Pete Rock Confirms Live Band Remake Of "Mecca & The Soul Brother"

Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth's most celebrated album brings the pair back together 21 years later, to re-record it with a live band.

Later this month, Hip Hop production icon Pete Rock is teaming with Camp Lo to release a free album, 80 Blocks From Tiffany's Part 2. Speaking with NE Hip Hop recently, Pete briefly mentioned his intentions to re-do his magnum opus, with a live band. "I'm doing a re-record of Mecca & The Soul Brother with C.L. Smooth, with a live band," said Pete. "That's gonna be crazy."

Released in 1992 on Elektra Records, Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth's Mecca & The Soul Brother is widely considered a Hip Hop classic album. It prompted the single "T.R.O.Y. (They Reminisce Over You)" dedicated to Trouble T-Roy of Heavy D & The Boyz. Additionally, the first full-length album of two released by the duo included involvement from Large Professor, Heavy D and then label-mate Grand Puba.

This is the latest reunion for Pete and C.L., who have taken time apart and publicly broken up throughout the last 18 years. Touring in recent years, the pair last released "Appreciate" in 2004, which appeared on Rock's Soul Survivor II album.

No release date or further information was given.

Previously, Pete Rock collaborators M.O.P. released a 2004 Metal album, Mash Out Posse, with live muscians playing many of the group's hits. Another P.R. collaborator, Cormega, in 2011, followed suit with Raw Forever, made with The Revelations.

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  • Naeemah

    please excuse my language. I was excited.

  • Naeemah

    Cant wait for the Lo and P. Rock mixtape also. real hip hop

  • Naeemah

    Word it be god blessed if CL Smooth and Pete Rock could get together on more songs. Fuck any other differences. Nothing could ever be so clear that these two men are individuals-within themselves. Please Lord heal the team spirit.

  • Naeemah

    Thats going to be some good music.

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  • Mortis

    I'd rather have a new Pete Rock and CL Smooth album.

  • datroof

    OMG, Pete NOOOOOOOO!! Live band renditions of Hip Hop albums suck shit. It NEVER sounds right. Just make a new album with CL and dead this stupid shit.

    • datroof

      Datroof got impeccable taste. Go compare Elmatic or whatever the fuck that shit is called to Illmatic. One of those is STILL far superior. Black Keys can't hold a candle to sample based classic Hip Hop. Roots are dope, but again their music still can't touch classic sample based Hip Hop.

    • anon

      datroof is a dummy

    • datroof

      Plus, the Roots aren't making live renditions of already made Hip Hop albums. They make their own shit. Black Keys was garbage, and saying anything by RZA post sampling is dope is just poor taste. lololololololololololol

    • datroof

      I'll give props to The Roots, but all that other shit is FUCKING WACK!!!!!!! Elmatic didn't sound right either. Go fuck yourselves.

    • ButteryNugget

      Have you listened to eLZhi's Elmatic? That shit kills. Plus, the Roots disprove this statement alone.

    • Anonymous

      "Live band renditions of Hip Hop albums suck shit. It NEVER sounds right" ^ lol the Roots, Black Keys, that RZA album say stfu to you

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  • MikeSP

    Are you Serious? This man paved the way for morons like you acting like you can rap. Learn ya History

  • Fuck Pete Rock & His Peoples

    Who the fuck is this nigga and wtf is Mecha & the Soul Brother

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