2 Chainz Responds To Ludacris' Comments About Profiting From Him

2 Chainz reacts to Ludacris' public announcement that Luda still gets paid off of his former DTP artist.

Earlier this month, Ludacris revealed during an interview that he receives a percentage of the profits from 2 Chainz's solo projects, adding that he still collaborated with Chainz and that he was proud of him.

While 2 Chainz didn't take offense to the statements, it appears that some around him did.

"I mean it didn't bother me, but I think it bothered people around me," said 2 Chainz in an interview with Power 105.1's Breakfast Club.

2 Chainz admitted that he had to pay money to leave Ludacris' Disturbing Tha Peace label, where he record as Tity Boi from 2002-2010. "For the most part, people probably want me to say or do something negative, so I don't. Truth of the matter is, I been wanting to leave the label, when I left, I guess they knew or had some type of vision that I wasn't gonna stop there, because I was turnt up when I left and I told them, so yeah I had to pay to leave.:

2 Chainz said the deal will work in his favor. "I don't even know who else is on the roster of DTP, but the amount of money that I paid them is not gonna balance out my trajectory."

2 Chainz then specified that he paid $100,000 to get off the label, and that, ultimately, his experience on DTP was a learning experience. "I learned a lot from the previous situation I was in. It is what it is. I learned it a long time ago when dealing with that situation that there's really no such thing as loyalty out here."

In the end, Chainz holds no ill will towards Luda. "For me, I don't have anything negative to say. ...Actually, [Ludacris] was the first person to give me a bank account. I didn't even have a bank account. I just had shoeboxes of money."

During his time on DTP, Chainz released two albums as a member of Playaz Circle, 2007's Supply & Demand and 2009's Flight 360: The Takeoff.

Watch the interview below:

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  • Anonymous

    I like Luda but fuck him for birthing this ignorant piece mautherfucker.

  • Blinky

    Luda better get money somewhere because his music career been dead for years now.

    • Anonymous

      or can it? he worth about 75 million dollar. he even has his own private jet that he owns! no chainz on the other hand is worth like 2 million

    • Anonymous

      This nigga have 10 minute roles in movies. That shit can't be paying that damn much.

    • Anonymous

      music money aint shit compared to business and movie money.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe you don't read so good but he said music not movies or endorsements. Now who the dumb ass nigga? Keep rapper dicks out your mouth boy.

    • Anonymous

      dumb ass nigga, this nigga making movies worth billions of dollars (Fast n Furious), gets royalties everytime they play his songs on the radio and in the club, and best believe he has endorsements up the ass. He's straight.


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  • Anonymous

    this man is too stupid to get a bank account lol he just keep all his money sitting in a box under his bed I know he said it to seem street but it just makes a grown man look stupid.

    • g

      he didnt say it to sound "street" u dumbass , he said it to acknowledge how luda helped him grow as a man ,as grown men have bnk accounts not shoeboxes full of money. and its really a shame how none ofthe people who replied to ur stupidass comment said what i just said smh...

    • Real

      Your ninja are hating. I know alot of 20 and 21 yr old who dont have a bank account. Not because they dont know about accounts but who puts dirty money in the bank. Dumb move.

    • Anonymous

      yeah just imagine how many times he got robbed like a hoe BEFORE he was famous and had a useless entourage around him.

  • Rellik

    So he made a smart business decision, and they both won in the end. Good for them.

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    • Anonymous

      nicca tatted an ice cream cone on his face, that takes away any cred he ever had. not to mention testifying against jeezy in court

  • Anonymous

    I prolly made more money off your album than you ~jay z

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    luda is definely making more than 33.33k off titty bois ass, he trying to downlplay that shit like hes a boss

  • Zee

    Don't Listen To Much 2 Chainz But I Respect Him As A Person...

  • walker

    this was a classy reponse

  • Anonymous

    i thought this man went to college why does he talk like a grade 3 student? really 2 chainz, the "dispensinary"?????? LMAO these rappers so are dumb its sad

    • Anonymous

      i guess its no worse than ross and them not being able to pronounce the names of their luxury cars, nigga cant even say maybach right and he named his label after it heard that nicca say porsche panorama in a song too

    • Anonymous

      you're supposed to be a rap music fan but complain about proper speech, lol

    • Jigga

      He was an athlete not a real student

    • Anonymous

      you dont gotta go to harvard to know how to read or say dispensary though, where the fuck he get dispensinary from? it probably says that shit right outside the fucking shop

    • foreal

      he is a product of his environment. you dont hear people in the hood talking like people do up in Harvard. Let him be. homie is paid but you speak better than him

  • John-Boy

    While 2 Chainz makes some the dumbest music you will ever hear, he always sounds somewhat intelligent during his interviews. Even though he tries to hide it that 3.9 gpa sneaks out.

  • Anonymous

    I knew that 2chainz would respond to that fuck shit cause the world didn't need to know that,these rappers are pussy niggas man for real.not 2chainz but ludabitch

  • Gucci The Realist i ride jocks

    Gucci has a ice cream tat on his face. Straight faggot.

  • Anonymous

    I didn't even have a bank account. I just had shoeboxes of money." typical black man in america lol lol lol lol

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  • Anonymous

    lol first this nigga get pimped by Luda and after robbed by some thugs. This nigga has no street or hiphop credibility

  • Anony

    Ja Rule profits from every rapper because he invented this rap shit. Wouldn't be possible without Ja Rule.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    YOU dummies are such trolls. 2chains a G

  • Anonymous

    say what you want but let me rob you at gun point and lets see how you act

  • Anonymous

    Sorry homie but when you get caught lying Officer Ricky style you cant call your album Based on a True Story anymore

  • Anonymous

    What kind of moron gets on a plane with Marijuana and Promethazine in his luggage? Oh I know one thats trying to draw attention away from getting robbed like a bitch!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      he ran, tripped, still got robbed, denied anything happened, then when they posted the video and his photos of his shit he said he got pick pocketed not robbed. he got robbed like a bitch

    • Anonymous

      I didn't know there was a real way to get robbed,i guess niggaz rob ur bitch ass all the time cuz u know the procedure

  • Anonymous

    how is it this nigga is older than his former boss luda? LOL

  • Bobyhead

    Ludacris tried to rape 2 chainz but ran the fuck out. Unfortunately, Ludacris had his money.

  • Anonymous

    luda is a snake. U think I'm Lying ask field mob, ask shawna

  • Anonymous

    "i didnt have a bank account, i just had shoeboxes of money" is he trying to imply that he went to college for four years and graduated with a 4.0 GPA with no bank account ever until he was 25 years old? he was paying his tuition and bills straight out the shoe box? stop lying!!!! we dont believe you!!!

    • Trill281

      Niggaz in the hood dont fuck wit banks homie!

    • Anonymous

      apparently he had an athletic scholarship when he went to Alabama university (we all seen him runnin from those robbers so thats believable) but i still dont believe that no bank account shit. i had a bank account since i was like 2

    • Anonymous

      maybe not, but i know when i got student loans i damn sure had to have a bank account for them to transfer the money into, maybe he was such a big dope dealer he left the streets and put himself through college with his shoeboxes full of cash though??? YEAH RIGHT

    • Anonymous

      you don't need a bank account for college

    • Anonymous

      2 chainz didn't graduate from college. that 4.0 shit floating online is false.

  • Anonymous

    nicca is lying luda got more than 100k split 3 ways. this nicca is a pathological liar from his age down to the robbery he said didnt happen news flash nigga, if someone stands over you with a gun and takes your shit that aint pick pocketing thats a robbery and you got go, charge it to the game and move on, no excuses or cop outs

    • Ron Simmon

      He's lying? About 100 G's? How in the world was 2 Chainz considered to be worth that much back then? He wasn't. And if it was more, who paid it? Yall so quick to call someone a liar that you don't add it up yourselves.

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