Kanye West & Rhymefest To Launch "Got Bars" Music Program For Chicago Youth

Partners-in-rhyme Kanye West and Rhymefest give back to the youth of Chicago via Donda's House.

Through his nonprofit organization Donda's House, Kanye West will launch a music, writing and production course titled "Got Bars" for at-risk youth in Chicago's south side.

VIBE reports that the 10-week program, which starts this Fall, will offer children ages 15-24, an opportunity to seek a constructive outlet.

"My mom spent her life as an educator and I am happy that Donda's House can pick up her torch and honor her life's mission," West said in statement. Donda's House is named after Dona West, Kanye's late mother.

Donda's House co-founder and Assistant Director Che Smith, also known as Rhymefest, will assist his wife Donnie Smith in running the program. Donnie Smith, a high school English Teacher, will reportedly "steer the organization," while Rhymefest will work with students on the musical aspect of the course.

"I am so happy to launch 'Got Bars' to honor Kanye West’s mother’s memory and to fulfill one of my Aldermanic campaign goals," said Rhymefest. "'Got Bars' will change our youth musically, get them healthy and keep them busy in a creative, peaceful environment. I know it will be an even stronger program because of our partnership with the ARK of St. Sabina.”

The program will focus on teaching life lessons, improving physical health, and developing an original written piece that will be recorded or published and performed.

Young people interested in applyin to the program can visit the Donda's House website dondashouse.com for an online application, or stop by the ARK of St. Sabina located at 7800 S. Racine Chicago, IL.

Applications will be accepted through Friday, August 2.

Rhymefest is a longtime collaborator of Kanye West's, notably known for winning a Grammy for co-writing West's "Jesus Walks." His 2006 debut Blue Collar featured production and rhymes from West.

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  • foreal

    Like Kanye or not, he is doing a good thing a lot of rappers need to take notes. plenty of people talk about helping out and complaining about how the government doesnt care as they sit in their Rolls Royce while wearing 100k worth of jewelry. Give back and start some after school programs for the youth. We do not need "support travon" instagram and twitter pictures



  • Anonymous

    Ima open up a store for inspired MC's.Won't sell em a dream but the inspiration is free.

  • micheal myers


  • Andrea Sara

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  • Anonymous

    kanye needs rhymefest to go everywhere with him to tell him what to say like obama and his teleprompters. got to reliant on the ghostwriting

  • Fuck Niggers

    We don't even need white on black, all around black is making it look easy

  • Burmy

    About TIME Ye did something for his city's hip-hop scene...hadn't heard him around that since '07

  • COCA


  • Mark

    Very interesting I noticed that also instead of putting his fellow artist to unite he is trying to divide them hmm Diddy want to have more blood on his hands, he better stop.Cause he have enough bad energy to last a lifetime how quickly he forgot.

  • no help

    You know they just going to steal the kids lyrics, while in his hometown chicago they will be killing themselves in record numbers. Thanks for the help of always thinking about yourself.

    • Anonymous

      Aside from Chance the Rapper, and Rockie Fresh, new Chicago rappers only rap about drugs, killing people, and fucking. Because they're teenagers. Nobody is going to steal their fucking rhymes because their rhymes are all the same from each new Chi rapper to each new Chi rapper. You're such a fucking idiot. Go to Chicago and stand in the middle of a street and please rep one gang, so the other will shoot you.

  • Jennifer

    Every one is always looking at the negative and not the positive u do, good move. Revolt (puffy is hating I don't know why but karma is a bitch and it will bite his shiny suit wearing ass. that same channel will bring him down mark my words.

  • timmy

    Good work Kanye you and your family will be blessed.

  • jus10

    To bad Kanye can't qualify for this program... He ain't got no bars (now days)

    • Some Dude

      This is the second Kanye post that I've seen you complaining. Go write a diss record for him or something, at least we'll be more inclined to listen to you.

    • Anonymous

      Woah, Jus10, bro your name is like the shit. Jus combined with 10. Bust out a rhyme for us man, if you're that creative, you must be able to drop some great lines. I'm just kidding, you're a fucking faggot.

  • Anonymous

    A music program? Why not some golden toilets for the city of chicago

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