Big Sean Wanted Drake's "All Me" Beat For "Hall Of Fame"

Big Sean describes how "All Me" came together, saying he originally wanted the Key Wane beat for his own album, "Hall of Fame."

Big Sean recently talked about his verse on Drake's song "All Me," which also features 2 Chainz. The Detroit rapper explained how the song came to fruition in an interview with MTV News

"[Drake] records a lot at his house in L.A., and I was recording in L.A. for Hall of Fame," Big Sean said. "So we'll kick it and exchange music. [Producer] Key Wane had that beat, and it was funny because I wanted to use it for Hall of Fame and [Drake] wanted to use the beat, too."

The Detroit rapper also explained what Drake thought when he submitted his verse. 

"I had done a verse to [Key Wayne's beat] and didn't know [Drake] did a song to it," Sean said. "I sent him the verse and [Drake's] like, 'You bodied this shit.' Then we had the song forever. He was like, 'I already did my verse and 2 Chainz did his verse, but we've gotta get the right chorus,' and that took a while. But everything happened at the right time."

"All Me" also allowed Sean to talk about his girlfriend, actress Naya Rivera. 

"I was in LA having dinner with my girl and I said something about her on the verse, too," Big Sean said. "So she thought that was real funny."

"My new girl is on 'Glee' and shit," Sean says on the song. "Probably making more money than me and shit." 

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Big Sean's next album, Hall of Fame, is slated to drop August 27. In June, Big Sean said that Eminem had a positive reaction to the LP. "When it was all said and done, [Eminem] was like, 'I’ve never been so impressed or surprised about an album. This one is gonna be big for you,’” Sean said. 

In 2011, Big Sean spoke about Drake using his flow on songs like "Forever."

“Drake is my homie," Sean said. "He gave me a lot of credit because I came up with [the] rhyme scheme a lot of people thought that he came up with...He kind of took that and used it on his track. A lot of people thought he did it. The thing is, he gave me credit for it like a real G.”

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