The Top 10 Most Popular Hip Hop Singles The Week Of 7/29/13

The second single from Drake's "Nothing Was The Same" rises to the top, Rick Ross' "I Wonder Why" features a portion of George Zimmerman trial and Big Sean's new "Fire" video features Miley Cyrus.

After last week’s Tech N9ne video stole the show, this week’s newly released singles have fans bracing for upcoming material from some of Hip Hop’s biggest names. The official second single from Drake’s upcoming Nothing Was The Same album competed directly with Rick Ross’ Trayvon Martin mentioning “I Wonder Why” track. Fans load up Big Sean’s new single “Fire” and the Detroit rapper’s recently released video also prominently features Miley Cyrus. The list is rounded out by a throwback Eminem track, a Tech N9ne featuring Crooked I track from Apex Predator and A$AP Ferg shares the latest single from his upcoming Trap Lord debut.

Drake’s “All Me” Features 2 Chainz And Big Sean

The second single from Drake’s third album comes in the form of “All Me,” a Key Wane produced banger featuring past collaborators 2 Chainz and Big Sean. Drake’s Nothing Was The Same, which is tentatively slated for a September 17 release date, is the Toronto rapper’s third full length and was announced the same night as his Grammy win in February. “All Me” is an unsurprisingly boastful account of the rappers’ lifestyle with Drake rapping: “Cashing checks and I’m bigging up my chest / Y’all keep talking ‘bout who next / But I’m about as big as it gets / I swear ya’ll just wasting ya’ll breath / I’m the ligh skinned Keith Sweat / I’mma make it last forever.” R&B singer Keith Sweat acknowledged the reference after the song’s release, noting that it’s “keeping [him] relevant.”

Rick Ross “I Wonder Why” Touches On Trayvon Martin Case And Florida’s Stand Your Ground Laws

Rick Ross recently released “I Wonder Why,” which may be an official single from the upcoming Selfmade 3 or MasterMind albums or may serve as a one-off single, is officially dedicated to Florida teen Trayvon Martin. Ross, who was raised and resides in Florida, also took the song as an opportunity to clearly criticize the state’s Stand Your Ground law, a policy responsible for the acquittal of George Zimmerman, rapping: “Now I’m being followed by some creepy-ass cracker / Stand your ground, stand your ground.” Those lines also act as an explicit reference to the testimony of Rachel Jeantel in the Zimmerman trial; more of Jeantel’s words can be heard in the song’s outro.

Big Sean Announces “Fire” Is Not An Official Single But Releases A Full Version Anyway

Big Sean has cut his losses and decided to release the non-single “Fire” due to a recent leak.

Fire” is culled from Sean’s forthcoming second official album which is now expected to be released later this month. Sean has also let loose the cover art for Hall Of Fame. The song opens up with Sean spitting “I woke up this morning, rolled a joint then got to it / Dealt with real life shit, manned up and got through it / I’m a real D boy, take a look up in my face / Never did real estate and still put you in your place.” Sean released an accompanying video for the song as well which noticeably features pop star Miley Cyrus. 

The Top 10 Most Popular Hip Hop Singles The Week Of 7/29/13

1. Drake f. 2 Chainz & Big Sean - "All Me"

2. Rick Ross - "I Wonder Why"

3. Big Sean - "Fire"

4. Eminem - "Biterphobia"

5.Crooked I f. Tech N9ne - "Let Me Get It"

6. A$AP Ferg - "Hood Pope"

7. DJ Khaled f. Future, Nicki MInaj & Rick Ross - "I Wanna Be With You"

8. R. Kelly f. 2 Chainz - "My Story"

9. Tech N9ne f. Kendrick Lamar, Mayday! & Kendall Morgan - "Fragile"

10. Priyanka Chopra f. Pitbull - "Exotic"

Last Week's Top 10

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    Stand your ground was not used by the defense in the George Zimmerman case FYI -- I wish these rappers would stop being ignorant and using their reach with accurate arguments. Stand your ground law does much more positive than negative, just more misinformed ignorant citizens acting like legal scholars in the media light spreading fact-less statements. I just laugh each time I see someone "protest/speaking out" against "Stand Your Ground" laws.

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    as a close friend of Lil Wayne, I cna confirm Drake won't leave YMCMB unless he will try to rape Lil Wayne. also I can tell Zimmerman is innocent and he will sign to YMCMB. swag

  • Zeroxdan

    How is Eminem - Biterphobia on 4th place? XD I mean, the only reason I think that would be there its because of his new album releasing soon, but damn.. its so weird jajaja

    • Anonymous

      its quite simple actually. it was the 4th most popular song on this website in the past week. crazy huh! even old ass eminem songs get more plays and comments on this website than new songs from most of these wack ass rappers

  • FlyQ the Anchor

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