attacking because someones selling more records etc. This just shows how this future generation of kids really has no clue about hip hop and its culture and never grew up with it or lived it like us kids from the 80's and 90's. If you dont see that he is just expressing his concern of what mainstream hip hop has become, what it is teaching the youth and how its destroying a culture that was supposed to help people then you need to educate yourself on what hip hop really is or just be a listener and let the real heads who created the culture speak their mind and educate us real heads who understand the message. This article wasnt for you listeners, it was for us people who follow the culture, so if you dont understand the article and think hes a bitter old man then i suggest you never claim to know hip hop to anyone and just keep listening, you are just making yourselves look like a fool and making it obvious you know nothing of the culture. Peace

  • dentaldamboy

    Does Wayne have the most most hip hop classics of all time? i will try to be resonable, but damn he really had one of the greatest runs in hip hop of all time unarguable classics: tha carter 2 Tha carter 3 like father like son no ceilings da drought 3 dedication 2 the suffix arguable classics: the dedication the prefix blow lilweezyana tha carter sq4 now thats 13 projects that have stood the test of time, which is essential for a project to be considered a classic. i mean the only artist/groups that i can think of right now is atcq, the roots, and yeezus but wayne still has more classics. i challenge anyone to show me a hip hop artist with more classics then birdman jr.

    • puv

      Dmc is just a washed up old man, hahaha havent heard from his ass for years. Publicity stunt as usual. Jay would kill you

    • dentaldamboy

      I am in fact a troll, and ride Lil Wayne's dick for a living

    • Classics?

      Out of all those problems Tha Carter 2 & 3 are the only GOOD one's not even classic bro. Twenty years from now if we remember Lil' Wayne it's going to be more for making young money records, which isn't dope at all. Eminem The Slim Shady LP - (Classic) The Marshall Mathers LP (Classic) The Eminem Show (Classic) Nas Illmatic (Classic) It Was Written (Classic) I Am...(Classic) Jay-Z Reasonable Doubt (Classic) The Blueprint (Classic) Dr. Dre The Chronic (Classic) The Chronic 2001 (Classic) Snoop Dogg Doggystyle (Classic) Tha Doggfather (Classic) All of Pac's albums All of Biggie's albums Big L's album Lupe Fiasco's albums Shit Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole have put out much more thoughtful and better quality music than lil' wayne has.

    • Jonas Alvarez

      i'm afraid i got multiple tumors from reading this fucking idiotic comment. I would assume you're trolling but since you know all of that chimpanzee's albums i guess not, unfortunately. Atmosphere, The Roots, Nas, and many others have actual classics in this genre. I suggest you kill yourself and then kill yourself again just to make sure.

  • JJ

    The ignorant fucks who hate on everything remotely mainstream and think that makes them intelligent are even more pathetic than the people who just support their favorite artist without thinking much about it. Brainwashed this, brainwashed that... how many artists where backed by majors had one hit single and quickly disappeared into oblivion? You don't survive in a business like Hip Hop for 20 years on such a level if you ain't dropping quality music. Look at 50 Cent, if you can be successful off your name alone why is it that he can't even get an album out??? How about just accepting that Jay will always have more listeners than your favorite rapper? And since when has it been selling out if you live what you rap about?

    • Jay

      Thank you! If this dude was fake and was not telling the truth he would have been exposed years ago. Rick Ross was Exposed and dudes never knock this dude for it and he bigger now than he was before the Officer Ricky was exposed. Face fact Suscess scares Hiphop so we call it Brainwash. Rock Bands sells MILLIONS of Albums, and never hear sellout. ROLLING STONES are 100yrs old and they have a fan base that will DIE with them and beyond. WE have ONlY artist that is Sucessful beyond HIPHOP years and we say he is too old. So when all you young dudes get to a certain age you mean to tell me you going to stop listening to HIPHOP? HELL NO.... you will be in your 50's still listeing you your favorite artist but that is ok because your not rapping at 50. Someone answer that question.

  • Nuff said....

    I hate you comment section faggots! 70% of you muthafuckas dont know shit about the music, 20% are no life havin virgins who come here to troll bcuz you hate your own life. Only %10 of you are real and know your shit. Most of you niggas are pathetic..... You cant be a fan of rap/hip hop and diss run dmc. Especially for sayin some real shit! IMO lil wayne NEVER been hot! The most overrated rapper in history. and Jay, dont get me wrong, he a legend and all. But magna carta, was kinda wack...Watch the throne, even wacker...

    • Anonymous

      My thought wasn't on the music itself,but more on the side of the corporate side. You can't knock a man that open the door for dudes to get in on the other side and control their career how they want. J Cole is nice but if he would have done his career how he wanted in the beginging and just dropped an Album he would have made a dope album but would he have had been able to staty in the game long term. With the Artist Development he is able to stay in this game as long as he wants. Jay Z made people come to him to make it Mainstream. Hard Knock life was not a radio song based on the Lyrics. H to IZZO was not radio Friendly. I can see if Jay changed his lyrical Content up to stay corporate but he don't change. This man had the President of the United States had him at a Rally and he rapped 99 problems. Those lyrics are about selling drugs how real is that... Michael Jackson at Summer Jam...Mike hasn't done a concert in the US in 20 before that pushing hiphop forward he should be a huge part of that. Lil Wayne should never be mentioned in the GREAT Catogory.

  • jay

    Jay is my name so that didn't play apart in my thoughts. You call Jay album brainwash but dudes like a Cheif Keef or 2 Chainz get breaks because they hood. Corporate America is what makes America run, this site is Corporate america. If you don't want to be apart of the "system" do music for free. Use your own money to sell your record. Don't use the Internet "that is corporate america too to get your music out. Do concert at a local Park no corporate Backing at all and see how much love you get for that. Lyrics are for those who feel (pause) what the MC is saying. When you have a Hustla mind set and you out for money then Jay is your cup of tea, But say he brainwash you to be great crazy. To say a guy who doesn't have a High School or College education is selling out make 0 sense. This guy went Straight from the projects to a corporte office is a huge push forward for the culture. For DMC to say what he said and just had a ADDIAS commercial air this past week is crazy. Jay doesn't do enodorsement he does partnership with Corporation is huge. You name a sports or any other figure besides Puff and Jay that has that pull? NONE... beacuse they don't have that HUSTLAS MENTALITY.

  • slick

    dmc just backtracked from those comments on all hip hop so the issue is dead

  • Anonymous

    For all the "Hip Hop scholars" and "experts" on here: How about you name two Run DMC songs that weren't spoon fed to you, without looking on wikipedia.. Yeah I didnt think so lol stop acting like you give a shit about Run DMC. If you did, you most likely wouldn't be trolling on here lol pretentious homos

    • donnis mac

      You posted a well known song with a failed single that rode the coattails of another up and coming duo, Pete Rock & CL Smooth. 'Nuff you're sounding like you read the bio, c'mon son.... 1. It's Like That (the A SIDE to Sucker MC's) 2. Hollis Crew 3. Darryl & Joe 4. Tougher Than Leather The 4 Krush Groove songs, because pretty much no one would be able to answer that, which proves the OP to be correct. So much talk about them, but how many of you actually heard their music catalog?

    • Nuff said...

      You dont have to be a "fan" of run dmc to know that they are crucial to the progression of rap music. All you have to know is their background and their presence in the game. For instance, im not a fan bcuz i was too young to grasp their music at that point, but i do know that they were the FIRST rap group to fuse hip hop with rock and uhh, how many rappers have done that since?? PLENTY!!!! They were the FIRST rap group to bring street style and brand name wardrobe to their appearance and uhhh, how many rappers rap about they clothes and they swag??? PLENTY!!!!! So get the fuck outta here with that bullshit. You obviously aint a fan of the music bcuz if you were you would know the importance of run dmc in hip hop.... Oh, "walk this way" and "down with the king". Hmm, i just named two of they songs off the top of my head...go fig....

    • Anonymous

      He's on a Hip Hip site calling out the followers, not the listeners. But since you replied, can you name the Krush Groove songs they did? I don't mean the movie either. Have you even seen the "Tougher Than Leather" movie

    • Anonymous

      Why are you on a hip hop site? I don't get it. I really don't.

  • Anonymous

    america is very brainwashed and gets brainwash very easily

    • Anonymous

      Many Americans are not brainwashed nor living in a fantasy world. What you are seeing is people in charge with power who get exposure who are NOT in tune with what's happening in society, and the "opinions" of others who wish to live vicariously through someone else's success. Like anonymous said above, worried about fitting in and being popular.

    • Anonymous

      The worst part about it is that the people who are brainwashed refuse to believe that they are brainwashed. Corporations run America and the goal of corporations are to get you to spend your money stupidly and we hand them our hard earned money like its nothing. To worried about fitting in and being popular. Know body ever remembers the trend followers they only remember the trend setters. Rap consumers are some of the biggest trent followers today.

  • jay

    How is it that Jay is radio, how many songs has he ever had on the radio. If you look back at his albums he really only had one or maybe two songs on any of his albums on the radio, and they play for about 2 to 3 months. Then on top of not getting a lot of spins. Jay does a tour and promo and then shut down all media outlets when he is done. He is not acting doing commercial or even on Awards show performing all the time. He content is more thought provoking than most. Before MAGNA Carta most people didn't even know what Magna Carta was about. But you looked it up and got some knowledge. This man talks hip hop in Decoded and speaks on the culture more than any other rapper out there.... he digs deep into lyrics and no one gives him props for his knowledge of hiphop.

    • Anonymous

      Selling out has nothing to do with getting doing things on a bigger scale. Selling out is when an artist puts out great music, then gets popular and his music changes to fit trends and his quality of music goes down hill too. The record labels want all their music to sound the same so when an artist signs to one and makes more money but also gives up his quality of music he is selling out because his music is not as good as it should be which in return fucks us (the fans) over.

    • Anonymous

      Nah, Jay is absolutely right. Jay's incredible ability gets downplayed due to his huge success while that of less successful gets bigged up because they never met the success of Jay. You're cool in Hip Hop as long as you're just known to a small circle of people if you sign to a major or expand your business you're a sellout etc.

    • Anonymous

      The fact that you even go by the name Jay shows that you might be a groupie. Jay lyrics are not as decoded as you think they are, maybe compared to other mainstream artists but there are definitely plenty of rappers out there who spit more intelligent lyrics than jay does right now. Jay-z is now a representative of corporate america all that luxury rap does not positive for the hip-hop culture. It just teaches kids that materialism is the most important thing in life. Face reality kid and dont let your "loyalty" to a rapper you never met before distract you from the music he puts out.

  • Stupidassnegroes

    If you think America is "stupid-ass," get your stupid ass back to Uganda where you came from on the next cargo ship.


    ja rule will destroy this nigga too if necessary

  • Sad Truth

    Corporate America turning hip-hop fans into puppets and convincing them that they are not. I saw this coming a long time ago i just cant grasp how brainwashed these fans really are. If you did one ounce of research on corporate manipulation you would realize what these guys are talking about. But instead you play right into the trap thats set up for you and write these people off as haters or old heads who dont know what they are talking about and go right back to being a puppet. As sad as this is, America runs off of the ignorance and stupidity of the masses so keep it up i guess. Ill take a line from AbSoul that defines this generation of hip-hop consumers perfectly. "Started Hiiipower cuz our generation needed a generator in a SYSTEM made to DISINTEGRATE us, and all we do is ASSIST them, we're not victors we're VICTIMS." Playing right into the system and believing we are actually victors.

    • un

      nice comment, but these young kids will brush it off like you said, i guess they can only learn from their mistakes.

  • tntlee2099

    Strange Music Inc has the most talented artists in the rap game today.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn't be shocked if I found out that these top rappers have a team of writer who write their raps............

  • slick

    dudes a hypocrite. run dmc was the jay z of their day, they benefitted heavily from the radio. the streets didn't make walk this way a hit record the radio did that. the same shit dmc is bitching about back in the day underground cats could have said about them

    • un

      i dont think radio play has anything to do with, its more about content, Run Dmc had a positive vibe, this Jay Z shit is just dumbing the people down, no knowledge being spoken, just dumb music, just as dumb as a beyounce or Britney Spears album. Hip Hop isnt about that and if you think it is then youre not part of the culture.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^in other words, what dmc said still stands as valid criticism regardless

    • SMKSUM

      hate to point out the blantly obvious, but since you're prolly 12...i will for you....all hip-hop in the 80's was he made money off the radio, and being the first group to get played on rock stations, because of walk this way and MTV, but there was no underground or mainstream rap groups when they first got get your head out of your ass and let the man voice his opinion

    • Anonymous

      Your arguement is based on tu quoque (aka appeal to hypocrisy) appeal to hypocrisy, is a logical fallacy that attempts to discredit the opponent's position by asserting the opponent's failure to act consistently in accordance with that position; it attempts to show that a criticism or objection applies equally to the person making it. This dismisses someone's point of view based on criticism of the person's inconsistency, and not the position presented, whereas a person's inconsistency should not discredit their position. Thus, it is a form of the ad hominem argument. To clarify, although the person being attacked might indeed be acting inconsistently or hypocritically, this does not invalidate their argument.

  • experience of being a hiphop fan since the 90s

    the faces of rap over the 90s till now: 1990-1993 snoop dogg Early 1990s was a great experience being a hiphop fan the whole west coast movement chill laid back sounds classics like regulators and the g funk movement was dope. At this time hiphop was more peacefull chilled west coast beats and style. 1994-1997 tupac and biggie Hiphop started changing becoming more agressive. Tupac was producing deep songs that touched people emotionaly while biggie was pioneering the soon to be club banger hiphop music this was also a very exciting time to be a hiphop fan. The fued brought a sense of tension and you just didn't know what to expect 1998-1999 dmx With the death of tupac and biggie who predominately dominated the mainstream hiphop scene this allowed for many other artists to establish and make a name for themselves such as ja rule, jay z,eminem and many more. DMX how ever stole the spot light releasing rough riders anthem aswell as other agressive songs that made you feel agressive and tough. 1999-2003 eminem During this time period eminem dominated mainstream rap producing hit after hit. He was very entertaining by mocking pop culture aswell as producing some of the best rap songs and even making hits with his crew d 12. Personally this was my favourite period everything was fun and hiphop was all about having fun and expressing what ever you want to express freely. 2003-2005 50 cent This time was the start of the downfall of hiphop being predominately lyrics about money and women. 50 cent pioneered the soon to club rap that flo rida and pitbull make today. At first it was fresh and seemed upbeat but after a while it got repetetive. 2005- 2008 jay z and kanye These times felt flat and forgettable. Jay z and kanye did produce a lot of great music how ever the emotion and the energy that hiphop had before wasn't there any more. At this time society was changing from the tough agressive people into the swag fags 2008- 2011 lil wayne Nothing much to say than absolutely garbage and skinny jeans 2011- present Drake It became oool to idiolize pussies and adapt swag yolo with skinny jeans

    • helloev'rybody

      2005-2008 Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne was the best rapper from 2005 to the end 2008. He did A LOT of good songs. Y'all haters just haven't heard those songs cause y'all stupid. I agree that Wayne has made music that f*ckin sucks since 2010, but before that, he did hundreds of good songs.

    • anon

      jayz and kanye were def not my first thought when I think 08 hip hop bro

    • Anonymous

      snoop didn't really make much commercial noise until 1993...

    • seriously

      no WU? no Onyx? no Gangstarr? no Mobb Deep? no Outkast? You certainly were NOT a part of what went down at that town. seriously.

  • MMG Uncut

    oh and noone knows who the fuck an Earl Sweatshirt.

    • Anonymous

      yeah, because he isn't a a household name like jay-z, that somehow invalidates his criticism, right? smh @ this dumb nigga

  • MMG Uncut

    Bitter irrelevant ole ass nigga hating on another man's succes.

    • un

      you missed the point completely as do many kids these days that think they part of the culture of hip hop. Run Dmc isnt being bitter etc he just sees that the culture is being misrepresented and wants the new listeners to understand that thats not what hip hop is/about. These mainstream mc's are killing a culture that has helped many throughout their lives, what Jay Z and them are promoting is a fantasy, their is nothing "real" about it.

    • MMG Uncut

      Yeah and i guess you and DMC are good buddies right? The truth is that DMC did nothing to bring "good old new york hip hop sound" back, he's now a sad attention whore, he didnt bring shit to the table and yet he has the audacity to disrespect a guy with a solid discography and longevity. Sounds like New York lost again son, suck it up princess

    • Anonymous

      ^^^you ASSUME hes bitter, it doesn't mean he is. All of what your saying, regardless of any of it is true or not, does not invalidate his criticism. Who gives a fuck about jay or wayne being hard-working megastars, that doesn't mean they are immune to criticism. By your logic, you can't wmake un-favorable opinions of an artist far more popular and richer than you are not as popular or rich as them. You're arguement only appeals to the lowest common denominator, but the realist aren't fooled. Keep defending niggas that don't personally know you though dumbass lol

    • MMG Uncut

      He is bitter because he aint relevant no more, he had his time, made some bad moves and now he's just a "legend" with no influence whatsoever. Jay is a hard worker and so is Wayne, they been in the game for more than 10 years. What is DMC doing now besides bitching and whining in the media? He does what lazy people tend to do- complain. Go get some dignity ole broke ass nigga and start puting out music.

    • Anonymous

      so he is bitter because he has an opinion? so someone's popularity and age makes his criticism invalid? fuck outta here with ya garbage ass logic

  • Ricky Rozay

    Much respect for Run DMC for they past work but wasnt this nigga dickridin on Wayne 2 years ago wantin to DJ him. Old niggas just gettin bitter cuz cats these days dont got there albums. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    maybe he is right? im not sure

  • tntlee2099

    Jay-Z and Lil Wayne are like history teachers. They have one tone throughout their songs. It is boring. But they do something right, just look at the numbers. And many ppl like them. But I will take rappers who switch it up in their music like Ice Cube, Tech N9ne, Stevie Stone, Krizz, Cypress Hill, Mayday, Kutt, Ces Cru, WC and Brother Lynch Hung. T-Pain is ok.

  • SMH

    I love Run-DMC but what DMC is saying is maaad wrong. Jay is 43, still sells albums, sell out arenas and still makes great music. For the people who dont like Magna Carta, you're just saying that because he's old and you're only comparing the album to classics like TBA or Blueprint or RD. No, the album is not a classic but is still better than these YMCMB, Future and MMG niggas, so if you're shittin on the dude and shitting on these wack ass rappers, WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT? they're only like 20 good rappers out today and they're not enough to hold the culture, so stop insulting a living legend and one of the greatest of all time and just shut up( if you dont like him). You people will appreciate him only when he dies, and will look back and regret what you said.

    • un

      funny you mentioned culture because what Jay and Wayne are doing has nothing to do with the culture, have you lost touch of what the culture of hip hop is all about? or did you never understand it and now get upset when the real mc's speak on it?

  • commercialized

    Johnny ADIDAS speaks out against commercialization...

  • Truth BE Told

    When you diss the great Hip Hop legend known as DMC; You diss yourself!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Jay-Z back in the days was that MC. He was sick with it. From 1996-2003 he put some nice stuff but those days are gone. His last album was alright upon first listen but it may not hold up. Prior to that, everything post Black Album has been TERRIBLE... I just don't understand what he's trying to do as an artist anymore. As for Wayne, he's just WACK. He was an alright rapper for some years but when he turned into this pseudo rock metrosexual pop rapper, he's just been unbearable. Absolutely unbearable. Annoying voice, non-sensical lyrics, lame punch lines, and lyrical content consisting of drugs, money, and disrespecting women. That's Wayne's career in a nutshell. These guys sell records more because of hype, and how big their names are and what they did in the past, more than what they do on their current work, so yeah I would say that fans are BRAINWASHED afterall.

  • youngcosby

    I'm sick of people thinking whoever has the most money must be doing everything right and everything they do is good. FOH! It's called marketing and programming. People are just too dumb to take notice how people amassed their wealth. That goes for 99% of people who are wealthy.

    • Anonymous

      It's always the has been's who take aim at those individuals who are more successful than they are. The radio is a certain kind of machine that caters to popularity, and there's nothing wrong with that. Run DMC used to be popular, so this sounds more like jealousy than anything else. Old has been who sounds like a retarded bum name dropping popular rappers just to get his name in the papers.


    DMC: "Now everything thats negative in stupid ass America is celebrated. its Kharma. The movie "Tougher than leather" celebrated the same shit. Plus: you cant stop the development in "Hip-Hop"-Music, its industry-owned. You have people doing Zumba-Workout on shit now. You remember how "Yo MTV-Raps" got took off the air? Because Corporate America (MTV included) found out, that Rapmusic was popular and was recognized international. They bought it. $$$ will kill any "movement". Cant be mad at Jay and Wayne for making cold cash. Hip-Hop IS dead.

  • Ish kabibble

    Are you guys serious..Have you ever listened to Run DMC? Have you listened to all of their music from one year to the next over their career? Evolution is key with success. If his statement were to be taken into correct context he is absolutely right. Never mind commercialism,that's inevitable in any form of entertainment. An artists age has nothing to do with his quality of music. People right off artists just because of age without listening to the music. Imagine that in any other type of genre, pop, rock, reggae, jazz. Only in hip hop do we say.."oh that nigga 35 he wack" Meanwhile yall talk shit about DMC who is an ICON. When Jay decided he wanna chill and retire from this BS he gonna be critical of the genre of music HE helped move forward also. Its gonna be his right as a major contributer to the art form.

  • Anonymous

    How many comments would this article have if DMC didn't mention Jay?!

  • Anonymous

    "But I must point out that if you had to look in a book for the definition of a rapper you would probably see a picture of Jay-Z. He is the chosen one right now." - Chuck D.

  • wut

    Chuck D called rap the black man's CNN... now it's more like Fox News. RunDMC never needed fucking Autotune.

  • Anonymous

    DMC is right these niggas can only talk about picasso, bitches and money. thats music for dumb motherfuckers

  • SP

    DMC...How about you make an album? I'm thinking it will never make it on the shelf.

  • SP

    Yall too critical of album quality. In the end its all about $$ and they still come out on top. JayZ's money aint coming from album sales only. JayZ>yall small minded comments. The big picture=$$.

  • Fossie

    @YMCMB uneducated troll!Fuckin fool gtfoh! 15 year ol little kid sitin behind his boards screamin "Who is this?",this is one of the pioneers of hiphop a genre of music we all love except trolls like you who only have love for YMCMB!

  • Anonymous

    all those people pointing to jay's first week sales should look at the critical reception this album got (last i checked 58% metacritic rating-an all-time low for jay). maybe it's time to retire?

    • Anonymous

      Who cares what middle-aged cacs have to say about Hip Hop? You must be white, bitch ass.

    • Hip Hop Fan

      Have you seen how much Yeezus has got on that site? When has critical acclaim from certain sites and mags meant anything for Hip Hop? Half of those writers know shit about the music. I miss The Source magazine and the 5 mic rating! In no way should writers of Rolling Stone, The York Post and whatever other bullshit new paper be telling you what's a classic Hip Hop album. That's not the measure. Jay ain't even talking his usual money talk on MCHG and is talking more black progressive shit. How is that bad for the cluture?

  • Anonymous

    this ymcmb accountant is an ass

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    "Now everything thats negative in stupid ass America is celebrated. I doubt a finer quote will be said the rest of this week.


    who is this nigga, aint nobody know him

  • wolf fairfield ct richmond va

    jayzs name sells so be it fuck him really he aint doing shit for you or me that holy grail shit is shit on top of shit fuck jayzask him to help you me the next man see what happens



    • Son

      You all will never learn if you lil niggas slept on KC. That album was made to put lil and lame niggas in their place and the album did just that because you negatives couldn't get that lines in that album. You made your beds now sleep lil ones.

    • travislee2099

      Jay-Z and Lil Wayne are like history teachers. They have one tone throughout their songs. It is boring. But they do something right, just look at the numbers. And many ppl like them. But I will take rappers who switch it up in their music like Ice Cube, Tech N9ne, Stevie Stone, Krizz, Cypress Hill, Mayday, Kutt, Ces Cru, WC and Brother Lynch Hung.

    • Anonymous

      I would write it if y'all could get it Being intricate'll get you wood, critic On the Internet, they like you should spit it I'm like you should buy it, nigga that's good business

    • COCA


    • comachonvargas

      ^^^^^ ONE SUBPAR ALBUM? Kingdom Come was wack, Watch the Throne was not even an above par effort, BP3 was most certainly subpar, and MCHG has possibly the worst lyrics of any Jay CD ever. And I haven't even mentioned that certified weed plate Vol. 3. Stop calling yourself a Jay fan because its blatantly obvious that you are incapable of objectively evaluating his catalogue. Shit, your own post excuses the piss poor effort of MCHG because "dude is 43 and can still sell out arenas in 20 min" Jay up until Black Album was arguably the greatest no doubt. His musical output since then is mediocre at best, and MCHG is pathetically lackluster honestly. You're quoting "Versus"? That song fucking blows. How about quoting "La Familia"? That song might be the worst song in the history of Jay's career. How about the production that Jay completely wastes on tracks like "Beach is Better", "Part II", and "Picasso Baby"? Only mildly palatable tracks are "Oceans" and "Heaven", and I have to excuse the obvious biting Jay is guilty of time and time again to like those tracks. No fucking way above a 3/5 rating is justified for that album. Jay is a legend but you have to divorce his legendary status from the quality of his albums to judge them properly. The dude might sell 500K in a week but if the album is ass, who fucking cares? You stans like to count Jay's money as if it is yours, and half your justifications for proclaiming Jay is the greatest consist of "women lie, men lie, numbers don't." And one more thing. Possibly the lamest excuse ever contrived for Jay's lack of quality in his last 4-5 discs is that Jay's wealth and success is a reasonable justification for his failing to give a fuck when it comes to his music. You guys call yourself fans of MUSIC and make up bullshit like this? You should call yourself fans of the next mans money instead... might as well throw on some fucking high heels and praise every Drake album like it is better than Life is Good. All we have as fans is the music the artists give us, so why the fuck do you care about how much money an artist has, particularly when so much of the artist's (i.e. Jay's) content is about being better than the next man (i.e. YOU) cause he stacks more bills? Jay stans = worst hip hop fans ever... they act like the Unplugged album was better than It was Written... shit they call Jay HOVA... YOU CAN'T POSSIBLY BE MORE OF A STAN THAN THAT!!! You want to talk cash? This Nas fan will put mine against any of you Jay stans any day of the week... you dudes stay broke because you think living vicariously through Jay's bullshit luxury rap will make you rich LOL

    • Anonymous

      Your favourite rapper is telling you he is the best.. and you buy into... kill yourself

    • Zee

      I Agree 100%... If Jay-Z Was Underrated, They'd Be on His Dick.. Same With Kendrick, Now His Successful n People Sayin His Overrated

  • JustBeReal

    DMC is a legend.. but he's also a hypocrite. For those of you that don't know he took the same kind of backlash for doing a song with Aerosmith. People said they had crossed over and sold out. Run-DMC actually invented the hip-hop crossover with Walk This Way so for him to insult Jay is fake as hell.

    • Hip Hop Fan

      Thats not even the argument. Why you comparing catalogues? Its irrelevant to the argument. If DMC had come out and said Hip Hop has been watered down lyrically, then hed have a point. But he cant talk about commercialised Hip Hop when he helped pave the way for that shit. If you like Walk this Waygood for you. All a matter of opinion but I dont know how people are sleeping on Somewhere in America, F.U.T.W, Oceans, Nickel and Dimes as if thats Jays regular big boss talk.

    • dtrain7

      I agree with what you said but Jay has put out some garbage albums, Run DMC's worst songs are way better than jay's wack songs or albums...... Walk this way as much as I hated hearing 1 million times is better than most of the songs of Jayz's new album..........

  • No way

    [somebody whispering] Somebody's pulling me closer to the ground I ain't panicked, I been here before Seems like only yesterday when I got up on that stage In front of that crowd And showed them who was who, and what was what Man look at these suckers I ain't no rapper, I'm a hustler It just so happens that I know how to rap Okay, I'm reloaded! (music drops in) [Jay-Z] I did it again niggaz Fucked up, right? I know I know what y'all niggaz asking yourself Is he gonna ever fall off? No... ...a lot of speculation on the monies I've made, honeys I've slayed How is he for real? Is that nigga really paid? Hustlers I've met or, dealt with direct Is it true he slay the beef and slept with a tech? What's the position you hold? Can you really match a triple platinum artist buck by buck by only a single goin gold? Roc-A-Fella ship fold, and you're left out in the cold Is it back to charging motherfuckers 11 for an O For the millionth time askin me Questions like Wendy Williams, harrassin me then get upset when I catch feelings Can I get a minute to breathe? And in that minute you leave While I'm looking at my Rol' ice spinnin on my sleeve Uh, nice watch, do you really have a spot? Like you said in Friend or Foe and if so, what block? What you doin in L.A., with phillipinos and ese's Latinos and Cheve's, down by Pico withh Frederico I answer all your questions but then y'all got to go Now the question I ask you is how bad you want to know? BLAOW! Roc-A-Fella y'all, uhh, uh Know my style Motherfuckers can't rhyme no more, bout crime no more Til I'm no more, cause I'm so raw My flow expose holes that they find in yours Wasn't for me, niggaz still be dying for whores But I hate when a nigga sit back, admirin yours Young blood you better get that, we frying baccars Niggaz don't want to be confined to riding the iron horse And don't listen to the rappers, they dying to floss I used to be O.T., applyin the force Shoot up the whole block, then the iron I toss Come back with the click playing Diana Ross I'm the boss and this is how it's gonna be Burnt the turnpike, wild miles on the V I got mouths to feed till they put flowers on me And kiss my cold cheek, chicks crying like I was Cochise Tombstone read 'He Was Holdin No Leaks' Started from the crack game and then so sweet Freaked it to the rap game, Jigga the old-G On MTV, telling em how I sold D And used to back work up out of apartment 4-B Me and my homie, started out coldies Picked the mailbox lock cause I ain't have no key Had the cable with the anchor when Jaz made 'Sophie' Then I went low key, but now I'm back it's on Motherfuckers Jigga, uh-huh, yeah Roc-A-Fella y'all Uhh, feel this

  • He predicted

    Uh-uhh-uh, ge-ge-geyeah) In the river of darkness He's a man of the night [Verse One: Jay-Z] Uhh, yeah What the deal playboy, just rest your soul I be holding it down yo still love the dough Got these ladies on the cock now you know how we go Got the whole world on lock down you know how we flow Don't worry about Brooklyn I continue to flame Therefore a world with amnesia won't forget your name You held it down long enough, let me take those reigns And just like your spirit the commision remains Niggaz can cross the T's and, dots the I's Now that I got too popular to cop them pies I'm takin this rap shit serious, to my demise Jay shit's like cake mix, watch me rise Basics in the basement, waste it Asking my dog for advice so when he can't say shit my hatred is, fueled just give me a sign And I let the world know that the city is mine, what? [Chorus: Blackstreet] You belong to the city (The city is mine, what-what-what) You belong to the night (Ge-ge-geyeah, uh-uhh-uh, pa-pau) In the river of darkness He's a man of the night (The city is mine, that's right...) [Verse Two: Jay-Z Y'all want to know how I flow just seek and you find I'm like a brain in the voicebox, I speak my mind About to redefine rap mami, either I'm the illest nigga doing it or these niggaz is losin it I read a article that said I was ruinin shit But every time I look, I'm movin units in quick So I'ma hit y'all, with these last two and split and leave niggaz with nothing but my influences-es Soon it's the Jigga, I ain't mad yeah, bite my shit Sell half of what I sell because it's not quite my shit I'm the type to buy a Roley and just ice my shit on the spot, fuck comin back twice to shit How real is that? My floss game, still intact Boss game, you lame dudes can't feel that Like the first dude to cop the 850 and 89 and drove it up to 55th, the city is mine, what?

  • Anonymous

    Apple needs to get NAs now... you ride with jay buy a galaxy... ride with Nas get an iphone///

  • Anonymous

    This bitch ass loser is just bitter and mad that he couldn't take it to the levels of Jay.

    • Anonymous

      respect the legend do your research is fake fans like you messing up the game..

    • Anon

      dude. Do you even know who he is? Jay Z hasn't really had a great album since The Black Album, Maybe American Gangster was OK. But that is it. It's only OK.

  • Hip Hop Fan

    In the words of my man Tupac from the realist sh!t he ever wrote All these old rappers trying to advance, its all over now, take it like a man! Nigga looking like Larry Holmes, flabby and sick, tryna playa hate!

  • Hip Hop Fan

    This salty black crab mitch has some nerve to talk about the commercialisation of Hip Hop when he helped pave the way. Run DMC made a song dedicated to Addidas and were the first in bed with corporate America. As for radio play, Run DMC were mixing Rock with Hip Hop to get on MTV! Walk this Way with Aerosmith, DMC! Take responsibility for the generation you created! Jay credits Run DMC for helping change the image of Hip Hop because they looked like dope dealers! Take some responsibility yourself.

    • Hip Hop Fan

      Run DMC are part of that commercialisation. They blew up Adidas. They wore the clothes and even made a track called My Adidas. Product placement in Hip Hop and commercialisation. That was the start. How is that different from Jay doing Tom Ford? DMC cant talk as if he didnt set the foundation for this model. Also, why were Run DMC mixing rap with Rock? Crossover appeal! I grew up off Hip Hop, born in the 80s so it goes way before Drake and co. Back in the 90s, guys with a positive message were Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer and Will Smith! No blunts, bitches and gun talk in their raps but youd never say thats real Hip Hop right? Its BS like a father telling his son hes a failure! Who raised him to be a failure? Take responsibility!

    • Anon

      Dude, have you listened to hip hop before it became commercialized or do you listen to Drake and Lil Wayne? Dude is telling it like it is. Prior to commercialization, Hip Hop used to have a message. The message used to be more positive. Now what do you have? Rapping about bitches, guns, money, blunts and cars doesn't classify you as hip hop. It classifies it as pop. Nowadays, you can't even tell the difference between Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj.. it's all the same shi*t



  • Jay-Z

    Jay-Z is nothing but a cock sucker.

  • yomama

    who gives a fuck, it's all about TECH N9999999999NE!

  • Bobyahed2dis

    Tha Block Is Hot - 3.5/5 Lights Out - 3/5 500 Degreez - 3/5 Tha Carter - 4.5/5 Tha Carter II - 5/5 Tha Carter III - 4.5/5 Rebirth - 1/5 I Am Not A Human Being - 3/5 Tha Carter IV - 3/5 I Am Not A Human Being 2 - 2.5/5 Dude is 10 albums in. I'm for quality over quantity. He needs another classic to cement his position.

    • Anonymous

      Corrections: Tha Block Is Hot - 1/5 Lights Out - 0/5 500 Degreez - 1/5 Tha Carter - 0/5 Tha Carter II - 1/5 Tha Carter III - 1/5 Rebirth - 0/5 I Am Not A Human Being - 0/5 Tha Carter IV - 0/5 I Am Not A Human Being 2 - 0/5

    • Anonymous

      Corrections: Tha Block Is Hot - 3/5 Lights Out - 2.5/5 500 Degreez - 2.5/5 Tha Carter - 2.5/5 Tha Carter II - 2/5 Tha Carter III - 2/5 Rebirth - 0/5 I Am Not A Human Being - 0/5 Tha Carter IV - 0/5 I Am Not A Human Being 2 - 0/5

  • The Bawse

    Women consistently fuck up all forms of music, not just hip hop. Look at the people who get shine now? Drake? Lil Wayne? Justin Bieber? I mean, you could virtually name any really big artist who's doing big numbers and they have a significant female fanbase. Because women are idiots and only just by what they find attractive, not actual talent. Even soulja boy is still around because of his female fanbase.You'll never see a dude buy a chicks album just because he finds her attractive, but women do this type of shit all the time. Ban woman from music, and you've fixed a good chunk of the issue!

  • Eye Control

    Does Wayne have the most most hip hop classics of all time? i will try to be resonable, but damn he really had one of the greatest runs in hip hop of all time unarguable classics: tha carter 2 Tha carter 3 like father like son no ceilings da drought 3 dedication 2 the suffix arguable classics: the dedication the prefix blow lilweezyana tha carter sq4 now thats 13 projects that have stood the test of time, which is essential for a project to be considered a classic. i mean the only artist/groups that i can think of right now is atcq, the roots, and yeezus but wayne still has more classics. i challenge anyone to show me a hip hop artist with more classics then birdman junior.

    • xwaitxwhatx

      Definitely forgot 50 cent Get rich or die tryin' The Massacre DMX the great depression, Its dark and hell is hot Blood of my blood flesh of my flesh,

    • SDK


    • Anonymous Too

      @Anonymous @Anon Ya'll keep listing The Chronic under Snoop...that's 1 of 2 Dr. Dre classics along side 2001.

    • Anonymous

      @ anon. My thing is with the word classic is that it is thrown around too much. That's why I did that list. There are a lot of great albums but theses albums aren't classics. Classics are albums that you can listen to 10 years later and it still lives up to the hype. Kendrick lamars album was good but not a classic. The eminem show was great but not a classic in my opinion. Even Marshall Mathers lp wasn't a great as the slim shady lp but besides one or two songs its still in my opinion a classic.

    • AnonySon

      Kendrick has at least 1 classic. Section.80, GOOD Kid is almost a classic

    • Anon

      Correction Anonymous Anonymous: Well none of them a classics. I wouldn't give any of them albums more then 1 out of 5. Nas - 3 classics Illmatic, it was written, stillmatic Jay z - 3 classics Reasonable doubt, blueprint, black album Biggie - 2 classics Ready to die Life after death 2pac - 3 classics All eyez on me, 7 day theory, me against the world Mobb deep - 2 classics Infamous, hell on earth. Jeru the damaja - 2 classics Sun rises on the east, wrath of the math Eminem - 3 classics Slim shady lp, Marshall Mathers lp, the Eminem Show Snoop dogg - 3 classics Doggystyle, the chronic, murder was the case Krs one - 4 classics Criminal minded, by any means necessary, ghetto music the blueprint of hip hop, return of the boom bap Ll cool j - 4 classics Radio, bad, mama said knock you out, mr smith Tribe called quest - 4 classics People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm, The low end theory, midnight marauders, beats rhymes and life Redman - 4 classics Whut thee album, dare is a darkside, muddy waters, docs the name, Wu tang clan - 10 + Enter the wu, ironman, only built for cubin Linx, wu tang forever, tical, return to the 36 chambers, supreme clientele, liquid swords etc Ice cube - 4 classics Amerikkkas most wanted, the predator, lethal injection, death certificate Kool g rap - 3 classics Road to riches, 456, roots of evil Outkast - 4 classics Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, atliens, aquemini, stankonia Lil Wayne - -10 classics. effed up hip hop Drake - -2 classics. not even hip hop Nicki minaj - -1 classics.. effed up hip hop J cole - 0 classics Kendrick Lamar - 0 to 1 classic. Depends on your definition. Not enough time has passed yet.. but His album was great. Tyler the creator - 0 classics Etc

    • Anonymous

      Well none of them a classics. I wouldn't give any of them albums more then 1 out of 5. Nas - 3 classics Illmatic, it was written, stillmatic Jay z - 3 classics Reasonable doubt, blueprint, black album Biggie - 2 classics Ready to die Life after death 2pac - 3 classics All eyez on me, 7 day theory, me against the world Mobb deep - 2 classics Infamous, hell on earth. Jeru the damaja - 2 classics Sun rises on the east, wrath of the math Eminem - 2 classics Slim shady lp, Marshall Mathers lp Snoop dogg - 3 classics Doggystyle, the chronic, murder was the case Krs one - 4 classics Criminal minded, by any means necessary, ghetto music the blueprint of hip hop, return of the boom bap Ll cool j - 4 classics Radio, bad, mama said knock you out, mr smith Tribe called quest - 4 classics People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm, The low end theory, midnight marauders, beats rhymes and life Redman - 4 classics Whut thee album, dare is a darkside, muddy waters, docs the name, Wu tang clan - 10 + Enter the wu, ironman, only built for cubin Linx, wu tang forever, tical, return to the 36 chambers, supreme clientele, liquid swords etc Ice cube - 4 classics Amerikkkas most wanted, the predator, lethal injection, death certificate Kool g rap - 3 classics Road to riches, 456, roots of evil Outkast - 4 classics Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, atliens, aquemini, stankonia Lil Wayne - 0 classics. Drake - 0 classics Nicki minaj - 0 classics J cole - 0 classics Kendrick Lamar - 0 classics Tyler the creator - 0 classics Etc

    • Anonymous

      None of those albums/mixtapes are classics.

    • Deshawn

      ROFL you cant even say Lil Wayne and classic in tha same sentence unless you talkin bout how many classics he didnt drop!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Rap Fan

    All this showed me is Jay is still at the top. All these people are pecking at the throne. I know Jays last album wasn't his greatest but it still kept him near the top of the game. 20 years and still going strong, it makes me wonder how long he will continue to rap and stay relevant

  • Anonymous

    There is isn't anyway possible that you listened to Jay's album! However, if you did listen to Magna Carta, you suffer from comprehension.

  • pete

    you mean "no"

  • Tru

    Jay-Z is like the micheal jordan of hip hop... he had a great career with rocafella and made power moves. He set his self apart and appealed to many people. I mean pp. that dont even listen to rap know who jay-z is. He is a icon. Hes at a point now were he can do know wrong. Lyrically he is the best rapper of all he the best rapper right now..i dont think so. Now compare that to MJ.. he was killin with the bulls became an icon. He came back with the wizards..wasn't the best at all but had enough to still be considered the best. Now we got players like lebron, durant, and kobe...yet ppl still saying micheal jordan is the best... they can do no wrong. and somebody has to be the best..

    • Anonymous

      "do know wrong" That's where I stopped.

    • Anonymous

      and Kool G Rap was better then the whole clan

    • LOL

      GZA? LMAO! Rae, Meth and ODB were way better

    • sonny rene

      Jay-Z is most definitely not the best lyricist of all time. GZA is lyrically a mile ahead of Jay-Z and many other rappers are as well.

    • Rap Fan

      When Jordan played for the Wizards he got 22.9 ppg at 38 years old and 20 ppg at 39 years old. He wasn't the greatest but he still had enough game to keep up with 20-30 year olds. There were reports recently that said Jordan at 50 still had it and could play in the NBA. Jay is still keeping up with all the youngins just like Jordan did. They are both amazing at what they do/did.

  • kylism

    true, true, true!!!!!

  • Joe

    DMC got balls saying this. Wayne is wack no brainer but jay-z is more complicated. So many consider him goat or at least a top five. Honestly though i think people just hear that hes a legend so they tell themselves hes great. Jay is corny and his music is pop shit. His music isn't real

    • Joe

      As a janitor for ymcmb i can confirm that jay-z is a fraud. Drizzy Drake and tenuchi are the goats. Always stayed real. NO NEW FRIENDS

    • Anonymous

      Jay's been real since he started. Talked about money on his first album and still does. Off yourself, fuckboi.

    • kandonga

      what do you mean by isn't real, i believe jay z spits more real stuff than at least 90% of rappers out there. u hear him rap about it and if u investigate ill find out that it is true and therefore real. so what do u consider real?

  • DaMamba

    Ayo that picture of DMC in the article is creepy as fuck.

  • Anonymous

    RUN DMC walk this way and king of rock did not seem like social responsibilities to me....hashtag iamjustsayin... hypocrites in this world called rap.... if he really wanted to help the world and our community.. give all that money back that you earned from doing shows and etc.. do everything for free for now on

    • ETK

      he shouldn't have to give all of his money if he wants to help the world. why does he have to do it. because he spoke up? when Jay-Z could wipe his ass and smoke a cigar off the salary DMC must be makin right now? he just said what's on his mind, whether he's right or not depends but that don't mean he gotta be signin checks, Jay's the one wit the $$$

  • Deshawn

    I totally agree wit DMC.

  • Anonymous

    all you dummies need to worry about ur lifes than rappers u guys r idiots lol

  • slick

    i guess peole weren't brainwashed into liking that walk this way bullshit. i guess that song got no radio play

  • Art Brooks

    Yeah, Magna Carta was mediocre, get over it. P.S. Jay-Z's wife is fucken HOT!!

  • dentaldamboy

    As an accountant for YMCMB I can confirm Jay Z does not want to go to war with YMCMB. Wayne already said that if Jay Z disses one more time, he will go Mel Gibson on him. The YMCMB army is built for war. Wayne a certified gangsta. He got 3 tear drops, did a bid on the island and all that. Wayne ethered rappers and even caused permanent damage to Dez Bryant's knee. Jay is wack. All Wayne has to do is throw him a rock and Jay will fuck his life up again

    • dentaldamboy

      OK, you got me. I'm really the part-time janitor/ part-time cum dumpster for Weezy on weekdays and Birdman gets my soft ass on the weekends. Then they both run a train on me on holidays.

    • English IRS

      You must be the janitor to the accountant. With those grammar errors, I doubt you're touching finances.

    • dentaldamboy

      I would like to make one thing clear. I am not Lil Wayne, Tyga's, or Birdman's personal accountant. I am a corporate accountant for Cash Money Records. Cash Money Records is always current on its obligations to the IRS and all state and local tax collection agencies. However, I do know that both Wayne and Tyga are very liquid. Any tax delinquencies on their parts are due to the IRS not accepting certain write-offs that they claim. it is not due to a lack of money to pay their taxes. All of these discrepancies have been quickly resolved. In some instances, it is beneficial for an individual to forfeit properties whose market values are below appraised values to extinguish tax liens.

    • cpg718

      LOL you come across gay and ignorant with this garbage, just because you have a thing for man kissers like the YMCMB weirdos doesnt make them good, and just because Jay Z uses words too big for your vocabulary doesnt make him bad Young Money is trash lyrically, and you are only making yourself look like a gay groupie by saying otherwise.

  • Justin

    All you people that criticize Jay-Z don't quite understand what he's about. Lil Wayne, Drake, Rick Ross, they are all clowns compared to Jay-Z. An imperfect man, yes, but one who studies the world and has a much more positive impact on it than any other current rapper, hands down. His music isn't about his wealth, it's about wealth in general and how his wealth still doesn't negate the fact that he's Black and America and there are people at the top that don't like that. Mindless internet commentators are the REAL problem in Hip Hop...

    • YEBO

      Wow Gay-z is better than Wayne because he has more money & he dresses in suits and tuxedos. Gay-z better because he is always on the radio with his commercial cRAP songs... Gay-z is better than Wayne because he is married to Beyonce... Gay-z is better than Wayne because he is always making moves & Gay-z is better than Wayne because he is a Rold Model to little Justin Beiber bitches... (Its called being Sarcastic) JAY-Z SUCKS DICK...HIS LIPS WAS DESIGNED TO SUCK DICK & LIP GLOSS,NOT TO RAP...

    • boston

      dude I agree, however the music is not there. And haters come in when they feel somebody is getting overhyped, to much recognition when to the point where he doesn't deserve it, and that is the case with jay z or lil wayne.

  • P

    Yall the lame niggas... DMC is a fucking hypocrite.

  • slick

    first the fat boys break up then everyday i wake up..........

  • Not Impressed

    Jay-Z should have stopped rapping after the black album, he's too old now. People are tired of hearing him brag about money on every song he does, he has nothing left to rap about. I'm just not impressed

  • Anonymous

    jay z is corny........lmao

  • I can say what ever the fuck i want to say you hhdx cunts


  • Anonymous

    What i would suggest is people to start respecting the history because the culture all in all hasn't much left to give, from the past 7years or so



  • IROC

    True statement from DMC hiphop is oneway drugs guns violance sex, my question is why DMC holding up the devils horns? The big labels grip on the music biz is slipping fast and independent will be the way to go

  • Anonymous

    Darryl McDaniels you are 20 years late hip hop is dead bye bye

  • Anonymous

    Straight up! Jay Z is the biggest sell out in history. Hes a fucking tool for the corporations. I hope this snake mother fucker pays!

  • TaZzZ

    Not that I totally disagree with what he's saying but I feel like some of these older cats look back on their shit as more than it was... Like what kind of powerful message did Run DMC have? My Adidas? Commercialism at its finest... They never spoke out against the power structure or challenged people's ideas about their situation, they made pop songs with Aerosmith (not to say its not a good song). Don't you dare mention yourself in the same breathe as guys like KRS and Chuck D who risked their entire careers by never sacrificing their message and putting up the middle finger to the establishment, calling out names. Run DMC were some soft nursery rhyming mothafuckas, not much more. Go listen to the shit and tell me I'm wrong

    • Anonymous

      He's just a jealous bastard.

    • Real Hip Hop Fan

      Cosign! These dudes made Addidas what they are today! They crossed over with Rock music to get rap on MTV! He has to take the credit for this generation. I could accept Chuck D talking about the state of Hip Hop on that level but not DMC. They laid the helped lay the blueprint for the crossover.

    • TaZzZ

      "The Message" as in the song, but they're message too

    • TaZzZ

      Just cuz they cracked mainstream? Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five were rocking it years before on some much realer shit, I'm sorry but the message touches me a lot more than any of their songs ever did. He's just mad, Jay-Z has touched people in more ways than Run DMC ever could. And he never had to do reality TV or fade into a non relevant existence

    • Anonymous

      The Tone and the language was rebel music in itself way ahead of any rap group or artist. They were the original hardcore rap group doing what nobody had done before them in all aspects clearly stepping on new territory being themselves.

  • fuckin' dx always fuckin' up

    so the phrase "nah, i'm cool" is considered vehement condemnation now? thanks for pointing that out, i had no idea.

    • youngkelzct

      this is a factually pathetic website.. I log in to laugh at the comments.. cuz no matter how fake the site is the comments from the people are real!


  • YEBO


  • omarions dance teacher

    give him a few days he'll be retracting or sugar coating this shit ahahahahah

  • k&oj

    ohhh but let wayne or jay would have reached out to him to work with before this comment I bet he would've done it without breathing twice. lol niggaz be funny when they done turned into casper in the game

  • P

    Hes correct about Wayne but Jay is easily 10 GOAT.

  • malli benjamin

    so because he's a legend and has more accomplished that makes him automatically right? smfh foh seems to me yall the ones brainwashed just like yall are with these other old ass bitter rappers that same this same ol shit. idgaf what dmc or abc says I like and support what I like

  • Anonymous


  • Person

    The writer of this article actually doesn't know what the word vehemently means.


    DMC is 100% right. Hip Hop used to uplift the community, inspire change and produce groundbreaking albums every 6 months. Now all it does is make a mockery out of it for money and commercial success. In 5 years, Hip-Hop as a culture could be extinct if something doesn't happen fast.

    • joshuah

      judging from your name and betting money you only put that name because of this article I would say YOU'RE BRAINWASHED.


    you know im sick of these 1800's rapper's coming from beyond their grave's with a fucking opinion all of a sudden. just like someone already said this is the same guy that wanted to dj for wayne and was giving him mad props and always rode that jay-z train . now I guess because the last 2 generation's don't speak of him or don't care to hear from him this is what he/they do. lets NOT act like when hip hop first was " born" our parents didn't even consider it real music !!! ,......and look how far it's come. the music has changed because the listnersare changing most of them are young kids to young adults. therefore you get people that tend to want to hear fun type of music. they don't want to always hear that sad song " I didn't land on Plymouth rock, Plymouth rock landed on me " ass music. and don't even try to blame rappers for the crime in the streets , they're just mirroring back the harsh reality of the community. so you don't like hip hop and feel the consumers are brainwashed into something negative Mr. DMC ? then stop pointing the finger and change it yourslef

  • x

    oh look blacks finding away to bring shade to other blacks light. -____-

  • slick

    hypocritical ass nigga, didn't run dmc get a lot of radio play?

  • Erica D. Roark

    as Michelle replied I'm dazzled that a stay at home mom can earn $9941 in one month on the computer. have you seen this web page... Something tells me that this is going to end up being released on the same day as Detox.


    He's right to a degree. Artistically they aren't really pushing any boundaries. People will often measure their importance and impact by their success and notoriety. Which is all anything ever is now and days. I like Jay-Z's album but I know he ain't really saying nothing. And the sound of it is pure marketing. Jus something different to vibe to really. That's all I take it for.

  • Erica D. Roark

    as Michelle replied I'm dazzled that a stay at home mom can earn $9940 in one month on the computer. have you seen this web page... Something tells me that this is going to end up being released on the same day as Detox.

  • Tasha

    this is funny to me cause I remember in 09' he was praising wayne for "rebirth" and saying he would be honored to go on tour with wayne for the album and dj for him and how creative and forward thinking he felt wayne was in music. and we all know he relationship with jay now this ? lmfaooooo

  • kevin __ 88

    exactly!!! thank you they always find a reason to not like artist from today. im a fan of both jay and wayne i'll admit wayne aint as great as he was a few years ago but I still support him cause ive been a fan of dude since the hot boys days but I can admit when he's not on his shit when I hear it and the same with jay I wouldn't say this is jay best album but I wouldn't downplay it too low. dmc must be in his fee-fee's about something deeper lol

  • ......

    Oooh no, a rapper with an opinion....... [insert dickriding DMC insults here].

    • where's your logic bruh

      you the one seem like a dick rider getting in your feeling and tryna defend him over OUR opinion's on his comment. lol self-contradiction much??

  • FOH


  • ayoooo

    old niggas catching new niggas feelings .smfh damn og



    • bianca_404

      I agree 100% derrick

    • Anonymous-SON!

      Never thought about it like that, you got a point. If a artist builds himself up to that point he deserves the benefits. If Bruce Springsteen makes a bad album and that shit goes triple platinum, can you blame the "industry", mainstream radio, or his "brainwashed" fans. Or, should it be more rightfully attributed as rewards for his lifes' work.

  • Anonymous

    If your a die hard HIP-HOP fan then his logic does not apply to you at all. You see people who are brainwashed are the casual listener, the person that just listen to whatever they hear on radio or TV. He said that radio only play 12 records over and over which is very true however its doesn't matter and today age of media. You as the consumer don't have to listen to Lil Wayne or Jay-z. Everything is On-demand. Mtv, Bet, and Billboard top 40 cant compete with your mouse and keyboard.

  • Eye Control

    Who the fuck is DMX to have an opinion, saying Jay-Z and Lil Wayne are brainwashed? Sorry DMX but YOU are the brainwashed one with all the crack smoking you do, and you haven't had a hit since before I was born. Jay-Z & Wayne are the best rappers alive. You look barely recognizable in that picture because you're old, cracked-out, and washed up. You old heads can listen to his bullshit while I fuck your girl to Magnum Carter Holy Grale. #NewRules

  • Jake

    MCHG wasn't his best album but it wasn't his worst album either. I understand as fans we get upset when someone like Jay-z puts out an album and we feel the cd doesnt do justice cause we know what he's capable of. But at the same time Id rather listen to Jay-z telling me he's rich as fuck then someone like lil wayne or 2 chainz or any other artist thats not that good.

    • Anonymous

      -"But at the same time Id rather listen to Jay-z telling me he's rich as fuck then someone like lil wayne or 2 chainz or any other artist thats not that good." You make it seem as if Jay-Z is the only alternative to Lil Wayne , 2 Chainz, or etc. Unless of course you'd rather listen to a rapper brag about his riches(supplied by the fans), while simultaneously belittling said fans(including yourself) by implying that "your not worth shit" if your not pushing $100,000 cars, rocking $100,000 chains and watches, or throwing $100,000 a year in strip clubs. Jay-Z shouldn't get a pass rapping such trivial rhymes, simply because he's better at it(Not to say that MCHG had no substance). So if Jay is to continue to release pop-rap-ish rhymes, with little to no lyrical value, then his shit should be left on the shelf next to rappers who do the same. Support upcoming artists nowadays, the K.R.I.T.s' for example, who do what Jay USED to do, but yet recieve NO LOVE from the mainstream.

  • ark

    REAL TALK!!! Some of you fuck boys are still brainwashed

  • kennyken

    i'm feelin my man. people are scared to even speak the truth. these dudes are so washed up. jigga thinks his money and fame are the sole of his life now. i didn't buy magna. i sampled it on amazon. it's not good. dude's lyrics are so not good. but thanks anyway jigga, but you are on another level now definitely.

  • Harlem's Reckoning

    Reminds me of the workplace. When you got your shit right and making moves, those that are doing the opposite focus their negativity towards you. All while looking at you from the back of the line.

  • Anonymous

    Jay-Z has made a number of successful albums and has nothing left to rap about other than his success and riches. That's why Magna Carta has no message other than Jay-Z is rich as fuck. He's just putting out pointless rhymes over dope beats to keep his name going and make money off it. How do you dumb fucks not understand that... Jay-Z can make the hottest trash on the planet and it wont hurt him, he's making his haters more mad and his fans happy and turning his fans to haters who can only bitch about how Jay's old shit was better..... if his old shit is better, go fucking listen to it and shut the fuck up. Jay-Z is too rich to give a fuck if you sheep like his new shit. Stop complaining and go make something better and become richer, be a better business man. Simple as.

  • my opinion

    MCHG isn't his best album but it had good production which basically is all that's needed to survive in hip hop today. Also to say that sumbody is trash is irrelevant because thats YOUR OPINION women lie men lie numbers don't. If you don't like jay or wayne cool state your opinion and carry on but don't spend your life trying to convince others and analyze every single thing these artist do it's borderline creepy ya bish

  • Anonymous

    I know and respect Run DMC's contribution to hip-hop, but DMC sounds jealous.

  • Anonymous

    these dudes and almost everybody in the comments have their heads too far up their asses to understand that music is subjective. thinking Jay Z is hot makes you brainwashed? please, that's some of the most arrogant shit I've ever heard, especially coming from a guy coasting of the strength of his work from 20+ years ago. respect to the legends but they're not immune to being faggots. music is subjective. period.

  • InyaIz_YouCain'tC

    I'm not even a fan of Jay-Z any more, but I'm not sure the devestating mic controller knows what he's talking about here...Especially about the distribution of Magna Carta...I quit fukkin' wit Jay after BPIII and haven't really been into his music since, but I can still appreciate what the man's trying to do. The Samsung deal was monumental in my opinion, and until artists get on to that type of business model they're going to keep failing in the digital age. On the other hand, I've got a lotta love for Mike Bigga, but what's his sales looking like? That man's got some messages that need to be heard, but until he gets right with his model he's gonna keep flyin paper planes

  • FlyQ the Anchor

    Okay I know this is lame but I got no choice. How's a guy in a small market supposed to get exposure if not by trolling the comment sections till some A&R makes the best decision of his life? FlyQ's the name. So you should check out this depressing song i made... Keep scrolling if you dislike lyrical shit. to work

  • Truth

    All of you that like Gay-z music is gay as fuck. 1st of all the lyrics on that album is straight up TRASH. He aboslutely says nothing on that album, except how he got money and some more money.

  • the faces of rap over the 90s till now

    1990-1993 snoop dogg 1994-1997 tupac and biggie 1998-1999 dmx 1999-2003 eminem 2003-2005 50 cent 2005- 2008 jay z 2008- 2011 lil wayne 2011- present Drake if you feel i have missed any other popular rapper by the masses who at that time period was more popular than the ones i listed please feal free to correct me.

    • HK

      05-08 was more Kanye, Wayne and T.I. Definitely not Jay.

    • Anonymous

      i think 2005 belonged to kanye other than that good list

    • Anonymous

      wrong he came out in 1991 considering the fact he almost rapped over the entire dr. dre chronic album

    • IDK

      Snoop Dogg came out in 1992...

    • HiiiPoWeR

      In terms of "hotness" or popularity, I have to pretty much fully agree with that list homie. That's pretty on point. But as dude said above me. In 05, there was a lot of hot artists. 50 Cent, Game, Kanye, & Jeezy. But I can't dispute what you wrote, so props on that.

    • arkitekt

      Yeah, commercially. It's not like those artists were making the best albums at those times.

    • kas

      Jay-Z was not very popular in that particular time period. He had a mediocre album in 2006 which Kingdom Come. And the other album was American Gangster which was good, but nothing groundbreaking. That period was RULED by Kanye West. Otherwise it is spot on.

    • Anonymous

      Remove Wayne and Drake and replace them with Kanye West.

  • Anonymous

    Notice every "artist" that has something bad to say about Jay or his album is irrelevant, that says it all right there, call me when Drake, Kendrick, Ross, J cole or someone that's actually selling records criticizes MCHG

    • Anonymous

      jay-z stans always pull the same line your favorite rapper ain't popular as you thought he would be just get over it

  • Anonymous

    niggas hate what they cant do...brainwashed? gtfoh Jays album isnt a classic its just good music. niggas act like they want it to be more then just music when thats all that it really is. people tell people all day they cant do this or that then turn around and hate the fact that they actually did it. jay dont think he no one other then jay he just refuse to give into the limitations of everybody reality of what he can do.

    • Anonymous

      you should rethink what you call good music cause obviously we haven't heard the same album MCHG is trash as fuck end of the story

  • Anonymous

    its kinda true, just look at all the brainwashed ymcmb dickriders that troll this website everyday of their lives

    • Anonymous

      have your read them posts? apparently ace hood, french montana, rich gang and tyga all sold 2 million copies but the sales were unaccounted for due to tracking errors and jay-z being a hater LMAO

    • jontae'

      how about they're FANS . just cause they support their fav. artist that makes them dick riders and brainwashed? niggas like you are haters that get made at people that support successful artist and mad cause it aint the artist YOU like. lmfao get a life clown ass nigga wannabe hipster ass clowns

  • TeamHov

    Jay z is Jay z he nor lil wayne ever said they were mentors so let's stop all this "brain washing" talk smh . The music hov and weezy make is what they do quit hating fuck! Be happy hov helps put hiphop in pop culture and wayne.

  • Anonymous

    hip hop legend. what he says is true...jay z thinks hes Basquiat or Picasso or something, get the fuck off ur high horse ur album recieved mixed reviews lol!!

  • MMG Uncut

    Ol' bitter washed up broke irrelevant salty jealous house nigga.

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