DJ Ready Red Explains Absence From Geto Boys Reunions

The New Jersey native who was the longtime fourth member of Geto Boys also explains joining a gun-range to protect himself from Rap-A-Lot Records.

Trenton, New Jersey native DJ Ready Red was a founding member of the Geto Boys. The legendary Houston, Texas-based group has seen numerous personnel changes since its inception over 27 years ago, however Ready Red, who produced many of the group's earliest hits, was active on the group's first three albums, Making Trouble, Grip It! On That Other Level, and the Rick Rubin-produced self-titled 1990 LP. Although reportedly involved in the group's fourth album, 1991's We Can't Be Stopped, Ready departed from the group and Rap-A-Lot Records prior to its July release.

While the most famous line-up of Scarface, Willie D and Bushwick Bill has toured throughout the last three years, the fourth artist included on The Geto Boys cover artwork recently explained why he refuses to join.

"I'ma keep it real," Red began to tell Prezident Bejda's Murder Master Music Show this week, "I was an artist and a producer on [Rap-A-Lot Records]. In the beginning, we all got paid evenly split four ways. When I came back, I was offered to do shows for like $100-$200. I was thinking, 'Y'all must be crazy because I started this thing, and y'all are trying to do me like that,' because I would never do y'all like that. I left [the group] because I got tired of the B.S. that was going on; and they just wanna pay me a small fee when we started clockin' the bigger dough. I'm not doing it. We were equal members and we should have all been paid equally," said Ready Red, whose group participation predated both emcees Willie D and Scarface (f/k/a Akshun).

"I stood my ground on that one and I have no regrets all these years later because I see that nothing has been accomplished. [J. Prince] still has all the money," he said of Rap-A-Lot's founder, who often appeared on Geto Boys albums. "Everybody has been through something dealing with this record company and nobody has anything. I'm glad I got out."

Although he left the group and the notorious label over 20 years ago, DJ Ready Red, who still performs, explains why he never faced confrontation, as other Rap-A-Lot acts did. " A lot of other people who left Rap-A-Lot [were victims to] home invasions; they got pistol whipped, and got their equipment took back, but I was going to the [gun] range. I was learning to shoot, [learning how to] take care of myself, and defend myself, so if you was gonna run up on me you was gonna get double tapped."

The full interview is available at Prezident Bejda's Murder Master Music Show

The Geto Boys, as 'Face, Willie and Bill, last released The Foundation in 2005. In addition to DJ Ready Red, past members include Raheem, The Slim Jukebox, Prince Johnny C, and Big Mike.

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  • Anonymous

    lol I heard this nigga got kicked out because of his lack of melanin

  • Money Emp

    DAMN Red, I Ain't Know It was Like that from the Youtube page I gather the Musical Enforcer was $till rockin wit your Brothers In Rhymez, But doin yo own thang,Love Is Love tho, wishin them tha best In their Careers & prayin for them and their fam you said,I'm confused, I Understand the $h!t with that PIG(He didn't fly $traight) A.k.a COCKROACH - "J.Prince".Who didn't he FUCK Over that was @the label at $um point and time.$hould've did him like Tony done Frank In tha Movie.Made A Power move on him and took tha Empire along wit the Rest of the (R-A-L) Soliders.But due to some Artist's addiction to drugs & other things In Life that we fall Victim to they were'nt FOCUS,FOCUS Man.Cause I'm Ah $till "Do It Like A G.O."til I Die. - This Is Ghetto Boyz4Life - $$$

  • big wolf fairfield ct richmond va

    didnt know this cat was from trenton used to live on walnut ave locust street dad still lives on walnut ave dam what a small world

  • Joseph Smith

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    "READY RED...I'M COMIN' AT YOU... HOLDIN' MY GROUND LIKE A MUTHAFUCKIN' STATUE!!!" All these years later and that line still kicks ass!!!

  • Fuck New Jersey, Houston & Rap-A-Lot


  • Prezident

    It was good to interview Red again. As a kid when I bought those Geto Boys tapes and CDs I didn't just appreciate the rappers, the music was a huge part of it too. All 4 of them were a group and each played a part in that group. It was an honor for me to let this true pioneer have a platform. He contributed so much to the game, they need to know about the Musical Enforcer!!!!

  • da commanda

    Isn't Scarface originally from Jersey too?

  • Marian R. Davila

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  • Anonymous

    Yeah, no artists in the history of Rap A Lot have ever gotten their financial do, Scarface included. J Prince rapes you and then threatens your life when you attempt to leave. Rap A lot has had an immense amount of talent, but the label has a tarnished image because J Prince refuses to properly compensate his artists. The sad fact is the label could have been much, much bigger, they had the some the coldest MC's, producers, and engineers. However, for the most part were only able to gain regional success. J Prince's greed ruined what could have been a Southern empire. While I'm sure J Prince has plenty of money after years of fucking over the talent, who knows what might have been if he had been thinking long-term/empire as opposed to short-term, the steal all I can, as fast as I can mentality. One day we'll speak on Rap A Lot as we do Suave House Records, just another defunct hip hop label. Oh well, Prince chose to line his pockets instead of building an empire.

  • Mortis

    Nice to see Red still holding his ground like a motherfucking statue

  • lizalisa

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