Immortal Technique Says People Will Forget about Trayvon Martin

Immortal Technique says he believes numerous distractions will soon make people forget about Trayvon Martin's legacy.

As a well-researched urban activist, Immortal Technique is always someone to talk to in times of controversy.

Recently speaking with Vlad TV, the Harlem native spoke on the Trayvon Martin verdict and says people's short memories will soon kick in.

"There is a legitimate concern that I have that people are definitely going to forget about all this soon," Tech said. "At this point, how many more distractions can we accept?"

He would later go on to talk about how numerous events and injustices in the world today are based off of an American government, who he believes, serves itself.

"We shouldn't let it eclipse this naturally occurring phenomenon of a government that serves itself now," Immortal Technique said. "The government should be willing to sacrifice itself for the benefit of the people."

Tech recently talked with HipHopDX about the Trayvon Martin case and said that it was a wake-up call for blacks and parents.

See the full Vlad TV segment below (via Vlad TV):

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  • jack-ass

    You are an idiot if you think race had nothing to do with it. Really you think this guy would have chased down and shot a white boy for no reason? What because he had a hoodie on? I can already tell you're too dumb to understand anything. Just repeat what you've been told jack-ass.

  • jack

    Trayvon Martin got shot because he was stupid enough to attack a guy who had a gun. You are an absolute fucking idiot If you truly believe that racism fueled Martins death. Stop shunning every proper shred of evidence and following your pathetic media fueled emotions. Idiots.

  • Ted

    I totally agree with Immortal technique. Strength and power are essential to speak the truth even if it hurts.

  • common sense

    I mean if I was being followed at night by some random and I didn't have a signal on my phone. the first thing that comes to me is look at the situation. I am being followed at night no signal best thing I can do is try defend myself from the dude who is following me. and people don't lie if someone is following you at night your gonna be scared

    • Anonymous

      What do you think neighborhood watch does? They monitor people. TM did not look like someone who would be scared of someone walking up to him. He had a clear height advantage over Zimmerman, and obviously was a better fighter as evidenced by the rage he displayed bashing Zimmerman's head into the ground.

  • Anonymous

    might as well listen to dem franchise boyz

  • Anonymous

    listening to immortal technique is like watching the news

  • Anonymous

    only liked immortal technique when i didnt pay attention to lyrics we dont need a freedom fighter

  • Anonymous

    salute immortal

  • Andrea Sara

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  • Doubl Negative

    If Zimmerman had shot a white girl of any age and for whatever reason, he'd be on deathrow now, and all of these white assholes and twelve whores on the jury would not find any mitigating reasons to justify his actions, has had happened with this Trayvon case. I see Charles Manson's portentous Helter Skelter coming to fruition sooner or later, so I just wanna warn all of the bastards who visit this site to spew bile about Black people, we're ready, bring it on. Hopefully, there's more of your people who go into to schools and cinemas and save us the dirty work.

    • DeezNutz

      LOL, stupid mofucka, what does Charles Manson have to do with this shit, fuckin moron, "We're Ready", im black too and what happened to trayvon was fucked up, but everybody is just feeding in to media, and losing focus on some real issues, this shit is settin us back 30 years, people need to wake the fuck up!

    • Rap Fan

      This was not a black and white case. Zimmerman is Hispanic and its been reported he has done good for black people. So were is the race issue at? Also, a white girl would not have hit Zimmerman and straddle him throwing bows at his face. So he would have never have had to pull a gun.

    • Anonymous

      You are a sick ass mothefucker, and karma's a bitch.

    • Anonymous

      1st one to die is your black ass

  • Anonymous

    "where was it proved he straddled and punched him? Or laid hands on him first?" So those pics were made up? Also ask yourself why if Zimmerman had a gun he would feel the need to throw the first punch, or any punch for that matter.

  • Anonymous

    "Stalking IS a crime in all 50 states and could lead to potential felony" He was monitoring him which falls in line with the job of neighborhood watch. Stalking meant he would have already known who Martin was, and repeatedly followed him.

  • Anonymous

    control where u spend your money asians do it and u dont see them being shot down in the media...every corperation involved should be punished through boycott until they fix this laws in 29 states stop giving al sharpton arizona and skittles hoodies your fuckken money.. every judge prosecutor that let zimmerman off the hook should never be voted for again... zimmerman raised over 300k to get himself aquitted what happened to the donations for trayvon?

  • Rascalfattsgirl

    Sorry! I meant and.

  • Rascalflattsgirl

    You can speak for yourself! I wake and sleep with Trayvon and his family in my heart and mind. I think his family ad loved ones have been through enough.. Don't feed the pain with more BS! I believe you will be forgotten one, the worlds knows and loves Trayvon. Because as you can see, he died young but will live forever!

    • Anonymous

      The world doesn't even know who Trayvon was. All they care about is the fifteen minutes of infamy his death is causing.

  • magmatic123

    they need to change those racist fuckking laws... how many trayvon martins have to die just to get jim crow laws off the books

  • Assassin221

    I disagree with Tech, people won't forget this shit. For better or for worse, Trayvon has entered permanent racial history along with Rodney King and Amadou Diallo, rappers will probably be shouting him out for the rest of time. He might be right that people will eventually stop protesting and move on with their lives, though. I mean, what the fuck else are they supposed to do? Quit their jobs and picket the courthouse every day until the Obama admin finds some means to lock Zimmerman up and Stand Your Ground has been changed in 20+ states? Anyway, I don't think the media can really milk this thing too much more, and once the media drops it everyone else does.

  • Anonymous

    Immortal Technique took my order at the Krystals he currently works at the other day. I've never thought he was the greatest rapper, but I thought how many talentless rappers have resorted to working fast food. Needless to say I've got a new perspective of him. First, he's dumb as a football bat. I told him no pickles and I guess he thought I said Mo pickles cause there was 5 on my little Krystal burger. Then, I throw the bag full of Krystals back at him and said You dumb fuck I said no pickles. His faggot boyfriend held him back from getting merked cause I'm a killer and wouldn't mind doin that shit again. Then, the faggot ass rapper kissed him in the mouth. You wanna hear who the gay rapper is, it is Immortal Technique. In closing, Immortal Technique is both dumb as fuck and a raving homosexual queer.

  • yawn

    It's good to see that people are not falling for all this instigating from the media and goverment, and burning down are own cities and looking stupid in the end. Immortal means well, but you know the media is going to highlight certain parts of this interview to get the people mad.

  • Where dat boxcutter

    I wanna see Immortal go on bill o'reilly and school him on everything hes more intelligent then any rapper or tv personality ive ever seen

    • where dat boxcutter

      Really? If theres a video of that il need to check it out . Thanks G

    • Deuce1Pac

      He was already on O'Reilly and was kicked off. He has a rap song about it. You know how O'Reilly gets when people disagree with him and don't back down.

  • Anonymous

    and so they should. he is one kid. RIP but wat bout the 1000's of innocent kids, mothers, fathers etc that US troops kill with drones etc in SYRIA, PAKISTAN, IRAQ, IRAN, PALESTINE......then when they come home you people call them HEROES...SMH

    • Rap Fan

      Anonymous: All wars are instigated by the USA, end of discussion.... as for nations asking america to help, that is utter bullsh#t. The whole Trayvon thing was blown up by the media to hide the fact that US Soldier(can't remember his ranking or name) was sentenced for exposing SECRETS. WAKE UP PEOPLE. KILLUMINATI! Both my points will deal with the same issue. You say no countries asked for help but the Wikileaks data leaks prove otherwise. And the guy who released that info was Bradley Manning who was in the Army. He was the one who was on trial during the Zimmerman trial as well, however, he got no coverage in the media. I told people the same thing while it was going down but it seemed race baiting is more important that the government spying and doing evil things to us.

    • Anonymous

      lol, snowden's a loser, google takes more info than the gov't does, and trayvon was dead before snowden ya clown WAKE UP MORON

    • Anonymous

      All wars are instigated by the USA, end of discussion.... as for nations asking america to help, that is utter bullsh#t. The whole Trayvon thing was blown up by the media to hide the fact that US Soldier(can't remember his ranking or name) was sentenced for exposing SECRETS. WAKE UP PEOPLE. KILLUMINATI!

    • Rap Fan

      First off you can't add countries that are not even in war with America. Last time I remember, Syria was going through a civil war and no other nations have been involved. Minus one or two attacks by Israel on Syria no other attacks have happened. Iran isn't even at war at the moment. Iraq was at war, but troops have left and they also have civil problems going on as well. Afghanistan and Pakistan are the main precipitants of these drone attacks. Also, since you want to bring up these middle east politics, maybe you should look into other countries asking for America to come in and sort out these political messes, nations like Saudi Arabia and at one time Egypt as well. Get your facts in order. Also, war is nothing new and has been happening for over 3000 years. It's only because we have become more aware through media and technology that we can voice our opinions. Also, more people protest war because we as a society have become less aggressive and savage than in the past.

  • Anonymous

    People have already forgot..that is America for you. follow at newtracksdaily

  • black people logic

    black guy before immortal gave his opinion on zimmerman case "hes a dope lyricist i support him" after opinion "fuck him cause he doesnt support treyvon he sucks" proves what a bunch of sheep you are.

  • Rap Fan

    Also, Immortal Technique is a dumbass. Because the phone operators have no authority so when they suggested Zimmerman not to follow there was reason for him to listen. Those phone operators always tell people to leave or not help people because they can be held liable. Lets say someone was hanging off a cliff, they will tell you to wait for the cops instead of helping. Also, even though Trayvon was a bad case. What about the 1000s of Travyons dying in the streets. Many inner city neighborhoods have so much black on black crime. Why not hold rallies for all the lost youth who die by the gun. But this was so different because it was someone who looked white.

    • Anonymous

      Shone, you can't tell these ridiculously inept harlequins that the stand your ground law applied for Trayvon, not George. And why would we care about what Charles Barkley thinks? lol FAIL You clowns always make me laugh when you explain profiling and have never been profiled you look like a fucking moron when you do that

    • Rap Fan

      How can you determine if I'm black or not? Let me guess, I'm not black because I'm not taking Trayvon's side? Charles Barkley sided with the verdict that was given, is he not black either? You idiot. Also Shone Jones, why does it matter if I am black or not, why do you gotta be so racist. That's the problem with people like you. Its always black, white and green, pure segregation.

    • Ja Rule Army

      You are not white!!!!!!

    • Shone Jones

      You are not black!!!!!!!!

  • Rap Fan

    At the end of the day if Trayvon had never laid a hand on Zimmerman nothing would have happened. Who told Trayvon to punch and straddle Zimmerman on the ground? Tray should have cussed the dude and kept going home regardless if Zimmerman was following him. If I had been Trayvon I would have told Zimmerman to go fuck himself and then have gone home. Following someone is not against the law, laying hands on someone is.

    • Rap Fan

      Check the defintion of the word stalking. Zimmerman never stalked Trayvon, he followed him which is not against the law. Also, in the trial it was proven that the operator did ask where Trayvon was at the time so Zimmerman got out of the car to check. Also, yes it was proven that Trayvon straddled Zimmerman and started hitting him. There was a witness who took the stand and said he saw Trayvon on top of Zimmerman. Also, you can clearly see in photos that Zimmerman had a busted nose and blood on the back of his head. Lastly, the trial proved that Zimmerman shot Trayvon while on his back and shot Trayvon upwards. What known killers have shot and killed people while on their back? Put two and two together, he killed Trayvon because he was getting beat up.

    • Anonymous

      where was it proved he straddled and punched him? Or laid hands on him first? white people....

    • Tek

      Before you come spew out ur bullsh8 check the facts first, Stalking IS a crime in all 50 states and could lead to potential felony. So, even based on the law, Zimmerman started the sh8....

  • Anonymous

    Q: how many black kids have been killed by blacks in the last year and nobody gives a shit? Fat Fuck Zimmerman is at least guilty of manslaughter but IT needs to shut the fuck up and black folks generally need to stand the fuck up.

  • Anonymous

    Trayvon's father just adopted a new son, so life goes on folks. Nothing to see here.

  • Anonymous

    Does this latino idiot ever shut the fuck up.

  • Stupid Niggers

    Ill tell you who's moved on, white ppl have. While most blacks are unemployed and on welfare for a living, they sit around thinking of way's to pass time in their miserable lives and shit like this is one way.

    • Anonymous

      lol. do I need to go thru this again? more white women on welfare than anyone in the usa so stop reading those 1957 pamphlets 49% to 26%, how we the most when your women outnumber everyone else? why y'all ain't on the asian and hispanic sites bashing them on their percentages? and y'all cosigning the food stamp and farming cuts cutting your own throats "less government!" lol

    • Ja Rule Army [Your Favorite Troll's Favorite Troll]

      ^what a fag nobody talking bout dicks then this homo brings it up. admit it fuckin faggot

    • Anonymous

      Why are u on hip hop website then? Stop suckin black dick!

  • Anonymous

    Trayvon shoulda kept his black ass walkin and ignored zipperhead. He got hood wit zipperhead n caught those slugs cause of it. Zipperhead shoulda minded his own damn business too, but nobody ever does no more. This shit prolly happen every week somewhere

  • yawnn

    Will this dude shut his fuckin preachin ass up always talking about all this race card shit tryna sounds mad smart and political and shit stfu

  • ThisGuy

    Says the man that has so much to say about all the problems in America but takes his money and builds an orphanage in Afghanistan. Be weary of this millionaire.

    • thisguy

      "You don't know me there's no relation" Be weary of this millionaire. He's more known for his anti american sentiment that has earned him millions than his actual music.

    • Anonymous

      And what are you doing to help America cocksucker? Posting shit on a hip hop site ain't helping nobody...

  • COCA


    • Anonymous

      plus it dont help this site is notorious for splitting ONE interview for weeks

    • Anonymous

      they asked him a question and he answered it if anyone if trying to get publicity from this it's DJ Vlad to edits, uploads and titles these videos! They probably talked for an hour about all kinds of shit but Vlad just wants hits to his website and youtube views so he goes with the most controversial thing he can!

  • Anonymous

    of course it will. fuck trayvon martin there is murder every single day. people forget about a lot of tragedies if we stopped what we are doin everytime a black kid dies we'd never do anything immortal technique has sold out. how about stop doin 500 interviews every month and put out a song. the media is distracting us from trayvon...fuck outta here. he was the distraction

  • Drake runs rap

    this guy wishes he could be drake but he never will be. I do agree though that treyvon case is irrelevent allready its done get over it.

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