Pusha T Explains Why He Believes He Will Release 2013's Best Album

Pusha T explains why his album is best and Kanye West's role on the project.

With so many albums making headlines in 2013, many of Hip Hop's top artists are stepping up their game per their own releases.

Pusha T is one of those artists, and in a recent interview with Esquire he explains why his upcoming album, My Name Is My Name will be the best release this year.

"Well, I've heard a lot of them. And mine is better. [Laughs]," Pusha said. "I just know what I'm looking to bring to the music game, and it's a certain level of energy. I've made the perfect album that I want to put in my car and ride to."

The G.O.O.D. Music artist also talked about his labelmate Kanye West and his role as executive producer.

"Ye is a genius, man. Working under him, being a student, because that's exactly what I turned into — being a student under his school is a blessing. Somebody who's in touch and in tune with who I am as an artist — he's a fan of my work — and trying to expound on that and make that as great as possible, and still knowing how to be unorthodox, and still being Kanye West the mad scientist, the genius guy, and have those elements sprinkled over my hardcore, street rap music — you couldn't ask for anything else better."

Pusha T was recently quoted saying he will have the best album of 2013. When speaking with Charlotte’s Power 98 he also addressed the matter.

"My album is the best album of the year… I think the streets are going to have a classic hip-hop album," he said.

Read the full Esquire interview here.

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  • Anonymous

    joey badass better than pusha t

  • Anonymous


  • 50 Cent

    Jimmy, this nigga Wussa T is bragging about releasing a classic album. Let the dust settle off Street Slop Mortal and allow me to release it. I can do a mill first week, especially if I get Samsung involved.

  • spliffst4rr

    Tech N9ne has the album of the year right now with Something Else. Pusha T does NOT have the skill to make a better album than Tech.


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    • Anonymous

      you can't explain WHY should we use up our valuable time to download this 'mixtape' from an artist no one has heard of??? Is this really a 'mixtape' which should involve a dj(s) blending, mixing, and scratching (true definition of a mixtape) or just another compilation (just a group of songs, some may have some idiot just talking over parts of songs, but no mixing, blending, or scratching at all)

  • Anonymous

    Old ass nigga still talking bout selling drugs smfh." We dont believe you,you need more people." These rap niggaz be frauds man i tell you.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

      what's the point making music if you're not trying to get a deal so your music can be released (or intentions to release independently)??? If you're making music just for youtube viewing, that would be mad corny!

  • Austin

    Considering the competition, I doubt it. A$AP Rocky / Ferg Eminem ScHoolboy Q Joey Bada$$ Big Sean Kid Cudi 2 Chainz J Cole Earl Sweatshirt Drake Kanye

    • Anonymous

      A$AP Rocky was decent but not that great A$AP Ferg gonna be shit Eminem not gonna drop this year ScHoolboy Q will be not energetic enough Joey Bada$$ sucks Big Sean no competition for pusha, way to much of a radio rapper Kid Cudi sucks 2 Chainz sucks Earl Sweatshirt sucks Kanye no competition was no rap album The only ones able to compete with Pusha will be Drakes album and Magna Carta.

    • Anonymous

      Hahaha I doubt anyone on that list will release anything good and there past records prove that. Lol. None of those guys could make a great album. Even eminem who hasn't made a great album in 8 years. The only one I rate on that list who has potential for a good album is joey badass. And maybe schoolboy q. And with kanye producing pushas album I'm not expecting much. Pusha needs to work with the neptunes. He released 2 classic albums with them. Kanye don't make hip hop no more.

    • Kizman

      asap is garbage, almost as bad as wayne

  • Chitlinz

    This wack ass nigga.

  • Sqwilliamson

    Easily will be beat out by, Danny Brown, Earl, Q. Shit ill put my name on it. RiFF RaFF's "Neon Icon" will be more bumpin an better cruzing music than Pusha-T. Laugh now bump later.

  • Anonymous

    pusha t is not a commercial rap artist. he will never be big at the radios, clubs or awards. but as far as lyric driven street rap, i cannot name 5 guys doing it better right now.

  • Starmani

    He is making too bold of a statement here.....I doubt it will be as good as Kid Cudi's but I like Pusha T tho

  • Anonymous

    Like I said before, Ghostface twelve reasons to die will be very hard to top.

  • Anonymous

    It'll probably be an album full of trap beats, with some work from Kanye, Travis Scott and TNGHT, with the typical features from GOOD and MMG (Big Sean, Meek Mill, Ross etc.) plus Diddy, A$AP Rocky, maybe Jadakiss and possibly Cole and some of the Black Hippy dudes.

  • yuratard

    none of these niggas have ya simpled minded retard...

  • YEBO


  • Purp

    I love Pusha...his music is hard, but you can ride to it and his lyrics are always on point...he delivers great punch lines and has a good flow...he is very underrated in my books! Pusha simply does not have the same commercial success as some much lesser artist because he does not allow himself to change his imgage or message for it...he has always remained true and i am expecting a great album...he would not claim such a thing if he did not feel the album was great!

  • Anonymous

    all the artist that started around the 2000's needs to go away...that includes this nigga, nelly,t.i. and so on...they suck and are played the fuck out. hiphop was intrusted to this generation and they fucked it up with pop shit.gtfoh!

  • ill

    You gotta beat Ka - "the night's gambit"

  • FlyQ the Anchor

    Okay I know this is lame but I got no choice. How's a guy in a small market supposed to get exposure if not by trolling the comment sections till some A&R makes the best decision of his life? FlyQ's the name. So you should check out this depressing song i made Keep scrolling if you dislike lyrical shit. https://soundcloud.com/theanchor/start-a-war flyqtheanchor@gmail.com to work

  • Erica D. Roark

    as Michelle replied I'm dazzled that a stay at home mom can earn $9940 in one month on the computer. have you seen this web page... www.Can99.com Something tells me that this is going to end up being released on the same day as Detox.

  • gorthaur

    Pusha -T is struggling to release another Reasonable Doubt in 2013. Nigga we already had several classic album about drug dealing. Just lay low and do featuring. Your album has been delayed for so long that you cannot even be in the Top 5 album of the year anymore.

  • Anonymous

    Cant wait for this and Q to drop, hope they both meet my expectations!!!!!!

  • lmao

    Does he even have a release date.

  • Run The Jewels

    Name says it all. fuck boys all about the hype. RTJ is about innovation & hiphop foundations!

  • HiiiPoWeR

    A$AP Rocky & J Cole have already dropped this year and as new generation rappers, they have the most buzz. Nothing against these older dudes like Kanye, Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Pusha, etc, but hip-hop has a new starting line-up full of young rappers. People are checking for Drake, Kendrick, A$AP, Cole, Big Sean (and I'm not even a fan), but it's a new generation. That means new rappers & new fans. And if you ask me, Kanye's and Jay-z's last projects were mediocre, 3's at best. Aside from all that, we all know GKMC is winning best rap album next grammys.

  • kennyken

    that mixtape i'm still bumpin. he sounds pretty confident i'm ready for that junt!

  • Anonymous

    Sorry bro. J Cole already came out.

  • Anonymous

    ever since timbaland said magna carta was the best hip hop album ever i stopped giving a fuck about what artists say of their projects, not that i ever really trusted them

  • khordkutta

    Three Words: RUN THE JEWELS

  • Anonymous


  • the same Anonymous

    oh yeah, I forgot about Drake album. shit's sounding dope

  • Anonymous

    My Name Is My Name best album of the year? Hell nah! A$AP Rocky A$AP Ferg ScHoolBoy Q Earl Sweatshirt I think will have better albums

  • Rappers Talk To Much

    No you want release the best album of 2013. This is another marketing strategy to sell albums. You good but nothing special. You are also getting boring with your flow and subjectmatter. You are not a trendsetter but a follower.

  • Nasstill@it

    Why does he have to blow his own horn before the album even drop. Rappers should just make great hip hop and stop talking too much.

  • Anonymous

    ScHoolBoy Q album is going to have a better album.

  • Anonymous

    Something tells me that this is going to end up being released on the same day as Detox.



  • Real Talker

    He's gona rap about Coke rap over Kanye beats. Predictable Drake gona take this one. Nothing was the same Insert hate comment below. You know it's true

    • Real Talker

      At least Drake doesn't claim album of the year before the album drops. He makes album of the year. Take care, nigga

    • Anonymous

      As much as i disagree about the drake album, no SHOT IN HELL is MCHG the best album of the year. Cole's album is lightyears ahead of everyone right now. Sorry bruh

    • Anonymous

      Wrong, Drake groupie. Jay Z already has the best album of the year and Drake's shit will be wack.

  • Stabler420

    He better hope so! Otherwise he's gonna look like a real jackarss!!!!!

  • Mr OFficial

    Let me Perform at your Festival. I promise to shut shi* Down Skallarado http://youtu.be/rB4EDTe_6EE

  • Mr OFficial

    Respect The Craft. Skallabama http://youtu.be/SEkFs0OLsjg


    this nigga wack he got bodied by weezy and drake into irrelevence ymcmb WE OUTCHEAAAAAAAAA

  • Lei Shen

    I love when rappers get into an interview and seriously proclaim, with certainty, that they will have the best album or songs for the year. And when they give reasons for why they feel that way, it all has to do with how they subjectively feel about it. As if the opinion of the creator of the album really is a valid answer. We don't believe you, you need MOAR people!

  • jim

    best album of 2014 or later seems to make more sense than 2013

  • Anonymous

    lmao no comment it will be a flop with generic GOOD or MMG beats

  • blitzlegga

    Pusha T's first solo album and Dre's Detox album have the same release date..

  • lolo

    its gonna be another album with 1 outstanding song with a drake feat and the rest songs with feats from good music, mmg & ymcmb

  • Ri0t

    Sorry fella,Vinnie already does,Demigods already does,Psych Ward is about to do hmmm what more we got...well anyway,HMK2 comming up to and AOTP gonna realese another one so...stop talk shit

  • Anonymous

    Ghostface twelve reasons to die is gonna be hard to top in my book.

  • Anonymous

    The public decides that, not him.

  • imho

    how about just drop the album and let people be the judge- i mean it was supposed to be out in may n its been crickets since

  • Anonymous

    even his bro No Malice gets a release date before Pusha n dude hasnt been talking shit for months about dropping like this fool has

  • Anonymous

    I doubt it's coming this year.

  • Anonymous

    does he got a release date yet???? as ridiculous as his statement is at least he being kind of reasonable unlike when French Montana said he had the best album of the last decade!!!!! Then everyone forgot about his album 3 weeks after it got released LMAO

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