Jay-Z & Kanye West Reportedly Join Florida "Stand Your Ground" Boycott

Young Jeezy, Usher, and more reportedly on the growing list of artists boycotting the state of Florida.

According to The Huffington Post, Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Madonna are just a few of the celebrities who will reportedly boycott the state of Florida following the announcement of the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial and the state’s controversial “Stand Your Ground” laws.

Music icon Stevie Wonder was the first to announce that he would no longer perform in the state of Florida. Wonder made the unexpected announcement during a performance this month in Quebec City, Quebec.

"I decided today that until the 'Stand Your Ground' law is abolished in Florida, I will never perform there again. As a matter of fact, wherever I find that law exists, I will not perform in that state or in that part of the world,” said the singer.

Despite reports that Jay-Z has joined the Florida boycott, The Huffington Post also reports that both Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake will still appear at their August 16 “Legends Of The Summer” show in Miami.

Other artists who have reportedly joined the boycott include Usher, Young Jeezy, R. Kelly, and close to 30 other acts.

On July 13, Sanford, Florida resident and neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman was found not guilty in the killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. The verdict consequently sparked a number of rallies and protests with Jay-Z and Beyonce attending a rally alongside Martin’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, over the weekend in New York City.

As of today, variations of Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” laws exist in at least 23 states.

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  • bill

    florida people feeling really hurt so sad lmao

    • Anonymous

      bitch aint nobody feeling hurt i'm from new york so if u want too get technical wheres j from? u faget , and yes i'm proud to live in florida we don't need no pussy ass people in florida only real ass n----s out here so take your soft ass too alaska u p---y.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck all these dumb ass rappers! Fake mautherfuckers.

  • Anonymous

    Why the fuck are they going after the stand your ground law when it has nothing to do with this case? You motherfuckers are stupid as shit. Thats a good ass law you dumb fucks. Just more shit to prove that these are some Illuminati motherfuckers. Just another ploy to make it to were we can not defend ourselves against criminals. I live in Florida so Jay Z and Kanye can fuck off!

  • Anonymous

    SHUT UP small dick

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Stand your ground WHITE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • George Zimmerman

    What's with all the hate Mr. Carter? I've illegally downloaded all your past albums. Show me some respect or meet my tech.



  • Anonymous

    from what im hearing artists HAVE NOT cancelled any tours in florida and they keeping it business as usual.

  • rap

    I shall not go on holiday any more there Floride

  • Anonymous

    Blacks want to make it a black and white things always. A young white kid gets killed by a black man and the news stations barely says anything. by the way with all the taxes i pay, you would think i would get a photo of the black family i,m supporting. like they do overseas.

  • Anonymous

    Its funny that stand ur ground laws had absolutely nothing to do with this case. At first they were considering using it as a defense, but they waived the hearing for it and simply went with self defense. I live in central florida pretty close to where this shit happened...we dont need yall stay the fuck out.

  • Anonymous

    Lmao jay z and kanye are following in stevie wonders footsteps...thats the first time hes ever lead anyone anywhere.

  • albert

    I'm a black cuban. but these rappers are just high price n--g--s.

  • tom

    Don't come to Florida, And please don't sell your music in florida. We don't want you either.

  • RealTalk1000

    "The problem was not voting during the Jim Crow era, the problem was that the right to suffrage was being infringed and unevenly protected by the government." For stupid fucks right to suffrage is another way of saying right to vote. I mean the problem during Jim Crow was not the ACT of voting itself, it was that black people's right to vote was trampled on. Same thing with Stand Your Ground laws.

  • RealTalk1000

    Declaring Stand Your Ground unjust and protesting your right to self defense is as stupid as black people during Jim Crow declaring the act of voting unjust and participating in boycotts until no one in America was able to vote. The problem was not voting during the Jim Crow era, the problem was that the right to suffrage was being infringed and unevenly protected by the government. The problem is not Stand Your Ground in the present day, the problem was that Trayvon Martin's right to self defense was not equally protected and was infringed/trampled on by a lopsided interpretation of George Zimmerman's right to self defense.

  • foreal

    i think it is interesting that most rappers glorify violence, especially among their own kind. but when a black teen dies because of a white (Caucasian) man, the whole world stops. blacks (and other races) die everyday from violence. you really want to help celebs? give back to your community, build after school programs and stop rapping about crime and murder.

  • xx004


  • xx004


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  • Anonymous

    Ye is from Chicago the city where blacks are killing each other like ants. Fuck the Zimmerman bullshit start speaking to the streets.

  • kanyes a bitch

    dont come to cali either you homos

  • Anonymous

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  • fidel

    waste of time . florida could careless about any concerts this is beyond lame

    • Anonymous

      I assure u i live in orlando and were lucky if we get one decent hiphop show a year...last real motherfuckers to come thru was the lox like a yeard and a half ago lmao. Were used to not having good rappers come thru. Second if they wanna punish the entire state because a jury found a man not guilty they can fuck off in my oppinion.

    • foreal

      there will not be a drop in tourism. i do not think tourist go to florida for concerts.

    • Anonymous

      No concerts means loss of revenue and layoffs moron. A drop in tourism affects Florida, they ain't got enough oranges to overcome that. And I keep telling y'all don't forget hurricane season is here, Florida can get it.

  • Anonymous

    cant wait till this is over cause the media brainwashes all the black people into thinking this is a big issue

  • Patricia T. Tucker

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  • zxsss9


  • -

    what they need to do is rewrite the law.. make it so you can't stock, antagonize someone into a fight and then your pussy ass starts losing whip out a gun an murder them,, stand your ground makes sense but it's too easy to abuse it and twist to your own aid a cold blooded killer like GZ

  • Hmm

    Hmm... putting money into the pocket of a murderous dictator didn't stop Jay-Z from visiting Cuba.

    • Anonymous

      ....no its not the only reason. We also hate them because they are communistic and have a murderous dictator for a leader. Learn ur shit.

    • Anonymous

      Only reason US hates Cuba is because of the LONG ago issue with the Soviets and the missiles. Stop regurgitating that ages old propaganda.

  • Cashaholic

    Just cancel touring in the U.S. and take your punk asses overseas then.

  • asher1985

    Haha freaking puppets! So Jay Z if I'm robbing you, you're just going to hand me your stuff, and not stand your ground? Faggot rappers need to stay out of politics, I don't know who is buying their shit albums these days, but I know it sure isn't me.

  • tonytoca

    this has to be the most stupid thing i have read ever, were gonna punish a whole state because we dont like 1 thing that happened there ,im boycotting newyork because of that guy who got a plunger up his ass and the assholes that did it got off. oh and i will find a reason to boycott every other state because im sure i can find something there i dont like there if i look hard enough

    • Anonymous

      Lmfao guerilla that must the most retarded shit ive ever read. A bunch of rappers refusing to do shows is how shit gets done huh? Lmfao k. Anonymouse no one comes here for concerts..this isnt gonna effect the state of fl at all. And until i hear that jay and justin cancel their miami show its all publicity. Just like wall street. Motherfuckers dont care at all just wanna make a buck off it.

    • tonytoca

      my line of work i dont depend on tourists so i could care less ,plus no one is stupid enough to join this shit except a few welfare cases with no jobs anyway to travel so im good

    • Anonymous

      Most of the Florida economy comes from tourism, transportation, and agriculture, so if no one comes there and says fuck your oranges, how you gonna live tony? Instead of you liking laws and subliminally wishing this boycott don't hurt, you better remember it's hurricane season.

    • tonytoca

      nothings gonna happen and nothing should happen i like the law ,if some little bitch thinks hes gonna jump out of the bushes and rob me i like that i have the right to defend my self plus who cares if you boycott florida good please do, we dont need all you slow ass drivers down here all winter, dont drink orange juice dont watch basketball cause miami heat are the champs ,if you gonna boycot this shit do it for real not just in the media like a bunch of crying bitches

    • guerilla jones

      um ,that is how things get done stupid.You do not like something ,you get people who also do not like that same thing,and you take action...civics bro.

  • Jake

    Jay-z and Justin Timberlake decide to boycott Florida to protest... Oh but they'll be performing for 2-3 sold out shows in Miami at sun life stadium starting mid August... But besides that their boycotting!!! LOL all these artist are just about a dollar and publicity. On a side note as well.... a lot of the artists who claim they will boycott Florida reside one way or another in Florida and pay property taxes etc so their money goes to funding the state regardless.

  • OUCH!

    This is Incorrect, Stop putting sh*t for hits HHDX

  • moreaickaMC

    Hey Jigga dont be fugazy

  • Anonymous

    I INVITE EVERYONE TO SEE REAL TRUTH ABOUT HIS CASE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ebu6Yvzs4Ls&feature=youtube_gdata_player

  • Anonymous

    So a bunch of artist will not perform in Florida cuz of the stand ur ground law. So u mean to tell me u wont perform and get that money but u have no problem partying and shit and spending thousands of dollars a night in south beach. Yeah gtfoh haha

  • Blindman

    They should just have Stevie perform in Florida and just tell him he's in California or some shit. How's he gonna know the difference?

  • Anonymous

    George Zimmerman f him

  • Anonymous

    i like how days after the trial ended, Zimmermen was reported to have saved 4 people, pulling them out of their badly wrecked vehicle. Also i like how in the trial they said all of his stuff was all over the ground.. to mee when you get in a fight or know shit is bout to go down, you put all valueables inside a secure pocket, not throw em on the ground and scrap at it to let whoever nab your shit. to me this is a sign of being jumped. seen it happen numerous times out in the world. all i gotta say is think about it, they keep showing pics of trayvon at 13 in hollister gear, they did not portray him as a 17 person capable of acting a punk. now its not right to kill somebody but if you gettin jumped on and whooped up bad, you might move quick to pull the iron out

  • Kself

    Excellent strategy. Glad to see artists taking a stand. Sadly, it appears that [some] White people still get angry when [some] Black people react angrily to what they perceive as racial injustice. Makes me wonder, short of watching the KKK march down one's street in full regalia, are there any instances wherein a Black person could protest racial injustice and it be viewed as legitimate?

    • Anonymous

      Love how u know this shit for a fact thats the way it would of happened. Truth is no one would even kno what would of happened if it was a white kid because no one would ever of heard of this case. Fuck the black panthers. They werent there for any of the trial until the versict came they just flys.

    • Anonymous


    • Scott

      but if white guy was to be shot dead an George was let off no one would talk about it and do same thing like stand your ground

  • Florida resident

    Man I live in Florida and we have the worst laws ever including SYG. But I love gun s but dont think you should be a pussy with one and use it in a fist fight

  • Anonymous

    Great, now liberal pussies are gonna use that Zimmerman fuckwad to do away with one of the only good reasons to live in this state. That stand your ground law had nothing to do with this shit but once again the government is using something unrelated to justify trying to fuck us over, like when Bin Laden bombed us and out of nowhere they used it as an excuse to go to war with Iraq......... I dont care if they do away with the law or not I'm keeping my gun and you pull some dumb shit on myu property aI'm standing my ground, rather be in jail then dead

  • D.I.Z.

    The "Stand Your Ground" law had nothing to do with the outcome of the Zimmerman trial. That law is dealt with in pretrial and if the judge believes the defendant was standing his ground then the trial is thrown away. The defense didn't even contend that he was not guilty under the provisions of the "Stand Your Ground" law. Zimmerman's attorneys argued classic self defense.

    • Anonymous

      lol, because of the state self defense law you have to look at the case different. You guys just cannot read and comprehend.

    • Anonymous

      Good to see an intelligent post. This was a jury that had 6 women on it! If anyone was going to sympathize and find him guilty it was that jury. Not to mention the judge didn't allow any of Martin's Facebook or cell phone to portray who he was. The deck was stacked for him to be found guilty. Yet, he wasn't. If you going to cry and complain about anybody, complain about the fucking DA and get them replaced.

    • YESSIR

      Nobody cares, bitch.

  • AnOnYmOuS

    Who the fuck would go to a fucking Stevie Wonder concert anyway

    • Jake

      Your an idiot. Stevie Wonder is one of the only people that is literally known around the entire world. You saying "if you love this nigga then the fuck is you doin on a rap website" shows how dumb and young you must be. Your knowledge and respect of music is clearly limited. "Why is rappers be takin michael jackson and stevie wonder samples for day beatz if they nows they finna be rappin?"

    • are you retarded

      stevie wonders a fucking legend. shut your cr@cker ass up

    • Anonymous

      unlike you and your lil friends some people on here have more open tastes and an appreciation for music outside of hip-hop and rap. im sure a lot of your favorite rappers fuck with stevie wonder pretty hard

    • ETK

      LOL if you love this nigga then the fuck is you doing at a rap website

    • WTF

      PPl who know what a legend is respect one of the all-time great to african american music you disrespectful moron.. I'm sick of these disrespectful losers coming on this site.

  • Camel Hunter X

    'Despite reports that Jay-Z has joined the Florida boycott, The Huffington Post also reports that both Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake will still appear at their August 16 Legends Of The Summer show in Miami.' That money looking to good for you huh jigga? Fucking phony faggot. He's just following the others for attention. If he really cared he would skip that show.

  • Anonymous

    "Despite reports that Jay-Z has joined the Florida boycott, The Huffington Post also reports that both Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake will still appear at their August 16 Legends Of The Summer show in Miami." LMAO

  • Anonymous

    attention whore

  • Anonymous

    how are you joining a boycott but playing a big stadium show there in 3 weeks??? you cant have it both ways nigguh

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