U-God Talks Funding The Early Days Of Wu-Tang, New Book

U-God explains how his jailing helped the group move forward.

Wu-Tang's U-God is known for his poignant raps and deep voice but he is also known, by some as the one who funded Wu-Tang Clan's earliest operations.

Recently sitting down with This is 50's Jack Thriller, the Universal God talked about being a financial catalyst for the group and going to jail early in the group's success.

"I sacrificed myself for the greater good." U-God said. "I went to jail for certain things and I made sure certain individuals moved forward and do what they got to do. In turn, I came home and had the red carpet to myself."

U-God also touched on the new book he's planning on writing and how he's a Staten Island legend.

"I'm a street dude, graduated from high school, two years in college, had the streets of Staten Island locked the fuck down, that's what I did when I was a youngster," he said.

U-God's most recent album drop, Keynote Speaker released on July 23. According to the Wu Member, it is his most complete solo work to date.

Watch the full U-God interview with Jack Thriller below (via ThisIs50):

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